• APR RANGE: $5.99 - $35.99
  • LOAN AMOUNT RANGE: $500 - $10,000
  • FUNDING TIME: One business day
  • LOAN TERMS: 90 days to 72 months
  • REPAYMENT TERMS: Vary by state and lenders

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2021’s CashUSA Reviews (Loan Features, Pros & Cons)

2021’s CashUSA Reviews (Loan Features, Pros & Cons)

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  • APR RANGE: $5.99 - $35.99
  • LOAN AMOUNT RANGE: $500 - $10,000
  • FUNDING TIME: One business day
  • LOAN TERMS: 90 days to 72 months
  • REPAYMENT TERMS: Vary by state and lenders

Best For

Small Loans


  • Easy to use
  • No application fees, No collateral
  • No minimum credit score required
  • Investors reach out to you with offers
  • Suitable for borrowers with bad credit score
  • Disbursement time is as little as one business day


  • No direct loans
  • Limited loan amount
  • No co-funding options




If you are looking to remodel your home, cover medical costs, mend your vehicle, take out college loans, or you have already maxed out your credit card but still need more, then CashUSA.com is the perfect go-to destination to get a personal cash loan.

Countless CashUSA reviews recommend using this online lending portal which started its business in 2003 and is now considered to be among the most trusted in the U.S.

What makes CashUSA.com loans different from other companies offering consumer loans via the internet is that the loans approved are smaller, ranging from $500 to $10,000 depending on the lender and the state, and they are paid out over the course of 90 days to 72 months.

CashUSA is not a loan providing entity but serves only as a marketplace for personal loan providers.

This review outlines everything you need to consider when applying for a loan through CashUSA and presents:

  • A detailed review of the features offered by the loan provider
  • Loan application procedure and terms
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQs

CachUSA Features

CashUSA’s prominent and convenient attributes will help you get a better idea of how it operates and decide whether you see a potential mutual collaboration on the horizon.

✔ Expected Loan Amount

As stated above, approved loan amounts vary from $500 up to $10,000 depending on the lender and the location. It takes only several minutes for the loan to be approved and less than a business day to be electronically transferred into your account. Dozens of CashUSA loan requirements reviews confirm that having a sparkling credit score is not a prerequisite for your loan to be approved.


CashUSA does not specify the total annual percentage rate (APR) since it operates as an online loan marketplace, and not a direct lender. The APR depends on the amount of information provided in your loan request, your creditworthiness as well as the state you’re in, and on the lender. The APR for short-term loans ranges from 5.99% up to 35.99%.

✔ Monthly Payment

Once the personal loan is approved and you have received your funds, you may repay the borrowed amount of money with interest (APR) in a specified number of installments over an agreed period, ranging from 90 days to 72 months.

Here’s a representative loan sample from some of the CashUSA installment loan reviews:

Amount borrowed Loan term APR Monthly payments Total amount payable
$5,000 36 months 18.9% $179.35 $6,456.68

✔ Loan Term

The loan repayment period on the CashUSA platform runs from 90 days to 72 months. The precise loan terms depend solely on the personal loan providers who will accept your loan application.

✔ Fees and Penalties

CashUSA charges no application fees for submitting requests for payday loans. However, the incurred costs in interest and fees required by the lenders will be generally higher than the ones incurred when taking out a traditional loan. CashUSA is unable to foresee the exact fees or penalties you will be charged by the lenders.

Fees such as application, prepayment penalty, returned payment fee and late payment fee may apply, however they are entirely at the loan providers’ discretion.

✔ Types of CashUSA Interest Rates

Each individual lender dictates their own interest rate, and CashUSA has no power to influence their decision.

✔ Unsecured or Secured Personal Loans

CashUSA loans are unsecured personal loans that do not demand any collateral. In case you default on your debt obligations, you will be charged a fee.

✔ Automatic Withdrawal

CashUSA offers setting up automatic payments so that you avoid damage to your credit score and late payment fees.

✔ Arbitration

Debt collection arbitration, also known as debt settlement, is a means of settling your unpaid debt. When and how the arbitration process will be set in motion depends on your state and on the requirements of each of the CashUSA lenders. This information is often specified in the loan terms and conditions.

✔ Prepayment Penalty

Some lenders may not provide you with the option to pay off the whole borrowed amount at once. If this option is available, charging a prepayment fee in the loan agreement varies from lender to lender. What happens if you pay the entire balance in advance will be stated in your loan agreement.

