• STARTING FEE: $70/Month
  • TRACK ORDER OPTION: Yes(Via Email)
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Email, 24/7 Chat Support
  • SHIPPING: Shipment to USA-$8/Box, Shipment to Canada- $22/Box and Shipment to other Countries-$25/Box

2022’s GlobeIn Reviews [Services, Pricing, Shipping, Discounts]

  • STARTING FEE: $70/Month
  • TRACK ORDER OPTION: Yes(Via Email)
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Email, 24/7 Chat Support
  • SHIPPING: Shipment to USA-$8/Box, Shipment to Canada- $22/Box and Shipment to other Countries-$25/Box

Best For

People Who Enjoy Handcrafted Items


  • Ethically sourced items
  • Creators and artisans are paid well
  • Customers receive something unique every month
  • Interesting themes to look forward to


  • No refund policy except for broken or missing items

GlobeIn is a monthly subscription service that selects and sends handcrafted items to your door. Every box contains four-five items that revolve around a specific theme. All the items are ethically sourced and crafted by well-paid artisans.
If you want to receive gorgeous, high-quality items every month from creators from around the world who are paid well, but are not sure if this is the right service for you, read on. We did our own research and went through multiple GlobeIn reviews to help you figure it out.

How GlobeIn Works

You receive a box of 4-5 handcrafted items every month after you sign up for the subscription service. The themes are different every month. For example, if the theme for the month is Boho, you may receive a GlobeIn Boho box with Sierra Whitewash Terracotta Planter from Bangladesh, Unity Raffia Trivet from Uganda, Lacquered Coconut Bowl – Peacock from Vietnam, and Grassland Table Runner – Midsummer from India. The items are ethically sourced, as verified by the Fair Trade Federation. The company meanwhile works directly with creators and artists when the order is made.

You have the option to renew the subscription monthly or commit to longer periods of three, six, or 12 months. The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper the overall cost of the box is. You have the option to choose from five boxes every month, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuff you don’t want.

The GlobeIn subscription box will arrive at your doorstep in a beautiful package. GlobeIn artisan box reviews show that the box will also include a nice booklet with information on every item inside. You can read about how the items were made and even some background about the artisan who made them.

Managing Your Subscription

You are entitled to a refund only if the product in the GlobeIn boxes is missing or broken. You have the option to pause or change your subscription at any moment. You can even skip a month and move that month’s money to credit if you like. Cancellation is also easy — you can do that at any time through the website.

Shipping and Packaging

GlobeIn delivers to your doorstep every month, should you choose that option. If you are wondering When does GlobeIn ship?” the vendor notes on its website that deliveries take 5-10 days for standard shipments in the contiguous US, and 15-25 for the non-contiguous US and Canada. The boxes come in colorful, safe packaging that can be quite exciting to receive in the mail.

How Much Does Globein Cost?

GlobeIn offers three kinds of subscriptions. The GlobeIn pricing is based on which plan you order. 

  • The 3-month plan costs $40/month (if you choose to renew the subscription every month). You can opt for a long-term plan since that can save you even more money. 
  • A 6-month subscription will cost you $37/month and
  • The annual plan will cost you $35/month.

You can pay the total at the checkout or you have the option to pay in monthly interest-free installments powered by afterpay.

The best part is that you can cancel anytime you want no matter which plan you choose. Shipping is also free for the first month, but after that, the delivery can cost around $10 for every box in the USA, $22 for shipment to Canada, and $25 for other countries.

GlobeIn essentials box reviews meanwhile show that essential boxes cost $10 monthly. The cost can also be credited to any add-on products you may like. You can pay via any popular credit card or through PayPal.

Since all the items are made by hand and shipped from all across the world they are definitely worth the price.

Saving Opportunities

There are many different deals you can consider that offer great discounts via the GlobeIn coupon code. One deal is receiving a free pair of wine glasses when you get a subscription for 3 months or longer. To receive the wine glasses, you have to use the code ‘WINEDOWN’ at the checkout. If you have plenty of wine glasses, ‘GOTMUG’ will get you a free mug instead.

One GlobeIn artisan box review we found also shows that you can get 30% off for your first box with the code ‘GIVE30’. The cost ‘MSA WELCOME’ can also get you $10 off on premium subscriptions. If you are subscribing for the 6 months or annual plan, then ‘FBSTARTFREE’ can get you your first box for free. This means you can save over $30.

