• SHIPPING: Free in the US
  • COST: $399 - $719
  • TRIAL: 120-night sleep trial
  • WARRANTY: 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • SIZE: Twin, Twin XL, King, Cal King, which apply to all three models
  • MATERIAL: Memory foam, CertiPUR-US® certified foam, AquaCool™ phase-change material, polyester and cotton

2022 Tulo Mattress Reviews [Features, Pricing, & Rating]

  • SHIPPING: Free in the US
  • COST: $399 - $719
  • TRIAL: 120-night sleep trial
  • WARRANTY: 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • SIZE: Twin, Twin XL, King, Cal King, which apply to all three models
  • MATERIAL: Memory foam, CertiPUR-US® certified foam, AquaCool™ phase-change material, polyester and cotton

Best For

Those Seeking Affordable Cooling Features


  • Three comfort levels
  • Affordable price
  • Temperature regulation feature


  • No added edge support
  • The soft option has a lower support

Tulo is a bed brand by Mattress Firm, and it offers mattresses in three firmness options. All products are made out of airflow layers with memory foam integrated with cooling titanium particles.
If you are looking to buy a durable hybrid mattress with a comfort layer and guaranteed cooling features at an affordable price, the Tulo mattress might have what you need.

In our review, we will cover:

  • Tulo Mattress Overview
  • Pricing and Value for Money
  • Customer Testimonials and Tulo Mattress Reviews
  • Pros and Cons

Tulo Mattress Details

Mattress Layers

Tulo offers hybrid mattresses, all consisting of four foam layers. The naturally breathable knitted top cover goes with each type of Tulo mattress.

1 Layer: Thanks to its first layer – a ventilated memory foam integrated with titanium particles, all the mattresses have perfect cooling properties.

2 Layer: The second support layer of the mattress collection is a responsive firm foam with an exclusive design to promote perfect airflow and prevent overheating.

3 Layer: The third layer is a strut reinforced foam to minimize material fatigue and reduce surface compression. It comes in different firmness levels.

4 Layer: The fourth layer consists of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam.


You can choose from three comfort mattress levels – Soft, Medium, or Firm, depending on your sleeping preferences.

Soft: The Soft comes with a soft density polyurethane foundation foam that supports the layers above. It is ideal for side sleepers, especially the ones who prefer a softer feel. It’s the right choice for couples who are both side sleepers.

Medium: The Medium comes with a medium-density foundation foam as the fourth layer. It is ideal for stomach sleepers and people who want a balance of soft and firm feel. It’s the right choice for people who frequently change positions and couples who sleep in different positions.

Firm: The Firm mattress comes with firm density polyurethane foam as the fourth and top layer of every Tulo mattress. It is the first choice for back sleepers and people who prefer firm support while they sleep. Tulo Mattress Firm reviews confirm that it’s always a good option for couples who are both back sleepers.

Pricing & Discounts

The cost of the mattresses depends on the size of the product, no matter what the firmness level.

Here are the prices:

  • The Soft model – Twin: $399, Twin XL: $479, King: $719, Cal King: $719;
  • The Medium model – Twin: $399, Twin XL: $479;
  • The Firm model – Twin: $399, Twin XL: $479, King: $719, Cal King: $719;

Every item can go as a sleeping set if you add a foldable frame to your chart. The most popular Tulo mattress is the Medium, rated as the best product offered by the company.

Do you need a box spring with a Tulo mattress? The Deluxe Raised Metal Platform Frame is an excellent alternative to a box spring and supports any mattress type.

The company offers many add-ons, such as pillows, mattress protectors, adjustable bed base, furniture, and other accessories. A high-density foam infused Tulo Pillow fits every standard size pillowcase and costs $71. It consists of AquaCool™ phase-change material that helps to maintain the ideal temperature and offers comfortable sleep.

Tulo currently has a great discount on all its products, which goes up to $100 off the price. Holiday discounts are a perfect chance to get the mattress you wanted at an affordable price.

Shipping & Return Policies

With Tulo, the shipping is free in the US. It takes up to two weeks before the item arrives at your door when you make an order. Once it’s on its way, you’ll receive a FedEx tracking number of the product you ordered.

Does the Tulo mattress offer a sleep trial? All beds, no matter the firmness level, come with a 120-night trial. However, the refund option is limited to one return or one exchange per purchase, and it doesn’t apply to the Tulo pillow. To get a refund, you have to return the product within 120 days of the delivery date of the original mattress you bought. However, the company suggests trying a Tulo for at least 30 nights as the body needs time to get accustomed to the new bed.

Customer Service

You can call Tulo Customer Care at (866) 239-5389 or contact the team via Live Chat or at support@tulo.com. Check the FAQ section on the Tulo website for any common questions you might have. According to a couple of customer reviews of the Tulo mattress, the Tulo team quickly answers any questions. The company is active on social media. Therefore you can contact them or share your experience with potential customers via Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Pros Cons
Three comfort levels No added edge support
Affordable price The soft option has a lower support
Temperature regulation feature

Tulo Mattress Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews are the best way to decide if the product you are looking to buy will suit your needs. Knowing the details will help you choose from so many possibilities and similar products out there.

Tulo is active on social media, and it’s famous for listening to the suggestions and complaints, thriving to make their products better. The use of titanium-supported memory foam makes the mattresses durable.

All Tulo mattresses are highly rated online. However, the Medium Tulo mattress currently has the most positive reviews. Even though all the products are made as hybrids, this firmness level suits most sleeping preferences.

The positive feedback mentions that products are offered at affordable prices compared to other brands. Regardless, it doesn’t affect the quality of the products.

Almost every Tulo hybrid mattress review confirms that these all-foam mattresses are suitable for many types of sleepers. Even though it is a perfect choice for people who prefer softer support, more couples have stated that they often choose a springier firmness level over memory foam surface. A couple of Tulo mattress reviews mention the need for a mattress with sturdier edge support. However, they all agree that springs are very comfortable and offer something for all sleeping preferences. Each product comes with its suggestion on the best sleeping position, depending on the firmness level.


Tulo vs Allswell

Both companies make memory foam mattresses. The main difference between them is that Allswell uses coils for support, while the Tulo products have a foam integrated with titanium particles. Unlike Allswell, Tulo offers more comfort levels and options to customers that prefer a softer feel. The price range is more expensive with Allswell, even though it provides a more affordable starting price.

Tulo Mattress Reviews vs Casper

Unlike Tulo, Casper products do not come with titanium support. Casper’s pricing starts at $595, making Tulo mattresses a more affordable option. Both companies do not offer extra services, such as removing the old mattress or white glove delivery. That said, Casper products are a more sustainable option.

Wrap Up

Tulo offers more comfort levels than most bedding brands. Depending on how you prefer to sleep, you can follow the suggestions of the company. If you are unsure which type to select, the Medium option is always a sure choice. The titanium hybrid technology ensures even weight distribution and less sinking into the mattress. However, it seems it’s not ideal for heavier customers.

The company continuously develops its products and strives for the best quality possible. The 120-Night Risk-Free Trial is one of its best options, as it is one of the longest trial periods that companies with similar products offer.

Tulo lets you choose a lower-priced product and quality at the same time, which is why it’s great for customers on a budget. The customers appreciate that and state in Tulo mattress reviews that this is one of the main reasons they choose Tulo over other brands.


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