• CUSTOMER SERVICE: Phone & Email
  • TRACK ORDER OPTION: Yes (Via Email)
  • SHIPPING: Free US shipping over $95

Bespoke Box Review 2022 – Details, Pros, Cons & Alternatives

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Phone & Email
  • TRACK ORDER OPTION: Yes (Via Email)
  • SHIPPING: Free US shipping over $95

Best For

Everyday Items for Men


  • A great gift idea
  • Premium quality products
  • Customized to suit your needs


  • A bit expensive
  • Some products are not useful

According to online shopping statistics, there are around 24 million eCommerce stores, and Bespoke Post is one of them.

Bespoke Post is a New York-based subscription service that offers themed goodies to subscribers. For those who are interested in signing up for a monthly subscription box, this Bespoke box review is going to give you all the necessary information. The subscription service caters to men by offering them useful items for everyday use. Founded in 2012 by two Northwestern University grads, Rishi Prabhu and Steven Szaronos, the brand has enjoyed significant growth over the past few years and has shipped over 240 unique Bespoke boxes since the company’s inception.

How Much Bespoke Post Costs

Our Bespoke Post review would not be complete without giving you a good idea of the service’s prices. When it comes to Bespoke Post box pricing, the cost depends on whether you are a member or not. For non-members the cost is $70 per month, plus $4,95 for shipping. For Bespoke members, the monthly subscription is $49.00 (+ tax, and $4.95 shipping).
In addition, occasionally Bespoke releases a limited edition box that costs slightly more than the regular boxes but if you are an owner of a zero annual fee credit card, or a no-interest credit card then having this Bespoke Post limited edition box becomes more affordable.

Shipping and Packaging

Once you’ve subscribed to the service, you will receive your customized Bespoke Box in the post each month.

Where do they deliver?

According to verified Bespoke Post reviews, you can choose where you want your box to be delivered. Bespoke can deliver your box to your home or workplace, depending on your preference.

What’s the packaging like?

Once you’ve subscribed to Bespoke Post, you will receive a customized box every month in custom mailing boxes and postal cartons. You will receive different boxes with different items each month, all of which will match the themed box for that month.

Bespoke Post Add-Ons

It is also possible for subscribers to include add-on items in their monthly boxes. This can be done by going to the Bespoke Post store where you can find add-on options ranging from clothing to kitchen items.

How Does Bespoke Post Work?

For those of you who are interested in getting some cool products every month in the mail, our Bespoke box review will give you all the information on how Bespoke Post works.

The process is extremely simple. All you have to do is sign up for the service. You will receive a preview of your box in an email, which will include what items to expect. You can review your Bespoke Post order and if you like all the items, let them proceed. You can also customize the box based on your personal preferences, including the box color and items within the box. The box is then shipped mid-month. You also receive a neat pamphlet along with each box that provides you with information on the products within and a brief history of the company.

How to subscribe?

To sign up for the monthly service, all you have to do is visit their official website and join for free. Since Bespoke Post needs to know more about their subscribers in order to customize each box, you will need to tell them a bit about yourself. In order to do that, you will need to fill out a short quiz just so they get an idea of your likes and dislikes.

Do they customize the box according to preferences?

Yes, it is possible for you to customize the box according to your personal preference, or you can just skip the box and go with another box instead. With multiple options to choose from, you can make sure that you get the best Bespoke boxes in the mail.

Types of Subscription

Bespoke Post offers two types of subscriptions – for members and non-members. Needless to say, you will need to become a member if you want to get some of the best items in the box. Currently, according to Bespoke reviews from 2022, there are no discounts or promotions being offered.

Managing Your Subscription

Whether you opt for a month-by-month subscription or a long-term subscription, all you have to do is visit their website and sign up for the service. Once you have signed up, you can either skip any box or opt-out of the service with no additional charges.

Is it possible to return a box/product?

To return a Bespoke box, all you have to do is go to your account history and process a return. There is also a helpline available if you have any questions. Normally, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to process a return. All Bespoke boxes can be returned within 60 days of receiving the package.

How do you cancel? Is it easy to cancel your subscription?

According to the Bespoke Post website, subscribers are allowed to cancel their subscriptions at any time online or by giving notice via email or phone. You can call them at 888-565-6762 or text them at 914-326-2765. Users now also have the ability to cancel their account online.

Customer Service

According to Bespoke Post reviews, the company’s helpline is available for texting and emailing 7 days a week, and if you want to call them you can do that between 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET, Mondays to Fridays. You can contact customer service by calling 888-565-6762, texting at 914-326-2765, or sending an email at help@bespokepost.com.

Pros Cons
A great gift idea Some products are not useful
Customized to suit your needs A bit expensive
Premium quality products

Bespoke Post Reviews and Testimonials

Bespoke Post is a legit subscription service that caters to men with a monthly themed box filled with goodies mostly consisting of clothing, tools, and other items. According to Bespoke Post reviews, customers love the fact that each of their boxes can be customized according to their personal preferences. There are also multiple themed boxes that you can choose from, so you will be sure to get something different in the post each month. However, one of the things that customers consider a bummer is that you can’t return a single item. Instead, you can only return the whole box.

How Does It Compare? – Bespoke Post Alternatives

If you are looking for alternatives to Bespoke Post, then here are some options that you can choose from.

  • Culture Carton

Culture Carton is a monthly lifestyle subscription service that’s similar to Bespoke Post. Culture Carton also caters to men and offers premium items in each box. However, this service is more expensive when compared to Bespoke Post.

  • Gentleman’s Box

The Gentleman’s Box is another great alternative to Bespoke Post. Their products are mostly related to men’s grooming and fashion essentials. This monthly subscription box is cheaper as compared to Bespoke Post, but you will have fewer options when it comes to customizing items. Unlike Bespoke Box, the Gentleman’s Box sends you a custom box filled with goodies every quarter, instead of every month.

Is Bespoke Post Worth It?

If you are wondering after reading this Bespoke box review whether the service is worth it, the answer is a definite ‘yes’. Bespoke Post sends you a completely customizable box that is filled with everyday essentials for men. The company prides itself on providing premium quality products.

For men who want to try something new every month, the Bespoke box is just the thing. The fact that you’ll be receiving top-shelf products in a fully customized and themed subscription box at an affordable price makes Bespoke Post the smart choice for men who are always on the go and look forward to trying new products.


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