• CLAIM PROCESS TIME: 24-48 Hours
  • CANCELLATION FEE: $50 Administrative Fee
  • REPAIR GUARANTEE: 30-Day Guarantee (labor) / 90-Day Guarantee (parts)

Choice Home Warranty Reviews to Know in 2022

  • SERVICE FEE: $85
  • CLAIM PROCESS TIME: 24-48 Hours
  • CANCELLATION FEE: $50 Administrative Fee
  • REPAIR GUARANTEE: 30-Day Guarantee (labor) / 90-Day Guarantee (parts)

Best For

Unusual Household Appliances Warranty


  • Affordable service fees
  • No need for inspection before you can get coverage
  • Free repairs if an item breaks within 90 days after being fixed
  • 24/7 customer service and warranty claims response time within 24-48 hours


  • Coverage not available in California and Washington
  • Accidental damage or pre-existing conditions not covered

Choice Home Warranty has been a significant competitor in the home warranty coverage industry since its founding in 2008. Recently, it received a Consumer’s Choice Award by Best Company, LLC.

The company prides itself on the affordability of its plans. It assists its customers with repairing wear and tear damage to their home systems or major appliances.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about their services. We give a full breakdown of:

  • features
  • plans and pricing
  • home warranty policy
  • the latest Choice Home Warranty reviews

Choice Home Warranty Breakdown

Feature Details
States Served 48 states, excluding Washington and California
Annual Cost $495-$600
Service Fee $85
Waiting Period to Start Coverage 30 days
Claim Process Time Claims are processed between 4 and 48 hours
Repair Guarantee 30-day guarantee (labor)
90-day guarantee (parts)
Customer Service Availability Call center available 24/7
BBB Accreditation No, but it has a BBB rating of B-
Renewal Policy Plans are renewable, but rates and terms are subject to change.
Cancellation Policy Prorated refund of the contract cost and full refund within 30 days of initiation.
Cancellation Fee $50 administrative fee
Home Inspection or Maintenance Records Required No

Standout Features

  • You can choose between two plans based on your needs: the Basic Plan or the Total Plan.
  • Their network includes more than 15,000 prescreened and qualified technicians.
  • The plans don’t only cover everyday items but also more unusual household appliances like a whirlpool bathtub.
  • Choice Home Warranty doesn’t refuse coverage based on the age of a home or its systems and appliances.

Pricing & Plans

If you are looking for home warranty coverage with Choice Home Warranty, you can choose between the Basic Plan (covers fourteen major appliances and home systems components, including water heaters and ductwork) and the Total Plan (applies to eighteen items).

You’ll come across many Choice Home Warranty reviews that praise the company for their low costs. The Basic Plan will only set you back $495 annually, and the Total Plan will cost you $600. The minimum duration for their home warranty service contracts is 12 months.

Both of these only cover normal wear and tear damage as long as the home systems and appliances have been properly maintained. Therefore, you can’t claim for accidental damage.

As Choice Home Warranty complaints regularly point out, the plans that the service offers aren’t very flexible. You can’t remove any items from either plan, even if you, for example, don’t own a whirlpool bathtub. On the other hand, there is a pretty impressive list of add-ons. But remember that you have to pay for each additional item.

They offer a $30 discount if you sign up for an annual membership.

Take note that you need to cancel your policy in writing. By doing this, you will incur a $50 administrative fee.

Choice Home Warranty Coverage & Details

Choice Home Warranty provides coverage throughout the country – in 48 states, only excluding Washington and California.

The company’s two plans allow you, essentially, to extend the warranty on home systems and appliances. But it only protects against item breaks that are caused by general deterioration and doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.

One potential downside is that their terms and conditions can be rather complicated. For example, they can refuse to reimburse if the technician finds mold in an appliance.

Thankfully, the company has succeeded in streamlining the claims submission process. The steps are as follows:

  1. Submit your claim via phone call or the online Account Management Center on their website.
  2. Choice Home Warranty will process the claim in 24 to 48 hours.
  3. They will then notify you whether the claim has been approved or denied.

Once they have approved your claim, they will either dispatch one of their prescreened qualified technicians to do the repairs or replace the appliance. If neither of these options is suitable, they can pay out the replacement cost to you.

You can contact their customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to submit claims.

For a summary of the plans, take a look at the table below.

