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Daily Harvest Reviews: What Is It, How It Works & Alternatives

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Best For

Vegan Meal Delivery


  • Organic and vegan
  • Meals come in individual portions
  • Requires minimal to no cooking and cleanup
  • Comes with detailed preparation instructions


  • Liquids for soups and smoothies are not included
  • A bit pricey

According to food delivery statistics, 8% of Americans have at least one meal kit delivery subscription. Here comes Daily Harvest with its meal-kit delivery service, offering various subscription plans to its customers.

But let’s see what this service is all about:

Daily Harvest is a meal-kit delivery service that offers prepared organic, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free foods in single-serving cups. Founded in 2014, the company is still new in the food industry but has made a good name for itself within a very short period of time. Daily Harvest reviews have also been pretty good on various platforms. The company started off with pre-packaged vegan smoothie blends. However, they have now expanded their line of products to include Daily Harvest bowls, oat and chia bowls, flatbreads, energy bites, ice creams, coffee, and Daily Harvest soups.

The healthy food delivery service is subscription-based and offers weekly and monthly plans.

Even though a bit pricey, Daily Harvest is a great option for vegans, healthy eaters, students, and professionals with no time to cook, as well as those looking to increase their fruit and vegetable intake.

How Much Does Daily Harvest Cost?

Unlike most subscription-based services, Daily Harvest does not have fixed prices for its plans. The price of your plan is calculated based on the items that you choose to add to your box. Each item in the box is charged separately.

On average, you’ll have to pay:

  • $6.99-$7.99 per cup with a weekly plan
  • about $6.99 per cup with the monthly plan

Overall, Daily Harvest meals are a bit more expensive than expected for the amount of food you receive. However, according to Daily Harvest reviews from 2022, some of their newly-added food options, such as the Daily Harvest bowls, are totally worth the price as they are quite filling. And the good thing is if you have a no-interest credit card or zero annual fee credit card, you will find daily harvest meal subscription plans even more affordable.

Since Daily Harvest works on a subscription basis, you’re automatically charged for the next week or month unless you pause or cancel your subscription. The amount you will be charged stays the same as your first order. In case you change your order and the Daily Harvest cost of your new box is less than the previous one, the remaining amount will be added to your account and will be displayed in the Account Credit section of the Daily Harvest website.

Saving Opportunities

Daily Harvest highly values its customers and offers them the following saving opportunities:

  • $20 off on your first order – the Daily Harvest promo code for this discount is automatically applied.
  • Free shipping.

Referral Program – Everyone who signs up for Daily Harvest using your referral code will get $25 off on their first order and you’ll receive $25 credit on every new customer.

Shipping & Packaging

Daily Harvest foods are delivered to your doorstep without any additional shipping charges. The foods come in individual serving-sized boxes and are labeled with nutrient information and preparation instructions. Since the products are frozen, they are placed on dry ice to prevent the food from melting during the delivery process. According to Daily Harvest reviews, customers are highly satisfied with their packaging and shipment.

Depending on your subscription plan, the food is delivered on a weekly or monthly basis. Daily Harvest delivers to about 95% of the United States, with work underway to expand its delivery service to the entire country.

Daily Harvest Add-Ons

Daily Harvest also allows you to send the gift of healthy food to foodies among your family and friends. The company offers two gift options:

  • Daily Harvest Gift Box – The gif box contains 9 items and costs $75. While this is a great gift option for healthy eaters, many consumers find the cost of the Daily Harvest gift box to be quite high.
  • Daily Harvest Gift Card – The food company also allows you to buy gift cards for $25, $50, $100, $150, and $200. While these seem like wonderful options, there is a limitation to them. The gift cards can only be applied to a plan. The receivers cannot use gift cards to just purchase items worth the gift card amount; they have to purchase a subscription plan. They work like Daily Harvest promo codes.

How Does Daily Harvest Work?

Daily Harvest has a very simple and easy-to-follow process, which according to nearly every Daily Harvest customer review, is one of the best aspects of this food delivery service. You can place an order for a customized healthy, vegan food box in just a few steps. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the ordering process:

  1. Visit the official Daily Harvest website and click on the Get Started button located on the banner image or in the top right corner of the homepage.
  2. Enter your ZIP code and email address and then click on View Plans + Pricing.
  3. Select your desired plan. Daily Harvest offers four subscription plans, divided into two categories. The weekly subscription category has three plans – 9 items, 14 items, and 24 items. There is only one option in the monthly plan category, i.e. 24 items.
  4. Build your box. Daily Harvest gives you two options to fill your box – fill it with their best-selling products or create a custom box for yourself.
  5. Proceed to checkout. Enter your shipping and payment details and place the order.

Every meal comes with detailed instructions on how to prepare it, so you don’t have to spend time figuring it out. This is one of the most widely appreciated features in the Daily Harvest food reviews.

The company also offers a $20 discount to all users on their first orders. The Daily Harvest promo code for the discount is automatically applied to your first order.

