• Firewall: 4/5
  • Antivirus: 5/5
  • Extreme Security NextGen: 5/5
  • Free Version: 4/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Customer Support: 4/5
  • Customer Satisfaction: 3/5

2022's ZoneAlarm Review: Features, Prices & More

  • Firewall: 4/5
  • Antivirus: 5/5
  • Extreme Security NextGen: 5/5
  • Free Version: 4/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Customer Support: 4/5
  • Customer Satisfaction: 3/5

Best For

Secure web browsing experience


  • Offers safe web browsing and identity protection
  • Comprehensive free plans
  • Mobile Security


  • Not compatible with macOS and Linux

In this ever-evolving technological age, ensuring your computer and personal data stay safe is a top priority. So typically, when we look for a security software company, those with the most experience are always among the favorites, and this is exactly what ZoneAlarm is, a veteran.

That is just one of many reasons why you might consider ZoneAlarm. However, each cyber protection tool comes with its perks and downsides, which is why this ZoneAlarm review will aim to capture both the good and bad and let you make the last call.

Let’s begin.

What Is ZoneAlarm?

ZoneAlarm was launched way back in 1997 and has ever since been a mainstay among the top cyber protection providers within the antivirus/firewall community. Backed by Check Point, this internet security tool aims to protect users’ PC and mobile devices from different types of cyberattacks such as identity theft, phishing, and ransomware.

The security tools ZoneAlarm provides have been trusted by more than 100 million users worldwide. The protection it provides comes in different tiers (free and paid versions), each with a unique set of features. What’s more, both PC and mobile protection are available, with user ZoneAlarm reviews of its mobile security suite boasting the fact that the app has a minimal impact on their phone’s performance.

Although it lacks some essential features, such as a file shredder and password manager, the security tools it offers come with a robust design, yet they are easy to install and require no special IT skills. The best thing is that all of its protection suites are available to both small businesses and individuals.

Main Features

The features I will cover in this section differ based on which ZoneAlarm tier you opt for, and some, such as the Ransomware protection, can also be downloaded as standalone software.

I will first mention the protection products ZoneAlarm provides and discuss their performance, then move on to the features I found most impressive.


The antivirus can be purchased in combination with the firewall protection or downloaded for free as a separate product. I decided to follow the example of other ZoneAlarm antivirus reviews and test the free software. I found that users can run three types of on-demand scans (Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Full Scan with Archived Files).

What is more, the ZoneAlarm antivirus also offers customizable scanning, and users can scan in Smart Mode according to preset rules or choose to scan files upon opening or downloading.

Lab Tests

Though testing out the software yourself can help you learn much about its capabilities, lab results are performed on a variety of machines under rigorous conditions, and their results are more than reliable. Namely, the most recent lab tests of ZoneAlarm currently available come from AV-Test.

Based on these results, the ZoneAlarm antivirus displays more than a solid performance. Blocking 100% of zero-day attacks and 99.9% of threats in general, the results are above the industry average and on par with superb malware protection providers. However, according to the AV-Test results I examined for this ZoneAlarm antivirus review, installing applications while ZoneAlarm runs in the background takes significantly longer.


Now, let’s see how well ZoneAlarm performs when it comes to monitoring network traffic. Probably the biggest highlight of ZoneAlarm’s firewall is its OSFirewall technology which helps monitor both incoming and outgoing data. That prevents hackers from accessing your data and also stops them from leaving with your data in case they manage to get access.

Early Boot Protection is another ZoneAlarm firewall highlight; it protects your system even before the OS starts running and ensures both Wi-Fi protection and protection from zero-hour attacks. Additionally, this feature is especially important when it comes to connecting to public networks.

Extreme Security NextGen

As ZoneAlarm Extreme Security reviews point out, this is the company’s latest, most sophisticated software that offers advanced security features such as customizable web content filtering, enhanced threat emulation, and ransomware protection.

It also includes Real-Time DefenseNet Security, an Anti-KeyLogger, advanced mobile security, and ZoneAlarm’s antivirus and firewall technology.

Identity Protection

The identity protection ZoneAlarm offers guards your personal and private information. It sends out daily updates of your credit card report alerting you of any suspicious activity. That is a great way to prevent identity theft; however, the feature is limited to US users only.

Threat Emulation

While writing this ZoneAlarm extreme security review, I found this to be one of the most exceptional features this tool has to offer, as it allows users to test potentially malicious files in the cloud environment and see how they behave. What I like most about this feature is that it offers zero-day protection and also allows users to test files previously stored on their devices.


As a result of numerous customer reviews mentioning the lack of safe browsing features, back in 2020, ZoneAlarm introduced a Safe Search extension which is currently available only on Chrome.

The Safe Search extension is powered by the ThreadCloud database and becomes your default browser once installed.

The extension is designed to protect you against email scams and websites designed to trick you into sharing personal information. However, if you are looking for greater security, you can opt for an identity protection service that offers dark web monitoring and other similar security features.


The ZoneAlarm anti-ransomware software is designed to prevent attackers from encrypting your files and, in the case of an attack, can immediately recover your encrypted files.

While doing my research for this ZoneAlarm extreme security review, I found that the ransomware protection works great against ransomware such as Cerber, Petya, Locky, WannaCry, Bad Rabbit, and more. It is also compatible with antiviruses, firewalls, and other PC security software; however, it is not compatible with other Check Point Endpoint products.


I can say that ZoneAlarm’s accessibility is somewhat limited as it is only available to Windows 11/10 and 7 on PC and in no form for macOS and Linux users. However, on mobile, it is available both for Android and iOS users, and as I mentioned, its anti-phishing protection comes in the form of a Chrome extension.

