• Reach: National and International
  • Special Features: Hyper-targeting, same-day distribution
  • Reporting: Wire Watch reports after two hours
  • Price: $299-$599
  • User-Friendly: Yes

2021 eReleases Review [Reach, Features, Pricing]

  • Reach: National and International
  • Special Features: Hyper-targeting, same-day distribution
  • Reporting: Wire Watch reports after two hours
  • Price: $299-$599
  • User-Friendly: Yes

Best For

Small Businesses


  • Large and custom distribution service
  • An exclusive database of journalists
  • Measurable results with the WireWatch tool
  • Specific audiences


  • No free global distribution
  • Customers can use the WireWatch tool a limited number of times

eReleases is a press release distribution provider which helps small businesses gain national and international exposure in no time. Thriving to offer some of the best press release services for almost 20 years, the company offers to send press releases to large media networks at affordable prices.

Our eReleases review encompasses relevant information not only regarding customer feedback but also about press release benchmarks. Therefore, you will find info about:

  • eReleases services
  • pricing and available packages
  • press release distribution alternatives
  • overview of the customers’ opinions about the company’s services

eReleases Breakdown

Here are some of the main features eReleases provides to its customers:

Easy Order Process

Your business can benefit from press release distribution via merely a few clicks. The eReleases website offers a friendly user experience that makes the order process effortless. After choosing the package that suits your needs, the next step is to wait until a representative from eReleases contacts you.

National Distribution

According to its own claims and some of the eReleases reviews, the company offers maximum exposure across the United States. Compared to other press release providers, eReleases spends a lot of financial resources on its media network. Therefore, eRelease pays a lot of attention to offering national distribution and it does so through PR Newswire.

International Distribution

Even though eReleases press release distribution is mainly focused on the United States and media contacts within the country, you can add the International Distribution option. As for the eReleases prices, customers can raise their reach to an international level

for an extra fee of $200 per country and $1,000 for global reach.

However, if going international is your purpose, it’s important to understand that media response isn’t necessarily the outcome of increasing global targets. The majority of the international services only help to distribute globally but give little interest in reaching the right persons for your press release. This leads us to the next feature that makes eReleases different from its competitors.


The company manages to distribute the press releases globally by using Direct-to-Journalist targeting. This way only journalists that are interested in your news or covered subjects will receive your press release. This international distribution mechanism is based on both the subject specialty and the publishing history of the targets.

By receiving only press releases that are relevant for them, eReleases targets are more likely to create publicity for the news that you are willing to expose.

Same-day Distribution

Customers can opt for same-day distribution. If this service isn’t requested, then your press release will be scheduled before 9:00 a.m. US Eastern Time. Before quickly applying for same-day distribution, however, take into consideration that besides relevant targets the company has also identified the most relevant distribution timeframe. By following their data-based advice, you will likely increase the chances of gaining more media attention.

Embedded Videos

Whether you want to embed videos in the body of your press release or simply include them as links within the press release, eReleases offer the option of not only telling your story but also showing it.

Any customer can add a single video to the body of the press release. To do so, it is necessary to provide the eReleases representative with a link to the video during the ordering process. Thereafter, the video will be inserted into the press release and everyone with access to one of the 700 partners of eReleases that support video formatting will be able to watch it.


The company pays a lot of attention to the quality and ROI of customers’ experiences. Moreover, as one eReleases review points out, the company provides a “great and seamless experience”. One of its best features is certainly the unique reporting mechanism that they offer through WireWatch™. By giving links to WireWatch™ reports, the company enables press release tracking starting from only 2 hours after they are published. Customers can see their articles on different sites such as MarketWatch, PR Newswire, Yahoo!, and others.

Moreover, if you are a potential customer who wants to see what type of information you could get from WireWatch™, there are some real examples from press releases with the potential eReleases targets or statistics such as breakdowns by devices on the eReleases website.

Embedded Images

Just like video embedding, images can be included within the press release both as simple links or inserted in the body of the text. While in the case of the videos, only one can be embedded in the release, when it comes to images you can choose to insert up to two. Another difference between videos and images is that there are many more websites that support their format. Therefore, your static multimedia file might appear on over 2,000 eReleases partner websites.

Keyword Links

The press releases shouldn’t concentrate on keywords, as the main purpose of a release is to provide useful information for the end-readers – journalists or bloggers in the industry. Nevertheless, eReleases optimizes the press releases SEO-wise by crafting the title tags, H1 tags, meta descriptions, and other aspects that could make the release easier to find and read by search engines.

When using eReleases SEO functions, you can add up to 5 keyword links per release.

Feature/Benefit Details
Feature-rich layout The press releases can be enriched through videos (1/ release) and images (up to 2/ release)
Targets specific audiences eReleases targets mainly relevant audiences that are likely to be interested in the topics of the release
Fast distribution eReleases customers have the opportunity to expose their press releases nationally and internationally on the same day they send them
Reports performance Customers are able to see:

  • 50+ links showing the release on various websites
  • Total pickup (placement of the release by websites or tweets about it)
  • Potential total audience
  • Online engagement interactions
  • Other statistics like breakdowns by industry or device type
Maximum exposure eReleases focuses mostly on working within the national media network via PR Newswire; it also offers services for international distribution in return for an extra charge
Friendly user-experience eReleases reviews show that the eReleases website offers a great user experience while also providing the option for customers to get in touch with a team representative if they need help

eReleases Plans

eReleases prices vary depending on each package. Moreover, the company usually offers discounts that make the packages even more affordable for small businesses.

