• Material: Organic cotton, organic wool, natural rubber, organic latex,
  • Size: Standard sizes for Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King
  • Cost: Ranging between $1,437-$5,597
  • Warranty: 20-year warranty
  • Trial: No trial, but a 90-day exchange
  • Shipping: Shipping only available at a small fee within the US

LifeKind Reviews

  • Material: Organic cotton, organic wool, natural rubber, organic latex,
  • Size: Standard sizes for Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King
  • Cost: Ranging between $1,437-$5,597
  • Warranty: 20-year warranty
  • Trial: No trial, but a 90-day exchange
  • Shipping: Shipping only available at a small fee within the US

Best For

Those Who Want a Non-Toxic Solution


  • Quality guaranteed
  • 20-year warranty
  • Trusted and credible company within the industry
  • Locally manufactured and produced
  • 90-day exchange available


  • Only available in the US
  • Expensive
  • Free delivery isn’t available

Lifekind is a certified organic and eco-friendly mattress brand producing quality products from its Eco-Factory in California.  The company’s main aim is to help you sleep healthy in an organic environment.  The founder of the company, Walt Bader, even wrote a book called ‘Sleep Safe in a Toxic World’ with the objective to help people understand the dangers of wrong sleep material.

With a team passionate about creating non-toxic and safe sleeping experiences, Lifekind mattress reviews from customers are generally positive. Lifekind offers certified pure materials for the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Today, we’ll focus on its mattresses and how it compares to other organically produced models.

In our in-depth Lifekind mattress review we’ll be looking at the following:

  • Company overview
  • Mattress overview
  • Pricing and value for money
  • Alternatives and competitors
  • Customer testimonials
  • Pros and cons

Lifekind Company Overview

From an early age, the founder of Lifekind, Walt Bader, understood the importance of quality brands. It’s because of this awareness that Walt established Lifekind in 1997 to create non-hazardous and eco-friendly household products.

In 2003, the company opened its own California-based Eco-Factory. Lifekind was the producer of the very first American certified organic mattress and the first company to use natural flame retardant and pass the Federal flammability standards.

To ensure that all materials are ethically sourced, the company took part in refining standards within the organic and eco-friendly industry. Today, Lifekind celebrates more than 23 years in business with thousands of positive online Lifekind organic mattress reviews to support their mission.

Lifekind Mattress Features

All Lifekind organic mattresses are handmade in the United States out of their California-based Eco-Factory. Lifekind has 10 different mattress options available.

Models include mattresses for cribs, children, and adults at different firmness levels. The manufacturing process meets the Greenguard product emission standard and offers a 20-year limited warranty. Materials used are organic, GOLS certified, and GOTS certified.

For your comfort, Lifekind offers a 90-day comfort exchange, instead of a sleeping trial like many other companies do. A shorter exchange period is granted because Lifekind customer reviews have been so positive, that a very low percentage have been asking for a return. That’s further showing Lifekind’s confidence in their product.


Lifekind has a few different organically sourced and produced material combinations. One of the main materials used in the construction is organic natural rubber latex. Materials are Greenguard Gold, GOLS, and GOTS certified for a guaranteed eco-friendly purchase.  The Traditional model features an innerspring system and The Rose model a pocketed coils system.

Mattress Layers

LifeKind offers 10 different mattress models to choose from. For the sake of this review, we’d like to focus on Lifekind’s five bestsellers; The Euro, The Euro Soft Top, The Duet, and The Trio as well as the Crib mattress.

Let’s have a look at the mattress layer and materials construction.

The Euro

The Euro is Lifekind’s most ordered mattress of all time. It’s perfect for individuals who suffer from respiratory conditions. Made from organic latex, this mattress is perfect for sleepers who prefer a medium to high firmness level. The Lifekind latex mattress features a 6-inch organic pure natural rubber, a double-stitched quilted cover made from organic cotton and wool, and is GOLS certified.

This model is mildew, mold, and dust-mite resistant and measures 7 inches in height.

The Euro SoftTop

With the same construction as the Euro, the Euro SoftTop is perfect for those looking for a medium-firm and motion-free sleeping experience with some added softness on top. The core support layer is made from 6 inches of organic natural rubber. Additionally, it also features a 0.5-inch layer of medium-soft certified organic natural rubber that is sewn into the top cover. This provides a cushioning feeling.

On the website, Lifekind organic latex mattress reviews are all positive with a 5-star rating and customer feedback saying “WOW” and “Love my metal-free organic mattress”.

The Duet

Another bestseller is Lifekind’s 10-inch Duet model. This model consists of three 3-inch layers of natural rubber that are available in a medium-firm model. The Duet is basically the perfect blend between the Euro and the softer Trio. It features a five-zone sculpted surface for perfect pressure distribution and weight distribution. The open channel construction provides natural breathability with a cooling effect.

Lifekind mattress reviews in 2022 stated that The Duet is a “fantastic buy” and “just right”.

The Trio

Formerly known as the organipedic mattress, this model is perfect for those who suffer from back pain. The Trio also features a five-zone sculpted surface and three 3-inch certified organic natural rubber layers. The cover is quilted and GOTS-certified. It can also be unzipped for easy cleaning in the washing machine. The 10-inch width mattress is constructed in such a way that customers can exchange each layer as required for specific sleeping styles.

A frequently asked question about the Trio is “How long do Lifekind mattresses last?” A Lifekind mattress quality review shows that most customers say their mattress still feels brand new even after a decade of use.

All of the above-mentioned mattresses come with a 20-year limited warranty and 90-day comfort exchange.

The Crib Mattress

The certified organic crib mattress is the perfect solution for any baby room. It comes in sizes standard crib, oval crib, and oval bassinet to fit your specific needs. The well-designed crib mattress provides a healthy and non-toxic sleeping experience for your toddler.

