• Annual cost: $43 - $52.23 per month
  • Waiting period before coverage: 30 days
  • Deductible: $75 to $100
  • Claim processing time: 24 to 48 hours after receiving the call
  • Repair guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

2022 Home Warranty of America Reviews [Coverage, Pricing]

  • Annual cost: $43 - $52.23 per month
  • Waiting period before coverage: 30 days
  • Deductible: $75 to $100
  • Claim processing time: 24 to 48 hours after receiving the call
  • Repair guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

Best For

All States


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Flexible trade fee


  • No free cancellation
  • You can’t view exclusions before signing up

When you own a home, you need to be prepared for expenses that come with the maintenance. If like most homeowners you’re concerned about the possible breakdowns of your home’s electrical system and major appliances, Home Warranty of America can help protect you from having to pay unexpected bills at the most inconvenient moment.

In this review, we’ll:

  • cover their services
  • give you a breakdown of what’s included in the packages
  • evaluate pros and cons
  • give an overview of actual customer satisfaction based on real Home Warranty of America reviews

Home Warranty of America Breakdown

States Covered

Unlike other home warranty companies that only operate in certain states, Home Warranty of America offers its services nationwide. This means that you can have access to their protection in all 50 states, including Washington DC, a feature that stands out in many reviews for Home Warranty of America.

Waiting Period

After signing up for Home Warranty of America’s protection plans, there’s a waiting period of 30 days before you can file your claims. This waiting period is standard for most home warranty companies.

Deductible / Service Call Fee

For those asking what the services fee is for Home Warranty of America, this home warranty provider charges a deductible of $75 or $100 for every service call made if you’re filing a claim. You can choose to have a lower deductible in exchange for a higher premium.

Renewal Policy

Renewing an existing policy is easy. Simply log in to your account before your plan ends and select the plan you’d like to continue with. Visit Home Warranty of America’s website before your coverage plan ends if you decide that renewing your home warranty is a good idea.

Cancellation Policy and Fee

Home Warranty of America’s flexible cancellation policy lets you cancel at any time. Note though that if you cancel within the first 30 days of coverage, a cancellation fee of 10% of the payment made along with service fees already incurred will be deducted. If you’re canceling after that period, you’ll receive prorated refunds for the unexpired terms, minus the 10% cancellation fee and service fees incurred.

Home Inspection or Maintenance Records Required

Home Warranty of America requires no home inspection to get your home covered.


As part of our Home Warranty of America review, we’ve compiled the following table with a breakdown of the features you need to know:

Feature/Benefit Details
Annual cost $43 – $52.23 per month
Waiting period before coverage 30 days
Deductible $75 to $100
Claim processing time 24 to 48 hours after receiving the call
Repair guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

Home Warranty of America Home Warranty Plans

There are two home warranty plans that Home Warranty of America offers – the Premium and the Premium Plus. The Premium Plus is a little more expensive but also adds 30 more covered items. Note also that the prices may vary depending on the size, type, and location of the home. If you want to know approximately how much your coverage will cost, you can easily get a quote straight from their website.

Systems Covered
  • Heating system
  • Plumbing system
  • Ductwork
  • Water heater
  • Garbage disposal
  • Trash compactor
  • Central vacuum
  • Doorbell
  • Burglar / Fire alarms
  • Garage door openers
  • Permanent sump pump
Appliance Covered
  • Clothes dryer
  • Clothes washer
  • Kitchen refrigerator with ice maker
  • Range / Oven / Cooktop
  • Built-in microwave
  • Dishwashers
  • Ceiling / Exhaust fans
  • Instant hot water dispenser
  • Whirlpool bathtub
Exclusions/Limitations Exclusions can only be viewed after signing up
Add-ons/Additional Coverage You can add 30 more items if you choose the Premium Plus plan
Maintenance Requirements No maintenance records necessary
Pricing Premium         –             $43 / month

Premier Plus   –        $52.23 / month

How to File Your Service Request Step by Step

The ease of filing service requests is noted in numerous Home Warranty of America plans reviews. Here are the steps you have to take when making a coverage claim:

  1. Get in touch with one of their representatives and inform them that you will be making a claim. This can be done online or through their customer service hotline. Support is available 24/7.
  2. Once acknowledged by a representative, Home Warranty of America will schedule a visit by a technician from one of their accredited service providers. You’ll then have to pay the Trade Call Fee (TCF) which is based on the plan you subscribed to. Once your payment has been made, the service provider will be able to dispatch their technician.
  3. Upon arrival, the technician will decide whether to repair or replace the item in question. You can then rest assured that your concern will be properly addressed. Any repairs done will have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Flexible trade fee
  • You can’t view exclusions before signing up
  • No free cancellation

How Is Home Warranty of America Rated?

Home Warranty of America reviews from BBB, The Balance, This Old House, House Method, and ConsumerAffairs present both professional reviews from lifestyle writers and actual customers. The warranty company has been praised for fast response times, competitive rates, excellent customer support, and giving customers the option of choosing between higher premium vs service fees.

Still, reviews of Home Warranty of America on sites such as Yelp, Best Company, and Consumer Advocates rate Home Warranty of America with roughly 1 out of 5 stars. While professional reviewers from these sites lean towards a more positive assessment of the company, actual customer feedback is generally negative. Some customers have complained about bad service and slow response times.

Home Warranty of America’s representatives do respond to these complaints. Some of the responses have been issued with apologies along with offered escalations to higher departments.

Home Warranty of America Alternatives

If you’re a homeowner considering getting the services of Home Warranty of America to protect your home and you’re not convinced by the Home Warranty of America reviews, we also recommend checking out some of the alternative companies on the market.

Here are a few options to consider:

American HomeShield

One of the areas where American HomeShield wins is their lower monthly premiums, with their basic plan starting at $39.99 per month. That said, Home Warranty of America gives you the option to choose a higher premium for lower service fees, and vice versa.

Read the full review here.

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty comes in close with their lower deductibles which is why you might want to consider them over American HomeShield, except if you’re living in California or Washington, the only two states where Choice Home Warranty does not offer its services.

Read the full review here.

Old Republic Home Protection 

When it comes to the selection of plans, Old Republic clearly wins. The company has five plans customers can choose from which gives a better variety of coverage options as compared to Home Warranty of America’s two plans. Still, Home Warranty of America offers nationwide coverage while Old Republic Home Protection only serves 28 states.

Wrap Up

Home Warranty of America reviews seem to be mixed. Many customers love it for its flexibility and the fact that it offers coverage nationwide. It also offers its clients the choice between paying higher premiums or higher deductibles, so it’s great for those who want to avoid paying high service fees.

We tried to highlight all the features you need to know, and hope that you’ll now be able to decide if Home Warranty of America is the best choice for you, or if you should consider other top home warranty companies out there.


How soon can you file a claim after getting a plan with Home Warranty of America?

As mentioned in our Home Warranty of America review, new customers who wish to file a claim with Home Warranty of America must wait for 30 days. This waiting period is also employed by other warranty companies as it serves as a guarantee that the clients are not signing up in order to fix already broken systems and electrical appliances.

Does Home Warranty of America cover roofs?

With both of Home Warranty of America’s main service packages, there are also optional coverage plans for other items. This includes limited roof leak repairs which cost an additional $50 per year on top of your chosen package.

What is Home Warranty of America’s cancellation policy?

As mentioned in many Home Warranty of America reviews, customers can cancel at any time but will have to pay a 10% service fee and any service expenses will also be deducted upon refund. For cancellations after one month from the initial coverage, refunds are prorated in consideration of expired and unused coverage terms.


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