• Integrations: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Automations: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Customization: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Mobile app: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Ease of use: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Customer support: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Pricing: ★★★★☆ 4/5

2022 Monday.com Reviews [Features, Price, Pros, Cons]

  • Integrations: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Automations: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Customization: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • Mobile app: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Ease of use: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Customer support: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Pricing: ★★★★☆ 4/5

Best For

Best suited for larger businesses that want to have an interactive overview of their


  • Mobile app
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Ease of use
  • A wide variety of board view options
  • Customer support
  • Colorful and intuitive int


  • Complicated pricing plans
  • Some features can be tricky to try out during the free trial period

If you’re looking for a central hub aimed at managing your business, monday.com might be the platform for you. After taking into consideration hundreds of monday.com reviews and trying it out, I will break down all of the platform’s features and tools, account setup, and choose a pricing plan, as well as look at similar alternatives.

What Is Monday.com and How Does It Work?

Monday.com is a web-based collaborative platform. It is used by businesses and teams to organize and track their work. The platform offers highly customized spreadsheets where all team members can log the tasks they need to complete and update them with relevant data.

Monday.com offers management of sales and CRM, project and task work management, software development, marketing insights, and many other handy tools for businesses of all sizes.

So, what makes this platform stand out from the monday.com competitors? When I first started researching all of the features monday.com offers, I was impressed by how intuitive and simple the layout is. Although one would think that a project management app with features such as these ones would be overwhelming, it’s actually quite straightforward to use. This makes it a great option for first-time business owners looking to redirect all their employees on one platform.

Main Features

So, what is monday.com in a nutshell? It’s a project management app that provides optimal workflow through handy tools. Workflow software such as this one has these main features: integrations, automation, board view options, project management, customization, etc.

After trying it out, what I was most impressed with was the sheer multitude of template options and board view variety. Out of all the monday.com pricing plans I chose the Pro Plan which granted me access to the handy Gantt timetable, in addition to other regular boards such as a Kanban board, calendar view, and map view boards.

Feature Description Rating
Integrations Offers great seamless integrations, but the number of actions for the standard plan (250) might be hard to strategically calculate 4/5
Automation Offers easy-to-apply automation, but the number of actions for the standard plan (250) might be hard to strategically calculate 4/5
View A multitude of views, from Kanban boards to Gantt timelines, slightly overwhelming at first but nothing one couldn’t get used to 5/5
Customization Great templates but could use better board customization 4/5
Project management Great overview of the assignments by week and by task 5/5
Conversation panel There is no chat option provided by monday.com itself, but there is a Slack integration available 3.5/5
Filtering Quick filter and advanced filtering options 5/5
Notifications center Great overview of your teammates’ mentions of you or one of your items 5/5

Ease of Use

According to monday.com reviews, this is a very straightforward and intuitive platform to use. It offers a colorful and modern interface, making it very attractive to the eye. In addition, monday.com offers 24/7 customer support for all questions related to the app.

Signing up is very simple and takes only a couple of steps to complete.

The process of creating your account is very goal-oriented and the app itself can help you set up your final workplace spreadsheet with ease.

Customization of the main page and layout is very simple as monday.com has templates for all possible uses. Each template shows what apps it can be integrated with so you know what would suit you the most from the get-go. The Monday desktop app makes setting this up very fast.

The website offers a monday.com tutorial for each step of the profile navigation process, which makes using it as seamless and as user-friendly as it can get.

Plans, Pricing, and Contracts

Let’s talk about Monday pricing. Monday.com offers a wide array of pricing plans and the main feature that dictates how much a plan will cost is the number of people that are part of your business.

For example, if your team consists of 15 people, you can choose a plan made for a group of 15 seats. The same applies if your team has 11 members, which falls under the category of 10-15 seats. This means that you will have to pay for 4 extra seats to fill up the quota, which some monday.com reviews point out as confusing.