Basic Plan Total Plan
Systems/Appliances Covered Heating system, electrical system, plumbing system, plumbing stoppage, water heater, whirlpool bathtub, oven/range/stove, cooktop, dishwasher, built-in microwave, garbage disposal, ductwork, garage door opener, ceiling, and exhaust fans Air conditioning system, heating system, electrical system, plumbing system, plumbing stoppage, water heater, whirlpool bathtub, refrigerator, oven/range/stove, cooktop, dishwasher, built-in microwave, garbage disposal, clothes washer, clothes dryer, ductwork, garage door opener, ceiling, and exhaust fans
Limitations Payout cap of $1,500 per item for heating systems and $500 per item for electrical systems per contract Same as in Basic Plan
Add-Ons/Additional Coverage Pool/spa, well pump, sump pump, limited roof leak, central vacuum, septic system, second refrigerator, standalone freezer, septic tank pumping Same as in Basic Plan
Maintenance Requirements Coverage provided for normal wear and tear damage and not damage due to accidents. They can decide to deny a claim based on inadequate maintenance at their sole discretion. Same as in Basic Plan
Pricing $495 $600


Pros Cons
You don’t need to arrange for an inspection before you can get coverage. Choice Home Warranty’s coverage is not available in California and Washington.
The company boasts 24/7 customer service and typically responds to warranty claims within 24-48 hours. The company maintains sole discretion regarding reimbursement when an item breaks and doesn’t cover accidental damage or pre-existing conditions.
Free repairs if an item breaks within 90 days after being fixed.
Option to add on coverage for appliances like HVAC systems and sump pumps.
Choice Home Warranty has relatively low service fees.

Choice Home Warranty Reputation and Reviews

All in all, Choice Home Warranty reviews are a mixed bag.

The Choice Home Warranty ratings on Trustpilot are overwhelmingly positive. Their overall score is 3.9 stars. Out of more than 10,000 Choice Home Warranty customer reviews, 65% are “excellent.”

However, Choice Home Warranty doesn’t have BBB accreditation, although the site does afford them a B- rating.

Multiple Choice Home Warranty BBB reviews show that customers feel frustrated because their claims have been denied based on terms and conditions they weren’t fully aware of.

The Better Business Bureau also reveals that there is a pending Consumer Fraud Lawsuit against Choice Home Warranty filed by the Arizona Attorney General. It has been filed because the company was allegedly making false promises to its customers.

On the bright side, one feature that makes the company stand out according to many of the Choice Home Warranty company reviews is their quick turnaround and response time.

Choice Home Warranty Alternatives

When it comes to alternatives to Choice Home Warranty, most customers might wonder: which is better American Home Shield or Choice Home Warranty? Or perhaps First American Home Warranty or Amazon Home Warranty?

The answer depends on what you want from your policy.

Like Choice Home Warranty, American Home Shield has a 24/7 claims service. Besides this, their coverage extends through most of the states, excluding only Alaska. Additionally, the company has far more positive reviews than Choice Home Warranty and offers more ways to customize its plans.

Similarly, First American Home Warranty also has more options for customization, and its positive reviews outnumber those of Choice Home Warranty. Plus, First American Home Warranty offers coverage for California, which the latter doesn’t.

One of Amazon Home Warranty’s best features is that it is available in all 50 states. Their plans are incredibly flexible and allow you to build your own package.

Overall, what sets Choice Home Warranty apart is how low its annual costs and service call fees are.

Wrap Up

It’s no wonder that Choice Home Warranty is one of the most popular home warranty options on the market. Above all, customers appreciate the availability and responsiveness of their customer service department.

The company also offers a fair share of additions that you can make to their plans. The fact that you don’t need to arrange an inspection before applying for coverage is another big advantage. It can save you time and effort by shortening the approval process.

Although there is a fair share of Choice Home Warranty positive reviews, there are also some points for concern. Customers have made allegations that the company uses loopholes in its terms and conditions to deny payment.

Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the fine print and think twice if you expect to have more than one claim in a year.


Does Choice Home Warranty require a home inspection?

No, Choice Home Warranty doesn’t require a home inspection before you can get coverage. However, their FAQ page recommends that you check the condition of all your items because their plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions, whether they are known or not.

Are there limits on repairs with Choice Home Warranty?

Yes, there is an annual payout cap of $1,500 per item for heating systems and $500 per item for electrical systems per contract. Also, Choice Home Warranty maintains sole discretion to deny repairs, which is a common cause for complaint in many Choice Home Warranty reviews.

How do I cancel the Choice Home Warranty?

If you need to cancel your plan with Choice Home Warranty, you have to submit a request in writing. Each cancellation incurs a $50 administrative fee. But, customers can get a prorated refund of their contract cost.