• SERVICE FEES: From $75 to $125
  • BBB ACCREDITATION: Yes, B rating
  • RENEWAL POLICY: Automatic renewal
  • ANNUAL COST: From $516 to $720 per Month
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Full refund within 30 days, pro-rata refund after 30 days

AFC Home Club Reviews – Plans, Details & Alternatives in 2022

  • SERVICE FEES: From $75 to $125
  • BBB ACCREDITATION: Yes, B rating
  • RENEWAL POLICY: Automatic renewal
  • ANNUAL COST: From $516 to $720 per Month
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Full refund within 30 days, pro-rata refund after 30 days

Best For

Choosing Your Own Technicians


  • $2,000 claim limit
  • Offers more benefits
  • No inspection needed
  • Flexible contract periods
  • “Lifetime of plan” workmanship guarantee


  • Less customizable
  • No coverage for pre-existing conditions

AFC Home Club is an in-house home service provider. It protects homeowners from having to cover expensive repairs of their home appliances and home systems components. The service comes with several different affordable pricing plans and add-on options so that everyone can access the coverage they need for their major appliances.

We have seen a lot of great AFC Home Club reviews so we wondered if it really is all it is hyped up to be. Let’s find out.

AFC Home Club Home Warranty Breakdown

Pros Cons
States served All U.S. states except Hawaii, Nevada, South Carolina, and California
Annual cost From $516 to $720 per month
Service fees From $75 to $125
Wait period to start coverage 30 days
Deductible See service fees
Repair facilities N/A
Turnaround claim process time 24-48 business hours
Repair guarantee Lifetime of plan (up to 3 years)
Customer service availability 24/7
BBB Accreditation Yes, B rating
Renewal policy Automatic renewal
Cancellation policy Full refund within 30 days, pro-rata refund after 30 days
Cancellation fee $75 after 30 days
Home inspection or maintenance records required Yes

AFC Home Club Overview

AFC (America’s First Choice) Home Club is one of the leading home warranty providers, operating since 2009. The service is in-house, which means that it does not use claim services or contract sales to external vendors. Along with its home repair services, it offers a range of club-member perks including credit monitoring and discounts on maintenance supplies. However, what makes AFC Home Club indispensable for many of its customers is its workmanship guarantee for the lifetime of a plan which is so much better than the guarantees of as low as 60 days offered by many of its competitors.

AFC Home Club ratings are mostly good, including a “B” rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). It offers nationwide coverage excluding the states of Hawaii, Nevada, California, and South Carolina.

AFC Home Club is an excellent option for homeowners who plan to live in their current house for a long time. It is also good for new homeowners since they are less likely to want coverage for pre-existing conditions.

In this guide, we will take a look at the pros, cons, key features, add-ons, competitors, and AFC Home Club customer reviews.

Stand-Out Features

Here are some of the key features of AFC Home Club:


AFC Home Club works with an extensive network of reputable local contractors. The company is committed to customer satisfaction and uses established technicians already known to the locals. According to AFC Home Club Reviews, customers say they were delighted to come face-to-face with a familiar contractor who they used to work with previously.

Choice of Technicians

AFC Home Club is one of the few services that allow you to choose your own service technicians, as reported in AFC Home Club Yelp reviews. If you don’t want to do that, AFC will select one of its best technicians who have undergone a thorough screening process to make sure you get the best service possible.

Easy Application

To sign up with AFC, customers do not need to complete a home inspection. You can file a claim for any system or appliance issue that occurs after a 30-day review period. However, like most other home warranty companies, AFC warranties do not cover pre-existing conditions.


AFC Home Club is known for its transparency and is accredited by the BBB. One of the good things about it is that it makes every effort to solve its customers’ issues. It is also not afraid to share stories about the time when things didn’t go exactly as well as planned. They also have a Verified AFC Home Club reviews page on their website.

Work Guarantee

Most home warranty services only offer you a 30 to 60-day guarantee but AFC Home Club guarantees all the parts and labor for the life of a plan.

Cancellation Policy

AFC allows you to cancel your membership with a refund within 30 days. After that time, customers will be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the membership plan, minus any claims paid. Our AFC Home Club plans review also found out that you will need to pay a cancellation fee of $75.

24/7 Availability

AFC Home Club is available 24/7 unlike some of its competitors, many of whom are not available on weekends and holidays. This makes it difficult to resolve major appliances or systems emergencies. Fortunately, with AFC, you don’t need to worry about that.

AFC Home Club Home Warranty Pricing and Plan

AFC Home Club offers four pricing plans to choose from. However, the company’s website does not list a fixed price since the prices are all quote-based. Factors that impact AFC Home Club cost are the property type, size of the house, and state. The plans are as follows:

Platinum: For people who want to expand coverage on all appliances and home systems, AFC has the Platinum plan. Averaging at $59.09, it offers more comprehensive coverage of items like ice-makers, built-in microwave ovens, faucets, and plumbing stoppages.

