• COST: $912 – $4,994
  • TRIAL: 365-night home trial
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime
  • SIZE: Twin, Twin XL, Full Size, Queen, King, California King
  • MATERIAL: Handcrafted with the most durable materials, including antimicrobial organic cotton, CertiPUR-US-certified foams, and environmentally friendly components.
  • SHIPPING: The contiguous U.S. only (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Free shipping and white glove delivery.

Saatva Mattress Reviews in 2022 – Is Saatva a Good Choice For You?

  • COST: $912 – $4,994
  • TRIAL: 365-night home trial
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime
  • SIZE: Twin, Twin XL, Full Size, Queen, King, California King
  • MATERIAL: Handcrafted with the most durable materials, including antimicrobial organic cotton, CertiPUR-US-certified foams, and environmentally friendly components.
  • SHIPPING: The contiguous U.S. only (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Free shipping and white glove delivery.

Best For

Firmness Options


  • Eco-friendly
  • Customized online purchasing service
  • Lumbar zone support technology
  • White glove delivery is free of charge
  • The price never varies due to the direct-to-consumer business model


  • Premature sagging
  • Higher price range

Looking for a quality mattress but you’re unsure where to start?

Saatva mattresses might be the perfect option for you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the main features of Saatva mattresses, their pricing, and what kind of customer support you can expect from the company. We’ll also provide some ratings and reviews from real customers so you can get an idea of what others think about this brand.

So, let’s get going!

Saatva Company Overview

Saatva is a luxury bedding retail brand established back in 2010, offering high-end quality and exceptional comfort. Saatva mattresses are handcrafted and come in three styles that offer temperature regulation, motion isolation, and environmentally sustainable choices. Its signature features include a durable coil-on-coil system, foam encasement, and an organic cotton cover.

According to Saatva mattress reviews, the solid edge support makes it possible to sit or lie on the side of the bed without the mattress sagging, which is good news for light sleepers.

Depending on the way you sleep, particular bedding firmness may not be a good fit for you. Having a complete overview of the product you want to buy will save you time and money in the long run.

Saatva Mattress Main Features

All the products are made of high-quality material, but let’s see from which materials exactly, and how they differ in terms of firmness, sizes, comfort, motion isolation, support, and so on.


Mattresses are made out of naturally breathable organic cotton and are free of harmful chemicals, such as ethylene and propylene. The pungent smell of certain materials and mildew can irritate people with chemical sensitivities or respiratory conditions like asthma, and are among the few Saatva bad reviews we’ve come upon. With organic cotton ticking, however, you can be sure you will avoid it.

Now, let’s take a look at other Saatva features:


Saatva offers three firmness options, with no difference in quality or cost:

  • Plush Soft

With a rating of around 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the highest), this firmness option provides for the most pressure relief while also maintaining a reasonable balance of support.

  • Luxury Firm

This is a medium-firm mattress, with a firmness level of about 7 on the scale. If you want some pressure relief around your shoulders and hips while still getting good support, the Saatva bed’s Luxury Firm model is an excellent choice.

  • Firm

For individuals who prefer a firm bed or those who sleep on their back or stomach, this is one of the most supportive and firm options out there. With a firmness level of 9 out of 10, this Saatva mattress is one of the sturdiest options on the market.

Regarding sleeping positions, more than 80% of Saatva firm reviews agree that the Luxury Firm option fits most types of sleepers. The company recommends it for back and stomach sleepers alike. The Plush Soft fits best for side sleepers. You can choose the desired comfort level on the Saatva Classic page before finalizing your purchase.


You can choose between two height options for this mattress (11.5 inches and 14.5 inches), so the construction will differ depending on which model you pick. The materials and thickness of the innerspring system will stay the same, but the density of the coils will somewhat vary. Unlike the majority of other mattresses on the market, the Saatva mattress comes with back-to-back coils for maximum support.

Motion Isolation

According to several users, the motion isolation on the Saatva mattress was better than they expected. The memory foam layer and other foam types and fibers in the bed’s pillow top aid in movement isolation better than a conventional innerspring mattress, although you’ll probably notice some movement if you have an active tosser-and-turner beside you.

Edge Support

The Saatva edge support feature is outstanding for a number of reasons. One, it offers extra support because of its dual-coil construction. Two, in order to improve edge support, Saatva incorporated foam edges around the perimeter of the bottom coil layer. Even if you’re sleeping next to an active co-sleeper, Saatva will ensure you don’t feel like you’ll roll off the edge, making getting in and out of bed a little simpler because the sides don’t give.


Mattresses with hybrid construction like the Saatva mattress have better ventilation than all-foam mattresses, since the coils allow for enhanced airflow. So, while a Saatva may not make you feel cold, it should allow you to sleep temperature-neutral. According to reviews, it does an excellent job of not retaining body heat while you sleep, making it an ideal choice for people who can’t tolerate warmth and those who want to get a quality sleep in less than 8 hours.

Saatva Mattress Pricing & Discounts

Saatva gives you an option to customize the mattress while buying online. The price is formed depending on the size and chosen add-ons.

Take a look at the table below to discover the most popular Saatva mattress choices, along with their prices:

Saatva Classic Loom & Leaf

Read the full review here.


