• Trustpilot: 4.5/5
  • WP Beginner: 5/5
  • Who Is Hosting This?: 4.6/5
  • HostAdvice: 4.6/5
  • G2: 4.5/5

2022 Review of Liquid Web [Services, Pricing, Pros, Cons]

  • Trustpilot: 4.5/5
  • WP Beginner: 5/5
  • Who Is Hosting This?: 4.6/5
  • HostAdvice: 4.6/5
  • G2: 4.5/5

Best For

Great VPS Hosting


  • Nightly automatic plugin updates
  • Excellent customer service
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee


  • More expensive than other VPS hosting companies
  • No free email hosting

Liquid Web is a trusted hosting service provider that offers the perfect-fit hosting solution for your next project. Delivering 99.999% uptime and 24/7 customer service, the company has over 45,000 customers and 500,000 sites under management in 10 global data centers, providing a hassle-free hosting service—perfect for novice and expert website owners. The company also offers custom migrations, new server orders, and VPS hosting services.
With the number of high-rated hosting companies in the industry, our Liquid Web review should help you select the best provider available by presenting detailed features, plans, pricing, and more.

Liquid Web             

With such prominent brands as Motorola and The Home Depot using Liquid Web, the company proves to be a strong contender among hosting providers. Founded in 1997, the company boasts 45,000 customers in more than 150 countries. It also has over half a million sites under management. The Liquid Web family in the online content, commerce, and application industry includes Nexcess, iThemes, and Interworx.
Liquid Web reviews on customer service are highly rated. The company takes customer care very seriously, boasting a Most Helpful Humans in Hosting service with over 500 qualified and helpful customer representatives. And multiple communication channels are available 24/7/365 to support customers.
In addition, the company is transparent about who its executive leaders are—enhancing credibility by providing background information on all managers on the team via their website.

Product Features and Highlights

Our Liquid Web hosting reviews reveal that the company provides various products to help steer your website forward. Not only is it well known for being one of the best VPS hosting companies in the industry, but it also boasts the following products.

    • VPS, dedicated cloud servers, and VMware private cloud (for multi-site hosting)
    • WooCommerce hosting, Magento Cloud, VPS hosting, and managed WordPress (for sites, stores, and blogs)
    • Dedicated cloud servers and VMware private cloud (for resource-hungry apps)
    • Dedicated cloud servers and HIPAA hosting for healthcare (for compliance)
  • Private VPS parent and dedicated cloud servers (for reseller hosting companies)

The main features and highlights of these products include: 

Operating Systems

Liquid Web uses various operating systems to increase the speed of its servers, including CentOS7 (with or without cPanel), Windows 2012R2 and 2016, CentOS6, Debian 7 and 8, Fedora 24 and 25, Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04, Cloud Linux 6 and 7, and the cloud.

Infrastructure Types

For ultimate compatibility, Liquid Web offers private, public, cloud, and dedicated infrastructure types.

Quick Setup 

Our Liquid Web hosting review shows that speed and set up time are crucial aspects of any VPS hosting company. Depending on which product you choose, Liquid Web’s products can take as little as five to ten minutes to set up. The only product that takes a bit longer is the dedicated server, with an average 24 to 48 hours setup time.

An essential aspect of owning a website is considering future scaling; Liquid Web makes this possible via its one-click scaling features. The Dedicated Server Plan comes with a custom solution to scale your business to optimum potential.


Most backup drives are integrated into the server, while the Dedicated Server Plan comes with a built-in backup drive. Therefore it’s vital to find a hosting service that provides a safety net for all your valuable documents and files.

eCommerce Specific Integration

Liquid Web offers two eCommerce solutions to host your high-performing online shop: Managed WooCommerce and Magento Cloud. Both of these hosting plans perform productively under heavy traffic.
Our Liquid Web WooCommerce hosting review is highly positive. The partnership Liquid Web boasts with Recapture allows online shop businesses to take advantage of their innovative abandoned cart technology, as well as the 20 performance tests designed to help.

WordPress-Specific Hosting

Liquid Web is an excellent WordPress hosting company, which developed a platform using PHP 7, Nginx, specific configurations, and image compressions to ensure a fast and seamless online experience.
A great feature of the Managed WordPress plan is that plugin update tests are run automatically at night—provided by only a few WordPress hosting companies.

Storage Space

The WooCommerce plan alone offers up to 10 TB bandwidth, 800GB storage, and a capacity of up to 30 stores. In addition, the Dedicated Server Plan offers up to 4×480 GB SSD primary storage, 1x2TB SATA additional file storage, 15 TB bandwidth, 128GB RAM, and 1000 GB Acronis Cyber backups.

Liquid Web Hosting Plans and Pricing

Our Liquid Web review considered the following four plans.

