• Countries: ★★★☆☆ 3/5
  • Snacks: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Packaging: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Corporate Gifts: ★★★☆☆ 3/5
  • Shipping: ★★★★★ 5/5

Try The World Box Reviews 2022 [Price, Pros & Cons]

  • Countries: ★★★☆☆ 3/5
  • Snacks: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Packaging: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Corporate Gifts: ★★★☆☆ 3/5
  • Shipping: ★★★★★ 5/5

Best For

For those who like to explore food options from around the globe


  • Tasty assortment of goods
  • Occasional discounts
  • Free delivery with Try The World subscription


  • Can’t really choose which country your box of origin will be from.
  • You’ll never know what’s inside until you open it
  • Some items might be too exotic

Have you ever wanted to go on a culinary journey around the world, but didn’t have the luxury to travel? Try The World lets you taste food from around the globe right at the comfort of your own home!

In these Try The World box reviews, I’ll be giving you a rundown about the company’s services, what it’s all about, and other useful information. By the end of this article, you should be able to tell if this subscription is something to invest in.

What Is Try The World, and How Does It Work?

Try The World box is a subscription-based service where you’re able to receive boxes of food items from different places around the world. These boxes contain an assortment of specially curated ingredients and ready-to-eats that will get you acquainted with different tastes from the places they came from.

Along with the food items included in each box is a cultural guide which gives interesting information about the country of origin. They have stories to get you acquainted with the local history and culture, and even recommend some homegrown music to listen to. Depending on the content, the guide also has recipes that make use of the products found inside.

Experiences and Thoughts About Try The World

According to various food delivery statistics, more and more people are getting into that realm of service. Try The World is a nifty delivery company that culinary adventurers might love to try out and get into.

The main two boxes are sorted by countries and snacks. The world food box, or Countries box, gives you unique, carefully selected gourmet foods sourced from different countries. The Snacks box, on the other hand, contains an assortment of snack items like chips, biscuits, and similar items for a quick munch. The featured country and international contents are preselected each month and cycle on a regular basis.

Try The World claims that all food products are really sourced from countries of origin, making them authentic and of the highest possible quality. Products are also from small family-owned companies and not highly commercialized conglomerates. Lastly, these products are supposedly rare finds which you cannot easily purchase in the US.

Like any good brand, one of the first impressions I get is what the packaging looks like. I’ve found the box to evoke a sense of elegance in a very casual way. The beautiful mint green color and sturdy build make the box very suitable for repurposing once you’ve taken out all the contents inside. That’s already a plus for me just starting from the box alone.

Opening the box is when you get to see all the goodies inside beginning with the cultural guide. The cultural guide gives a brief history about Try The World, a description of each product inside, and information about the city they are from, as well as a brief introduction about the chef who curated the contents of the box. The around the world food box cultural guide also has instructions like recipes and how-tos that feature the ingredients inside. I’ve found this to be very helpful, especially when many of the items are unfamiliar.

The contents are indeed very interesting, as I’ve found really rare finds. Being sourced from small businesses, you really wouldn’t be able to get these items just in any supermarket or even neighborhood international stores. Unless you’re well exposed to many different cultural gastronomies, many of these will be new to you. Of course, some generic items like sea salts and caramel candies can be recognizable, but it’s their brands that make them unique. For instance, the Thai box came with a Thai iced tea mix from a boutique brand called One Brew, something I haven’t heard of before and can’t be searched on eBay or Amazon.

I’ve also found the recipes to be very interesting as I was making this Try The World box review. It can turn anyone who can follow instructions into a certified home chef, providing a great way to have exotic gourmet meals at home with the exciting experience of preparation.

Pricing and Packages

Try The World offers four different packages for their Countries box. Each package gives you seven to eight different boxes per month. The price is $39 per box if you’re paying on a monthly basis. You can go cheaper by getting longer subscriptions: three months, six months, and twelve months are priced at $35, $33, and $29 respectively.

