• Level of protection: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Price range: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Free trial: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Free version: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Platform compatibility: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Number of devices: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Ease of use: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Customer support: ★★★★★ 5/5

Honest Avira Antivirus Review for 2022

  • Level of protection: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Price range: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Free trial: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Free version: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Platform compatibility: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Number of devices: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Ease of use: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Customer support: ★★★★★ 5/5

Best For

Individuals, families, and small businesses


  • Available with a free plan
  • Great, user-friendly interface on all devices
  • Supported on a variety of platforms
  • Effective antivirus with multiple industry awards
  • Prime is incredibly feature-rich


  • Many features are price-locked
  • Generally on the pricier end
  • Not all features available on all devices

Looking for new antivirus software to protect your PC and make it safer to browse online? How about a privacy protection tool that can make your life easier by privatizing your connections and helping you securely save login details? In this Avira Antivirus review, we’ll introduce you to this award-winning and cost-effective software that will help keep your PC secure and private.

We’ll dig into all the most important details, such as:

  • Features
  • Plans and Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Safety
  • Customer Support
  • Pros and Cons
  • Alternatives, and more.

What Is Avira Antivirus?

Founded in 1986 in Germany by Tjark Auerbach and purchased by Norton LifeLock in December 2020, Avira is a longstanding company. Although it’s still headquartered in Germany, Avira has a worldwide user base of over 80 million across 150 countries.

Over the years, Avira’s antivirus software has won numerous awards from independent antivirus testing companies, such as AV-Labs, AV-Comparatives, and AV-Test.

Avira Antivirus Platform Compatibility

One of Avira’s greatest advantages is that it has broad platform compatibility. However, not all Avira applications have the exact same features and capabilities, although they cost the same. The user experience might also slightly vary, particularly on mobile devices.

Below are the features available on each device for the Prime version as found in our Avira review:


Avira provides some of the best protection for your PC, including antivirus protection, a PC cleaner, VPN, software updates, password management, and privacy settings optimization.


The macOS version is very similar, except it swaps the privacy settings optimization and PC cleaner for utilities like a junk cleaner, uninstaller, startup manager, and Cookie cleaner.


Avira’s Linux app is essentially the same as the Windows app.


The Android app is highly rated at 4.6 on the Play Store. It comes with antivirus protection, password management, network protection, and a VPN. So, antivirus protection for your mobile is slightly more limited but still robust.


The iOS app has a slightly lower, but still excellent rating of 4.2 on the App Store. It features security tools, a password manager, and VPN.

If you do a complete Avira Antivirus Pro review with a checklist of antivirus features, you’ll see that they’re slightly different. In fact, with Pro, the Windows app has more features than macOS.

Avira Antivirus Products and Services

Avira is primarily marketed, known, and used as antivirus software, but in reality, there’s an entire suite of Avira products. Although many can be bought separately, almost all Avira’s tools are included in its Prime subscription.

These utilities include tools such as:

  • PC cleaner/uninstaller/junk remover
  • VPN
  • Password manager
  • Software updater, etc.

Let’s dig deeper into these capabilities below.

Avira Antivirus Features

Although you can expect comprehensive layered protection from the Avira antivirus software, depending on the exact plan you get, you may only be able to use some of these antivirus features.

Here, we’ll focus on all features as found in our Avira Prime review:

Password Manager

You can use the Avira password manager to save passwords for all your accounts and sync them across all your devices for easy and convenient access. You’ll need to create a master password for unlocking all your other saved details.

Update Scanner

You can use the Avira software to run a smart scan to look for any outdated drivers. The software will then automatically find the relevant updates and download and install them for you. While convenient, this feature is not available on all devices.


The Avira antivirus rating is superb in terms of being able to remove various types of viruses. Its intelligent antivirus has received multiple rewards for its effectiveness at detecting and removing various malware threats. However, you should be aware that the free version will not remove all detected threats.

Real-Time Data Breach Alerts

Avira will provide some measure of active antivirus protection against both offline and online threats, such as a ransomware shield and fake site protection. This means it will continuously check for threats or suspicious website behavior in the background, even when not running a virus scan. It can then warn you and take steps to prevent a successful attack.