Mobile Security

The Mobile Security app offered by ZoneAlarm provides quality protection, and it is entirely free to download. Users can then choose between a monthly or annual subscription. However, I recommend taking advantage of their free 7-day trial to see if the app makes a good fit.
Nonetheless, the app ensures that users have peace of mind no matter if they bank, shop, or use social media.

Customer reviews show that the app blocks software from gaining control over tools such as your camera and mic. Additionally, the app makes sure to scan all the apps you download and warns you if it detects malware.

Game Mode

The Game Mode feature is available on all ZoneAlarm tiers. As the name implies, this convenient feature is aimed at gamers. It makes sure there are no interruptions during the gaming session as it temporarily suspends all scheduled scans and automatic updates.

Feature Rating
Identity Protection 5/5
Threat Emulation 5/5
Anti-Phishing 4/5
Anti-Ransomware 5/5
Accessibility 4/5
Mobile Security 5/5
Game Mode 5/5

Ease of Use

Reading through various ZoneAlarm reviews and going through the process myself, I concluded that before you decide to buy or install one of ZoneAlarm’s free versions, it is always best to check the installation requirements.

The installation process for the security products ZoneAlarm offers is straightforward and uncomplicated. As the official site states, users can choose between a Custom or a Quick Instal and several language options, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

When it comes to software usability, although the ZoneAlarm UI looks a bit outdated, it doesn’t fall short in functionality in any way.

ZoneAlarm User Interface

Though it might not seem fashionable, the features are all just one or two clicks away.

While writing this ZoneAlarm antivirus review, I learned that scans are just as easily accessible as any other feature, and just a single click on the tab located in the upper right corner reveals a dropdown window of all the scans available.

Pricing and Plans

As already mentioned, ZoneAlarm offers free and paid trials as well. The ZoneAlarm firewall, antivirus, and SafeSearch browser extension are available for free, while the paid versions of their security products all have a trial version.

Its pricing plans differ based on the number of devices you’d like to protect and the length of the subscription plan.

Plan Number of Devices Price
ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Available for up to 50 PCs 1 PC / 1 year


ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall NextGen Available for up to 50 PCs 1 PC / 1 year


ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware Available for up to 10 PCs 1 PC / 1 year


ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen Available for up to 50 devices (Windows/Android/iOS) 1 device / 1 year


None of the reviews we went through seemed to mention any guarantee or refund issues. However, the business is not BBB accredited, and no complaints are available.
That being said, on its official site, ZoneAlarm also boasts a 30-day return policy and a virus-free guarantee.

Customer Support

You can reach ZoneAlarm’s customer support either through the live chat feature or by submitting a request through its official website. Its representatives are available 24 hours Monday–Friday, and 8 am–5 pm PST on weekends.

One of the many things I liked about ZoneAlarm is that in its “Support” section, users can browse each product separately and find details about its setup, subscription, or related problems.

Testimonials that revolve around ZoneAlarm’s customer support report that its teams are responsive and easy to get a hold of. However, customer care representatives were often not able to help users with their problems as many customers failed to check the requirements before downloading one of the packages.


Similarly to ZoneAlarm, there are plenty of other companies that offer cyber security products both for individuals and businesses.

In the table below, I will showcase how ZoneAlarm compares to some of the best-performing protection software on the market.

Alternatives ZoneAlarm Avast

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Avast review


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Glass Wire 

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Win Free plans offer quality security Compatible with macOS and Linux Perfect score on protection lab test results Better visual monitoring tools
Lose No recent lab test (last test was conducted back in 2019) Pricier plans A great number of features are price locked The Elite plan is available only for up to 10 devices
Best For Those looking for a comprehensive free plan and quality security Businesses looking for a basic, robust antivirus Individuals and small businesses looking for a reliable malware tool Individuals looking for  quality monitoring and security tools

If you take a look at ZoneAlarm antivirus reviews, you will learn that although the software cannot be found on the lab test lists in recent years, it still enjoys great popularity among users and stacks up well compared to some of the top antivirus software providers.

ZoneAlarm Review: Conclusion

ZoneAlarm aims to provide a secure web browsing experience with its Safe Search extension while also protecting private and personal data with its ransomware and identity protection features. One of the few downsides about this software is that it’s not available to macOS and Linux users, and I would also like to see more recent lab-test results of its performance in the near future.

Though ZoneAlarm, like any other security suite, has room for improvement, it is definitely a security software everyone should consider.


Is ZoneAlarm safe?

Although reviews and complaints are scarce, from what I gathered in my research, the software is entirely safe to use. However, users should always ensure they meet the system requirements as noted on the ZoneAlarm official site, as not meeting the standards can result in performance issues.

Is ZoneAlarm good?

Although the lab-test results date back to 2019, in no way does this defeat the fact that ZoneAlarm’s antimalware protection is almost impeccable. Considering the fact that the free tiers ZoneAlarm offers also feature solid cybersecurity, we can say it makes a good choice for anyone looking for reliable security software.


How good is ZoneAlarm antivirus?

How good is one security software depends mainly on your needs and the type of protection you are looking for. The ZoneAlarm antivirus effectively keeps your PC data safe from all kinds of malware attacks and can boast a high protection score on its latest lab test results.

As I already mentioned in this ZoneAlarm review, besides ensuring a safe browsing experience and offering protection from different malicious attacks, the free versions of ZoneAlarm’s firewall and antivirus also come with wireless network protection, real-time updates, and customizable scans.


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