• Cost: $98 - $611
  • Trial: 100-day trial period
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
  • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Shipping: Free in the US, state-related recycling fee may apply
  • Material: Memory foam, HD poly foam, green tea foam, charcoal-infused foam, adaptive fabric cover, iCoil

Zinus Mattress Review: Is It a Value for Money?

  • Cost: $98 - $611
  • Trial: 100-day trial period
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
  • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Shipping: Free in the US, state-related recycling fee may apply
  • Material: Memory foam, HD poly foam, green tea foam, charcoal-infused foam, adaptive fabric cover, iCoil

Best For

Those who like innovation


  • Excellent edge support
  • A big choice of high-quality mattresses
  • Inventive technology at an affordable price


  • A large number of models can be somewhat overwhelming

If you’re looking for an affordable, durable, and comfortable mattress made out of healthy and innovative components, Zinus mattresses might be the right choice for you.

In this Zinus mattress review, we’ll cover the below topics to help you decide if the Zinus mattress is what you need in your bedroom:

  • Zinus mattress overview
  • Pricing and value for money
  • Customer testimonials and reviews for Zinus mattress

Zinus Mattress Overview

Zinus focuses on the idea of using new materials in the retail industry, such as charcoal and tea gel-infused foams, and making quality bedding for an affordable price.

According to more than one Zinus mattress review, the company’s signature products are minimalistic springs, great for any corner of the house. Still, the company offers an extensive range of bedroom accessories, from bedding toppers to foundations.

Zinus Mattress Features 

The company offers a wide range of mattresses, perfect for even very demanding customers.

You can choose from two collections.

1. Memory Foam Mattresses

There are 9 types:

  • Green Tea Foam Mattress

This is a plush bedding choice made out of green tea and charcoal gel-infused foams. Thanks to this combination, the product stays fresh even after years of use.

This mattress is best for people with pain in the joints and the spine.

Prices start at $118.

  •  Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress

The Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress is an advanced variant of the Green Tea Foam Mattress. Apart from the green tea and charcoal-infused foams, this mattress boasts a patented 7-zone ventilation system that improves airflow performance.

This mattress is best for pressure relief of the shoulders, hips, and knees.

Prices start at $543.

  • Cooling Green Tea Gel Foam Mattress

The top layer of green tea gel foam of this mattress contours the body and eliminates any hotspots. As mentioned in many Zinus mattress reviews, the freshness stays over time.

If you’re looking for a mattress that adapts to the shape of your body, this is the one you should buy. Combine it with one of the most demanded cooling pillows on the market, and you have the perfect combo!

Prices start at $128.

  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The temperature-regulating gel in this mattress makes for a cooling effect and comfortable sleep. It comes with stretchable, soft-knit fabric with a soothing effect.

The Cooling Gel Foam Mattress is an ideal choice for sleepers who sweat during the night.

Prices start at $198.

  • Ultra Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Apart from the cooling feature that comes with the regular cooling gel foam mattress and the “Cool-to-Touch Soft-Knit” cover, the Ultra Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is enhanced with the patented Zinus 7-zone ventilation system in the top layer.

As such, this mattress is best for people who sweat a lot while sleeping.

Prices start at $611.

  • Cooling Comfort Plus Mattress

To create this mattress, Zinus has combined the best features from the green tea mattress and the cooling mattress . It consists of green tea and cooling gel that keeps your body and mattress cool throughout the night.

If you’re looking for a mattress to keep you fresh and chill all night long, this is the one for you.

Prices start at $198.

  • Winter Cloud Memory Foam Mattress

As soft and cool as a winter cloud, this mattress features a cooling-gel infused mattress with a plush, microfiber cover to deliver the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

This mattress is best for people who want to keep the coolness without compromising on softness.

Prices start at $552.

  • Bliss Memory Foam Mattress

The Bliss Mattress is a revolutionary Zinus product. The body of the mattress is made from memory foam infused with a cooling gel and enhanced with the 7-zone ventilation system. The cover is made of organic fibers for fast moisture absorption.

This mattress is best for those who want to stay cool and dry throughout their sleep. It’s also recommended for people who like to sleep 3 hours that feel like an 8-hour rest.

Prices start at $552.

  • Pressure Relief Cloud Foam Mattress

This Zinus mattress is made out of plush quilted foam and a microfiber top layer. It’s the most luxurious feel this collection has to offer.
As such, it’s best for sleepers who want the ultimate support and pressure relief from a mattress.

Prices start at $269.

2. Spring + Hybrid Mattresses

There are also 9  types of mattresses under this category:

  • Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is an excellent choice for hot sleepers who want to remain dry and comfortable during the night. It’s layered with copper and green tea infused memory foam with an odor-free cooling effect.

Prices start at $288.

  • Euro Top Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is made out of natural odor-eliminating green tea material, surrounding foam, and top-notch steel support coils. Customers mentioned in Zinus mattress reviews 2022 that soft fiber stuffed euro-top helps minimize pressure points.

Prices start at $194.

  • Tight Top Spring Mattress

The Tight Top Spring Mattress gives the feel of a traditional spring mattress thanks to its plush microfiber quilted cover and top quality layers. The cradling softness on top and a durable innerspring base on the bottom keeps your body aligned and well supported.

Prices start at $98.

  • Comfort Support Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

This type of Zinus mattress comes with a plush euro top and exceptionally soft, conforming foam layers. The base layer is made out of an innovative coil system that supports tired joints and aligns the spine while you sleep. These individually wrapped steel springs help eliminate motion transfer.

Prices start at $188.