Managing Your Daily Harvest Subscription

Even though Daily Harvest subscriptions are automatically renewed every week or month, users have several different options to control their subscription plans. These include:

  • Skip a Delivery

Whether you couldn’t finish the food from your previous order, are out of town, or do not want the next Daily Harvest order for any other reason, you can choose to skip the delivery.

  • Pause Your Plan

This feature allows users to put their subscription plan on pause for as long as they want. When you pause your plan, Daily Harvest keeps all your information saved in their database so you won’t have to provide it again when you wish to resume deliveries.

You can skip a delivery or pause your plan until 6 p.m. ET on Sunday before your order is scheduled for shipment. This is unlike many other food delivery services that require users to inform them way in advance, so it comes as no surprise that this policy is widely appreciated in daily-harvest.com reviews.

  • Cancel Your Plan Anytime

Since Daily Harvest charges on a per-order basis, you can cancel your subscription plan anytime you want.

Customer Service

Daily Harvest only offers customer support via email. However, they do not provide an email address on their website – you can only send the email through their contact form. There is also a dedicated Help & FAQ page to provide answers to common questions about Daily Harvest, their food, subscription plans, gift options, and policies.

Daily Harvest receives mixed reviews for its customer service. According to some verified Daily Harvest reviews, users experience problems when changing their order contents and skipping or pausing their deliveries. However, the customer support representatives of Daily Harvest respond to and resolve the complaints promptly.

Pros Cons
Organic and vegan Users have to add their own liquids into the Daily Harvest soups and smoothies
Meals come in individual portions (as per the standard serving size) A bit pricey
Requires minimal to no cooking and cleanup Food cups take up a lot of freezer space, so those with small freezers may have issues in storing them
Food boxes come with detailed preparation instructions

Daily Harvest Reviews and Testimonials

As per Daily Harvest reviews shared by influencers, bloggers, and regular consumers, everyone seems to like the food that they offer. It’s healthy, nutritious, come in pre-portioned, neatly packaged boxes, and requires minimal to no cooking. Daily Harvest smoothie reviews have been particularly great. Many consumers, however, find the food delivery service to be pricey. Their website seems to have some glitches too. While the issues aren’t common, some users have shared their honest Daily Harvest reviews and have complained about experiencing difficulties with changing or canceling their plans.

Daily Harvest has an A BBB rating. The company has a 4.1 rating on Trustpilot, with 59% of reviewers rating it as excellent and 11% of consumers rating the food delivery service as great. There are also many positive Daily Harvest reviews on Reddit. There are no Daily Harvest reviews on Yelp though; it seems the company isn’t present on the review site.

How Does It Compare to Other Such Services? Daily Harvest Alternatives

In our detailed review, we compared the food delivery service with some of its leading competitors:

  • Daily Harvest vs Revive Superfoods

Daily Harvest and Revive are meal delivery services that both offer healthy food and work on a subscription basis. However, the average cost of Revive superfood meals is lower than the Daily Harvest costs. With Revive, you have to pay a little over $6 a serving, on average. Revive also offers 50% off on your first order, reducing the cost even further. However, there have been a few complaints about their customer support. As one user shared, she wanted to cancel her subscription because she didn’t like the flavor, but couldn’t do it. She was unable to find a phone number on their website and her emails went unanswered. As a result, she was left with no option but to put her account on pause.

Daily Harvest, on the other hand, allows users to cancel their plans online; there’s no need to get in touch with a customer service representative. Daily Harvest food reviews have also been great for the most part.

  • Daily Harvest vs Home Chef

Home Chef offers a bigger variety of foods than Daily Harvest. They also give you more options to customize your food choices. You can set your dietary preferences and let them know whether there are any particular foods that you want to avoid. Home Chef also has non-vegan food options.

Unlike Daily Harvest that only offers $20 off on your first order, Home Chef offers $15 off on the first four boxes.

On the flip side, Home Chef doesn’t offer sweets and smoothies. Also, their meals aren’t ready to eat; they require some preparation and cooking.

  • Daily Harvest vs Plated

Daily Harvest provides prepared foods that only take a few minutes to cook. Plated, on the other hand, is a service that delivers the ingredients to your doorstep, saving you the bother of grocery store trips. Plated is also comparatively expensive; one serving will cost you about $11.95. They also charge a shipping fee whereas Daily Harvest offers free shipping which users love, according to daily-harvest.com reviews. Given that encourages 9 out of 10 people to buy, they are doing the right thing.

The Verdict

There is no denying the fact that Daily Harvest is a bit pricey. However, it’s a great food delivery service for those who can afford the prices. The food is healthy, prepared with nutritionist-approved recipes, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. The company also provides healthy ice creams and lattes. After reading Daily Harvest reviews and performing our own in-depth search, we can say that it’s worth giving it a try, especially if you have a busy schedule or don’t like spending hours in the kitchen.


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