• Monthly visits: Starting from 5,000
  • Uptime score: 99%
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-days
  • Storage: Starting from 5 GB
  • No. of websites: Starting from one up to 30

Flywheel Hosting Review [Features, Services, Price]

  • Monthly visits: Starting from 5,000
  • Uptime score: 99%
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-days
  • Storage: Starting from 5 GB
  • No. of websites: Starting from one up to 30

Best For

Best for freelancers and individuals


  • It includes managed WordPress security
  • Pages load fast
  • Every website gets a dedicated IP address


  • Flywheel does not sell domains
  • The prices are higher than other hosting companies

Flywheel is a hosting service that has been in business since 2012. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Flywheel hosting is one of the most popular WordPress hosting companies, providing customers with outstanding features in an easy-to-use, stylish interface.

Aside from software designers, developers, and great features, Flywheel offers various customer success specialists and engineers to ensure clients enjoy a smooth hosting experience. It has a revamped Cloud platform that is loaded with computing resources, security, and stability. It also includes automatic, instant scalability, meaning the infrastructure is never overtaxed or crowded.

This Flywheel Hosting review covers:

  • Things you need to know about this hosting service
  • Overview of features
  • Range of price plans
  • Privacy and security policy
  • Customer reviews
  • Pros and cons of Flywheel
  • The best alternatives to Flywheel

Let’s get started!

What Do You Need to Know About Flywheel?

Flywheel offers features for WordPress managed hosting and is also well-known for its extensive tools for agencies, developers, designers, and freelancers. This hosting service is ideal if you are planning on growing a web design or development business. Before we dive into our Flywheel WordPress hosting review, here are a few things you should know:

  • It is created on an innovative infrastructure that is optimized for security, scale, and speed
  • It offers auto nightly backups
  • It has a built-in caching system
  • It comes with SSL support and CDN integration
  • It offers site mitigation free of charge!
  • Its cheapest hosting plan starts at $23/month

Flywheel also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Flywheel Overview

Flywheel is a highly reputable hosting company designed for WordPress. While it isn’t as renowned as its competitors, many businesses and agencies rely on it. The majority of its success is based on the extensive features it offers that have been highly praised by customers in any Flywheel review out there. These features range from creating and launching a website to redesigning and managing it.

Here are some of the best features you can enjoy with Flywheel:

  • Site migrations without any additional cost
  • Staging sites option on all price plans
  • Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Nightly backups
  • Instant fixes through auto-healing option
  • White label services capabilities
  • Speedy sites
  • Plugins and themes
  • Collaboration tools
  • Malware cleanup with no charges

All these features and more are available on an innovative network infrastructure, which undergoes systematic runs and maintenance. All the services and features offered by Flywheel are reliable and consistent.

Flywheel Web Hosting Plan 

Flywheel hosting caters to freelancers, agencies, individuals, and business owners. Here are the Flywheel pricing plans:

Plan Name Storage Bandwidth No. of sites Backup Price
Tiny 5 GB 20 GB One Automated nightly backup $150/year
Starter 10 GB 50 GB One Automated nightly backup $300/year
Freelance 20 GB 200 GB Up to ten Automated nightly backup $1150/year
Agency 50 GB 500 GB Up to 30 Automated nightly backup $2900/year

Pros & Cons

To help you make the right choice for your business, this Flywheel hosting review highlights the benefits and disadvantages of using this hosting service. Let’s have a look:


  • Pages load fast
  • It offers a range of pricing plans to meet the needs of many users
  • It migrates your website without any additional charges
  • You can access all of your websites through one dashboard
  • Every website gets a dedicated IP address
  • The service conducts an automatic backup every night for enhanced security of your data
  • It comes with email accounts, unlike the majority of other hosting services
  • It offers custom tools for a personalized experience
  • It includes managed WordPress security
  • The service doesn’t include any overages charges
  • The platform scales as the website grows
  • Flywheel comprise of a one-click staging option, allowing you to test new designs and changes before you install them


  • Flywheel does not sell domains
  • It doesn’t allow some plugins on the serves because of security purposes, making it less versatile than other companies
  • The prices are higher than other hosting companies
  • It is specifically designed for WordPress, which means it is not an ideal option if you don’t use WordPress

Flywheel Customer Reviews

This hosting company has good customer reviews, with plenty of positive reviews and only a few complaints. It has an A+ rating from BBB and a rating of 3.0 on Trustpilot.

