• Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Uptime Score: 9/10
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Number of Websites: Go Plan – Unlimited /WordPress – 1 to Unlimited

2022's Detailed iPage Reviews

  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Uptime Score: 9/10
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Number of Websites: Go Plan – Unlimited /WordPress – 1 to Unlimited

Best For

Those searching for a convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable hosting option


  • Budget-friendly
  • Beginner-friendly
  • 24/7 Customer support service
  • All-inclusive, unlimited shared hosting
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Only Linux hosting
  • High-renewal rates
  • Somewhat outdated hosting panel

Having been around for more than 20 years, iPage is one of the hosting providers with the longest track record. Today, it’s a web host that’s mainly known for its one-size-fits-all Go hosting plan that comes with all the basics, plus unlimited resources.

iPage is aimed mostly at hosting newcomers and those who want a convenient, all-in-one hosting solution. In this in-depth breakdown, we’ll assess all the most important aspects of this popular hosting provider, including iPage reviews, so that you can decide if it’s the right host for you.

We’ll cover:

  • What iPage is
  • Features
  • Hosting Plans
  • Pros and Cons
  • Customer Reviews
  • Privacy and Security Policy
  • Alternatives
  • FAQs

What Is iPage?

Going back as far as 1998, iPage is one of the first mainstream web hosting providers that’s still around today. It’s a privately held company operating out of Arizona USA with hosting facilities in two locations spread across the globe.

iPage has continued to grow in popularity over the years, currently hosting more than 1 million websites on its platform. It’s known for its affordable pricing across different types of hosting services, from basic shared hosting to dedicated servers.

For our iPage hosting review, the first thing we’ll cover are the top features iPage has to offer.

iPage Main Features

In general, iPage’s goal is to make hosting as effortless and affordable for its customers as possible. Typically, it somewhat compromises on the aesthetics to provide value-for-money services and convenience.

Its features reflect this, with iPage offering many tools and services you’d usually need to purchase elsewhere to host a website.

Although it would’ve been nice to get it as a standard feature, iPage offers site backup services at an additional cost, starting at $2.27/mo.

Unlimited Packages for Shared Hosting

One of iPage’s most attractive features is its unlimited shared hosting package, Go. This plan comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth, which is great for entry-level hosting users who want to grow their online presence without hard limits. According to reviews on iPage, this is one of the main reasons customers are attracted to this hosting provider.

That being said, these resources—especially bandwidth—are subject to fair usage policies, but that’s standard for unlimited hosting. You also get everything else you need to host a site, including a free domain (for the first year), SSL certificate, email address, and website builder.

Web Builder

iPage’s no-code website builder is a beginner-friendly way to create a website without professional development or design experience. The built-in website builder is included in all iPage pricing plans.

However, don’t expect this website builder to deliver any award-winning website designs or have the same advanced site builder tools as some of the top or even the affordable website builders.

In our iPage website builder review, we found it to be a straightforward tool with a selection of ready-made templates and straightforward drag-and-drop design tools. However, at least it does make it extremely easy for anyone to create their own website in no-time.

eCommerce Functionality

Sure, you can build your own eCommerce website from scratch or use WordPress + WooCommerce, but if you just want the basics to sell goods or accept payments, iPage has you covered. The website builder features some ready-made online store templates with basic PayPal integration, and even a shopping cart as well as integration with an email marketing platform.

However, reviews for iPage web hosting are somewhat mixed in this regard—while some praise the availability of beginner-friendly eCommerce tools, others are disappointed in the lack of depth of capabilities. Overall, if this is your main focus, you’ll be able to find better eCommerce hosting elsewhere.

Domain Registration

iPage is also a domain registrar, so you don’t have to buy a domain from another service and connect it to your iPage account. Domains are also free for the first year (except for the free Starter plan), and you can buy Privacy Protection at an additional cost.

This level of convenience is somewhat of a theme throughout our iPage web hosting review. iPage offers all the most typical domain extensions, such as .org, .com, .net, .io, etc., with affordable pricing, usually under $10/year.

SSL Certificates

All iPage’s hosting packages come with a free shared SSL certificate. Although this is good enough for most websites, you might want to upgrade to a premium, dedicated SSL certificate if your website becomes popular or handles sensitive information.

The good news is, you can also buy premium Comodo SSL certificates directly from iPage, as it sells basic single-domain, wildcard, and eCommerce SSL certificates and helps you set them up on your hosting plan. In general, security is one of the main pros highlighted in reviews of iPage web hosting.

SiteLock Security

SiteLock is popular website security and monitoring solution. Although you can buy it directly from the vendor, iPage offers SiteLock at highly discounted rates if purchased along with its hosting, allowing you to save as much as 80%. Even if you don’t purchase SiteLock, iPage uses a very basic version of it to provide some additional security to all its hosting customers.