Made from certified pure organic materials and GOLS, GOTS, and Greenguard certified products, this mattress features either an all-natural rubber core or a super firm 280 coils innerspring system.

To ensure your mattress has a longer life, you should rotate and flip it at least once every 12 months.


Potential buyers have concerns about the mattresses being made from all-latex and not memory foam. Despite this fact, the all-latex construction holds up really well in the firmness department. With a 20-year warranty, customers are guaranteed a durable mattress without lumpiness or sagging.

Models have the following firmness levels:

The Euro: medium, medium-firm, and firm
The Euro SoftTop: medium-firm to firm
The Duet: Soft/firm
The Trio: medium-firm
Crib Mattress: extra firm and super firm


The Lifekind latex mattress provides excellent support layers, making it extremely comfortable for sleep. Knowing that all components of the model are made from naturally certified products truly does provide a healthier and more revitalizing night’s rest.

With a soft quilted wool and cotton cover, customers can expect a soft touch while the latex perfectly contours the body.

Motion Isolation

Lifekind reviews from couples, especially those who have to share a bed with an active sleeper, are satisfactory. Customers have reported that both hybrid and all-latex models provide a motion-free sleeping experience.

Edge Support

Hybrid innerspring models feature a heavy-duty reinforced spring system around the edges for extra edge support. For someone who rolls a lot during the night, the innerspring hybrid system is a better option than the all-latex bestselling models that don’t feature such reinforcement.

Pros and Cons


  • 90-day exchange available
  • 20-year warranty
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Locally manufactured and produced
  • GOLS, GOLT, Greenguard certified
  • Trusted and credible company within the industry
  • Handmade
  • 100% organic and natural materials
  • Non-toxic product


  • Free delivery isn’t available
  • Only available in the US
  • Expensive

Lifekind Pricing & Discounts

For an all-organic and certified mattress that’s manufactured within the United States, Lifekind offers fair pricing with added discounts. Here is a list of their prices for the different sizes and models (after discount has been applied):

The Euro
Twin $1,437 $2,495 $2,797 $3,497
Twin XL $1,497 $2,595 $3,077 $3,567
Full $1,977 $3,495 $3,427 $3,917
Queen $2,337 $4,095 $3,637 $4,547
King $2,817 $4,995 $4,687 $5,597
Cal King $2,817 $4,995 $4,687 $5,597
Standard $599
Oval $374
Oval Bassinet $224

Easy and affordable financing is available from Lifekind’s partner, Bread at 0% APR. Although these prices might be a bit steep, numerous Lifekind organic mattress reviews state that it’s worth the price considering that it’s a mattress you’ll own for half your life without having to purchase a new one every other year.

Shipping & Return Policies

Shipping is only available within the United States. Customers should contact a representative to find out whether they qualify for free residential shipping.

Unused products can be returned within 30 days of purchase. For exchanges, customers should contact the returns center for more information.

Customer Service

For a free sleep consultation from a professional adviser, customers can phone (800) 284-4983 or (530) 477-5395 (toll-free) from Monday to Friday 5 am – 5 pm Pacific Time. Additionally, customers can email sales@lifekind.com or info@lifekind.com. A ‘Contact Us’ fill-in form, as well as a live chatbot, is available on Lifekind’s website.

Lifekind Reviews and Testimonials

Lifekind green mattress reviews and testimonials are to the majority positive. Out of 1,184 credible Lifekind mattress product reviews on the website, the company scores a 4.7-star rating, and out of 858 site reviews, the company scores a 4.6-star rating.

Let’s look at some star ratings and percentages from different sources:

Amazon- 5-star rating from Lifekind crib mattress reviews for an oval bassinet
Goodbed – 79%
Slumbersearch – 8.8/10


With so many manufacturers claiming to be ‘organic’ and ‘all-naturally green’ it can be difficult to identify which brands you can truly trust. That is why Lifekind is very transparent about their certifications and the process to manufacture mattresses at their Eco-Factory.

Let’s take a closer look at how Lifekind mattresses weigh up against their competitors.

Lifekind Mattress vs Naturepedic

Both Lifekind and Naturepedic produce mattresses made from organic materials. Naturepedic provides a lot more softer firmness level options compared to Lifekind’s medium-firm mattresses. Both brands pride themselves in manufacturing their mattresses in the USA – Lifekind in California, and Naturepedic in Cleveland.

Lifekind Mattress vs Avocado

Avocado has an upper hand over Lifekind in that they have an all Vegan certified mattress available in their repertoire. Other than that, both companies have Greenguard certified products that are non-hazardous to your health. Avocado sources rubber from sap trees in India, whereas Lifekind sources only from American soil. Both companies’ factories are based in the United States.

Lifekind Mattress vs Amerisleep

The biggest difference between these two competitors is that Amerisleep is made from high-end memory foam and plant-based materials compared to Lifekind’s all-natural and organic composition. Although Amerisleep is eco-friendly, green customers prefer the organic latex mattress offered by Lifekind.

Lifekind Mattress vs Saatva

Both companies pride themselves on handmade American products that support the American economy. Saatva has one specific model designed for heavier individuals. They also feature an innerspring mattress feel with their unique coils technology. Lifekind’s innerspring models step up to the plate with their own hybrid designs that provide comfortable and supportive sleeping without using non-toxic materials.

Saatva is eco-friendly, but when it comes to all-natural and 100% organic materials – Lifekind gets the award.

Wrap Up

Looking at Lifekind’s bestsellers list, it is clear that customers prefer the Lifekind all-latex mattress above the innerspring and coil system models. Lifekind mattress reviews from previous customers state that the durability and longevity of the product are amazing. Some customers even report perfect sleep even after 10 years.

The Lifekind organic mattress is definitely worth the investment.