• Diamond Variety: 4/5
  • Quality : 4/5
  • Shopping Experience : 5/5
  • Pricing : 5/5
  • Customer Support : 4/5
  • Customer Satisfaction: 4/5

2022's James Allen Reviews of Products

  • Diamond Variety: 4/5
  • Quality : 4/5
  • Shopping Experience : 5/5
  • Pricing : 5/5
  • Customer Support : 4/5
  • Customer Satisfaction: 4/5

Best For

Those looking for a wide selection of both natural and lab-created diamonds


  • A wide range of both natural and lab-created diamonds
  • Virtual Try-On feature


  • Handcrafted rings often have a delayed shipping

If you’ve come across the name James Allen, you must’ve been looking for jewelry of quality and value, as this is exactly what this company offers. We went through numerous James Allen reviews to give you an honest representation of the jewelry this e-commerce store promotes.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about this brand and its products to ensure you know what to expect from the buying experience. We’ll also compare James Allen to some of its alternatives and mention its perks and benefits.

Let’s dig in!

James Allen Overview

As the company itself puts it, James Allen is only a few years shy of marking a decade on the market. Established by Dean Lederman, Michele Sigler, James Schlutz, and Oded Elderman back in 2006, the jewelry company is now famous as one of the largest privately held online retailers.

As one James Allen jewelry review shows, what sets this store apart from others is that rather than providing pre-made options only, it also offers customizable engagement rings. And if you’re questioning the authenticity of the diamonds used for its rings, rest assured James Allen has all the needed diamond certificates. The diamonds are all conflict-free and photographed in 360° HD.

Main Features

As there’s definitely a lot to tell about the James Allen company, in this section we’ll talk about the company’s key features in greater detail.

Diamond Shapes and Cuts

During our James Allen diamonds review, we noticed the company offers both earth-created and lab-created diamonds, all available in standard cuts including oval, round, pearl, heart, princess, cushion, emerald, marquise, asscher, and radiant. However, keep in mind that the stock varies over time.


On the official James Allen site, you’ll find the company offers around 5,000 earth-created fancy color diamonds and more than 60,000 lab-created color diamonds. There are options available both for those who prefer vivid colors and those looking for a stone with just a hint of color.

One thing we especially like is that you can easily find your color preference by adjusting the color intensity as you browse through the catalog.

Diamond Quality

As we mentioned above in our James Allen diamonds review, the quality of its diamonds is guaranteed—all of the 500,000 diamonds available are AGS, GIA, and IGI-graded. However, one of the best things about the catalog is that all the diamonds vary in clarity, carat, color, and cut, and customers can choose the one that best fits their budget.

Ring Metals

When you visit the James Allen site, you’ll find it offers customers the option to Shop By Metal. Its offerings are fairly standard, including 14k to 18k yellow and white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Once you open the metal settings, you’ll also see a $50 to $25,000 price range to help you align your browsing with your budget.

True Hearts Collection

True Hearts diamonds are of superior cut quality and have exceptional light performance. According to James Allen ring reviews, the extra money you’d pay for this collection is worth it for the precision cut and perfect symmetry these diamonds display.

True Heart diamonds are in fact Hearts and Arrows diamonds—if you position one of these diamonds face up, you’ll notice the arrows, while the heart pattern is visible when they’re laid face down.

Design Your Own Ring

Unlike many other strictly pre-made online retailers, James Allen allows customers to create a ring of their own. All you have to do is visit the official site and navigate to the “Diamond” section, where you can find the “Design Your Own Engagement Ring” option.

  • The Ring Studio

In the James Allen Ring Studio, you can select the type of head, ring metal, style, and size you’d like for your ring. According to James Allen ring reviews, customers can experiment and style the ring they’d like to purchase with the help of real-life images and videos available on screen. This provides great flexibility, and although James Allen rings are mainly used as proposal rings, you can curate one as a gift for your bestie or a retirement gift for your parents.

Virtual Try-On

In an attempt to provide greater transparency of its services, James Allen has introduced the Virtual try-on feature. This gives customers an opportunity to see how different ring styles look on their finger and even share pictures with friends and family to get their opinion.


As you might expect, for those browsing through countless diamond rings while planning a proposal, the package it arrives in is just as important as the ring itself. And this is another thing we’ll applaud in this James Allen review.

All rings are packed in an elegant keepsake ring box with a red exterior and white interior. The ring box arrives at the center of a white and silver box along with the GIA, AGS, IGI, and appraisal certificate, the guarantee, and a cleaning cloth.

Saving Opportunities

If you’re looking for a more affordable engagement ring, you can look around the lab-created diamond collection. Additionally, James Allen also offers frequent giveaways and discounts on all its rings.

If you’re on the lookout for an earth-created diamond, you can make use of the “Design Your Own Ring” option. The simplest thing you might do is compromise on the diamond’s clarity.

According to one James Allen jewelry review, you don’t need to splurge on a flawless diamond, as you can opt for an eye-clean diamond with flaws ranging from the VVS level down to SI1, which are invisible to the naked eye. Understanding the diamond clarity chart can be very beneficial, but if this is too confusing for you, you can always talk to one of James Allen’s professionals.

Best Selling Engagement Rings

Now, let’s take a closer look at the to-go choices for most buyers and what makes these options stand out from the rest:

  • Round Split Band Halo Engagement Ring

This Halo Engagement ring features a VS2–SI1 average quality. It offers a stunning halo at the center of which you can place a diamond or gemstone of your choice.

Halo Engagement ring

Source: James Allen

There are plenty of on-site James Allen engagement rings reviews in which customers mention they designed their ring themselves and go on to include photos sharing their happiest “she said yes” moments.

