• COMPLIANCE: IRS-certified, ACA-compliant
  • SUPPORT: Business hours toll-free line, Online form
  • INTEGRATIONS: ExpensAble, QuickBooks, MS Dynamics NAV, API

Insperity: Reviews, Plans, Features [All Details for 2022]

  • COMPLIANCE: IRS-certified, ACA-compliant
  • SUPPORT: Business hours toll-free line, Online form
  • INTEGRATIONS: ExpensAble, QuickBooks, MS Dynamics NAV, API

Best For

401(k) Offerings & Employee Training Options


  • Rich employee learning programs and trainings
  • Exceptional customer service & toll-free line
  • Flexible employee benefits plans
  • Easy-to-navigate interface


  • Uses only United Healthcare service
  • Less customization options

Insperity is a technology-enabled PEO that offers:

employee benefits administration
human resource consulting
payroll management
HR-related compliance
risk management to businesses of all sizes

However, the areas in which it outshines other PEOs are HR outsourcing and employee training.

Insperity ratings are high among its customers and it has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

In this guide, we will take a look at some of the key features of the PEO and what Insperity reviews say about the company.

Insperity Need-To-Knows

Insperity offers one of the largest ranges of HR strategy solutions and PEO services in the industry. Although it doesn’t have a separate human resource organization or administrative services organization page, you can see its full features and services in the drop-down menu.

According to Insperity features reviews, some of its most sought-after services include:

  • Employee benefits
  • Payroll and HR administration
  • HR regulatory compliance
  • Recruiting services
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Performance management
  • Expense management
  • Organizational development consultation
  • Insurance services
  • Retirement plansand 401(k) plans
  • Job sourcing services
  • HR policy development
  • Compensation plan development
  • Workers training and development

Take a look at the explanation of some of the features below:

Customizable HR Services

Insperity solutions provide dynamic human resource management services that can help your company with recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, online training, policy and employee handbook development, conflict resolution, termination, performance management, and leadership development.

However, like many other PEOs, Insperity does not insist on offering their full range of services. Depending on your business’s HR concerns, you can sign up only for a specific service package.

Payroll Processing

Insperity offers all the basic essential payroll processing options like employee attendance and time tracking, paid time off accrual, sick leave and vacation tracking, W-2 preparation, employment verification, wage garnishments, deductions, payroll management, and record maintenance.

Risk and Compliance

According to legit Insperity reviews, the PEO can assist your company with worker’s compensations, return-to-work programs, workplace safety training, policy development, HR-compliance training, drug-free workplace policy development, compliance to regulatory requirements, liability insurance, unemployment management, and claim assistance.

Employee Benefits

Insperity also offers great employee benefit packages. The more employees you have, the better the rates you will get. Standard packages include medical, vision, and dental coverage; a comprehensive 401 (k), short-term and long-term disability insurance; life insurance, flexible savings accounts program, and employee assistance programs. Employees can access their portal to modify their benefits if they wish to do so. According to Insperity employee benefits reviews, their healthcare services are of high quality but cheaper than some of the other services of this kind on the market. The downside is that Insperity only uses one healthcare service, United Healthcare, so you may have limited options. But it is also Affordable Care Act compliant and that accounts for 90% of the benefit of using Insperity.

Tax Compliance

When it comes to taxation, Insperity is one of the 40 certified PEOs that are approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Insperity pays all its taxes in a timely manner and handles all its tax filing and tax deductions by following the rules of federal, state, and local employment tax laws. It also can ensure that your company retains positive working capital, according to Insperity online reviews.

Employee Portal

Insperity offers an individual online self-service portal for employee processes to every person in your organization. Employees will be able to access all their personal and professional information from the portal for improved communication with the management. According to Insperity HR reviews, the portal is user-friendly and intuitive, which is a big boon for services that deal with complex HR matters and employee-related legal issues.

Employee Training and Development

Employee learning programs and training are what Insperity excels at. It has a huge library of over 100,000 learning assets, including 5,000 self-paced online courses and 30,000 online books on HR management. Users can also participate in instructor-led virtual trainings and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for select courses, as well as get Professional Development Units (PDUs). According to Insperity PEO reviews, these resources offer a lot of flexibility and assistance for businesses to help their employees grow.


