• Annual cost: $429 (on average)
  • Wait period to start coverage: 30 days
  • Deductible: $65
  • Claim processing time: 24 hours
  • Repair guarantee: Yes (within 30 days)

2022 Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Reviews [Services + Pricing]

  • Annual cost: $429 (on average)
  • Wait period to start coverage: 30 days
  • Deductible: $65
  • Claim processing time: 24 hours
  • Repair guarantee: Yes (within 30 days)

Best For

Quick Claim Processing


  • Lower service call fees compared to other businesses
  • 14-month warranty plans
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Several coverage exclusions
  • Home warranty plans only available in Colorado

If you’ve ever thought about owning a house in Colorado, you must have heard the name Blue Ribbon several times.

Blue Ribbon is a home warranty company based in Lakewood, Colorado. They provide services only to the residents of that state, and since being founded in 1985, they have become a household name.

In this article we will address and focus on what makes Blue Ribbon popular, especially in terms of features and benefits; we’ll also glance at some Blue Ribbon Home Warranty reviews to explore the opinions of current and former clients.

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Breakdown

Here’s a brief overview of the main features we’ll focus on in this Blue Ribbon review:

  • States Covered: Blue Ribbon is a home warranty provider which operates exclusively in Colorado.
  • The waiting period: 30 days.
  • Renewal policy: All Blue Ribbon warranty plans are renewed automatically or by filling out a form online. Only you can ultimately choose whether you should renew your warranty or not, though, especially after using them.
  • Cancelation policy and fee: All Blue Ribbon coverage plans can be canceled at any time, although there is a $77 cancelation fee.
  • Service call fee: Blue Ribbon prides themselves on their 24/7 service availability; The service starts at $65.
Feature Details
Annual cost $429 (on average)
Wait period to start coverage 30 days
Deductible $65
Claim processing time 24 hours
Repair guarantee Yes (within 30 days)

Blue Ribbon – Home Warranty Plans

In this section of our Blue Ribbon home warranty review, we’ll focus on specific plans and the main benefits of each one as simply as we can.

Silver Gold Platinum
Systems covered Most basic appliances, from the heating system to garbage disposals and trash compactors. Everything from Silver + central AC, washers, and dryers. Everything from Silver and Gold + 2nd garage door opener, 3 items from additional items list, and a maintenance plan.
Exclusions Excluded/limited items usually include portable electronics. The entire list can be found in a Blue Ribbon sample contract.
Add-ons Additional coverage is the same for all plans, including things such as a gas fireplace, wells, and septic systems.
Maintenance requirements N/A N/A Maintenance plan is included in the Platinum Plan.
Pricing (for 14 months) $375 for a single family home,
$325 for condos.
$475 for a single family home,
$425 for condos.
$795 for a single family home,
$745 for condos.

How to File a Service Request, Step-By-Step

Now that you understand what Blue Ribbon is for, you may be thinking that it’s a good idea to become a client. In this part, we explain how to file a Service Request in 5 easy steps:.

Step 1:

If your plan covers the broken appliance, you can file your claim through Blue Ribbon’s website or by calling their 24-hour customer service line.

Step 2:

If your request is approved, a technician will be dispatched and get in touch with you within 24 hours. You can also choose a technician you’ve had previous experience with if applicable.

Step 3:

Pay the service fee; This must be done before any repairs are made.

Step 4:

Your technician will visit and diagnose the problem.

Step 5:

The appliance in question is repaired or replaced.

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Pros and Cons

Here we focus on the strongest and weakest areas of Blue Ribbon so that you can compare them against competition.

Pros Cons
  • 14-month warranty plans.
  • Lower service call fees compared to other businesses.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Home warranty plans only available in Colorado.
  • Several coverage exclusions.

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Reviews

When someone decides to buy a product, they usually try to find others who have had experiences with it. Why should a home warranty be any different?

We took a look at some customer reviews on Blue Ribbon home warranty—let’s see what others had to say.

Most customer reviews for Blue Ribbon can be found on Better Business Bureau (BBB); Even though it is rated A+ and is considered trustworthy by BBB, client reviews are mixed. While some praise the company for its expertise in repairing anything from air conditioning to heating systems, a few homeowners had certain complaints. These customers were mostly dissatisfied with monetary compensations, although one customer had a complaint regarding repair quality

.We feel that a 1.75 star rating on BBB is not entirely realistic, since it’s based on just a few reviews; in reality, Blue Ribbon has way more clients.

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Alternatives

Not everyone lives in Colorado—you might be looking to see what the best home warranty in Texas is, for example, or New York. Here, we take a look at Blue Ribbon against some of their competitors across the country.

Blue Ribbon vs. Select Home Warranty

While both warranties provide 14 month plans, this is a standard for Blue Ribbon, while it is an add-on for Select Home. Both warranties offer payout cap options, although there are more of them with Blue Ribbon.

Read our full Select Home Warranty review here.

Blue Ribbon vs. American Home Shield

Though they come at a lower average cost, Blue Ribbon only provides 3 coverage plans, compared to American Home Shield’s 4. Even though Blue Ribbon service fees are lower, they are, again, only in Colorado.  So, if you are looking for a home warranty either in Alaska or California, you’ll be better off choosing American Home Shield.

Read our full American Home Shield review here.

Wrap Up

In the end, we can conclude that Blue Ribbon is one of the highest-rated home warranty companies in Colorado for a reason. They provide great coverage options at reasonable prices, and they offer a 14-month service, compared to the norm of 12 months.

While the exclusion list could be shorter, most Blue Ribbon Home Warranty reviews online agree that they provide the best monetary value for the average homeowner in Colorado.


What does Blue Ribbon cover?

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty covers different ranges of indoor and outdoor appliances depending on the plan purchased. The more comprehensive (and expensive) the plan, the wider the coverage.

Is Blue Ribbon legit?

Definitely! Blue Ribbon has been around for more than 35 years and is a household name in the state of Colorado, so there’s no need to worry about its legitimacy.

How is Blue Ribbon Home Warranty rated?

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty reviews from customers online are rather scarce, and those that do exist vary from very satisfied to dissatisfied. Blue Ribbon has a rather low rating of 1.75/5 on BBB, but this is out of just 4 customer reviews.


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