Plan Price+Subscription Number of people Contract Features
Individual Free forever Up to 2 seats No contract Unlimited boards, 200+ templates, up to 2 team members & more
Basic $8 per seat/month From 3 to 100 seats Monthly/Annual Individual plan features + 5GB storage, unlimited free viewers & more
Standard $10 per seat/month From 3 to 100 seats Monthly/Annual Basic plan features + integrations and automation, timeline and Gantt views & more
Pro $16 per seat/month From 3 to 100 seats Monthly/Annual Standard plan features + time tracking, private boards & more
Enterprise Custom pricing From 3 to 200+ seats Custom contract All features available

The Individual Plan is a monday.com free service that is great for individuals or partners that require one place to organize all of their activities. This plan is forever free and has no contract. It offers features such as unlimited boards with a Kanban board view (but if that’s all you need, you can check out the great Kanban solution specifically), 500MB of storage, and an activity log for up to 1 week.

The Basic Plan offers a 14-day free trial. It has all the features from the Individual Plan, with the addition of 5GB of file storage, 200+ templates, and unlimited items. The price depends on the group of seats you choose for your business, which can range from 3 up to 100+. This plan can be paid monthly or annually.

The Standard Plan offers a 14-day free trial and has all the features from the Basic Plan, in addition to 20GB of file storage, 250 actions/month on integrations and automation, Gantt timelines, and up to a 6-month activity log. The plan can be paid monthly or annually, and this Monday pricing plan is currently the most popular.

The Pro Plan offers a 14-day free trial and has all the features from the Standard Plan, in addition to 100GB of file storage, a year’s worth of activity log, 25,000 actions/month on integrations and automation, time tracking, chart views, and private boards. This plan can be paid monthly or annually.

The Enterprise Plan is perfect for big companies that need to manage 100+ members and need access to all organization tools, from advanced reporting and analytics to tailored onboarding. The monday.com cost of this package is customized, which means one has to fill out a form and contact customer service directly.

Ratings and Reviews

According to monday.com reviews on Trustpilot, the website has an overall score of 4.5/5 with customers praising the app’s easy-to-use interface and the tools offered. The platform has also gathered a few negative reviews, however, stating that the platform does not offer some features such as specific item filtering and better board customization.


The main alternative project management platforms to monday.com are Airtable, Trello, and Asana.

Alternatives Win Lose Best for
Airtable Charges per person Limited API Businesses looking for better data gathering
Trello The indefinite free tier of service Lacks better integration Beginners and small businesses
Asana Wide variety of integrations Somewhat more expensive per Medium-sized businesses

Monday.com is a unique project management software that provides excellent tools for work management in addition to being completely up to date with its user-friendly interface. This monday.com review is aimed at larger businesses that are looking for a project management platform that creates optimal workflow.

Is Monday.com Worth It?

When comparing Asana vs Monday or any other competitor it’s easy to miss the big differences at first. Monday.com might have steeper pricing than its alternatives, but it comes with its own perks, making monday.com one of the best work management platforms out there, from CRM for real estate to HR and recruitment organization.

Where Monday.com Dominates

  • A wide variety of board view options
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Colorful and intuitive interface

Where Monday.com Could Do Better

  • Complicated pricing plans
  • Some features can be tricky to try out during the free trial period

Monday.com is a standout project management platform that offers great business improvement functionalities to businesses of all sizes. However, this monday.com review takes into consideration the steep pricing plans, so if you’re looking for cheap or free employee scheduling software, this might not be the platform for you. Monday.com is best suited for larger businesses that want to have an interactive overview of their organization.


Is monday.com free?

Monday.com does offer a forever free individual plan, but only for up to 2 members. As for the other plans, they all offer a 14-day free trial that requires no credit card info.

How much does monday.com cost?

Monday.com’s cost starts at $24/month for three people and the price rises depending on the plan you choose and the number of people in your team.

Is monday any good?

According to monday.com reviews, the project management platform excels in giving its users comprehensible and easy-to-use task and project management tools. It’s a very organized app with 24/7 customer service, making each step as easy as it can be for its users.