• Features: 4.5/5
  • Company Guide: 5/5
  • Career Coaching: 4/5
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Pricing: 3.5/5
  • Customer Satisfaction: 4/5

Honest FlexJobs Review: Is It Worth It?

  • Features: 4.5/5
  • Company Guide: 5/5
  • Career Coaching: 4/5
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Pricing: 3.5/5
  • Customer Satisfaction: 4/5

Best For

Full-time, part-time, and freelance online jobs


  • Huge variety of job categories with around 30,000 jobs
  • Excellent job hunting resources, including add-on career coaching
  • Get partner brand discounts with your membership


  • Must pay to use
  • The majority of jobs are in the US

Are you in the market for a full-time, part-time, or freelance job? Are you looking for an online job platform to support you throughout the process instead of just giving you a list of job opportunities? Well, that’s exactly what FlexJobs aims to do.

In this FlexJobs review, we’ll analyze this job search website across the following areas:

  • What is FlexJobs and how does it work?
  • Main features
  • Ease of use
  • Pricing
  • Customer support
  • Alternatives
  • FAQs

What Is FlexJobs and How Does It Work?

FlexJobs is an online career website that has been in the business of helping employers and job seekers connect since 2007. Started by entrepreneur Sara Sutton after her own struggles finding a job website that offers high-quality positions but with flexible hours or contracts, the platform has continued to evolve over the years. So, let’s see what it has to offer in this FlexJobs review for 2022.

What differentiates FlexJobs from most other job sites is that it caters to full-time, part-time, and freelance jobs, while most other career sites focus on either full-time or work-from-home jobs only. Other than that, its service is relatively standard—it offers a platform for recruiters or employers to create job listings for job seekers to search and apply for. Job seekers can also create an online resume profile so they can be found by employers.

As it’s just a platform to connect, FlexJobs doesn’t operate as a recruiter or intermediary to facilitate work between the employer and job candidate. This makes FlexJobs an easy-to-use option for conventional online job hunting, with a flexible twist.

Although negative reviews of FlexJobs often bring up the fact that FlexJobs is a paid-for platform only, we’ll discuss why this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in our review. While it’s mostly a job listing site, FlexJobs provides excellent help resources for job hopefuls as well as premium career coaching services.

Main Features

While you may think there isn’t that many features a simple job listing site can actually offer, there’s a reason why FlexJobs is a paid online platform. Overall, we were impressed with the tools FlexJobs puts at your disposal, particularly if you’re a job seeker.

You may also be asking yourself—is FlexJobs worth it? As the features probably play the biggest role in shaping that decision, that’s what we’ll cover first.

Advanced Job Filters

With around 30,000 jobs on the site, users definitely need some fine-grained search tools to hone in on suitable jobs or candidates—and FlexJobs certainly delivers when it comes to advanced search and filter tools.

You can immediately search for jobs from the home page using keywords and location. However, the advanced search page provides far more options, including remote work level, US/international location, job types, work schedule, career level, categories, willingness to travel, and exclusionary terms.

Employers can filter to only see featured and award-winning employees and only consider the top candidates. According to reviews on FlexJobs by employers, this is one of the platform’s best features. Additionally, because it’s a remote job site, you can choose to mark the job as open only to candidates in the US or anywhere in the world.

Types of Jobs

As its name suggests, FlexJobs aims to cater to remote, gig, and flexible work-minded individuals. So, to help both companies and job seekers out, you can immediately filter jobs or candidates by whether the job calls for full-time, temporary, or freelance employment.

Results can be narrowed down even further using the “Work Schedule” filter, which includes options like full-time, part-time, flexible schedule, or alternative schedule. Along with specified skills required, the combination of these two should leave no confusion regarding the terms of the job.

Company Guide

In terms of the type of companies and industries supported, there are too many to mention in our review of FlexJobs. At a high level, companies are divided into categories like account management, accounting and finance, administrative, advertising & PR, and even exotic options like animals and wildlife, sports & fitness, youth & training, etc.

Each of the top-level categories has a number of sub-categories—for example, under education & training, you’ll find options like college & university, K-12, online teaching, tutoring, etc.

Email Updates

Like any good job site, FlexJobs will keep both candidates and employers up-to-date via email newsletters and job lists.

We haven’t seen many negative FlexJobs reviews regarding unnecessary or spam mail, so this doesn’t seem to be as big of a problem as with some other job sites.
You can choose to sign up to The Weekly Wrap-Up or The Weekly Newsletter. The former is sent out on Fridays and contains featured employers, success stories, and press lands, while the latter provides more general information about FlexJobs while also containing featured jobs.

FlexJobs will also alert you of new or highly suitable jobs according to your job preferences and professional profile. You can set the frequency of these emails as well as turn the feature on/off at any time.

Skills Tests

If you’re an employer wondering “is FlexJobs reliable as a source for high-quality candidates,” you’ll want to take a look at this section.

While many job sites today offer skills tests as a way to qualify and screen potential candidates, FlexJobs takes things further than most by offering a huge number of over 200 job-related skills tests across 30 categories. It’s recommended you do at least one skills test to stand out, but it’s not mandatory and you can do as many as you want if you’re a member.

