• TRIAL: 120-night sleep trial
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty
  • COST: Ranging between $749-$1,699
  • SHIPPING: Free shipping and returns in the US
  • MATERIAL: Tencel cover, Euro-pillow top with gel-infused foams, pocketed coils
  • SIZE: Standard sizes for Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King

2022’s WinkBeds Review: Features, Pros & Cons

  • TRIAL: 120-night sleep trial
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty
  • COST: Ranging between $749-$1,699
  • SHIPPING: Free shipping and returns in the US
  • MATERIAL: Tencel cover, Euro-pillow top with gel-infused foams, pocketed coils
  • SIZE: Standard sizes for Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King

Best For

Heavy Side Sleepers


  • Affordable
  • Free delivery
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handmade in the US
  • 50% Off Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
  • 4 firmness options including a PLUS firmness for heavier sleepers


  • No international shipping available
  • It can take some trial and error to find the right firmness for your body

Voted by the Architectural Digest as the Mattress Pro’s Top Choice in 2020 and the Sleep Foundation’s best mattress for back pain in 2020, the WinkBed mattress has top-notch feedback from leaders in the industry. Not only has the handmade hybrid bed received great reviews, but it has also gained customers’ trust through providing a restorative sleeping experience.

Is the WinkBed good for side sleepers? How long do WinkBeds mattresses really last? Let’s begin our WinkBeds review and find out, as we take a closer look at the following:

  • Company Overview
  • Mattress Overview
  • Pricing and Value for Money
  • Alternatives
  • Customer Testimonials and WinkBed User Reviews
  • Pros and Cons

WinkBed Company Overview

The founder, Dan Adler, wanted to create a product that can help active individuals to improve their physical and mental health by getting a good sleep every night. Combining innerspring and memory foam technology, Dan created the perfect mattress with a high-end feel. In 2015, Adler started selling mattresses from his home after his working day at a law firm. The WinkBed hybrid mattress has been duly praised on many review websites and before long, WinkBeds was a popular household name.

WinkBed Mattress Features

The WinkBed mattress combines memory foam and innerspring technology to create a hybrid model engineered for better sleep. Handmade in Watertown, Wisconsin, the WinkBed mattresses are made from innovative, eco-friendly, high-quality, American-sourced materials.


Using special DuraTech systems that prevent sagging, the mattress’s materials include triple tempered wear resistant springs, microcoils, pocketed coils, and high-density foam. To ensure long-term stability, continuous edge support, and a lifetime warranty, all materials have gone through state-of-the-art testing.

Mattress Layers

The WinkBed mattress features four layers that provide ultimate support and comfort. Let’s take a closer look:

Layer 1 – A Tencel cover. Tencel is an eco-friendly material that is all-naturally made from eucalyptus wood cellulose. This ensures that the first layer is naturally breathable for an extremely comfortable and cool sleep. The cover is quilted helping to relieve pressure.

Layer 2 – A Euro-pillow top layer that contains gel-infused foams provides the perfect comfort layer. The gel inside the foam helps to lower the temperature generated through body heat. The heat dispersed from this layer is further removed through the breathable Tencel cover.

Layer 3 – The support layer contains individually wrapped microcoils that are laid out in support zones. This layer provides the ultimate firmness, pressure distribution, and pushback for greater support.

Layer 4 – The last layer is the foundation layer that features pocketed coils measuring 8 inches in height, zoned in seven different sections. Don’t expect any sagging with the WinkBed unique coil system.

Nearly every second WinkBed mattress review shows that customers appreciate the soft and luxurious top layer that’s supported by the firmness of the two bottom layers.


Customers have a choice between 4 firmness options to customize their sleeping experience. The options are:

Soft – a firmness rating of 4.5, best for side sleepers

Luxury Firm – a firmness rating of 6.5, suitable for all kinds of sleepers

Firm – a firmness rating of 7.5, provides extra support for those who want to sleep on top of the mattress, without any sinking

Plus – a firmness rating of 8, best for individuals with a heavier weight


Because of the softness and temperature control properties of the top two layers, the mattress is very comfortable. The entire system is designed to be naturally breathable. People with back pain will also experience great support and comfort due to the support zone technology.

Motion Isolation

On top of the high-grade steel pocket springs, the mattress is made using a stabilizing gel foam. This layer reduces motion transfer, which is important for partners sharing a bed. Despite the fact that the microcoils have some bounce to them, they move individually because they are individually wrapped and pocketed. This means that if your sleeping partner moves and turns during sleep, you are not likely to wake up thanks to the WinkBed mattress’s good motion isolation.