  • Pressure Relief Euro Top iCoil Hybrid Mattress

This mattress comes with a luxurious quilted cover. It’s a perfect combination of soft foam and iCoil springs that ensure pressure relief, which is highlighted in the Zinus iCoil mattress review as well.

Prices start at $249.

  • Cooling Gel Foam iCoil Hybrid Mattress

The Cooling Gel Foam iCoil Hybrid Mattress comprises layers of green-tea infused foam and iCoil springs. It offers cool and pressure-relieving sleep. If you prefer extra plush support, this mattress is a perfect choice for you.

Prices start at $335.

  • Pressure Relief Extra Firm iCoil Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is created with extra supportive pocket springs for extreme firmness and maximum motion isolation. Many Zinus mattress reviews confirm that this is the ideal mattress for stomach sleepers.

Prices start at $239.

  • Euro Top iCoil Hybrid Mattress

This Zinus mattress is firm and comes with a cooling gel infused in its layers. The edge support was added to prevent sagging, and the euro top cover only adds to the luxurious feel. This mattress provides extra support and motion separation for a comfortable night’s sleep, highlighted in most Zinus iCoil mattress reviews.

Prices start at $479.

  • Mint Green Foam Hybrid Spring Mattress

The last mattress on this list delivers firm support due to its foam and innerspring design. The independent coil system prevents sagging and makes sitting and getting in and out of bed easier.

Prices start at $127.98.

Customers mention in reviews that each one of these mattresses is durable, comfortable, and affordable. These are the main reasons why Zinus mattresses are so popular.


All Zinus mattresses are available in the following sizes:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King

Pricing, Discounts & Warranty

The company offers a large number of mattress models and two collections. Even though they have standard features, each model is a product of a different balance of components. The pricing is formed depending on the ingredients used and sizes of the beds:

  1. The Memory Foam Mattresses range from $118 to $611
  2. The Spring + Hybrid Mattresses collection is from $98 to  $479

The company offers affordable assortments, bed frames and foundations including their own SmartBases® as well as mattress toppers. The prices for the bed frames and foundations start at $68, while the price for the mattress toppers ranges from $99 to $139.

In many reviews for Zinus mattresses, the customers mention annual mattress discounts as an ideal opportunity to refresh their bedding accessories.

All types of Zinus mattresses come with 1 year limited warranty.

Shipping & Return Policies

With Zinus, shipping is free on all items. However, there may be a state-related recycling fee on both mattresses and box springs if you are from CA, CT, and RI.

The shipping is standard and usually takes 5 to 12 business days from the day of order to doorstep delivery. At the time of writing, there wasn’t an option for expedited shipping or date-specific delivery.

You get 100 days of trial to test the selected Zinus mattress. If you’re not satisfied, contact the customer service, and you will get a full refund. Refunds will typically be generated within 2 to 5 business days, according to a couple of reviews for Zinus mattress. You can read more on the return policy here.

Customer Service

In case of any inquiries, you can contact the customer service via  support@zinusinc.com. The FAQ section on the website offers answers to general questions about the products and the service.

The team organizes social media giveaways for users who reside in the 48 contiguous United States. The customers mention the Zinus team to be helpful and quick to answer all the questions. The call center is available 24/7 via 1(800)613-1225.

Pros Cons
A big choice of high-quality mattresses A large number of models can be somewhat overwhelming
Inventive technology at an affordable price
Excellent edge support

Zinus Mattress Reviews

Many reviews on Zinus mattress praise the cooling mattresses, saying these are the best type of mattress made by the Zinus company.

Most of the complaints I found said that the mattresses’ duration rarely exceeds their warranty, but this is to be expected given their affordable price. So, all in all, they can still be considered good value for money.

Last but not least, Zinus mattresses are ideal for customers on a budget preferring the memory foam feel. However, if you like firmer support, some of the models might not be for you.


Here’s how Zinus compares to its competitors:

Casper vs Zinus

Casper is a younger company that doesn’t offer any choice to customers preferring super-firm mattresses. Even though it is rated as a very comfortable mattress, it is not recommended to heavier customers. Zinus mattresses are a more affordable choice.

To read the full review of Casper mattress, click here.

Zinus vs Leesa

Both companies offer foam mattresses. Zinus products are made of memory foam, while Leesa uses standard foam with a soft feel. Zinus mattresses are very affordable, making them a perfect choice for customers on a budget.

To read the full review of Leesa mattress, click here.

Wrap Up

The Zinus collections offer affordable mattresses with a thick comfort layer, an excellent choice for a wide range of sleepers. Because of the pressure-relieving foam, the sleepers slowly sink into the bed, as mentioned in the reviews, which adds to the comfortable feeling.

The company offers a lot of models within the two popular collections. Both of them have something to offer to consumers searching for an affordable and cozy mattress with multiple size options made out of inventive components.

As stated in many Zinus mattress reviews in 2022, the company makes it easy to choose the right product based on what fits your personal sleeping preferences.


Is the Zinus mattress any good?

Comparing the price, quality of ingredients, and customer reviews we can safely say that with Zinus mattresses, you get more than you hoped for.

Which Zinus mattress is the best?

As we concluded in our Zinus mattress review, all mattresses have positive online reviews, but still, Green Tea Foam Mattress is the bestseller according to the customers.

Is Zinus mattress good for back pain?

The mattresses are known to increase comfort and spinal alignment, offering nights free of aches and pains in your body. It is also good for snorers and people who wonder how to sleep with a snoring partner

Is Zinus made in the USA?

Zinus Mattresses are made in the USA, China, and Italy, depending on the model.