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Gwynnie Bee Reviews – Pricing, Benefits & Drawbacks in 2020

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  • Wide range of sizes
  • No limit on the number of boxes
  • Outfits reviews praise the variety of clothing items
  • 50% off the first month
  • Love it? Keep It


  • Constant wardrobe update needed
  • Not Ideal for one-time use
  • Styling fee



$49/ Month




Yes (Via Email)




Email, Phone



Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental service for women. The company has offices in Mountain View, New York, Bangalore, and New Delhi. The company’s founder Christine Hunsicker launched the company in 2011, allowing women to rent a wardrobe. In this article, we compile salient features of the business, the pros and cons, as well as costs and other information sourced from various Gwynnie Bee reviews.

How Much Does Gwynnie Bee Cost?

Gwynnie Bee members pay a monthly subscription fee that starts at as low as $49 per month. In the basic plan, you get unlimited orders. However, you can only order one item at a time, and you will have to return it in order to order another one. 

You can upgrade to the $199 per month package to be able to order and keep up to 10 items at a time. The shipping is free both ways, and you can keep the outfits for as long as you like. The customers don’t have to pay for dry cleaning either. You can also customize your subscription plan and choose from varying monthly rates.

Saving Opportunities

Gwynnie Bee prices are affordable, and the user can even enjoy seasonal sales and discounts. The company offers the first month at 50% off, which is a major plus for new customers trying out the service to get a feel of whether it is right for them.

Gwynnie Bee Add-ons

The majority of Gwynnie Bee reviews in 2020 also praise the add-ons that members can enjoy. If you like an item, you can purchase it. Each shipment also includes postage-paid envelopes, which is another benefit that many customers value.

Another great add-on is the Size Advisor tool. If you are unsure of whether you are measuring your size correctly or not, you can always revisit the company’s website and double-check your size through the Size Advisor tool. According to Gwynnie Bee reviews, what makes the tool even better is that you don’t even have to be a member to use it. You can access it via your Facebook account as well. 

To use the tool:

  • Visit the website
  • Go to the Size Advisor tab
  • Choose a category of clothing such as dresses or tops
  • Then choose a brand your regularly wear for that category of clothing
  • Add in the size you usually purchase 
  • Click on ‘Get my Size Profile’

The page will then give you options and suggestions on which size to purchase for which brand.

Shipping and Packaging

As a Gwynnie Bee member, you get access to certain perks worth mentioning in our Gwynnie Bee review. The shipping and packaging are free. Whether you order an article or return it, shipping is covered by your monthly subscription fee.

The company offers unlimited priority USPS shipping. Whether you are returning an item or expecting a new one, the order comes through priority USPS shipping services, which is a major benefit.

How Gwynnie Bee Works?

As mentioned earlier, Gwynnie Bee works on a subscription-based model. You will have to create an account and choose your payment plan to access the online shop. You can try the service for your first month at a 50% discount. Once you have your account, you can browse through the clothes available and create your wardrobe. 

  • You can browse through brands and their stores or through tried and tested outfits and add them to your online closet.
  • Whenever you want to try a new outfit, you can order it, and the company will ship it to your address. 
  • Wear it for a day and return it or purchase it if you like.
  • You can then order a new outfit at your convenience.

You can also get a Gwynnie Bee gift card to give to your friends or family.

Managing Your Subscription

Managing the subscription account comes with its set of drawbacks. There have been Gwynnie Bee customer reviews that complain about the lack of accessibility to their account. The lack of an account management portal and the inability to change the account password are prevalent complaints in Gwynnie Bee bad reviews

The company also went through a security breach, after which many customers complained about the account management system. Many sent emails or called to reach out to the company to change their passwords and had to wait for days to get a response.

In order to cancel or skip a delivery, you have to call customer support, which is not always very responsive.

Customer Service

Multiple honest Gwynnie Bee reviews feature complaints about the company’s customer service. You can reach out to the company via phone or email. However, there have been multiple complaints about both customer service portals.

Some of the issues pointed out in the reviews are:

  • Irresponsiveness
  • Inability to get through
  • Slow response times 
  • Difficult complaint resolution procedure
  • Poor account management
  • Rude customer service

Some users complained about not hearing back from the company for months. There have been instances of users getting their credit cards charged without notice even after reaching out to the customer service to cancel the subscription. Overall, the customer service seems to be slow and not as responsive as many clients would like.

Pros & Cons

Wide range of sizes - Initially, Gwynnie Bee started as a rental service for plus-sized women. The company provides clothes ranging from 0 to 32 in size, which is one of the broadest size ranges available in clothing rental services.

No limit on the number of boxes – Even with the lowest subscription, there is no limit on the number of packages you can order per month as long as you return your previous one before ordering another.

Dresses, sweaters, pants, jackets, and more – Gwynnie Bee outfits reviews praise the variety of clothing items the company offers. You don't just get dresses, but also shirts, coats, jackets, and more.

50% off the first month – If you aren't sure whether the service is right for you or not, you can try it for 50% off to get an idea of how it works.

Love it? Keep It – If you love the way an outfit looks on you, you can buy it for less than retail price.

Constant wardrobe update needed – You will have to browse through the website and keep on adding clothes to your closet to get renewed suggestions and up-to-date boxes.

Not Ideal for one-time use – Gwynnie Bee clothing rental operates on a monthly subscription-based model and is not ideal for those who are looking for a one-time clothing rental service.

Styling fee – Many customers seem dissatisfied with the styling fees that are on the higher end of the price spectrum when compared to competitors.

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Gwynnie Bee Reviews and Testimonials

There appears to be a massive polarization between customer reviews. Some loyal customers love the service, but the new customers and members express disappointment in the service. Common complaints besides the lack of access to the account and poor customer service, as mentioned in reviews include:

  • Receiving clothes that are the wrong size or different from what the customer ordered 
  • Shipping delays
  • Unclear marketing where some customers are unaware that the company provides used clothes on rent
  • High prices for used clothes appear to be another prevalent complaint
  • Disappointment with the personal stylist and their inability to grasp the client’s requirements

Some of the pros pointed out in Gwynnie Bee reviews by women include:

  • A variety of choices
  • Increased wardrobe options
  • Availability of larger sizes of clothes  
  • The option to buy it I you like it or return it and try something new

Many customers claim to obtain immense value for money but an equal amount of customers express disappointment in style options and clothing size availability. Customers have also complained about some items being permanently unavailable but still viewable in the gallery. 

Is Gwynnie Bee Worth It? – The Verdict

Considering all the Gwynnie Bee fashion reviews, we’d say it’s a hit or miss. It depends on what you are looking for and what your personal style sense is. If you simply want the option to try something new every once in a while, Gwynnie Bee may be the perfect website for you. 

The company provides access to a variety of clothing brands. You can find the perfect dress on short notice or style the perfect outfit with the help of the stylist. The wide range of size availability makes the company an inclusive service providing clothing options for plus-sized women.

However, the majority of Gwynnie Bee reviews seem to express disappointment in the service. Some customers complain about a lack of transparency and control over their accounts. Many are dissatisfied with the poor customer service, and an even larger number of people seem to be irritated with the lack of size availability and the poor quality of the clothes.

As mentioned earlier, you either love Gwynnie Bee or you don’t. If you can frequently find a good quality outfit that is available in your size and fits you well, you may grow to enjoy the service as many long-term customers do.

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