20 Side Hustles That Can Earn You Extra Money in 2024


We all would like to make extra cash, and side hustles are a great way to do that. If you want to diversify your income but don’t know how, our guide presents 20 of the best side hustle ideas to help you earn that extra penny.

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20 Side Hustle Ideas UK

Anyone can make money on the side; you just need to find the right hustle. We’ve listed some tremendous side hustles that require manual work, while others are achievable online. Consider one (or more) that best fits your personality and skills.

Home Organisation

If you have a knack for organising your home, you can work with homeowners to help them optimise space and functionality in their homes. This is one of the great side hustles on the UK market because people will pay you to tidy up their homes and categorise their possessions. Or, if you’re knowledgeable about interior design, you can help people decorate their living spaces or collaborate with a real estate agent and stage open houses.

Cleaning Services

Sometimes, people don’t have the time or the will to clean their homes, and they’re willing to pay someone else to do it for them. You can either independently offer your services online or register with a company that will match you with prospective clients.

Laundry Services

Suppose you’re stuck in a rut thinking about how to make extra money in the UK. In this case, you can establish a client base via washing and ironing laundry—generating a decent payout and ensuring a regular flow of income. In addition, you can offer sewing and clothes-altering services if you know your way around a needle and thread.

Gift Parcels

Making and selling gift parcels is a profitable endeavour since many are willing to buy them for various occasions. You can market your creations locally or online and keep all the money from the sales. You’ll need to make a small investment to purchase supplies, but this is one of those flexible side jobs from home in the UK because you can do it whenever you have the time and energy.

Provide Beauty Services

Beauty services are in high demand. If you’re skilled in this area, you can earn a full-time income. Whether you’re good with hair, nails, or makeup, you can find a market for your services and get good money. Since the payout for these UK side hustles can be lucrative, you can boost your savings and pay off debts. Student debt in the UK has reached an all-time high, and many young people are turning to such side hustles to help them with debt repayments.

Cook & Bake

If the kitchen is your happy place, you can also make it one of your income streams. If your talents include cooking or baking, you can monetise this by preparing food or baked goods by order or offering catering services for events. You can even open a food stand that you can operate in your free time.

Deliver Food

One of the best side hustles for UK residents is food delivery. And the coronavirus pandemic only increased the need for those willing to work in the delivery service. So in your spare time, you can pick up a few food orders and deliver them to people’s homes. Not only can you be paid by the hour but also get tips.


Stay at home parents need a babysitter sometimes. So, naturally, the babysitting market is an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash. You can start locally, offering your services around the neighbourhood. And once you have enough experience and recommendations, you can grow your business and expand to more locations.

Dog Walking

When looking for a side hustle in the UK, don’t overlook dog walking. Many are extremely busy and don’t have the time to walk their dogs, so they’ll hire someone to do it for them. If you love animals and enjoy taking walks, this is the perfect opportunity. And later, you can also start offering dog grooming services to earn even more.


There are plenty of gardening side jobs in the UK. If you enjoy spending time outdoors in the garden, you can offer to help people restore their garden’s glow. You could even expand your business and propagate and sell new plants. Gardening is an excellent choice if you’re looking for seasonal side hustles.

Drive with Uber

Uber drivers make good money. You just need to have a valid driving licence, and it’s advantageous to own a car. But even if you don’t own a car, you can lease one and use it for your Uber hustle. Another plus of this gig is that it takes as much time as you want—so you can also have multiple side hustles in addition to driving with Uber.

Letting Spare Space

When you’re contemplating how to make money on the side on the UK market, one of the most profitable ways to make extra cash is to let spare space, including a spare room in your home, storage space, or a parking spot. This is an excellent way to establish a stream of passive income. And the best thing about letting a spare area is that it doesn’t require investment.

Children’s Party Entertainer

If you love kids, enjoy their company, and are looking for second job ideas, consider becoming an entertainer at children’s parties. Playing the part of a clown is not the only form of entertainment you can provide. You can dress up as a superhero, a cartoon character, or act as a DJ who organises party games.