All Avira apps come with a free built-in Phantom VPN. However, you’ll have a 500MB/month restriction and won’t be able to choose your location with a free or Pro plan, but you can unlock all restrictions by signing up with the Prime package. We conducted an Avira VPN review and found it to be decent if basic, service.

Automatic Cleaning & Performance Enhancer

Avira can smart scan your device for unused files/apps, wasted space, and other factors affecting your performance or battery usage, and provide suggestions on how to fix these issues or even solve some of them automatically.

Premium Mobile Apps

Usually, mobile versions of desktop apps leave a lot to be desired. However, both Avira apps are highly rated and offer a great user experience as well as a surprisingly large number of features. Even if you mainly want to secure a mobile device, Avira is still worth it.

Avira Privacy

Privacy protection is slightly different from outright security, as it’s more focused on making it harder to trace your real identity and activity online. This is the big difference to consider when making a comparison with generic antivirus software, such as Windows Defender vs Avira.

This is important because companies and governments can use this information to manipulate you. Privacy can also indirectly affect your security, as hackers can use your private information to compromise your accounts or target you more directly.

That’s why many antivirus software today, Avira included, also offer privacy protection features aimed at helping you mask your identity and actions online.

If you’re serious about preventing identity theft, you should check out some of these top ID theft protection companies.

Avira Privacy Products

Let’s see what products Avira offers:

Phantom VPN

The Phantom VPN is built into the Avira software and allows you to hide your location online and encrypt your connection so your information can’t be easily stolen. In our Avira Phantom VPN review, we found it to be a simple and effective VPN, although not as feature-rich as dedicated VPNs. It’s available on all devices, such as:

  • Windows VPN
  • Mac VPN
  • Android VPN
  • iOS VPN

Password Manager

Having to remember a number of different passwords and account details lead to unsafe login practices. However, using the password manager, you can securely store all your account details and request them as needed.

Privacy Pal

This is Avira’s cookie manager that allows you to choose from different levels of privacy protection or set individual preferences. Basically, it provides a simple interface to manage what information cookies can collect from your browser and OS.

Nevertheless, if you need more advanced VPN capabilities, check out these reviews of NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and SurfShark.

Avira Performance

If you thought that the only answer to “what is Avira?” is “antivirus software,” you’d be wrong, since the software also comes with an entire suite of tools to optimize the performance of your device.

Windows System Speedup

The Windows optimizer can check for a range of things, like disc cleanup, background apps that affect performance and battery life, and even have settings to help you adjust your performance and battery life.

Mac Optimizer

The macOS software is similar to the Windows software, although it actually has a couple more utilities, such as an uninstaller.

System Speedup Pro

Avira’s performance tools can be bought separately in the System Speedup Pro package. Other plans, except for Prime, will just have limited performance capabilities.

Avira Plans and Pricing

Avira offers a whole suite of security and privacy protection products for individuals and businesses alike. For now, we’ll focus on the main differences in price and features when it comes to Avira Free vs Pro for individuals and Prime for businesses. You can find a detailed breakdown in the table below:

Plan Features Price + subscription Free trial and money-back guarantee Number of devices Best for
Avira Free Antivirus -Antivirus protection / / 1 This is Avira for home users who need basic offline antivirus software.
Avira Pro -Antivirus protection

-Real-time protection

-Data & identity protection

$44.99–$70.99/year (1–3 devices) Free trial with a 60-day money-back guarantee for annual subscribers and a 14-day money-back guarantee for monthly subscribers. 1 Individuals who want enhanced internet and browsing protection as well as an antivirus.
Avira Prime -Antivirus

-PC Cleaner

-Password manager


-Software updates

-Advanced privacy settings

$99.99/year Free trial with a 60-day money-back guarantee for annual subscribers and a 14-day money-back guarantee for monthly subscribers. 5 This is Avira for businesses that want complete security and privacy solution.

As you can see from our Avira Free review, this is the version you can download for free and use for basic protection. Unless you need something specific, you may be better off just sticking with this version.

Usually, Avira will give you a basic version of many features with the free software. However, it will tell you to upgrade if you want to unlock the full potential. For example, running the cleanup with the free software will only clean a portion of what’s possible on the Pro plan.