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Solaire Saatva HD Saatva Latex Hybrid
Twin  $912 $1,074 $1,570 / $1,699 $1,224
Twin XL $1,198 $1,399 $1,798 $2,497 $1,848 $1,395
Full $1,670 $2,074 $2,370 $3,370 $2,370 $1,824
Queen $1,770 $2,174 $2,770 $3,570 $2,970 $2,024
King $2,170 $2,474 $3,370 $4,120 $3,270 $2,424
Cal King $2,170 $2,474 $3,370 $4,120 $3,270 $2,424
Split King $2,396 $2,798 $3,596 $4,994 $3,696 $2,790
Split Cal King $2,396 $2,876 / $4,994 / /
Upperflex Queen / / / $4,120 / /
Upperflex King / / / $4,870 / /

Shipping & Return Policies

Saatva delivers to the contiguous U.S. only and offers white glove delivery free of charge.

Once you make an order, the Saatva team will reach out to schedule a delivery date, according to Saatva reviews. In case the parcel is running late, the dispatcher will call you and provide the option to reschedule the delivery at no additional charge. In that case, you can decide to cancel your order and will receive a full refund.

If the Lineal bed base arrives damaged, you can always refuse to accept it and note down the issue on the delivery form. Either way, you should contact the company to make arrangements to repair the bed base as soon as possible or to get a full refund. The company is pretty serious when it comes to ensuring customers’ satisfaction, and Saatva return policy reviews confirm it.

If an item’s dimensions do not fit your needs, the company provides a refund, minus the $99 transportation cost. Therefore, make sure you take the right measurements before you make your purchase. The same goes for returning or exchanging the mattress during the trial period of 180 days.

Customer Service

In the FAQ section on the website, you can find the answers or send your questions to info@saatvamattress.com. The company’s 24/7 concierge service is a part of the Saatva standard. According to Saatva mattress user reviews, the representatives answer in minutes. Live chat communication is quick and available around the clock.

The website also displays a phone contact option (1-844-935-1426) you can call for general inquiries.

NOTE: The phone contact details vary based on your exact location.

For any warranty issue, you can contact the Leggett & Platt adjustable base experts at 1 (800) 888-3078. The response hours are Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, and until 3 p.m. EST on Saturdays. If you need assistance outside these hours, contact the company’s concierge service.

Pros Cons
Customized online purchasing service Firm support over cushion contouring
The price never varies due to the direct-to-consumer business model No specific cooling technology
Lumbar zone support technology
White glove delivery is free of charge

Saatva Mattress Reviews

The company is known for providing exceptional customer service over live chat, phone, and email. The team is known to be quite responsive at any time of the day.

There were some Saatva complaints about the lack of mattress plush before. By launching three firmness options, Saatva now also caters to customers who prefer cushioning over firm support.

Some Saatva mattress reviews on the company’s website mention the lack of specific cooling technology. Still, most agree that innerspring mattresses are naturally breathable and an excellent choice for customers looking for a mattress with temperature regulation.

We are all increasingly concerned about the environmental and health impacts of the products we wear, eat, and sleep on. According to customer reviews Saatva’s are among the top-quality organic mattresses. They are made of components and foams certified to be non-toxic and low-VOC with natural flame retardant properties. The Saatva bedding made of 100% organic components is a nice touch, especially if you are sensitive to chemical smells or prone to allergies.

Additionally, Saatva offers extra services like white glove delivery, setup at the desired location, and removal of the packaging and old mattresses free of charge.

Saatva Alternatives

Take a look at Saatva’s closest competitors, and find out how they compare:

Company Win  Lose Best for
Saatva Two thickness options; 


Occasional premature sagging Side sleepers and those experiencing back pain

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Choose between four firmness levels The mattresses are a little pricey People who sleep hot, have back pain, or are looking for low motion transfer

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Made from memory foam certified by CertiPUR-US No firmness options Side and combination sleepers
Avocado Green

Read the full review here. .

Responsive mattress that easily adjusts to movements Low score for motion transfer and pressure relief Customers who prefer a medium-firm sleep surface

After doing this competition analysis, we can safely conclude Saatva mattresses are a great choice for anyone who wants to choose their desired thickness options, as well as those looking for back pain relief.


Customers rate Saatva mattresses as highly comfortable. In fact, it’s one of the most durable bedding options currently on the market. The use of new technology makes these beds the right choice for most people. Saatva mattress supports weight, height, comfort preferences, and sleeping habits of virtually all sleepers.

The bedding offers excellent weight distribution and cushioning support to the back, hips, and shoulders and is recommended by leading U.S. chiropractors.

Having an option to buy luxury mattresses online, without the stress and markups associated with traditional mattress stores, is pretty convenient. Plus, the Saatva team will unbox the items, handle all assembly, and set it up for you for free.

Overall, knowing you have chosen the most comfortable, durable, and healthy option out there makes these products worth the money.


What is the average Saatva delivery time?

The average Saatva mattress shipping time is between 7 and 18 days. Once the mattress arrives, Saatva’s delivery team can remove your old mattress and set up a new one.

Is Saatva a good mattress?

Absolutely. According to Saatva mattress reviews, they cater to any type of sleeper. The products are organic, healthy, and help protect nature.

How long do the Saatva mattresses last?

Given that Saatva mattresses come with a 10-15 year warranty, that’s how long they should last with normal use and careful handling.

Who makes the Saatva mattress?

Saatva mattresses are made by the Saatva company, located in New York, New York.


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