According to Insperity customer reviews, its interface is easy-to-navigate and intuitive. The online resources are extensive and can answer all the clients’ queries. Insperity’s additional software package has been very well-received by users, as most customers agree that Insperity’s organizational planning software, OrgPlus, and performance management software, PerformSmart, are quite easy to use.

Mobile App

Insperity is also compatible with iOS and Android systems so customers can easily download their app on their smartphones and tablets and use the software on the go.

Help & Support

Insperity has a stellar customer support system and employs experienced professionals to handle any issues related to its software. It offers a toll-free helpline number which you can use during regular business hours. It also has an online form that you can use to contact a representative.

Insperity promises that its staff will respond to all queries within 24 hours. According to Insperity customer reviews, most people are happy with the level of their service. However, another group of Insperity users complains that they only got a response after 48 to 72 hours.

Pros Cons
Rich learning programs and trainings Less customization options
Flexible employee benefits plans Pricing not as clear and transparent
Exceptional customer service
ACA-compliant, IRS-certified

Insperity User Reviews and Testimonials

According to Insperity negative reviews, Insperity customer service occasionally responds late and does not answer questions appropriately. Some users also complain that the pricing is very high and Insperity’s chosen health insurance provider isn’t that great.

On the other hand, a verified Insperity review from 2022 claims that the PEO has a great employee training program and outsourcing HR capabilities.

Insperity BBB reviews are mostly positive, and it has an A+ rating on the site. Additionally, it is IRS-certified and is accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC).

Insperity Alternatives

  • TriNet vs Insperity

TriNet and Insperity have a lot of similar features and both provide a full-service PEO suite to their customers. However, TriNet has industry-specific teams which makes it an ideal choice for companies in highly-regulated industries. Its services are less flexible, and it is more expensive than Insperity.

Insperity offers businesses the option to only pay for the services they require, resulting in increased flexibility. It also provides more productive data, but the pricing structure may not be as transparent as TriNet’s.

  • Justworks vs Insperity

Justworks is a simpler and cheaper PEO option for small companies than Insperity. However, companies that need to do more will be better off with Insperity.

Because Justworks offers forthright and clear services, it is easier to work with. On the other hand, if you want more specialized services with more features and training options, Insperity is a better choice.

  • ADP TotalSource vs Insperity

Although both services share many similar features, when it comes to customizability, ADP TotalSource is the clear winner as it has more individual services available.

On the other hand, Insperity’s services are standardized across all states, and although it may be slightly more confusing to work with, you can still find wonderful advice and data that can help with decisions for your business.

Wrap Up

All in all, Insperity is a robust option in the PEO solutions industry. The company not only offers great full-service PEO, but they also offer an employee platform and training programs that can considerably simplify human resource management for your company.

However, some Insperity reviews say the company fails to share important information about payment plans in advance, which can lead to additional expenses for customers, so it is worthwhile to go into greater detail when it comes to pricing to ensure that you get the best deal.


What businesses is Insperity best for?

Insperity is great for businesses who want to run at maximum efficiency, for business owners who would like to keep track of more employee information, for businesses that are looking for better 401(k) offerings, and for businesses who are looking for exceptional employee training options. According to Insperity reviews, it may charge businesses a slightly higher price, but it is worth it.

What functions does Insperity perform well?

Insperity provides a wonderful employee portal through which employees can track their attendance and timing, check their pay stubs, and view HR benefits. It also has a great marketplace where users can buy a huge variety of discounted items. All in all, it is a great PEO for smaller companies that do not have a large HR department.

Is Insperity a good company?

Although Insperity online reviews are mixed, a lot of Insperity customers say the company is great. The PEO’s interface is very simple, and it lets you select the services you want to use to make a personalized PEO package. Some people also praise the customer service team, considering how professional they are and how they strive to offer detailed answers to HR concerns. They also provide excellent trainings for employees.