• COST: $495 - $1,950
  • TRIAL: 120 nights
  • WARRANTY: 10 years
  • SHIPPING: Free in 48 U.S. states
  • MATERIAL: Cotton, wool, plant fibers
  • SIZE: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Joybed Mattress Review for 2022 – Facts on a Silver Platter

  • COST: $495 - $1,950
  • TRIAL: 120 nights
  • WARRANTY: 10 years
  • SHIPPING: Free in 48 U.S. states
  • MATERIAL: Cotton, wool, plant fibers
  • SIZE: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Best For

All Body Types


  • All-natural materials
  • Active edge support
  • Durable pocketed coils
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Affordable prices


  • High motion transfer
  • Mattress return fee

Joybed says sound sleep starts with nature. That’s why their mattresses are made of natural materials for the best sleeping experience. Joybed has been on the market since 1889 when their mattress manufacturing kicked off in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Unlike many other Joybed mattress reviews, this review encompasses Joybed mattress user testimonials, alternatives, and FAQs along with all other details, such as pricing, shipping, warranty, and customer care – everything you need to decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

Joybed Mattress Details

The Joybed mattress is an exquisite combination of natural and made-in-USA materials, and you can feel the luxury in every carefully sewn stitch. It is offered in three versions: Joybed LX (Luxury Medium Firm-11”), Joybed LXC (All-Cotton Medium-Firm or Medium-Plush-12”), and Joybed LXP (Luxury Medium-Firm or Medium-Plush-13”).

  • Materials

The Joybed mattress’s rating is quite high as it is handcrafted from naturally breathable organic materials including GOTS certified organic cotton, California and Oregon wool with OEKO-Tex Standard 100 and Oregon Tilth certifications, hypoallergenic plant fibers, and excellent American steel.

  • Mattress Layers

The Joybed mattress comes in three different options and hence their layers differ slightly. Many Joybed reviews provide a detailed-layer image but to put it in words, all Joybed mattresses’ upholstery layers are made of organic cotton while the comfort layer is comprised of a fiber plant layer acting as a natural flame retardant, a single or double cotton layer, a heat-wicking wool layer, and single or double cotton padding. The support layer is made up of nano-coils (only in the Joybed LXP) and a pocketed coil layer.

  • Firmness

On the firmness scale, Joybed LX has a 4 rating providing little pressure relief and making it most suitable for side sleepers, as Joybed reviews claim that the mattress cradles the hips and joints. However, Joybed LXC and Joybed LXP range somewhere between 5 to 7 and are suitable for stomach sleepers who need more bounce and back sleepers whose spine is naturally aligned, respectively.

  • Comfort

Joybed mattress’s cotton and wool cushion the surface and lend additional comfort with a “no-pressure” feel. It provides gentle sinkage and proper spine alignment as well. Still, these materials cannot trigger pressure relief as much as most memory foam, poly foams, and latex comfort layers can. Joybed mattress reviews in 2022 show the customers’ satisfactions about its maximum comfort and the pleasant feel of the mattress ticking.

  • Motion Isolation

Joybed mattress has moderate motion transfer. The comfort layer is quite thin while the coils give only a slight bounce as the cotton and wool layers partially absorb the motion. Although the bounce is not unpleasant or sleep-disruptive, a Joybed mattress is not recommended for restless sleepers or couples, judging by various Joybed mattress customer reviews.

  • Edge Support

Joybed mattresses provide excellent edge support and you can sit or rest comfortably all the way to its edges. This quality is quite noticeable in the Joybed LXC option as the layer of nano-coils around the perimeter of the individually wrapped coils (coil-on-coil system) adds reinforcement and long-term stability as described in numerous Joybed LXC natural Queen mattress reviews.

  • Temperature Regulation

Joybed mattresses offer good temperature control, similar to many hybrid mattresses. The wool layer is a marvelously comfy, synthetics-free sleep material that naturally wicks away moisture and keeps you cool. On the other hand, it keeps you warm and dry in the cold season. Joybed natural mattress’s Google reviews rank the mattress very high due to this feature.

  • Washable Cover

Mattress stains on the quilt can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then let to air dry. To prevent staining and deterioration, and at the same time achieve a maximum level of hygiene, support the mattress on an appropriate bed base and use a mattress protector or a mattress pad. Flipping is unnecessary as the mattress is one-sided, but rotation is welcomed.

Joybed Pricing & Discounts

Since Joybed mattress sizes come at various prices, the following table gives you an instant insight into the mattress pricing.

