• SUBSCRIPTION MODEL: $40-$70 p/week (billed monthly)
  • ONLINE SESSIONS: Messaging, video calls, audio messaging, mobile app, photo sharing

Insightful ReGain Reviews of Therapy Services [2022’s Update]

  • SUBSCRIPTION MODEL: $40-$70 p/week (billed monthly)
  • ONLINE SESSIONS: Messaging, video calls, audio messaging, mobile app, photo sharing

Best For



  • Unlimited messages and sessions
  • 2-way video sessions are available upon booking
  • Members can cancel their subscriptions any time
  • Licensed, an experienced in relationship issues counselors
  • Established service in relationship and marriage counseling


  • Regain is not BBB accredited
  • Response waiting time longer than a day
  • Response from therapists through messenger isn't live

Relationships can be hard work, especially in our modern-day setting. Divorces, toxic communication, and eruptive breakups are just part of the worst-case scenarios a couple might face. But that doesn’t need to happen. There’s no shame in counseling and in most cases, it can save you from heartache.

Do you find yourself in need of professional relationship counseling? Regain online offers discreet, convenient, and affordable help.

You and your partner can communicate with a counselor over video and phone to get licensed, professional, and expert help. Multiple Regain reviews claim the service helped them resolve their issues.

All available licensed therapists have at least 3 years and 1,000 hours of in-field experience. They are not employed by Regain but are independent providers that work directly with you. Regain provides a platform for accredited psychologists, licensed professional counselors, family and marriage counselors, and clinical social workers to get in contact with couples in need of help and guidance.

But how does Regain compare to other e-counseling services?

We give Regain an in-depth look to review and weigh up all the pros and cons. In this review we will have a closer look at:

  • The types of counseling services offered
  • The online therapy process
  • Plans and pricing
  • Pros and cons
  • Other Regain counseling reviews

And much more! Are you ready?


Regain online therapy offers quality help to couples. After some thorough assessment, the following key highlights stand out:

  • Top-notch web experience on all different devices
  • Screen-reader, accessibility preferences, and adjustable keyboard navigation
  • Hundreds of legit and transparent Regain customer reviews available on the website
  • Affordable professional services
  • All counselors are experienced and hold PhD, PsyD, LMFT, LCSW, LPC, and LPCC qualifications
  • Services are offered in 8 different languages (English, French, Hindi, Tagalog, German, Hebrew, Persian, and Spanish)
  • Unlimited sessions and messages with your online counselor

Types of Online Therapy Services

The therapy process is quite straightforward. All therapy services are relationship-oriented. Regain reviews state the online counseling sessions are most useful if need any of the following:

  • Couples Therapy
  • Relationship counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Healing from separation, divorce, or breakups
  • Working through infidelity and the break of trust

Although all therapists on the site have been certified through their state’s board, they can not prescribe medication, fulfill a court order, or make an official diagnosis. Couples are required to attend the therapy sessions together, as the system doesn’t support 3-way live video sessions. Couples should be in the same location to be able to use the features to their full potential.

Plans & Pricing

Regain’s plans and pricing are pretty straightforward without any hidden costs or fees.

Payments are made through either a credit card or a Paypal account.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time, for any reason.

All counseling sessions fall under one plan which will be different forms of couples therapy. Depending on your needs you’ll pay a fee of between $40-$70 per week, billed monthly.
Regain reviews from current and previous users state that the most common weekly fee is $65, which is $260 per month.

Once you’ve applied through the online website, you’ll be assigned a relationship counselor. At first, partners can choose to speak to the online therapist individually and later invite their partner to the chatroom. This doesn’t affect the costs.

You are allowed an unlimited number of messages (“sessions”). Depending on you and your partners’ needs, you can have either 3-4 short interactions each week or one full-length session.