Keep in mind that their coupon codes are constantly changing, so you should double-check on their website and/or social media pages.

GlobeIn Add-Ons

GlobeIn box reviews show that if you aren’t connecting with any of the boxes, you can shift the month’s cost into credit. This credit can be used to purchase products from GlobeIn’s Add-On sale. You will have the choice to buy between 200 exclusive products (only for subscribers).

If you don’t feel like subscribing right away, you can also go through the extensive shop they have online. This includes artisan boxes and individual items that you can purchase; however, these items are more expensive than they would be with a subscription.

You also have the option of sending specific products, gift subscriptions, and purchase gift cards.

Customer Service

They have email, live chat, and a thorough FAQ section to help you out. There are some concerns with customer service since there isn’t a direct helpline that you can go to. There’s more than one negative GlobeIn review with complaints that customer problems were not fixed right away, or the customer service did not respond in time. Pretty much any review we came across shows that customers generally love their products and boxes, despite some complaints about the service littered through the GlobeIn review section.

Pros Cons
Ethically sourced items No refund policy except for broken or missing items
Creators and artisans are paid well
Customers receive something unique every month
Interesting themes to look forward to

GlobeIn Reviews and Testimonials

The company generally has a good reputation on the market with plenty of people adoring the products they send. Verified GlobeIn reviews show a mixture of ratings. Here are the few trusted platforms we reviews and ratings on:

  • Trustpilot rated them 3.2 out of 5 stars with 415 reviews
  • My Subscription Addiction rated them 4.3 stars out of 5 stars with 245 votes
  • GlobeIn’s Facebook page has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Influenster rated it 4.2 stars out of 5 with 102 votes

Most people love the products they are selling and actually get excited when they receive them. However, more than one honest GlobeIn review shows that customers often have an issue with the customer service and handling of their concerns.

How Does It Compare? — GlobeIn Alternatives

GlobeIn customer reviews also mention other similar products and companies. Here are a few alternatives that you can also check out:

GlobeIn vs FabFitFun: FabFitFun has more products in every box, but it is more expensive as well. Globein’s products are also ethically sourced, fair trade, and as natural as possible. To find out more about FabFitFun, read our full review.
PopSugar vs GlobeIn: PopSugar only has one or two items every month while Globein has more. On the other hand, with PopSugar you can get items worth $300 and more for $75 on a quarterly basis. To find out what else PopSugar offers, you can read the full review.
Causebox vs GlobeIn: Causebox costs around $54.5 per quarter but doesn’t ship as extensively as Globein does. They both sell sustainably sourced subscription boxes though. Read the full review of Causebox to find out if it is a better fit. 

Is GlobeIn Worth It?

GlobeIn reviews from 2022 show that the subscription boxes have been the highlight of many people’s lives during the pandemic. The biggest advantage of this company is that every product is of the highest quality. It is crafted by human hands and shipped to your door in an ethical manner. Handcraft laborers are often underpaid, so this is a great way to ensure that their labor is rewarded well.

If you want to use ethically sourced items in your life to improve your health, skin, décor, fashion, fitness, and other aspects of daily life, then you should consider their monthly box. GlobeIn reviews such as ours will hopefully help you decide whether you should invest in this service or not.


Is GlobeIn legitimate?

Many have wondered “Is GlobeIn legit?” and the answer is yes, it is. The numerous customer reviews on legitimate review platforms such as Trustpilot and Influenster prove that GlobeIn is not only legitimate but an original subscription service as well.

How much is a GlobeIn subscription?

GlobeIn offers three subscription plans, the 3-month plan costs $40/month, the 6-month plan costs $37/month and the annual plan costs $35/month. GlobeIn reviews confirm that you can also purchase artisan boxes and products individually but it will be costlier than with a subscription. 

What's in the GlobeIn box?

The GlobeIn box contains 4-5 unique products made from artisans from all over the world. Included in the box you will find a little booklet containing stories or details about the products and the artisans themselves. The majority of GlobeIn reviews confirm satisfaction with the products.

Where is GlobeIn located?

GlobeIn is located in San Francisco, California but it delivers products within the US and Canada. Every GlobeIn company review confirms that this is a great company that delivers unique products and souvenirs at excellent quality from all over the world.


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