• Material: CertiPUR-US-certified AirFoam, High-density foam, Graphite-infused AirFoamICE, coils
  • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Cost: $599–$1,799
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty
  • Trial: 120 nights
  • Shipping: Free within the US

Nolah Mattress Review [Features, Pricing]

  • Material: CertiPUR-US-certified AirFoam, High-density foam, Graphite-infused AirFoamICE, coils
  • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Cost: $599–$1,799
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty
  • Trial: 120 nights
  • Shipping: Free within the US

Best For

Side and back sleepers


  • 120-night trial
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Three models available
  • Excellent reviews and ratings
  • CertiPUR-US-certified foam
  • Trademarked technology—AirFoam, AirFoamICE, HDMax
  • Made in the US


  • Not 100% eco-friendly production
  • Mediocre edge support on lower-end models

With its trademarked AirFoam technology, the Nolah mattress is touted as three times more durable and four times better at providing pressure relief. Nolah mattress reviews across the web rank some of the company’s models as “Best side mattress” and “Best mattress for shoulder pain.”

A 120-night trial, US-based manufacturing, and a range of offerings are just some of the factors that contribute to the Nolah mattress comfort guarantee.
But do these beds live up to the expectations? And how do they weigh up against competitors? We’ll take a close look at all three models offered by Nolah and cover the following:

  • Company Overview
  • Mattresses Overview
  • Pricing
  • Customer Service
  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Alternatives

Nolah Company Overview

Since 2007, the Nolah team has been developing innovative mattress materials. Founder, Daniel Galle, focused on improving traditional memory foam and latex beds to provide a better sleeping experience. Using the latest technology, the company invented AirFoam™. As a result, Nolah mattress ratings have increased significantly over the last few years.

The company’s products are exclusively sold on its official website, ensuring there won’t be any markup from retail stores. Mattresses are designed in the US and manufactured in Nolah’s factory in Denver, CO.

Nolah Mattress Features

The most distinctive feature of the mattress is the AirFoam technology. Compared to other mattress-in-a-box companies that use latex and memory foam as the core ingredient, Nolah gives clients the best of both worlds, combining them into one material.

Nolah mattress reviews by customers testify that sleeping on AirFoam truly makes a difference because it has the bounce of latex and the temperature control of memory foam. It features billions of microscopic air pockets allowing maximum shock absorption and giving a “no-pressure” feel to side sleepers.

All three models are suitable for almost any bed base. Unlike some competitors, Nolah mattresses give you the option of rotation, ensuring long-term stability.

The three available models are:

  • Nolah Original (10-inch)
  • Nolah Signature (12-inch)
  • Nolah Evolution (15-inch)

Let’s take a closer look at each one.


All three models feature the signature AirFoam material. Many Nolah Evolution mattress reviews say that the 15-inch model is better at keeping sleepers cool during the night. That’s because it contains AirFoamICE—an advanced version of the original material specifically designed to provide better temperature control. The foam is a natural flame retardant and is certified by CertiPUR-US.

The 15-inch Evolution model is the only hybrid mattress out of the three. It features a tri-zoned support coil system.

AirFoam is said to be twice as heat absorbent, three times more durable, and four times better at pressure distribution. Nolah mattress reviews by back pain sufferers praise the material’s ability to relieve pressure from hips and shoulders and so provide excellent back support.

Mattress Layers

Each mattress has a unique set of layers aimed at serving different kinds of sleepers. Let’s take a closer look at the Nolah Original, Signature, and Evolution:

Nolah Original

The Original 10-inch mattress is the company’s bestseller. It comes with a snow-white Tencel cover and has three layers.

Layer 1—The first layer is a 2-inch AirFoam sheet that contours the body.
Layer 2—This is the support layer consisting of 1-inch-thick high-resilience foam.
Layer 3—This is a 7-inch high-density breathable foam base for added reinforcement.

Nolah Original mattress reviews on the company’s website give the flagship product an impressive 4.7-star rating. Reviewers commend the fact that the mattress can be placed on almost any bed base, including a slatted or adjustable bed, box spring foundation, or practically any flat platform.

Nolah Signature

The taller 12-inch Signature is an upgraded version of the Original. It gives you the option to choose the firmness level by flipping the mattress, as it’s soft on one side and firm on the other. The Signature comes with a luxurious organic cover and features four layers:

Layer 1—This is a 2.5-inch extra thick AirFoam layer for superior pressure relief.

Layer 2—The support layer is a 1.5-inch high-resilience foam that ensures durability.

Layer 3—This is a 7-inch high-density core foundation layer.

Layer 4—The 1-inch AirFoam layer at the bottom provides extra pressure relief and base support.

Hundreds of Nolah Signature mattress reviews on the company’s website give this model an overall rating of 4.8 stars.

Nolah Evolution

The 15-inch hybrid mattress provides a high-tech luxury feel with added edge support and improved temperature control. The cover is made of a 2-inch ArcticTex™ quilted fabric with high thermal conductivity. It has four layers:

Layer 1—The first layer consists of 2-inch-thick graphite-infused AirFoamICE.

Layer 2—This is a 2-inch high-resilience foam layer.

Layer 3—The third layer contains an 8-inch tri-zoned support coil system called HDMax™ that provides added edge support. Coils are individually wrapped in Edge-Tech™ foam.