Regain online therapy sessions address the following issues within a relationship:

  • Sexual health and intimacy issues
  • Marital challenges
  • Infidelity and regaining trust
  • Anxiety within a relationship
  • Prevention of divorce or separation
  • Improving communication, intimacy, and bonding
  • Overcoming arguments and conflict
  • Guidance through divorce or separation
  • Co-parenting
  • Personal struggles that affect the bond

Regain Guide – How Does It Work?

According to hundreds of Regain reviews, this platform provides one of the easiest and fastest online experiences. Here is a short step-by-step guide on how you can sign up:

Step 1: Go to: https://www.regain.us/start/ or alternatively download the app onto your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Choose one of the following answers to the question “Would you allow your partner to join”:

  • Yes (couples counseling)
  • No (individual counseling)
  • Not sure yet (decide later)

Remember you can add your partner at any time, with no additional costs.

Step 3: Answer the quick questionnaire:

  • What benefits are you looking to achieve?
  • Preferences when it comes to a specific counselor (male/female, younger/older, liberal/conservative, religious/non-religious)
  • Relationship information (LQBTQ/Straight, living arrangements, violence, age)

Step 4: Create a private account by providing:

  • Name (You can pick a nickname to stay anonymous)
  • E-mail
  • Unique Password
  • Agree to terms and conditions

Click on ‘Get started’.

Step 5: Provide information on your partner and enter the verification code that was sent to your email.

Step 6: Add payment details. You will get connected with your online therapist within a few hours.

Step 7: Start your online session.

Who Is ReGain Best For?

Regain is perfect for couples who need professional help to work through relationship problems. It’s also great for couples who would like to improve the quality of their relationship and love/life balance.

If both you and your partner have access to the internet, you’ll be able to benefit from this online couples counseling service.

Keep in mind Regain is not suitable for:

  • Minors and people under legal guardianship (all teenagers under the age of 18 will be redirected to teencounseling.com)
  • Individuals in abusive relationships
  • People diagnosed with a serious mental health condition
  • Those with suicidal thoughts or thoughts of hurting their partner
  • People in urgent and dangerous situations
  • Individuals or couples, who were court-ordered to go to therapy

In order to be useful to those in any of the above-mentioned scenarios, Regain provides a list of sources that can give immediate help.

Pros Cons
One week free trial available Regain is not BBB accredited
Both partners have access to messages Response time from therapists through messenger isn’t live
2-way video sessions are available upon booking Users mentioned in their Regain counseling reviews that they waited longer than a day
Experienced in relationship and marriage counseling Online presence is not strong enough
Fees are fixed and don’t change even if there is more than one person
All therapists are licensed, certified, and experienced in relationship issues
An extremely user-friendly mobile app and web platform
In-depth examination of the relationship to guarantee the perfect counselor-client match
All information is encrypted and secured by banking-grade 256-bit encryption
Members can cancel their subscriptions any time
Unlimited messages and sessions

Online Reputation Reviews – What People Say About Regain?

Because the online relationship therapy service is only 4 years old, its online presence still needs to strengthen. Regardless, Regain couples counseling reviews are very positive.

E-counseling.com gives it a 9.1/10, innerbody.com gives it a 4.5-star rating. 75,553 Regain reviews on the platform’s website gave it a total of 4.8 stars.

What impressed us the most, are the Regain app reviews. Appgrooves.com gives it a 4.7-star rating from 2,632 voters and another 4.7-star rating from 1,924 Apple apps reviewers. The team behind Regain certainly did something right!

Wrap Up

Finding the right help for your relationship can improve your chances for a ‘happily ever after’. In most cases, couples just need someone to guide them through the healing process. Even though Regain is still a young company, it has quickly grown to be a well-sought after e-counseling service to couples from all over the world. By providing a platform where counselors and couples can meet online, they give marriages and relationships a fighting chance to be successful. If both partners want to make it work, then they can contact a reliable, trustworthy, and licensed mental health professional through the Regain platform.

The hundreds of Regain reviews prove that this is a legitimate service that provides professional and experienced counseling. Regain definitely gets our vote when it comes to professionalism and high-quality services.