Gold: The Gold Plan is a combination of the comprehensive services available in the Silver Plan as well as the System Plan. This plan covers almost all household appliances except for the built-in microwave and ice-maker and also contains all system services except for plumbing stoppages. Gold Plan costs around $52.27.

Silver: The Silver Plan costs around $43 on average and is designed to offer coverage to most household appliances, but no systems. This is one of the most affordable plans, according to the latest AFC Home Warranty reviews.

System: The System Plan costs the same as the Silver plan but is designed for people who are looking for a comprehensive repair and maintenance service for their home systems rather than appliances. This includes your HVAC systems, plumbing systems, and ductwork.


AFC Home Club offers add-on coverage for their plans. Additional services include:

  • Septic systems
  • Pool and spa equipment
  • Well pump
  • Central VAC
  • Ice-makers
  • Plumbing stoppages
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Stand-alone freezers

These can be added on for an extra fee once you have chosen a plan for yourself, say AFC Home Club warranty company reviews.

AFC Home Club Home Warranty Details


AFC Home Club repair period/coverage period starts on the 31st day of your membership and will continue for a year or 3 years if you choose that term. Payout limits on appliances and systems are typically $2,000 per unit. This means that all you need to do is to pay the service fee and nothing else.

Keep in mind, however, that AFC will not cover any pre-existing condition of your systems or appliance, regardless of whether you know of them or not. The company also will not cover malfunction due to corrosion or wear and tear damage to home systems and appliances, according to AFC Home Club coverage reviews.

The services renew automatically and there is no renewal fee.

Additional Benefits

AFC also offers several perks and home benefits to its customers:

  • Moneytips: offers free credit monitoring and identity protection alerts.
  • Encompass Simply Parts: offers home maintenance parts and supplies at special discounted pricing.
  • ADT Safestreets: offers discounted rates for ADT-monitored services and security systems.
  • Emergency Alert Network: EAN provides medical personnel in case of an emergency and alerts people close to you (up to 4 people of your choice).
  • DealCash: Offers discounts as high as 50% for partnered retailers, restaurants, theme parks, etc., according to many happy AFC Home Warranty reviews.


AFC has an online claims process so you can submit your claim quickly without going through the hassle of calling customer support. AFC Home Club gives you 1 day to submit a claim after any appliance breakdowns.

Typically, it takes up to 2 business days for the technicians to show up for home repairs and 4 business days during holidays. However, if the repairs are urgent, emergency service is also provided, according to several AFC Home Club positive reviews we read by actual customers.

Pros Cons
“Lifetime of plan” workmanship guarantee: The repairs done by AFC Home Club have a lifetime home warranty policy which is far longer than what most of its competitors offer. No coverage for pre-existing conditions: AFC Home Club will not be able to cover your home systems and appliances with pre-existing conditions.
No inspection needed: AFC Home Club allows you to sign up for its services without requiring a home inspection. Less customizable: Basic plans are limited to 18 covered items, which is less than its competitors offer, according to AFC Home Club Google reviews. Although there are customizable options, they are quite limited.
$2,000 claim limit: The company offers a $2,000 claim limit for a single appliance, according to AFC Home Club reviews. This is way higher than what its competitors offer. It also does not have coverage caps on HVAC systems.
Offers more benefits: It provides free credit monitoring, discounted maintenance supplies, identity protection alerts, Emergency Alert Network services, and Retail Rebate & Restaurant.com programs.
Flexible contract periods: Contract periods are flexible and are offered for 1 to 3 years. If you decide to move, contracts are also transferable.

AFC Home Club Ratings and Reviews

AFC has a B rating on BBB. Although most reviews are positive, there are inevitably negative reviews as well.

Mostly, customers are very impressed with the quick services, the quality of home repairs, and lifetime-of-plan guarantee. However, there are some AFC Home Club complaints that state that AFC is not transparent with its pricing, and that not all their subcontractors are honest.

After reading hundreds of customer reviews and evaluating the company on various factors like price, customer service, quality, and availability, we think it is safe to say that AFC Home Club is a good service for homeowners.

AFC Home Club Alternatives

AFC Home Club vs Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty operates under a similar business model as AFC. However, it offers a few benefits over AFC, like providing its services in Nevada, California, and South Carolina. It also has a more extensive claims processing center and pre-established provider. On the other hand, AFC’s workmanship guarantee outshines Choice Home warranty, which only offers a 60-day term, according to AFC reviews.

AFC Home Club vs American Home Shield

American Home Shield boasts some of the most flexible and customizable plans in the industry. Homeowners can take advantage of the “Build Your Own Option” to make sure they only pay for home warranty coverage that they need. However, it does not allow customers to choose their own technicians. AFC and American Home Shield are both great choices when it comes to extended warranty coverage.

Wrap Up

After looking at all the features and perks it offers and at the AFC Home Club reviews, we think that when it is time to choose a home warranty company, you cannot go wrong with AFC. Although it has its share of cons, the company is known for its great workmanship guarantee. It also allows you to choose the technicians and makes sure they contract with trusted local subcontractors.


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