The Snack box also has four different packages. Monthly, three months, six months, and twelve months are priced at $19, $17, $16, and $15 respectively. Snack boxes give six different boxes of assorted snacks per month.

Shipping is free when you subscribe. You can get in touch with their customer service team by sending an email to sayhello@trytheworld.com.

What Others Say About Try The World

While I certainly quite fancied the world food subscription box, I’ve also tried researching online to see what other customers think of their service. Reviews from different forum sites vary. In general, average stars lean on the positive side, though I haven’t come across any forum that gave Try The World five stars.

Other Try The World box reviews from customers are also mixed, contrasting on similar issues. Some customers raved about the assortment of products in the boxes, while others didn’t appreciate them at all, saying that contents are too random and impractical to use. There are also several complaints about customer service and delivery issues.

Try The Box Alternatives

If you’re thinking about subscribing to Try The World boxes, or are already subscribing and want to check out what other similar services have to offer, here are a few popular alternatives to look into. Included are some general impressions based on the info I’ve found online.


Win A fantastic array of snack items to discover new tastes.
Lose Limited to snacks only.
Best For people who like to explore different kinds of snacks.

Home Chef

Win Tasty dishes with a good variety.
Lose Some dishes may be too complicated for those too lazy to cook.
Best For people who enjoy cooking.

Keto Crate

Win Good selection of keto products.
Lose Not all products are as tasty.
Best For people who are into the keto lifestyle.

Features Breakdown

Feature Description
Countries On rare occasions, some items can be too random to be paired with anything else.
Snacks Good assortment of products. Rare finds and usually very delicious.
Packaging Very good presentation with a box that can be repurposed.
Corporate Gifts A product might only be best for a niche. If you’re giving it to people who are food explorers, this is perfect. Otherwise, you might want to keep searching.
Shipping Free with a Try The World subscription.

Is Try The World Box Worth It?

For those who like to explore food options from around the globe, Try The World is a great way to discover rare finds. It introduces high-quality brands that are not over-commercialized, which preserves the authenticity of the tastes from the regions they are representing. Furthermore, the cultural guide is also a great way to not only give instructions about the contents but to get you acquainted with history and culture.

In doing this Try The World box review, I find it safe to say that Try The World does a great job using food to let you explore the world without leaving your house. Sure, there are some items inside that might be a waste of space like an odd sauce that only goes well with one thing or salt whose uniqueness is more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. Still, for those who want to try, $39 is not a bad price. They also throw in discounts from time to time.

Where Try The World Box Dominates

Try The World dominates the food box market with its wide selection of country boxes that they offer each month. If you like casually discovering popular or exotic tastes from Italy, Indonesia, Thailand, and other countries, the Try The World box is a great way to get started. The package prices are also reasonable considering the quality of the contents. The Try The World team puts a lot of effort into curating top-notch products from reputable family-owned businesses.


  • A tasty assortment of goods
  • Occasional discounts
  • Free delivery with Try The World subscription

Where Try The World Box Falls Short

If you don’t like surprises, Try The World can be a hit and miss. You don’t know and choose what’s going to be inside each box, so everything is a mystery until you open it. You’ll most likely strike gold with most of your boxes, but there will always be one or two items that might be completely useless.


  • Can’t really choose which country your box of origin will be from
  • You’ll never know what’s inside until you open it
  • Some items might be too exotic


How do you cancel your Try The World Subscription?

According to the Try The World cancel subscription policy, you must cancel at least five days before the date of renewal. In case you cancel after receiving your next period’s billing, you’ll still receive the box for the period, but will no longer be subscribed to the next.

Can I apply more than one discount promo on a single order?

No. Promo discounts cannot be stacked together on a single order. Each order can only use one promo discount at a time. However, you may be able to use multiple discount coupons on a single day as long as they are applied to different items

Does Try The World have customer support?

Yes! As mentioned in these Try The World box reviews, the food delivery service has customer support which can be contacted via email. Office hours available for support are between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. As of now, they have no hotline dedicated to voice calls.