  • Bezel Set Pavé Engagement Ring

Customers can browse between 0.51 carat 1.5 -carat diamond examples with the Bezel. This ring, which has an average VS2–SI1 clarity, is a beautiful mix of glitter pave and sleek lines, and may be custom designed to fit fancy-shaped diamonds.

Bezel Set Pavé Engagement Ring

Source: James Allen

  • Angled Common Prong Diamond Eternity Ring

This elegant jewelry piece features round-cut diamonds with common prongs the size and number of which may vary depending on the ring in question. It comes with a VS1–VS2 average clarity and F to G color.

Angled Common Prong Diamond Eternity Ring

Source: James Allen

One thing that caught our eye is that unlike many online businesses, James Allen doesn’t try to hide or get rid of low-rating reviews, although you won’t find many James Allen negative reviews. As for the eternity ring, we only came across a few disappointed customers.

Feature Rating
Shapes and Cuts  4/5
Colors 5/5
Quality  4/5
Ring Metals 4/5
True Hearts Collection  5/5
The Ring Studio  5/5
Virtually Try-On 5/5
Packaging 5/5
Saving Opportunities  4/5

Shopping Experience at James Allen

James Allen offers an Education Center, giving potential customers the opportunity to learn the basics before shopping for rings. The articles in this section offer information on everything from the anatomy of a diamond to how to care for one.

This gives customers a basic understanding and equips them with enough knowledge to move on to James Allen’s Ring Studio and design the ring they’d like. James Allen jewelry reviews prove customers find the site easy to use and navigate, and are overall satisfied by how reliable and professional this company is.

James Allen select style

Source: James Allen

  • What sets the company apart from the competition is its detail-oriented approach. In the Ring Studio, customers can select the style of the shank and head of their ring, choose between different types of metal, adjust the ring purview, and more.
  • Extra customization features such as Super Zoom and images and videos of all the diamonds are also available on the website.
  • Customers can also click on a picture to manipulate the angle and take a look at the diamond diagram cut and its actual size on the finger, and find additional details in the section below the pictures.

James Allen super zoom

Source: James Allen

  • While styling the ring, customers can also keep track of the price and make changes accordingly to keep the ring within their budget.

Nonetheless, if all this seems a bit overwhelming, customers always have the option of choosing one of the pre-made rings James Allen offers.


As we mentioned previously throughout our James Allen ring review, prices vary largely based on the ring material and diamond or gemstone you choose.

In the table below, we’ll give you an overview of how much some of James Allen’s best sellers might cost:

Product  Design Price 
Round Split Band Halo Engagement Ring  14K White Gold

Diamond Shape Round

Bezel Set Pavé Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

Diamond Shape Round

Angled Common Prong Diamond Eternity Ring  14K Yellow Gold

Diamond Shape: Round


Customers may make payments using their Visa and American Express credit cards (or other major credit cards) or via Paypal. James Allen’s wire transfer option comes with a 1.5% discount, and it’s the preferred way for international purchases above $20,000.

Although we couldn’t find any James Allen financing reviews, the company website advertises a James Allen Special Financing option. However, if you want to pay the full price all at once but are on a budget, you can always try selling belongings to make a quick buck or find things you can pawn to get the necessary funds.

Customer Support

The customer support team is available 24/7, and can be reached by phone at 1-877 826 9866, via chat, or by email at service@jamesallen.com.
What puts James Allen’s customer support a cut above the rest is its Real-Time Diamond Inspection service, which offers customers help from the company’s experts to review the diamond of their choice and its attributes.


Although all top online jewelry retailers seemingly have a lot in common, they each have their unique qualities and are best suited for a certain type of shopper.

In this section of our James Allen ring review, we’ll compare James Allen’s services to those of its main competitors:

Alternatives  James Allen  Blue Nile  Brilliant Earth  Clean Origin
Win The most transparent shopping experience  Affordable options  Temporary mounting option  100-day return policy 
Lose  Customer complaints of delayed shipping  Lack of images on the website Some lower carat diamonds are set at a higher price  No international shipping 
Best For  Those looking for a wide selection of both natural and lab-created diamonds  Those looking for a selection of high-quality classic diamond rings Socially conscious shoppers  Those looking for affordable lab-grown jewelry

James Allen offers the ultimate diamond shopping experience by providing clients with all the details they need, along with Real-Time Diamond Inspection professionals who can help clients find the ring they’re looking for.

James Allen Reviews: Conclusion

By reading through numerous James Allen customer reviews, we were able to better understand how James Allen operates and inspect if customers find its services reliable. From what we gathered, we may conclude this company offers a quality service with a responsive customer support team and one of the market’s greatest range of earth-created and lab-created diamond rings that can be styled to fit almost anyone’s budget.

To mark the end of our review, we’d also like to emphasize James Allen jewelry reviews mention not many jewelry services offer a lifetime warranty, but the James Allen company is one of the few that do.


Are James Alllen diamonds real?

The diamonds James Allen uses for its jewelry are all real—some are lab-created diamonds, while others are natural. On the company’s official site, you may choose which type you prefer when customizing or directly purchasing jewelry.

Where does James Allen ship from?

Although James Allen doesn’t officially disclose where it ships from, the company’s corporate offices are located in New York.

Is James Allen reputable?

Aside from being BBB-accredited and having an A+ rating, there are also plenty of James Allen reviews showing the business is legit. Of course, some customers aren’t satisfied with the service, but they make only a small portion.

Where are James Allen rings made?

The company hasn’t clearly outlined where its ring-making process takes place, but we’ve found in its FAQs section that it describes New York as the diamond district (the place where the company’s corporate offices are located).


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