Google Workspace Business Email

iPage used to offer business email addresses with its hosting at extra cost, but this has been changed since to provide integration with Google Workspace. It costs the same as buying Workspace directly from Google, but it makes it a bit easier to link your business email with your hosting domain.

iPage Hosting Plans

It wouldn’t be a proper iPage hosting review if we only looked at its Go plan, as iPage offers a wide range of hosting packages and related services. However, we’ll focus on the three types listed below, as they’re usually the most interesting to those looking for hosting:

  • Web hosting
  • WordPress (WP) hosting
  • Website builder

Web Hosting

What makes iPage somewhat unique is that it offers a single, all-inclusive hosting plan, whereas most other hosts divide their shared hosting into packages with different limits, features, and pricing. Combined with it being unlimited, this means you only need a single hosting plan until you decide to upgrade to VPS hosting.

Features Go plan
Price $1.99–$2.99/month
Number of websites Unlimited
SSL certificate Yes
Domain Yes
Email address Yes
Website builder Yes (Starter version is free, paid versions to cost $6.99–$12.99/month)
Support service Yes, 24/7

Because your website design capabilities will be very limited with the Starter site builder license, some might view the pricing as somewhat misleading—for a full breakdown and iPage website builder review, you should check out the website. However, even with the two added together, it’s still quite affordable for unlimited hosting.

WP Hosting

iPage’s WordPress hosting is equally all-inclusive as shared hosting, although it’s divided into two different packages. The only real reason to upgrade is if you want to host more websites under the same account or feel that you need improved security. All in all, the pricing is still very affordable for a WordPress hosting service, and the pre-installed plugins add some extra value.

Features WP Starter WP Essential
Price $3.75/month $6.95/month
Number of websites 1 Unlimited
SSL certificate Yes Yes
Domain Yes, free for 1st year Yes, free for 1st year
Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic malware removal No Yes
24/7 WP Support Yes, 24/7 Yes, 24/7
SiteLock professional security No Yes
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Pre-installed themes & plugins Yes Yes

Website Builder

Although most iPage hosting reviews are about its shared hosting, iPage also offers a beginner-friendly and an affordable website builder with a free option. Like iPage’s other services, the pricing is fairly transparent and easy to understand:

Features Starter Business eCommerce
Price Free $6.99/month  $12.99/month
Web Pages Up to 6 Unlimited Unlimited
Features -SEO tools

-24/7 customer support

-Revision History

-Analytics integration

-Sell products

-Inventory management and tracking

-Paypal integration

-Offer coupons and discounts

One thing you have to be careful of are iPage’s renewal rates—although the hosting plans are usually competitively priced for the first term, the renewal rates typically cost 3–4 times more, which can shock you if you’re unaware of them. From looking at some iPage customer reviews, it’s clear that some have fallen into this trap. That being said, the renewal rates themselves are not much more expensive than alternative unlimited hosting.

Unfortunately, iPage no longer seems to be actively offering VPS services to new customers, so, if you’re outgrowing your shared hosting and you’re looking for a VPS host, check out our list of top VPS hosting providers.

iPage Customer Reviews

As a longstanding and popular hosting provider, there are huge numbers of customer reviews of iPage. Although it generally receives high ratings from expert industry reviewers, feedback from the public is more mixed. It averages at 3.6 stars on TrustPilot from 233 reviews, 5/10 on TrustRadius, and a 3.9/5 rating from G2.

Some of the good things users have to say about iPage are that the initial prices are extremely affordable and the customer support attentive. Unsurprisingly, there are also some negative iPage reviews and complaints about the high renewal rates and the somewhat outdated interface.

Privacy and Security Policy

You can read iPage’s privacy policy in full on the Newfold Digital website. It’s a fairly standard privacy notice that states iPage gathers all information you provide, including financial information and automatic traffic tracking data. It also reserves the right to share this information with other entities in the organization, third-party service providers, business partners, and authorities.

iPage has some privacy and security measures in place—all users get free SSL encryption, and you can also purchase domain privacy at extra cost.


To help you make up your mind about iPage, let’s see how it compares to some of its most popular competitors:

Wins Loses Best for
iPage vs Hostgator

Read our full review of HostGator here

iPage has a better track record of availability. HostGator offers a wider range of more scalable hosting packages. Owners of growing websites who want their plan to scale with their needs.
iPage vs Godaddy iPage offers better built-in security tools. The iPage interface is more outdated and not as user-friendly as GoDaddy’s. More feature-rich WordPress hosting.

The one thing that makes iPage stand out from its competitors is its one-size-fits-all shared hosting package. iPage might not have the most advanced features or the widest range of hosting options, but it provides all the basics in straightforward packages that are suitable for those new to hosting.


iPage is a convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable hosting option for shared or WordPress hosting. Their all-in-one hosting packages come with most of what you need to host a website, without having to use multiple vendors. Most iPage reviews agree this makes it a great option for anyone who’s new to hosting and not necessarily looking for any cutting-edge technologies.


How good is iPage web hosting?

In most respects, iPage is a solid web hosting provider. It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and has a fairly good track record when it comes to performance and uptime.

Is iPage a good hosting site?

In short, yes. iPage is a good web hosting option for most everyday website owners, whether you want to use the site builder or WordPress to host your site. Although it doesn’t offer the most advanced features or the sleekest user experience, it takes care of all the hosting essentials.

Does iPage use cPanel?

Although iPage offers cPanel as the default hosting control panel for its VPS customers, shared and WordPress hosting customers will use iPage’s in-house control panel. Most iPage reviews agree that the control panels are intuitive, although they could do with an updated design.