Become a Tutor

You probably have a specific skill or in-depth knowledge in one or two particular fields. You can always pass this on to others by becoming a tutorgiving one-on-one or online lessons. This is one of the greatest second income ideas in the UK since you don’t need to be certified to provide such classes, and you can freelance, setting your own hours and costs.

Tour Guide

Although for many, being a tour guide is a regular job, you can also make it your side hustle. If you’re familiar with your local area and know some fun facts about your surroundings, you can advertise online and organise tourist visits. Other advantages of being a tour guide include conducting such excursions over the weekends, and it pays well. Being a guide can help you increase your average net worth, especially if you’re young conducting.

Participate in Focus Groups

When searching for good side hustles in the UK, consumer focus groups should come to mind. These groups participate in research sessions in exchange for cash compensation. If you have some time on your hands, you can sign up for a focus group with an agency that offers such opportunities.

Mystery Shopper

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your time and earn money simultaneously, becoming a mystery shopper might be ideal. You’ll be tasked to visit stores or restaurants and buy/order something to rate the service provided. This is one of the easy side hustles in the UK. And don’t forget that you’ll be paid to go shopping. You may even get a free meal in the process.

Second-Hand Seller

If you carefully look around your home, you can spot many things you don’t use. Many may forget that they have various unused items on their hands, including clothes, books, decorations, and furniture. You can sell these items second-hand, turn a profit, and declutter your home.

Design & Sell Stationery

When thinking about how to start a side hustle, a good idea is to go into the stationery business. If you have a knack for illustrations or graphic design, you can create your own stationery brand and start selling your products online. There’s a large market for this, especially wedding invitations. So you could be making good money in no time.

Social Media Manager

Many small businesses wish to have a social media presence but don’t have the time or resources to maintain a steady social media flow—so they outsource to third parties. Side hustle ideas UK residents happily choose is social media management. The hours are flexible, you can be creative, and it’s also one of the best ways to earn money online if you’re UK based.

DID YOU KNOW? Currently, 25% of the UK adult population has a side hustle, indicating that the side hustle market in the UK is exceptionally developed. These jobs generate £72 billion in revenue3.6% of the UK’s GDP.

Essential Side Hustle Tips

If you decide to start a side hustle, it’s essential to ensure the best possible return for your efforts. While contemplating these side income ideas for the UK market, consider the following tips to help make your side hustle profitable.

Organise Your Time

Set a specific time frame for your side hustle. Decide how much time you want to spend doing it and which part of your day you want to dedicate.

Try Different Side Hustles

To find what you like best, give several different side hustles a go. When you find one that suits you best or produces the best return, you can stick with it.

Don’t Despair

If your side hustle doesn’t turn out the way you imagined, don’t worry. There are many side hustle jobs in the UK—just move on and find something new.

Remember Taxes

If you’re making a significant amount of money via your side hustle, you must declare your earnings and pay tax on them.

Don’t Hinder Your Full-Time Job

Side hustles are great, as long as they don’t get in the way of your day job. You don’t want your side job to affect your performance at work—so make sure there’s a balance.

Equipped with these valuable tips and insight into the best side hustle ideas for the UK in 2022, you can take the new step of side hustling.

DID YOU KNOW? The primary motivation for pursuing a side hustle in the UK is the high cost of living36.7% of Brits claim they can’t lead a comfortable life with only their primary income. So they seek alternative ways to make more money.


Starting a side hustle is an excellent way to spend your time and keep busy while earning money. And now that you know how to start a side hustle in the UK, you can choose one (or more) of our ideas that you fancy and begin a profitable business.


How can I make extra money in the UK?

You can earn extra money in many ways. You can provide cleaning or laundry service, cook or bake for others, babysit, tutor others, etc.

What are some good paying side hustles?

Side hustles that pay well include:

  • Designing and creating your own products (e.g., stationery)
  • Selling valuable second-hand items
  • Freelancing in such fields as marketing
  • Letting spare space
Is a side hustle worth it?

In addition to side hustle ideas UK residents look for, they also wonder if they’re worth the time and effort. They are a great way to boost your income, but you shouldn’t entirely rely on them, as they don’t always work out for everyone.


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