Edge Support

WinkBeds incorporates an extra edge support system to allow sleepers a comfortable sleeping surface up to the very edge of the mattress. There should be no worry of sagging or fear of rolling off when turning during the night.

WinkBeds Pricing & Discounts

Upon check out, customers have a choice between the Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, or Plus firmness options. The firmness rating prices are the same, although there is a slight increase in price when the Plus firmness is chosen.

Here are the prices listed on the WinkBeds site with the $300 discount that is an ongoing promo.

The WinkBed
The WinkBed Mattress
(PLUS firmness)
Twin $749 $949
Twin XL $849 $1,049
Full $999 $1,199
Queen $1,299 $1,499
King $1,499 $1,699
Cal King $1,549 $1,699

If you don’t have cash on hand, you can apply for financing: monthly installments starting as low as $200 with a 0% APR from Bread.

Shipping & Return Policies

Free delivery and returns are available within the contiguous US. This service only includes delivery to the ground floor of a building and doesn’t include carrying, installing, or white glove delivery. WinkBed return reviews show that for additional delivery services, you’ll have to pay a small extra fee.

To return your mattress if you’re dissatisfied, you have to pay a $49 invoice that covers logistics. You’ll be given a second mattress for a trial period of 60 nights.

Customer Service

Our WinkBeds review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the company’s customer service. Customers can contact WinkBeds by phone at 1-855-946-5233, via email at info@winkbeds.com, or via the chatbot on their website.

Pros Cons
50% Off Lifetime Replacement Guarantee No international shipping available
Handmade in the US It can take some trial and error to find the right firmness for your body, as shared by more than one WinkBeds review
Free delivery
Lifetime warranty
4 firmness options including a PLUS firmness for heavier sleepers

WinkBed Reviews and Testimonials

Out of 5,040 WinkBed user reviews on the company’s site, the mattress gets a 4.8-star rating. The WinkBed Plus mattress is mentioned quite a lot as a sturdy and durable mattress for customers weighing more than 350 pounds. For this reason, WinkBeds was acclaimed as the ‘best mattress for heavy people in 2020’ by the review website Slumber Yard.

This is how other websites rate WinkBeds’ mattresses:

  • GoodBed – 80% average from 30+ votes
  • Slumber Search – 9.4/10
  • Sleepopolis – 4.8-star rating
  • Mattress Clarity – 4.4-star rating


With the number of competitors on the market, it’s a good idea to compare WinkBeds with other brands to see how it performs.

WinkBeds vs DreamCloud

Comparing the WinkBeds vs DreamCloud, it is evident that the DreamCloud Premier mattress has a floating feel to it due to the gel-infused foams in it, compared to WinkBeds innerspring mattress feel that resembles that of a high-quality hotel bed.

Other differences are:

The cover material – The WinkBeds has an eco-friendly, moisture-wicking Tencel cover, while DreamCloud features a breathable and soft cashmere cover.

Mattress height – The WinkBeds mattress measures 13.5, 14.5, and 15,5 inches in height, depending on the option you choose, compared to DreamCloud with its 15-inch mattress.

Edge support – WinkBeds features a more supportive mattress, whereas the DreamCloud hasn’t got a lot of support, especially on the edges, because of its all-foam construction.

Costs – WinkBeds’ biggest mattress the California King costs $1,699 compared to the cheaper DreamCloud’s California King at $1,499.

Read the full review of DreamCloud mattress here

Looking at other competitors like Saatva and Avocado, potential buyers might wonder, is the WinkBeds better than a Saatva? For sleepers who get too warm at night or who like to sleep on their side, the WinkBed is a great option. If you want a higher mattress and prefer to save some cash then Saatva is a better choice for you.

Read the full review of Saatva mattress here. 

The biggest difference between WinkBeds EcoCloud vs Avocado mattresses is in the firmness ratings. Avocado mattresses rate a 7/10 compared to WinkBeds that has 4.5, 6.5, 7.5, and 8 ratings. WinkBeds also provides clients with more mattress options with heights of up to 15.5 inches, compared to the Avocado mattress that only offers an 11-inch option.

Read the full review of Avocado Green mattress here

Wrap Up

With a WinkBeds firmness scale ranging from 4.5 – 8, there is a mattress for all kinds of sleepers. Handmade in the USA from highly durable and high-quality materials, it’s great value for money. The attribute that makes these mattresses stand out the most is the combination of individually wrapped coils and memory foam. This unique combination creates a hybrid mattress that is just as comfortable as it is supportive.


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