✔ Fine Print

To avoid signing shady loan agreements that can have serious consequences, CashUSA online loans reviews highlight the necessity of being able to understand the language of the fine print in your contract. Pay close attention to how much interest rate you will be paying as well as whether the loan you’re getting is a secured loan or an unsecured one. Make sure to ask for clarification or research the terms you do not understand.

✔ CashUSA Mobile App

We cannot provide a CashUSA app review as the company does not currently offer a mobile app.

✔ Approval and Funding Time

Your loan application will be distributed among lenders in the CashUSA network and you will receive loan offers from lenders whose requirements you have satisfied. Once you sign the contract, the CashUSA approved process review and funding take one business day.

What Is CashUSA Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria?

The eligibility criteria that a potential borrower must satisfy so that they are able to request personal loans are as follows:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Minimum income threshold of $1,000 after taxes
  • Have a checking account in your name
  • Be able to provide work and home phone numbers and an email address
  • No minimum credit score requested
  • No minimum length of credit history

How to Apply for a Personal Loan With CashUSA?

Rather than having to shop around and reach out to individual lenders, with CashUSA you submit one application and let different lenders compete for your business.

The loan application process with CashUSA is straightforward and intuitive as many CashUSA customer reviews say. You are asked to enter basic information to kick off your application.

CashUSA Review 1

Step 1: Enter your loan details and personal information.

CashUSA Review 2

CashUSA Review 3

The credit type varies from poor (below 500) to excellent (720+). If you don’t know what your credit score is, there are websites that offer free credit reports.

Step 2: Enter your contact, employment, and identity verification information.

CashUSA Review 4

CashUSA Review 5

CashUSA Review 6

Step 3: Enter your bank account information.

CashUSA Review 7

At the end of the application process, you will also be asked questions that may help your loan get approved.

CashUSA Review 8

CashUSA Review 9

The lenders whose loan criteria match yours will connect with you and send their loan offers. They are then able to provide you with a loan preapproval within minutes once they have gathered additional client information.

CashUSA does not charge you per application submitted via their system. Provided that for some reason your application is rejected on your first try, you can still fill out and send a new one at no cost.

Pros Cons
Easy to use No direct loans
No collateral Limited loan amount
No application fees No co-funding options
No minimum credit score required
Investors reach out to you with offers
Suitable for borrowers with bad credit score
Disbursement time is as little as one business day

Privacy & Security Policy

CashUSA loan reviews verify CashUSA’s high level of security and privacy regarding personal information collected from both loan customers and website visitors. The third parties with whom they share personal information are lenders, agents of record for lenders, companies offering products connected to your loan request, and other CashUSA marketing partners.

CashUSA Alternatives

There is a wide variety of other online lending facilitators who connect borrowers to lenders with diverse credit profiles.

Prosper is a lending marketplace whose lenders are willing to lend $2,000-$40,000, review your loan request, and fund your loan partially or entirely. Other lenders can finance the rest of the amount you asked for and once it is fully financed, the money is deposited.

PersonalLoans.com is another loan marketplace where you can borrow from $500 to $35,000. It offers P2P, bank, and installment loans.

Wrap Up

Do not fret if your credit score is not ideal because CashUSA’s minimum credit score is zero. CashUSA stands as a viable option for those who desperately need emergency funds since the loan approval time is only one business day. You can apply for a loan with CashUSA for free. Time is money, and CashUSA can certainly save you time looking for lenders. Overall, CashUSA pulls together all loan approval odds and arranges them in your favor.


Is CashUSA a legitimate company?

Numerous CashUSA reviews have singled out this platform as a top-ranking online lending portal. It’s been operating for 17 years now, and its network accommodates multiple trusted lenders with various lending profiles.

Does CashUSA check credit?

Credit history is not a decisive factor for loan approval by the lenders in the CashUSA network. In case your inquiry is turned down, that will not have happened due to your bad credit score.

Is CashUSA safe?

CashUSA does not abuse your personal data. Nevertheless, it is your ultimate responsibility to read the terms, policies, and applicable fees in the loan offers.

Is CashUSA BBB Accredited?

Although not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), their website contains numerous CashUSA reviews, and BBB gave CashUSA a “B” rating.

Who Is CashUSA Best For?

CashUSA.com reviews deem this company as the best solution for those who are cash-strapped and have no time to apply for a bank loan and await its approval. Even if some people can afford to wait, others may not have their loans approved due to insufficient or bad credit history. Finally, CashUSA loans are suitable for people with little financial literacy as the application steps are quite simple according to CashUSA reviews.


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