However, although an Avira Free vs Pro comparison shows that Pro brings in a bit more real-time malware protection, it’s still mostly a basic antivirus tool. On the other hand, Prime is a complete utility suite that helps optimize the performance of your PC in addition to providing premium protection.

The fact that Prime can also secure up to 5 devices with a single account makes it great value for money and is a notable mention in any Avira Prime review.

Still, Avira offers a very generous free plan and many actually complain that when you compare Avira Free to Pro, the features available with the latter don’t justify upgrading.

The above prices are mentioned according to the annual rate, but you can also enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month plan, although that will cost a bit more.

Ease of Use

As part of this Avira review, we also spent some time testing it ourselves. The software features a one-click, easy installation, and is equally effortless to use.

As mentioned, you can download the software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS and protect your entire ecosystem with a single software subscription.

If you want to test it out, you can start off by downloading the free version. From there, it’s easy to upgrade at any time by simply registering an account and subscribing to the Pro or Prime service, which will automatically unlock the additional features when you log in to the software on your device.

The mobile device apps also feature excellent touch interfaces.

Avira Safety

Of course, you’re probably wondering what Avira’s antivirus rating looks like compared with other popular antivirus products.

According to the Independent IT-Security Institute AV-Test, Avira is a Top Product, having gained a 6/6 mark for its overall protective score as well as for speed and usability.

Still, not everyone agrees on how well Avira is able to protect from various threats. According to AV-Comparatives, Avira was the third-worst product in terms of real-world protection, only outperforming ESET, G DATA, and TotalAV.

However, it performed better in other tests and was praised for its ability to detect and prevent infections from external threats thanks to its network security scanner.

In general, Avira reviews from industry watchdogs and experts are glowing, with the software also receiving an AV-Comparatives Top Protection award as well as an AV-Labs Top anti-ransomware Protection award.

Avira also seems to do well in detecting and warning users of phishing websites. However, it’s not always as effective at quarantining and removing local malware infections.

Customer Support

The main way to reach Avira’s customer support team is via email, although the phone numbers for their offices around the world are also available for miscellaneous inquiries. Generally, Avira reviews point to the fact that customers are satisfied with their service.

Ratings and Reviews

On most consumer websites, Avira Antivirus has excellent scores, such as its high 3.9 score on ConsumerAffairs and a brilliant 4.6 score on Trustpilot. You can also find additional help through the knowledgebase and Community forum, where you can even find great reviews for some specific features. For example, Avira password manager reviews are almost just as high as the reviews for its antivirus software.

Avira Alternatives

Now let’s check how Avira compares to other similar products:

Avira vs Kaspersky

Russia-based Kaspersky is easily one of the most popular and recognizable antivirus software providers in the world. Generally, Kaspersky has more advanced features and security tools to offer than Avira, particularly when it comes to email protection. However, Avira offers a better overall user experience, especially for mobile devices, and tends to be more affordable and doesn’t charge different rates for different types of devices.

Avira Antivirus vs Avast

Another leader in the antivirus field, Avast is known for its superb lab-tested performance and effectiveness at removing malware. Compared to Avira Antivirus, it provides better network and Wi-Fi protection thanks to its firewall. However, Avira is once again the more affordable and user-friendly option that offers other utilities Avast doesn’t.

You can read the full review of Avast here.

Avira Antivirus Review Conclusion: Is Avira Worth It?

So, what’s our verdict on this software? In my opinion, it’s an excellent and budget-friendly option for just about anyone looking for antivirus software. The free version is generous and the Prime version is great all-around security, privacy, and performance-enhancing product.


Is Avira antivirus good?

In short, yes, Avira is good antivirus software. In our review, we were impressed by the huge range of features as well as the user experience. Avira’s actual antivirus capabilities have also received multiple awards from independent software testing labs.

Is Avira safe?

The software is a very safe product to use, as can be seen from our Avira Antivirus review and many others. Considering its reputability, there seems to be no serious concerns regarding the safety of using the Avira software.

Is Avira free?

Yes, Avira has a totally free version that comes with a number of antivirus, real-time protection, and performance features! However, you’ll need a Pro/Prime version to unlock the full potential of the Avira features.