As the site includes such a huge variety of job categories, this is a great feature. As soon as you complete a test as a candidate, it will immediately show up on your profile for employers to see—there’s no need to advertise it manually in other ways.

Because there aren’t employer FlexJobs reviews for candidates like other sites, this is a great way for candidates to show real-world proof of their expertise in a certain field as well as a great time-saver for employers.

Skill tests can easily be accessed by logging into your account and going to the Learning Center. However, as this is a members-only feature, only paying users will be able to access them.

Member Savings Partners

The Member Perks are something pretty unique to FlexJobs, as it offers its paying members discounts and deals with partner brands. In fact, using the coupons and promotions, most users can qualify for discounts of between 10% and 50% at FlexJobs’ partners.

This is something unexpected we found in our review of FlexJobs, but that we’re really excited about.

This includes popular brands like Dell, Audible, Sittercity, Grammarly, Costco, QuickBooks, TurboTax, and more, and you also get discounts when buying the premium Career Coaching and Resume Review Bundle from FlexJobs itself.

Resume Profile

As a job seeker using FlexJobs, your profile will act as your resume for potential employers. As one of the first things employers see, your resume profile will be crucial to make a good first impression on the platform. If you’re worried about the quality of your resume, you can always pay to get a one-on-one FlexJobs resume review session.

Your resume profile will also help automate the job search process by providing info that can be used to match you with suitable job opportunities. For example, FlexJobs can match you with jobs based on your interests and skill level, and it will help your profile come up in employers’ search results.

You can even create multiple resume profiles for different career trajectories so you don’t have to recreate your only profile whenever you want to switch tracks.

Finally, FlexJobs also lets you download your resume profile in PDF format as a copy of your resume that you can use to send out job application emails or even print it out to take to career opportunities.

Referral Program

There aren’t many FlexJobs reviews with complaints or praise for its referral program for paying members, so it’s hard to know exactly how well it works in practice.

However, according to this program, you get 1 free month of FlexJobs for each person you successfully refer that ends up subscribing to FlexJobs.

To make it an easier sell, FlexJobs also provides a discount to referrals when they sign up, the only catch being that you can make a maximum of five referrals at a time.

Ad Free

If you’re concerned with the question of is FlexJobs legit, you’ll be happy to hear that one of the good things about this paid-only service is that it’s completely ad free.

This means you won’t have to deal with any annoying ads when searching for jobs, managing your profile, or communicating with potential employers. As a closed platform, it’s also guaranteed to be junk and spam-free, so you won’t receive any unwarranted emails from third parties when signing up.

Career Coaching

As mentioned, one of the perks of being a FlexJobs member is that you can buy steeply discounted career coaching classes right on the FlexJobs platform. These are 30-minute one-on-one sessions with trained career advice experts.

At the time of our FlexJobs review in 2022, some of the things you can discuss with FlexJobs’ professional career coaches are:

  • Effective job search strategies
  • Salary advice
  • Suitable goals and career trajectories
  • Any other job-related questions you come up with

Alternatively, you can also schedule a resume review for someone to look over your resume and give you pointers on how to improve it according to your job aspirations. Alternatively, you can purchase a coaching and resume review bundle from a career coach, similar to the services offered on ResumeWriters (read the full review here).

FlexJobs even allows you to schedule 30-minute mock interviews that simulate real-life interviews, which we think is a great opportunity to help prepare yourself for the interview process or even just calm your nerves beforehand. While there aren’t many, most reviews regarding FlexJobs resume review and career coaching sessions are positive.

The only downside is that there are no free sessions for paid members, but it’s much cheaper than it would be otherwise.

Expert Job Search Tips

Last but not least, aside from the job search tools and one-on-one career coaching services, FlexJobs provides many other resources to help hopeful candidates.

With the knowledge base and blog filled with expert job search tips, job market analyses as well as articles by industry experts and career coaches, you’ll be able to find info like the best-paying part-time or remote jobs to help in your search.

You can learn so much just from browsing through all the available content and applying it to your online job search. When it comes to information and support for new job seekers, reviews of FlexJobs are definitely predominantly positive.

Feature Rating
Advanced Job Filters 4.5/5
Types of Jobs 5/5
Company Guide 4/5
Email Updates 4/5
Skills Testing 5/5
Member Savings Partnerships 5/5
Resume Profile  5/5
Referral Program 4.5/5
Ad Free  5/5
Career Coaching 4/5
Expert Job Search Tips 4/5

Ease of Use

In this part, we’ll answer how good is FlexJobs by looking at how quick and easy the signup process is.

The job search process can be a long and challenging one, so hopefuls turn to an online job platform like FlexJobs in the hopes it will make it slightly less stressful and much quicker.

