• COST: $650 - $3,270
  • TRIAL: 100-night trial
  • WARRANTY: 10-year limited warranty
  • SHIPPING: Free in the the 48 contiguous U.S.
  • SIZE: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • MATERIAL: Cushion: Polyethylene 100% Outer Cover: Polyester 100% Inner Cover: Modacrylic 60%, Glass Fiber 40%

2022 Airweave Mattress Review, Pros & Cons (Analysed)

  • COST: $650 - $3,270
  • TRIAL: 100-night trial
  • WARRANTY: 10-year limited warranty
  • SHIPPING: Free in the the 48 contiguous U.S.
  • SIZE: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • MATERIAL: Cushion: Polyethylene 100% Outer Cover: Polyester 100% Inner Cover: Modacrylic 60%, Glass Fiber 40%

Best For

Ease of Movement


  • Airfiber mattress core
  • Reflexive pressure relief
  • Sustainable materials
  • Optional firmness tempering top cover
  • Transparent about how the mattress is made


  • Firm support over a soft bed
  • New feel as compared to the traditional one

We spend plenty of time in our beds, and that is why it’s essential to pick a mattress that offers both comfort and solid support. With the high scores and positive Airweave mattress customer reviews, the single-layer back support invented by Motokuni Takaoka in 2007 pushed the company up through the oversaturated market. The Airweave has caught the public attention by developing a unique core material similar to a fishing net and using it in all its products.

Suppose you are reading this Airweave Mattress review hoping to find a mattress with the right level of firmness, cushiony feeling, pressure relief, and cooler sleeping experience. In that case, you will find Airweave’s products of interest.

In this Airweave review, we’ll look at the following factors:

  • Airweave Mattress Overview
  • Pricing and Value for Money
  • Customer Testimonials and Airweave Mattress Review
  • Pros and Cons

Airweave Mattress Details

Airweave mattresses consist of a thick washable polyester cover, an optional soft layer in the middle, which helps temper the product’s firmness, and the company’s unique Airfiber core beneath it. The 3rd layer looks like an intertwined mass of plastic strings that creates firm support. The space between the threads makes it naturally breathable and results in excellent temperature regulation. Thickness: 2 layers of 3.9″ Airfiber (7.8″ total), with the cover: 8.5″.

The Airweave offers four mattresses:

  1. New Airweave Mattress: The Airfiber core layer is 100% polyethylene made out of non-toxic plastic. There is an optional pillow-top layer that adds plushness while you enjoy the supportive and breathable comfort.
  2. New Airweave Mattress Advanced: It is a luxury extra firm mattress that offers an ergonomic fit for every body type. The edge support is excellent and makes the whole surface area of the bed usable. The Airweave MattressFit technology promises pain-free mornings.
  3. Airweave Top Mattress: The topper gives extra support and improves body temperature while you sleep. Thanks to its extra firm and cooling features, it is the best top mattress for spine alignment without hot spots that most mattresses project.
  4. Airweave Top Mattress Luxe: Many customers choose top lux due to back and joint pain release and advanced motion isolation. This luxury topper is a perfect choice for side sleepers. It has a 2-sided cover, one for warm and the other for cold weather.

Airweave Pricing & Discounts

The company offers two different models and two top mattresses. The prices will differ according to the size and model. The toppers cost less as they can go over your old bed, tempering its quality, temperature, and firmness.

  • New Airweave Mattress – Twin $1,400, Twin XL $1,540, Full $1,670, Queen $1,810, King $2,100, and Cal King $2,100;
  • New Airweave Mattress Advanced – Twin $2,180, Twin XL $2,360, Full $2,630, Queen $2,180, King $3,270, and Cal King $3,270;
  • Airweave Top Mattress: Twin $650, Twin XL $670, Full $760, Queen $830, King $940, and Cal King $940;
  • Airweave Top Mattress Luxe: Twin $760, Twin XL $800, Full $880, Queen $980, King $1,260, and Cal King $1,260;

The company offers discounts and special offers that can include up to $400 off a purchase. All the models that will be discontinued are currently on discount.

You can add Airweave Futon ($920 – $1,330) to your purchase or the Top Mattress Luxe ($760 – $1,260). Airweave offers other products, including seat cushions, Airweave portable topper, duvet, and dog beds, all at affordable prices.