Plans Pricing
Buzz Builder $299.00 per release
Newsmaker $399.00 per release
PR Pro $599.00 per release

eReleases Packages 

Buzz Builder Package

For only $199, this distribution option uses PR Newswire to cover hundreds of newsrooms, with the releases that are posted with this package reaching at least 120 media sites. Furthermore, the users of this package can benefit from the WireWatch™ Distribution Reports and one eReleases target in the industry to reach the most relevant audience. The maximum number of words for this package is 400.

Newsmaker Package

The first difference between Buzz Builder Package and this distribution option is the price. The eReleases pricing for this package is $399. Secondly, the word limit is set higher – 500 words per release. Moreover, unlike Buzz Builder Package which offers only one industry target, the Newsmaker makes it possible for the customers to get two industry targets.

PR Pro Package

The most feature-generous option that eReleases provides is certainly the PR Pro Package. Just like the other two packages, it also uses the PR Newswire’s distribution covering premium news outlets. However, users of this package will benefit from exposure on at least 150 media sites. The maximum number of words is 600 and customers can get up to 3 industry targets. The eReleases price for the PR Pro Package is $599.

Pros and Cons


  • Large and custom distribution service
  • An exclusive database of journalists
  • Measurable results with the WireWatch tool
  • Specific audiences


  • No free global distribution
  • Customers can use the WireWatch tool a limited number of times

eReleases Reputation Reviews 

According to many reviews of eReleases, the company has gained the trust of both new customers and more experienced ones. On review websites such as Shopper Approved and FeaturedCustomers, reviewers generally consider that eReleases’ services are fast, easy to use, and reliable, with competent and helpful customer service. Ultimately, as many reviewers cited, the guaranteed ROI that eReleases provides is a big advantage for every customer.

Therefore, eReleases reviews are mostly positive. For example, on Shopper Approved, the customer service has a score of 4.8 out of 5, based on 6,077 ratings. Only on this website, 5,121 content customers have reviewed eReleases by checking the maximum possible score, hence the positive ratings reaching an impressive percentage of 84.3%.

In contrast, only 25 persons have rated eReleases with 1/5. The majority of the negative reviews are related to confusing publishing timeframes or prices. However, for each negative review that raised a specific problem, the eReleases team has responded and come up with a solution.

eReleases Alternatives 

  • eReleases vs PRWeb

For the premium package, eReleases guarantees exposure on a minimum of 150 media sites, whilst the average syndication is around 250. PRWeb doesn’t make any claims regarding their syndication guarantee, however, data shows that it reaches on average of about 300 sites. 

Another difference is that eReleases’ customers can opt for multimedia embedding with little limitations regarding the maximum insertion times. In contrast, PRWeb provides the option of visually enriching the press releases only on its top-tier and priciest package. That said, there’s also a distinction in the priciest package of the services offered. Here eReleases charges $599, whereas PRWeb – only $369.

  • eReleases vs PR Newswire 

The two companies are tightly linked as eReleases resells the services offered by PR Newswire. Moreover, each eReleases distribution option uses PR Newswire’s distribution to cover the entire USA. However, the advantage of choosing eReleases over PR Newswire is seen in the price. For example, for a single press release distribution, eReleases charges $399 instead of the $755 that is charged by PR Newswire. Therefore, eReleases offers less expensive pricing and helps customers save almost $300.

  • eReleases vs EIN Presswire 

Another press release provider that competes with eRelease in terms of services and prices is EIN Presswire. Both companies offer national distribution, journalists/bloggers subscription, and reporting services. EIN Presswire provides same-day distribution only with its PRO+ Package, whereas with eReleases you can get this option for only a low extra fee.

Another difference between these two companies regards the keyword links. On eReleases, you are allowed up to 5 links per press release, while on EIN Presswire the maximum is 3. However, eReleases pricing is higher – $299 per release vs. $49.99 per release on EIN Presswire.

Bottom Line

With the hyper-targeting, high exposure, relevant targeting, and performance tracking services – all at moderate and affordable prices, it’s no surprise that the average eReleases review is so good.

The eReleases prices start at $199 per press release. For this price, small businesses can benefit from excellent advanced targeting and multimedia options. Finally, if you want international exposure, eRelease can help you get global reach.


Does eReleases offer a free trial?

No, it doesn’t. Because the newswire partner of eReleases, PR Newswire, charges the company for every issued press release, this option isn’t available at the moment.

Is eReleases legit?

Yes, it is. The company works with media distribution lists featuring big names such as Associated Press.

Is eReleases expensive?

Considering the average price on the press release market and what we came to in our eReleases review, we concluded the company provides great services at very affordable prices


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