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  • Affordable service
  • Established company with various partner websites
  • Quick results and in-depth reports
  • Straightforward pricing plan
  • Uses billions of sources for accurate checks
  • All customer complaints on BBB have been resolved


  • Not FCRA accredited
  • Website design is a bit outdated
  • Only available in the US









Automatic until canceled


One-of search: $2.45 Unlimited basic search: $20/month Unlimited detailed searches:$40/month


Email: 24/7 Phone support: 7am-5pm PST & 10am-8pm EST Monday to Friday

US Search was created in 1994 as an online background check service. Dedicated to helping people find family members in a responsible and safe manner, US Search has assisted thousands of clients over the years. The company is one of the first of its kind, pioneering the concept of finding and providing information about individuals via the internet. 

Based in Los Angeles, US Search has almost 250 employees including the president and CEO, Jeff Pullen. The company is dedicated to providing reliable and up-to-date information on people. US Search reviews show an average score between 2 to 4/5 stars online. With such a broad feedback spectrum, it’s difficult to pinpoint whether the service is actually living up to its promises or not.  

 Considering all the online US Search background check reviews, we will look at the following aspects:  

* Key highlights

* Types of background checks available

* Plans and pricing

* Pros and cons

* Ease of use 


Key Highlights 

US Search uses 43 different technology services and elements over a variety of websites, that include Google Analytics, jQuery, viewport meta, iPhone and Android compatibility, and HTML5. This gives them a wide platform in which they can access billions of up-to-date records. According to IPqwery, US Search also has a registered trademark in advertising 

It is a credible and established service with 26 years of experience, and all basic searches are free of cost, which is a great advantage. 

Clients get access to all websites in the US Search family, which include PeopleConnect.us, Classmates.com, Intelius.com.

Who is it Best for?

The US Search background check service can be used by United States residents to track down lost family or loved ones. For anyone wondering about the credibility of their neighbor or even your child’s new friend, it’s the perfect service to use to get peace of mind. 

So, is US Search safe? Yes, it aims to provide information about others in a safe and responsible manner. Note, however, that the service is not a CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency) under the FCRA law (Fair Credit Reporting Act). Therefore, it shouldn’t be used as a resource to make decisions on employment or tenant screening. 

After reading both good and poor appraisals, particularly recent US Search reviews from 2020, it is clear that the service is perfect for US citizens looking to do a quick background screening on acquaintances or lost friends and family. 

Types Of Background Checks Offered

US Search’s comprehensive range of background investigation checks are available to all US residents. They use a wide variety of public records to acquire personal information on all US residents. 

On US Search’s homepage you can find three kinds of basic searches that a client can use to obtain information:

Search by Person (by providing First name, Last Name, City, and State)

This allows you to find the current address, household members, home values, and address history. Additionally, you can do a criminal and background check on a person. 

Search by Phone (by providing Phone Number)

This allows you to find address history, utility verification, household members, current owner’s name, and current address. 

Search by Address (by providing Street Address, City, and State)

By providing the address you can obtain the age, name, phone number, and more about the current residents. 

The proprietary people search tool can help you track down an individual’s address, email, social media network profiles, phone number, educational background, and employment background. 

Additionally, the following checks and information can be obtained:

  • Contact information (names, address history, email addresses, and phone numbers)
  • Property Records (Property owned, home value, and household members)
  • Personal information (birthday date, photos, marital status, property investment, education background, and interests)
  • Social media account profiles (usernames, aliases, dating sites, gaming and app accounts)
  • Financial records (tax evasion, bankruptcies, and tax liens)
  • Location history (current/previous addresses and neighbors)
  • Criminal records (sex offenses, DUIs, and other criminal offenses)

According to numerous US Search reviews, it is clear that most clients managed to find the person they were looking for by only inputting limited information. 