Shipping & Return Policies

With Airweave, the shipping is free to all domestic customers. It will take up to 14 business days to deliver the product to your door. The optional $40 White Glove Delivery is available at checkout on the website. In case you want the team to remove the old mattress for you and set up the new one in the room of your choice, mark the service while purchasing the product. The standard size packages are shipped either by USPS, FedEx, or UPS and will take less time to receive according to Airweave mattress review feedback.

If you wish to return your Airweave product, you can do so by contacting support via support@airweave.us and providing your purchase information. The company’s policies differ depending on the item purchased. Find more details about the return policy here. The average Airweave return review confirms that it is possible to exchange the product you purchased for another model or size.

Customer Service

In case of any issues with the product, you can contact customer service via phone at 800-407-1500 from Monday to Friday during regular business hours. You can reach the team through an online message center or via live chat from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday. Any questions you may have about the shipment, product details, or return policy, visit the FAQ section on the website.

Pros Cons
Airfiber mattress core Firm support over a soft bed
Optional firmness tempering top cover New feel as compared to the traditional one
Transparent about how the mattress is made
Reflexive pressure relief
Sustainable materials

Airweave Mattress Reviews and Testimonials

The Airweave is continuously growing thanks to innovative ideas and honest customers’ feedback.

The products are highly rated and widely recognized due to the sustainable materials and exceptional product quality. It has hundreds of online reviews and has built up an outstanding reputation in the mattress industry.

According to Airweave mattress online reviews, its proprietary technology promises recovery during sleep with its high rebound & resilience factors. The customers agree that the Airweave mattress is the cleanest option for bedding, with no chance of dust mites and mildew growth. Customers with allergies or asthma appreciate it because of the 100% washable outer cover. The inner core is made out of a food-grade, non-toxic plastic that can be rinsed with cool water and mild detergent or quickly disinfected with ethyl alcohol.

Loyal customers talk about the relief they get for lower back pressure, aches & pains, and improved sleep quality because of improved spinal alignment. The Airweave mattress online reviews testify that the mattresses allow airflow through the material which eliminates the common problem of annoying hot spots that most beds generate.

The firm, supportive feel of Airfiber maintains the body’s natural posture better than memory foam used by other companies. Some people may not appreciate it if they are looking for a softer feeling mattress. According to the Airweave mattress firmness review feedback, 70% of Airweave customers choose the company due to back and joint pain relief technology. The positive and detailed online reviews are the reason why the company attracts many new customers. Its loyal customers say that the comfort and support are worth the money.


Airweave Mattress vs Purple

The Purple mattresses are lightweight as well, thanks to the purple polymer. The most significant difference between the companies is that Purple has a smart grid technology to keep the mattress cool during sleep. However, we are still talking about a memory foam product that you will avoid if you prefer firm support. The price range is $599-$1,598, which is less affordable than the Airweave mattresses when it comes to larger bed sizes.

Airweave Mattress vs Dreamcloud

Dreamcloud offers pillow top hybrid mattresses. Pocketed coils and high-density foam provide solid support for sleepers. However, it is not as sustainable as the Airweave and cannot be compared with its revolutionary materials. The most significant difference is the 365-day trial period, which some customers appreciate. The price range is $799-$1,599.

Wrap Up

There are many factors that might be preventing you from getting the best sleep possible, such as a sinking mattress or a restless partner’s movement felt due to your mattress’s high motion transfer. According to the feedback we gathered for our Airweave review, the beds offer ease of movement and a decent motion transfer level through the highly resilient support material.

Customers agree that the mattresses’ naturally breathable design provides natural airflow and helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep, without any hot spots. The Airfiber material can significantly lower your temperature during summer compared to memory foam.

Airweave started the sleep technology revolution worldwide. The resin fiber used to create fishing lines makes up the core layer of the Airweave mattress. The Airfiber material helps you move easily, distributes weight evenly, allowing for a deeper, more restful sleep.

The Airweave is eco-friendly by design. While manufacturing, the company’s waste of material is minimum. The inner core material is made of safe materials, which are suitable for recycling. Another advantage is that the products are very lightweight.

All in all, the Airweave mattress is worth the money. It is even possible to purchase replacement parts rather than throwing away your old bed or buying an entirely new one. One definite conclusion you can take from our Airweave mattress review is that this option is a great deal both for your wallet and the environment.