1. First, go to FlexJobs’ website and click “Sign Up”:

FlexJobs Sign Up

2. At the first step, you’ll need to provide some basic personal and account information:

FlexJobs account info

3. You’ll then need to select your preferred membership plan and complete payment to sign up for FlexJobs:

FlexJobs membership plan

And that’s it—you’ll now be signed up for FlexJobs! From here, the first thing you’ll want to do is set up your resume and professional FlexJobs profile. Luckily, FlexJobs provides a step-by-step wizard for doing this, so it should be fairly easy. Most reviews on FlexJobs agree it’s a really easy platform to get your job search up and running.

Once that’s done, you can immediately start searching for jobs or accepting candidacies.
FlexJobs also provides plenty of guides and help documentation for how to use the platform, so if you feel stuck at any point, you can turn to the knowledge base for assistance—you’ll find a helpful job search checklist which will help make sure everything is in place for your profile to start looking for jobs with the best chance of success.


If you’ve read many reviews for FlexJobs, you should know it’s a pay-to-use platform only. Luckily, choosing a FlexJobs membership plan isn’t very difficult, as there’s a simple selection of plans based on how long you think you’ll be using FlexJobs: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly:

Time Period Price
1 week $9.95
1 month $24.95
3 months $39.95
1 year $59.95

FlexJobs’ per-week pricing may seem somewhat expensive, which is true when compared with most competitors. However, if you’re willing to commit to a longer period, FlexJobs can work out as cheaply as just $1.15 per week (on an annual basis). The long-term discounts are so steep that it almost feels like a waste to subscribe for shorter terms.

Another downside according to FlexJobs reviews in 2022 is that FlexJobs doesn’t offer any free plan or even a trial period, but the good news is it offers a satisfaction guarantee, and you can get your money back in case of cancellation within 30 days.

However, membership does come with some decent perks, including a job mailing list, online resume profile (downloadable as PDF), discounts and promotions from FlexJobs partners, discounted career coaching, resume review, mock interviews, and access to its full catalog of 30,100+ jobs on an ad free platform. You also won’t be charged a fee for applying or responding to any job opportunities.

You can also get some free months of using FlexJobs through the referral program.

Strangely enough, while FlexJobs is paid for job seekers, it’s a totally free service for employers posting jobs.

Customer Support

Although it has a good 4-star rating on Trustpilot, most FlexJobs reviews complaints are because the user wasn’t able to find a job, which is something to be expected of an uncertain activity like job seeking. FlexJobs primarily provides customer support via email or phone at 1-866-991-9222 (9am–6pm MT, Mon–Fri), and although there’s no live chat support, a virtual AI chatbot can help you solve some basic issues.


To fully help you answer is FlexJobs worth it, here’s a comparison with its top job posting competitors:

Win Lose Best for
Upwork FlexJobs is more geared towards helping all kinds of work arrangements, including full-time. Unlike FlexJobs, Upwork can be used completely for free. Freelancers searching for better quality freelance work with lower competition for free.
Fiverr Unlike FlexJobs, employers can’t create job listings on Fiverr. Unlike FlexJobs, Fiverr can be used completely for free. Freelancers who want to “sell” their services in discreet, customizable packages.
Freelancer.com Generally, there’s a lot of competition on Freelancer.com, which means jobs are low-paying. Unlike FlexJobs, Freelancer.com can be used completely for free. Freelancers who want to take part in a variety of gig jobs, including contests.

So, how good is FlexJobs compared to the rest?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer, as it entirely depends on what you’re looking for. While FlexJobs is one of the few job listing sites with no free plan for job seekers, it has one of the largest collections of jobs, with around 30,000 jobs at any time.

Another thing that sets FlexJobs apart is that it’s not solely focused on the freelance or gig economy market like most competitors. Employers and job seekers alike can use it to fill full-time or on-site roles as well as hybrid work arrangements.

Because it’s paid, it also means there’s less competition from people willing to work for very low wages, which is often a problem on free freelancing sites.

FlexJobs Review: Conclusion

All-in-all, FlexJobs is a fantastic resource for both employers and job seekers to connect. The paid structure makes it less competitive than some other job marketplaces, ensuring a certain quality from both employers and job applicants. For job seekers in particular, FlexJobs offers effective job-hunting tools, such as a downloadable online resume, skills tests, and various job alerts.

Whether you’re searching for full-time, part-time, or freelance employment, FlexJobs will support you in your job hunt every step of the way.


Is it worth paying for FlexJobs?

For the most part, yes. While it’s true there are many free job listing platforms, they often entail very high competition from low-earning job hunters With FlexJobs, on the other hand, the payment structure gives the platform more exclusivity. Plus, the membership perks are pretty worth it, especially if you subscribe long-term.

What kind of jobs are on FlexJobs?

You can find any type of job on FlexJobs, hence the name—they cater to full-time, part-time, and freelance job opportunities in over 50 different categories, each with a number of sub-categories. Although their primary market is in the US, they list jobs from all over the world.

Does FlexJobs have an app?

Yes, FlexJobs offers an iOS app for Apple devices available on the official App Store, with a stellar 4.6 rating. The job search app allows you to find and apply to jobs, research employers, and get alerts. Unfortunately, there’s still no Android app, so we couldn’t cover it in this FlexJobs review.


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