  • Dedicated Hosting

The Dedicated Server Hosting Plan allows for the highest level of performance and security. Servers are available in the US central and western states of Michigan and Arizona, and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).
Note the following US prices:

Plan Intel Xeon 1230v6 Intel Xeon Gold 6226R (Single) Intel Xeon Gold 6226R (Dual)
GB RAM 16 32 64
SSD Primary Disk Space 2 x 240 GB 2 x 480 GB 2 x 480 GB
Bandwidth 5 TB 8 TB 8 TB
Monthly Price $199 $224.25 $374.25
  • VPS Hosting 

Managed VPS Hosting is quicker than Rackspace and AWS. In addition, with powerful root access, Liquid Web’s VPS Hosting plans are all cloud-based and compatible with Linux or Windows.

Plan Linux












vCPU 4 8 8 4 8 8
SSD Disk Space 100GB 150GB 200GB 100GB 150GB 200GB
Bandwidth 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB
cPanel InterWorx, cPanel Admin, Plesk Web Pro InterWorx, cPanel Admin, Plesk Web Pro InterWorx, cPanel Admin, Plesk Web Pro Plesk Onyx Plesk Onyx Plesk Onyx
Monthly Price $99 or
$25/24 mos.
$139 or
$35/24 mos.
$189 or
$95/24 mos.
$134 or
$54/24 mos.
$174 or
$74/24 mos.
$224 or
$149/24 mos.
  • WordPress Hosting

This review of Liquid Web hosting must include its WordPress plan, with automatic SSL certificates and daily backups, and secure data centers to store and protect all files and documentation.
Liquid Web has seven plans—ranging from beginner to professional—with 15-800GB storage, 2-10TB bandwidth, and up to 250 sites.

Spark Maker Designer Builder Producer Executive Enterprise
$19/mo. $79/mo. $109/mo. $149/mo. $299/mo. $549/mo. $999/mo.
  • WooCommerce Hosting

Delivered by Nexcess, the WooCommerce hosting plan is hosted on a cloud platform, built to perform at high speeds and manage heavy traffic.

Starter Creator Merchant Standard Growth Enterprise
$19/mo. $79/mo. $149/mo. $299/mo. $549/mo. $999/mo.

Some plans—such as Managed WooCommerce—include a 14-day free trial. Other plans and pricing options can be reviewed on Liquid Web’s product page.

Pros and Cons

Consider the following Liquid Web pros and cons.


  • Automatic daily backups stored for 30 days
  • Nightly automatic plugin updates
  • Various hosting plans
  • Migration services
  • Secure tech stack
  • Excellent customer service
  • High Performance
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee


  • No free email hosting
  • More expensive than other VPS hosting companies

Reviews of Liquid Web Hosting

Even though Liquid Web is over 20 years old, it has a substantial and credible presence online. Providing true transparency, the company has an entire page dedicated to reviews that anyone can check out.
Additionally, as a managed hosting provider, Liquid Web boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) score of 67, making it the most loved hosting provider in the industry, mainly due to its excellent customer care.
The following is a list of ratings from other Liquid Web reviews.

  • Trustpilot: 4.5/5 stars (439 reviews)
  • WP Beginner: 5/5
  • Who Is Hosting This?: 4.6/5 (88 reviews)
  • HostAdvice: 4.6/5 (162 votes)
  • G2: 4.5/5 (74 reviews)

Privacy and Security Policy

Liquid Web offers standard DDoS protection and ServerSecure advanced security protocols. Customers can add PCI compliance, Windows/Linux server protection, and a firewall for added security. In addition, customers can read its privacy policy (effective October 1, 2020) on its website.

Liquid Web Alternatives

Considering that Liquid Web is more expensive than other hosting providers, there are a couple alternatives to choose from.

  • Liquid Web vs SiteGround

Starting at only $6.99/mo., SiteGround is a much cheaper hosting option. Considering the number of extra features and high-speed tech Liquid Web offers, users decide between compromising speed over cost.

  • Liquid Web vs GoDaddy

GoDaddy has an entry-level plan that starts at only $1.00/mo., making it the perfect introductory hosting plan for those dabbling with online websites. Although GoDaddy is great for entry-level beginners looking for hosting, Liquid Web wins the race for its hosting options—our Liquid Web dedicated server review determined that it offers much more than cheaper hosting solutions.


Liquid Web is a hosting company perfect for every business size, as well as an excellent option for anyone who wishes to scale their business via a hassle-free and non-complex hosting company. In addition, the 99.999% uptime and high-rated expert customer service make Liquid Web a trusted and reliable hosting company to consider.
Whether you want to grow your eCommerce store, integrate your WordPress blog, or act as a reseller hosting company, Liquid Web has a product that will suit your needs.


Is Liquid Web safe?

One top Liquid Web FAQ is always about safety. Liquid Web has been in business with various security and privacy protocols to protect data.

What is the price of LiquidWeb?

Liquid Web has various hosting plans, ranging from $19 to $5,299/mo., depending on your hosting needs.

Why choose LiquidWeb?

Our Liquid Web review reveals that this company has high-quality integrations, combined with top-class customer service. All hosting plans are designed to help you grow from a small business to a large enterprise.