Model Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King
Joybed LX $495 $890 $940 $990 $1,390 $1,390
Joybed LXC (Medium Firm) $790 $990 $1,090 $1,290 $1,550 $1,550
Joybed LXC (Medium Plush option with Dreamin’ Vegan Topper) $990 $1,280 $1,390 $1,590 $1,950 $1,950
Joybed LXP (Medium Firm) $890 $1,190 $1,290 $1,390 $1,750 $1,750
Joybed LXP (Medium Plush) $890 $1,190 $1,290 $1,390 $1,750 $1,750

Shipping & Return Policies

Joybed return reviews cheer the 120-nights sleep trial period and the free white glove delivery in 48 states within 4-7 days. What is more, the new mattress can be delivered and set up while the old one is removed at your request at the price of $150. If you no longer wish to retain the mattress, you can return it before the trial expires and pay a $139 processing fee. Joybed is an ethical company that donates the returned mattresses to organizations in need.

Joybed mattresses offer a 10-year warranty that covers only manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship, or body indentations of 1 ½” or greater, as prescribed on the company website and specified in any other Joybed warranty review.

Customer Service

For any questions, you can resort to the FAQ page on the company’s website or use the live chat. Concerning any urgent issues and requests, the Joybed customer service team accepts calls from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. You can also contact them anytime via email.

Pros Cons
All-natural materials High motion transfer
Active edge support Mattress return fee
Durable pocketed coils
120-night sleep trial
10-year warranty
Affordable prices

Joybed Mattress Reviews and Testimonials

Joybed is not BBB accredited and rarely discussed in Yelp’s review snippets or social media outlets apart from several Facebook and Reddit Joybed product experience posts, which are generally positive in terms of customer service but negative when it comes to describing the mattress’s properties.

According to one Joybed LX review, heavy-set sleepers take more pleasure in the Joybed LX mattress as the coils adjust more to their shape. Other customers maintain that the mattress is either too firm or the coils are easily felt and contribute to the overall discomfort.


Before buying a mattress, look over the following comparison to see which mattress caters to your preferences:

Joybed vs Saatva

Both mattresses are quite firm and a bit bouncy. Similar to the Joybed LXP, the Saatva mattress has two layers of coils with the second level made from tempered steel coils that prevent sagging. Its thin layer of memory foam placed laterally along the standard pillow-top makes it more adaptive to your body’s contours than the Joybed mattresses.

Joybed vs Avocado

Joybed mattresses are comparable to Avocado mattresses in terms of their natural materials, innerspring coil system, and firmness level. Unlike Joybed mattresses, Avocado mattresses contain latex that gives more bounce on the top of the bed. On the downside, Avocado mattresses are less affordable and offer only a 100-night sleep trial.

Joybed vs Awara

Awara offers a three times longer trial period than Joybed. Awara mattresses have memory foam below the cotton-and-wool top layer and consist of individually wrapped coils arranged in 5 zones. As a result, it is quite responsive, has even pressure distribution, and offers good pressure relief at the hips and shoulders. Pricewise, Joybed mattress price reviews consider Joybed mattresses as more convenient for budget-conscious sleepers.


Good responsiveness, plenty of bounciness, balanced firmness, breathable materials, and good edge support are just some of the features that will convince you that the Joybed mattress is definitely worth trying. It is ideal for combo sleepers and for all sleeping positions depending on the model. Every Joybed Luxury Plush review points to the medium-plush mattress version for petite bodies while the other versions fit for all body types.


What is a Joybed mattress made of?

All Joybed mattresses are categorized as 99% natural, as they are made of cotton, wool, and plant fibers depending on the model. They all have a base of steel innerspring coils. The mattress is latex-free and possesses neither high-density foam nor other gel-infused foams. Yet, there is a speck of poly material used to wrap the individually pocketed coils, bottom-side dust barrier, and backing layers.

How long does a Joybed mattress last?

The usual mattress replacement cycle is 7-10 years provided that it is well looked after, i.e. the mattress is supported by a box spring and protected by a mattress protector/topping to avoid potential mildew growth and lumpiness. The reviews in this respect are scarce but considering that the coils of an innerspring mattress loosen over time, and do so even faster if used by heavy-set sleepers, the mattress might need to be replaced within 7-8 years.

Is a Joybed mattress good for couples?

Joybed is suitable for sound-sleeping couples because the mattress has a significant bounce, and motion transfer is medium to high. The proper edge support makes it perfect for co-sleepers because it provides even weight distribution and couples enjoy every inch of “their” side of the mattress. That said, light sleepers may need a mattress with better motion isolation.

Does the Joybed mattress offer a sleep trial?

Joybed considers 120 nights to be enough for the body to adjust to the new mattress and diminish the probability of triggering adverse effects such as spinal, back, lower back, or muscular pain. If you realize the mattress is not right for you within the 120-sleeps free trial, you can return it. There is a $139 processing fee once you schedule the mattress pick-up from your home, and according to other Joybed mattress reviews, you don’t need to re-box it.


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