Layer 4—This 1-inch high-density support layer ensures total stability.

For extra cooling, the mattress features an AirBreath™ heat escape gusset all around the top edge. This is the company’s highest-rated mattress with a 4.9-star rating from hundreds of Nolah Evolution mattress reviews on the company’s website.


Nolah mattresses range between 4 and 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Nolah mattress reviews from customers who enjoy a softer sleeping experience show a preference for the Signature model, which is relatively soft on one side a medium-firm on the other.

Firmness levels are as follows:

Nolah Original: 5-6 out of 10 or medium firmness

Nolah Signature: 4-5 on one side and a 7-8 on the other

Nolah Evolution: 5-6 or medium firmness


One Nolah mattress review online tested pressure levels for different types of sleepers to determine how comfortable these beds are. Side sleepers should be particularly happy with the low pressure, which provides comfort and support. But back and stomach sleepers, especially those suffering from back and joint pain, should also feel the benefit of extra pressure relief.

Motion Isolation

Thanks to the AirFoam technology, motion transfer is negligible in all three models. The innovative foam layers absorb movements, making Nolah mattresses perfect for couples where at least one partner is a light or restless sleeper.

Edge Support

From the three models, Nolah Evolution provides the best edge support. This is because it’s a hybrid and features a patented tri-zoned support coils system. Nolah hybrid mattress reviews often point out that the Evolution has excellent edge support. The other two models are rated as average in this category.

Nolah Pricing & Discounts

Nolah offers up to $700 off at the time of writing. Here is the price list (with discounts applied):

Original Signature Evolution
Twin $599 $849 $999
Twin XL $699 $899 $1,199
Full $799 $1,099 $1,399
Queen $899 $1,299 $1,599
King $1090 $1,499 $1,799
Cal King $1090 $1,499 $1,799

You can get an additional $100 off if you decide to remove the trial period. Easy and affordable financing is available from Nolah’s partner, Affirm, at 0% APR.

Shipping, Warranty, and Return

Nolah offers a 120-night sleeping trial, and shipping for deliveries and returns is free. All three models are covered by a lifetime limited warranty. If you want to find out more about Nolah’s warranty policy, check out their official page.

Customer Service

You can contact a service agent via phone at 1-866-403-6615, send a message by filling in a form on Nolah’s website or chat with an agent through live chat.

Nolah Mattress Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Apart from the excellent scores from verified buyers on the company’s website, there are also many external Nolah Mattress ratings. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Sleepopolis: 3.9/5 stars
The Sleep Judge: 4.5/5 stars
Best Mattress For You: 4.8/5 stars
Slumber Search: 9.3/10
GoodBed: 76%


With the number of mattress companies out there claiming to be the best, it can be difficult for potential customers to identify the one mattress that is right for them. Let’s see how Nolah compares to some of the other leaders in the industry:

Nolah Mattress vs Puffy Lux

The biggest difference between these two competitors is the firmness level. Puffy Lux is firmer compared to Nolah mattresses. Most Puffy Lux models offer added edge support, while with Nolah, you can expect more stable support with the Evolution model only.

Nolah’s range of products is generally more affordable than Puffy Lux.

Read the full review of Puffy Lux here. 

Nolah vs Casper

Nolah’s offerings are softer than Casper mattresses. The latter features four layers made from memory foam and poly foams, while Nolah beds use the unique AirFoam and high-density foam that provide added temperature control.

Both companies’ mattress models have good motion isolation and comfort ratings. While Nolah is best for side and back sleepers, Casper is better for stomach sleepers.

Nolah vs Tuft and Needle

The Tuft and Needle mattress feature only two layers compared to Nolah’s choice between three or four. Although Tuft and Needle mattresses are more affordable, Nolah provides added comfort technologies and a hybrid mattress option.

Both companies offer free shipping, excellent customer service, and sleep trials. Tuft and Needle has a 100-night trial, while Nolah’s trial is 120 nights.

Read the full review of Tuft and Needle Original Mattress here

Is Nolah Mattress Worth It?

With their lifetime warranty, a 120-night trial, and affordable prices, any one of the Nolah models offers great value to sleepers.

As noted by many positive Nolah mattress reviews, these beds are perfect for side and back sleepers because of their “no pressure” feel. Hot sleepers will also benefit from Nolah mattresses’ excellent temperature regulation.


How Long Are Mattresses Guaranteed For?

All three models have a lifetime limited warranty. During the first 15 years, if the mattress is deemed defective, Nolah will replace or repair the bed for free. After that, you’ll need to pay a handling fee of $75. After the 25th year, you’ll have to pay 60% of the original purchase price to have the mattress replaced.

What Is Covered Under a Mattress Warranty?

The warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear of foam or any staining, mildew, mold, liquid damage, tears, and burns caused by the owner. The warranty covers only mattresses for private residential use. This eliminates beds used commercially in hotels and similar businesses.

How Do I Return a Nolah Mattress?

You have to make sure that you’ve purchased your mattress with the 120-night trial included. After a minimum of a 30-night adjustment period, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, Nolah will send a driver to pick it up free of charge. Nolah mattress reviews note that the company offers a full refund. The bed will be recycled or donated.


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