Obtaining information through the above-mentioned checks can be helpful if you want to: 

  • Verify ownership information regarding property especially when to buying or renting a property
  • Track down classmates, long-lost friends, and family members
  • Check the financial information of an investor or potential business partner 
  • Avoid being scammed by an online seller
  • Halt unwanted calls, emails, and texts
  • Find out the caller identity of unknown calls and texts
  • Check individuals who are new to the neighborhood or even teachers at your child’s school (legit character reference checks)
  • Verify social media profiles and avoid being catfished or scammed

Plans & Pricing

Here are the plans you can choose from:

Plan/ Membership  Background Reports Background Check Process  Pricing Model Plan Includes
1. Once-off People Search One basic report Instant results $2.45  Contact and personal information
2. Unlimited Basic Search Unlimited basic reports Instant results $20 per month All contact and personal information
3. Unlimited Omnisearch Unlimited in-depth reports Same day $40 per month All contact and personal information, criminal record, and financial record
4. Once-off Criminal Record Search  One in-depth report Same day $15 Criminal record of an individual

While Intelius’ reports are made available for 45 days from the date of purchase, US Search reports are available for 1 year. However, those within a subscription are only available for the duration of the subscription.  

Monthly memberships get a free 5-day trial. All plans can be canceled at any time, no questions asked. In some cases, a special discount offer of $1.99 is offered for once-off people searches.  

Ease Of Use – How To Perform A Background Check With US Search

The US Search website isn’t full of twists and turns. You’ll be able to navigate it easily and there’s a quick access to the terms and conditions. 

Step 1: 

Visit US Search website. For a quick free search, you can add any information you have available into the tables provided. Click ‘Search’. You might be asked to add additional information (age, initials, city) to narrow down the search.  

Step 2: 

Once the results have been narrowed down you should select the person in question and click ‘Get your report’.  

Step 3: 

Reports will be available immediately. You have to agree to the terms and conditions and continue with the payment. Payments can be made with any VISA or Mastercard as well as via PayPal. It’s secured with 256-bit encrypted connection. 

Once paid, the report will be sent to you via email.

Pros & Cons

Affordable service

Established company with various partner websites

Extremely quick results and in-depth reports

Straightforward pricing plan

Uses billions of sources for accurate online background checks

US Search reviews on BBB show that all customer complaints have been resolved

Not FCRA accredited and can’t be used to screen potential employees or tenants

The US Search website needs to be updated to a more modern and user-friendly interface

Only available in the US

California residents have the right to request that their public records and criminal records not be revealed to clients on the site which eliminates the availability of some information

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US Search Reviews and Reputation

Reviews on US Search can be a bit misleading. Whilst one site gives it a 4-star rating, another will give it a 1.1-star rating. This is mainly due to the fact that the website doesn’t have a strong online presence, making it not as credible. The site itself doesn’t have any testimonials from clients. 

Regardless of the fact that an online presence optimization strategy is long overdue, all complaints filed on the BBB site have been resolved. Taking into account that the company is 26 years old and well established, the number of reviews actually found online don’t add up. 

Taking matters into our own hands and going through the signup and search process, we’re happy to say that we’ve had a great experience from start to finish. A once-off discounted fee of $1.99 is a small price to pay to double-check someone’s credibility. 

To Wrap Up

In a world ridden with fake online profiles and considering the ease of creating a profile online, it’s important to be extra vigilant about the people you deal with. Doing a private and reliable background screening on potential business partners, neighbors, tenants, or employees will give you the peace of mind you need when working with them. 

Considering the few US Search reviews found online, it isn’t 100% certain that the service delivers great results each time. Through our own experience, however, US Search for PeopleData is definitely worth the once-off fee.

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Is US Search free?

No, US Search isn’t free. Once-off searches are priced less than $3 and monthly unlimited plans range between $20-$40.

Is US Search anonymous?

Yes, all searches done through the online platform are private.

How can I reach customer service?

You can contact the US Search team through email at support@ussearch.com or report any complaints by contacting the Member care number at (888) 712-0108.

Can I use the background check for hiring employees or screening tenants?

US Search isn’t a consumer reporting agency as defined by the FCRA law. Many US Search reviews explicitly don’t recommend using this tool when hiring employees, determining credibility, or screening tenants.