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2022’s Sakara Reviews (Plans, Add-Ons, Discounts)

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Best For

Organic Food Lovers


  • Mindful food choices
  • No prep time is needed
  • Holistic coach services


  • No nutritional information on products
  • Extra cost for allergy modifications

Sakara is a top-notch organic meal delivery service based in New York City. It was founded by Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle back in 2011. Soon it became a healthy food sanctuary that promotes healthy eating without counting calories and food restrictions. It offers:

  • ready-to-eat plant-rich meals
  • teas and supplements
  • self-care courses

Starting price is $70 per day.

Sakara reviews show that the company offers fresh, delicious, and nutritious food you always wanted to try but never had time to prepare.

How Does Sakara Work?

Pick one of the four programs on the website. Open the weekly menu by entering your ZIP code. Once you customize the plan, meals will be prepared and delivered right to your doorstep.

The signup process starts with entering your email and password. According to the average Sakara customer review, the profile is created in seconds, without further email verification.

To choose a plan, go to Shop Meal Programs on the screen’s top-left corner. Once you select it, scroll down to make modifications such as program length – if applicable, the subscription’s starting date and delivery frequency. Click Add to Cart and proceed to the billing part.

The company offers:

  • The RE: PROGRAM – Includes three organic nourishments per day, daily probiotics, detox tea, and access to holistic health coaching. It lasts for three weeks.
  • Signature Program (Level I) – It can be customized to two, three, or five-day plans with up to three meals per day, teas, and medical-grade supplements. It’s offered once a month.
  • Detox (Level II) – Five-day plant-based cleanse includes three meals per day with daily kefir, digestive tea, water drops, supplements, and daily check-ins from a health coach.
  • The Bridal Program – Includes four weeks of a powerful fitness regimen and gifts. It covers three meals per day, five days a week, daily tea, supplements, and access to health coaching.

The Sakara Wellness Coaches team supports a plant-based diet. Ready-to-eat nourishments include fresh and nutrient-dense ingredients.

The dainty icons below each item show if the heating is optional, if it is spicy, and whether it contains nuts or soy.

According to Sakara menu reviews, the set menu rotates weekly and seasonally. Including the first delivery, there is an option to pick three meals per day or to combine them. Besides what you get with the chosen plan, it’s possible to buy additional items such as chocolate, snacks, and nutritious bars.

There is a one-time-purchase trial or a consecutive weekly subscription for most offered services. Subscribers get early access to new products, partner perks, and events. Additionally, the daily cost is reduced with the weekly commitment.

Managing Your Subscription

The company does not accept returns. According to verified Sakara Life reviews, you will receive a refund if the order is canceled within the appropriate time frame.

You can manage the subscription from the calendar on your profile. Skip an upcoming week with no penalty by clicking on Edit Upcoming Weeks. To cancel, select the subscription you wish to discontinue from the dropdown menu next to Manage Subscriptions. Next, click Cancel Subscription on the bottom of the page. Any changes must be made by midnight EST on Wednesday, a week before the shipment. Otherwise, your credit card will be charged.

With 48-hours notice, meal days can be paused and credited to your account. This credit doesn’t expire and can be used once you reschedule the delivery. Note that no adjustments can be made to the first week of the subscription program.

Shipping & Packaging

According to Sakara food delivery reviews, you get the parcels weekly, until you pause/skip an order or cancel the account. Any update in the subscription calendar must be made by Wednesday at midnight EST for next week’s delivery. Otherwise, the change will be reflected a week later.

The company delivers domestically across the continental United States on Sundays or Wednesdays from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. You will receive an email notification once the parcel is shipped. To view order status, go to Order History, click on View Details, and Track Order. If it doesn’t arrive within the expected four to seven business days, contact the support via email.

The packaging is 100% recyclable, and plastic containers are BPA-free.

How Much Does Sakara Cost?

Food delivery includes up to three meals per day, daily detox tea, and enough probiotics supplies, depending on the weekly plan. See the price of each box below:

  • The RE: PROGRAM – If purchased as a one-time plan, it costs from $717 to $1,047. As a subscriber, you will pay from $239 to $349 per week.
  • Signature Program (Level I) – Price with weekly subscription ranges from $70 to $80 per day. A one-time purchase is from $117 to $1,640.
  • Detox (Level II) – The five-day plan costs $400.
  • A twenty-day wellness schedule for brides is $1,395.

According to the average Sakara cost review, you get the best value for money by choosing the weekly subscription instead of a one-time plan.

All recipes are 100% organic and free of common allergens such as gluten and dairy. The price is formed according to how many meals you choose per day, as well as the program length and subscription type. According to Sakara meal reviews, the Signature Program (Level I) is the most popular option.

Each program is nutritionally designed for one person. There is an ingredient list for each item. The Sakara community does not believe in calorie counting; hence no nutritional facts are provided. According to verified Sakara Life reviews, products come with informative cards on a particular ingredient and why it’s good for you. Allergy modifications such as nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains cost an additional $60 a box.