Many customers appreciate the quick and helpful Flywheel support and an uptime of 99.99%. Another thing many customers like about this hosting platform is that it lets you create demo sites; they only charge for sites that go live. The easy-to-use dashboard allows customers to monitor and manage all their sites in one place, and its customer support is quick in replying and resolving issues.

However, some customers complained about the hosting being slow and stalled resizing of bulk images. Moreover, some customers also think the price is higher than the majority of other hosting companies.

Privacy & Security Policy

According to our Flywheel review, this hosting service offers plenty of privacy and security options. In addition, it offers free malware removal and regular malware monitoring for your site. It supports two-factor authentication through apps like Authy and Google Authenticator.

Flywheel offers an SSL certificate on only one plan, but the other supports SSL. You can either purchase a Flywheel certificate for $10/month or you can also install another SSL certificate. Even if you opt for the latter option, the tech team assists in the entire installation process.

It performs a proactive scan for any hacking attempts, malware blocking, and security threats. The security of all the sites is managed at the server level, which means there isn’t a need for other security plugins. Flywheel removes the malware for free if it is detected on your site. The nightly backups are automatic and it is stored for around 30 days.


Here are some of the alternatives for Flywheel to help you make the right decision:

WPengine vs Flywheel

WP Engine is known as the leading WordPress hosting service that targets larger websites. It offers an outstanding number of features, but it comes with a price. However, you certainly get what you pay for! It is ideal for large websites and businesses. However, if you have a small business and don’t need as much, Flywheel is a more affordable option.

Hostinger vs. Flywheel 

Both of these WordPress hosting services offer four hosting plans that are created to manage the needs of businesses, freelancers, agencies, and beginners. Flywheel has a more notable hosting infrastructure but Hostinger is more pocket-friendly.

While Flywheel doesn’t sell domains, Hostinger provides a free one for a year on their yearly plans. Both offer a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. In addition, Hostinger offers unlimited bandwidth on all, except one, hosting plans. On the other hand, Flywheel doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth on any plans. Read our full review of Hostinger here.

Flywheel vs Siteground

While Flywheel is only for managed WordPress hosting, SiteGround offers a broader package. The hosting packages of SiteGround are much more affordable than Flywheel, making it suitable for those looking for managed hosting service on a budget.

Flywheel offers a more extensive number of features with more ways to divide tasks and fewer limits than SiteGround. Read our full review of Siteground here.

Flywheel Hosting Review: Wrap Up

Flywheel hosting provides its customers with outstanding support, strong performance, and fast speeds to smoothly run the site. Additionally, it offers ease of use with its innovative dashboard and infrastructure, making it easy to create and manage the sites, particularly through its one-click staging option and free demo websites.

It also includes a client billing transfer function, allowing you to build a site for your clients on your account and then transfer it with its billing to your client.

This Flywheel hosting review highlights the many benefits it offers to its clients, as well as the few limitations, making it easy for you to make the final decision. Whether you are a beginner, developer, web designer, or a business looking for managed WordPress hosting with outstanding features, Flywheel is a great option for you. However, if you are on a budget, it is best to look at some other hosting platform.


Is Flywheel hosting worth it?

Flywheel is one of the most preferred WordPress hosting platforms, as it provides a strong and smooth experience of managed hosting. While there are more affordable options available, the quality of service and features offered by Flywheel are rarely matched by others.

Is Flywheel shared hosting?

Flywheel is not shared hosting. However, it has partnered with Google Cloud to provide and maintain a custom hosting service, which is secure, scalable, and fast. This Flywheel hosting review highlights the main features this company has to offer.

How do I use Flywheel in WordPress?

Flywheel has launched a local development environment called Local. It is a free tool that helps in simplifying the WordPress workflow for designers and developers, making it easy to use Flywheel in WordPress. It offers instructions on how to install and use it, and customer support offers free assistance.