As Sakara is a weekly delivery service, you will be charged every Thursday morning unless you skip or pause an order on time. All deliveries are free of cost for Sakara subscribers.

Saving Opportunities

You can subscribe to the weekly meal delivery with almost any plan. This selection is more flexible and offers up to a 15% discount on all program costs. According to Sakara food reviews, it’s a money-saver with a free delivery option.

If you place an order for more than one meal program delivering at the same time to the same address, you get a chance to receive a 25% discount. For the same plans, change the quantity in your cart by clicking the plus sign. Otherwise, add the second plan separately. After the first delivery, inform the support team via email to retroactively refund the earned discount and add a recurring code to your account.

If you are new to the Sakara family, you get $50 off the first order if you spend a minimum of $75 on any service.

With Sakara Rewards, points can be redeemed for selected wellness essentials or a full meal day as a part of the Signature Meal Delivery Program. One point is worth $1 in Sakara credit, and every new subscriber receives 25 points for opening an account. According to Sakara reviews, users receive 300 points on their birthday. The loyalty program has three levels:

  • Silver – if you spend up to $999
  • Gold – if you spend from $1,000 to $4,999
  • Platinum – if you spend over $5,000 on Sakara services

Free shipping of new product samples and seasonal gifts are exclusive to Platinum members.

Writing a product review can bring you 100 points and following Sakara Life on Instagram another 50 points.

You’ll also get a discount by referring the company to a friend, receiving 850 points after they make their first order. You’ll find a unique referral link in your account.

Sakara Add-Ons

The company’s additional services can be found in the Clean Boutique once you log in. The items are filtered by function such as Beauty, Detox, Energy & Focus, and Gut Health. Here are the things you can add to the cart:

  • Super Powders & Supplements: start at $49
  • Bars & Snacks: $9 and above
  • Chocolates: start at $39
  • Teas & Waters: $20 and above

DIY Detox Kit is a ten-day reset plan that promises to purify skin, boost energy, and shed excess weight. For $195, you receive twenty easy-to-make recipes, beauty and detox water drops, daily probiotic blend, energy bars, and signature tea.

According to Sakara reviews, add-ons are shipped together with the existing meal plan.

Customer Service

Visit the FAQ section for any questions or contact customer service via info@sakaralife.com or their Help Center. The email response hours are Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. You can contact the Wellness Team directly on (917) 261-3593 during weekdays – Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. According to Sakara reviews, email communication is quick and efficient.

Platinum reward members get Dedicated Wellness Concierge available via text.

Pros Cons
Mindful food choices No nutritional information on products
No prep time is needed Extra cost for allergy modifications
Holistic coach services

Sakara Reviews and Testimonials

Some Sakara reviews on Reddit and the company’s website complain about the price, but most agree that it is a good investment in one’s well-being. The programs are flexible, even though there is one set menu available. Customers enjoy flavorful and filling nourishments and anticipate new tasty-sounding recipes.

According to honest Sakara review feedback by customers, the large amount of plastic packaging is the biggest downside. The company is known to implement sustainable ideas and use the latest recyclable packaging options. Still, every item comes in a plastic to-go container, including the sauce and dressing, and occupies a lot of space in the fridge.

The access to holistic teachings and self-care practices is a nice touch to the whole idea of body, mind, and soul engagement that the Sakara Life community lives by.

How Does It Compare? – Sakara Alternatives

Sakara vs Daily HarvestDaily Harvest is an option that provides frozen portioned kits instead of ready-to-eat food. The price range is from $6.99 to $69.75 per serving. It offers a different menu – lattes, oats, and chia bowls. However, it cannot beat the variety of Sakara’s ingredients and available add-ons, such as supplements and probiotic powders.

Sakara vs Home ChefHome Chef is another food kit delivery service starting at $7.99 per serving. Offers more than 38 kits with the option of adding extra food without doubling the size of the order. It provides accessible ingredients and standard food options. You also get the cooking tray that leaves no dirty dishes behind.

Is Sakara Worth It?

The all-embracing approach and access to wellbeing coach services make Sakara more of a lifestyle than a food delivery service. According to Sakara Life reviews, it’s all about taking care of yourself and making your health a priority.

Packaging and labels are consistent and recognizable, food is colorful and organic. Not only do you save time on preparing food during busy weekdays, but you also become a part of the Sakara Life community.

According to Sakara vegan meal delivery reviews, the richness of the program and international ingredients make it unique in the wellness market. A veggie meal or a healthy snack is always a better choice, especially if you want to exit the vicious circle of unhealthy eating.

For a company that provides relatively pricey and complex food plans, it’s somewhat flexible. You can easily adjust the program around your schedule – skip a week or change the items you’ll receive.

Overall, having fancy nourishments and healthy plant-based ingredients at hand sounds attractive. Having an option to join a community that promotes self-care is more than you bargained for.

According to Sakara reviews, the plans really save time and make people feel good about what they eat. Especially while dealing with busy schedules. It’s rather convenient to have pre-portioned and carefully prepared wholesome meals delivered to your doorstep when you’re swamped with work.