• BBB Rating: A+
  • Starting Fee: $199 registration fee
  • Free package: Free credit consultation
  • Refund Policy: 100% money back
  • Best For: Improving credit ratings Deleting irrelevant material on credit reports

National Credit Fixers Review [Details on Services & Pricing]

  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Starting Fee: $199 registration fee
  • Free package: Free credit consultation
  • Refund Policy: 100% money back
  • Best For: Improving credit ratings Deleting irrelevant material on credit reports

Best For

Improving credit ratings Deleting irrelevant material on credit reports


  • A chance to win free credit repair services on a monthly basis
  • Trained FICO certified consultants handle all queries
  • Free credit consultation services available
  • Money back guarantee as per terms and conditions


  • A $199 registration fee is mandatory
  • National Credit Fixers does not have in-house legal representation or counsel

Navigating the modern world of consumerism and debt while maintaining a good credit score is a massive undertaking for anyone. How can a consumer fix bad credit? National Credit Fixers is considered one of the best credit repair agencies on the market. Boasting five-star ratings from satisfied customers while being supported by over 20,000 followers on social media.

Unlike other National Credit Fixers reviews, I am going to take a deeper dive and cover: the overview of National Credit Fixers, their features, services, pricing, rating, and much more.

National Credit Fixers Overview

National Credit Fixers credit repair services was established in 1996 by owner Matt Listro. Since then, 25 years in business has led to gaining popularity and satisfied customers raving about the excellent credit score repair services on offer.

The company prides itself on custom-made bad credit repair services, assisted by the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) credit score calculation method. When calling National Credit Fixers. you will be assisted by a certified credit score specialist that delivers non-computerized, subjective credit repair for business and individual clients.

National Credit Fixers Services & Features

National Credit Fixers provides the following:

Credit Repair for Individuals and Companies

National Credit Fixers lawfully eliminates undesirable and unverifiable information from credit reports; these unwanted items usually negatively impact credit scores.

Working with the Fair Credit Reporting Agency (FCRA), they offer guaranteed credit repair by removing errors relating (but not limited) to:

  • Invalid accounts of bankruptcy
  • Tardy payment history
  • Repossessions
  • Court judgements

Some reviews attest to National Credit Fixers’s adherence to FCRA legislation as an accredited credit repair company that fully understands how credit repair works.

Free Credit Consultation

An added incentive for using National Credit Fixers is their free credit consultation service. This facility offers an in-depth analysis of customer credit reports provided by leading credit bureaus like TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Once an analysis has been successfully completed, a credit score specialist interprets the results and determines the best way of building good credit.

Free Credit Repair Services

Once a month, NCF gives applicants an opportunity to receive free credit repair services.

Before you go and apply, you should know that there are some requirements. Namely, to be considered, applicants have to be in a bad financial situation and with bad credit. But, most importantly, they should be willing to work on their credit.


On their resource page, you can find a link to search for collection agencies through America.

Refund Policy

According to National Credit Fixers reviews from credible verified users, all consultants are so confident in their skills to fix credit that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. So, what does the refund policy entail?

  • An 100% refund if a client’s credit score is not improved.
  • A minimum 25% deletion of elements that negatively affect credit scores.

These conditions are applicable only upon clients providing updated credit reports and paying the relevant fees. Knowing that the service provides a guaranteed money-back service, though, makes it more appealing—if you’ve ever wondered whether credit repair is a myth, you can try out this service without losing a dime.

Customer Support

In our exclusive National Credit Fixers review, we’ve noted that contact numbers are prominently displayed on the top of the home page of their website. Extensive customer services are provided via email, fax, and telephone, as well as Facebook.

In many customer reviews of National Credit Fixers personnel is described as honest, reliable, and realistic. They protect client privacy and keep customers informed throughout the duration of the deletion program.

National Credit Fixers Pricing

Let’s take a closer look at payment options and fees for individuals who want to repair their credit:

Service Payment Options Service Details Best For
Credit Consultation Free
  • Analysis of credit reports
  • Detailed advice
Consumers wishing to improve their credit score
Credit repair
  • $199 to open account
  • $199/mo. for 6 months
  • $149/mo. for 12 months
  • Analysis of credit reports
  • Draft dispute letters to creditors
  • Removal of selected material
  • After program support and guidance
  • Needing to delete negative credit reports
  • Someone having disputes with credit bureaus
  • Those who request detailed support

National Credit Fixers offers consultations and credit repair services for individuals at competitive rates. Consultations are done face-to-face with qualified credit fixers who aim to serve the customer’s best interests.

As a special offer to consumers experiencing financial adversity, National Credit Fixers gives away a free credit repair to someone at random each month. In order to be eligible for this free credit repair, applicants must show proof of economic hardship, a tarnished credit record, and a commitment to improve credit habits. Those who are not selected one month are able to re-apply for chances to win the service.

How Does National Credit Fixers Work?

Reputable credit repair services such as the ones that National Credit Fixers provide can help you remove outdated and incorrect information much faster than you can do it on your own.

Here is how it work:

  1. National Credit Fixers do that by employing reputable credit score specialists to assess and analyze customer credit reports; the service is incredibly easy to utilize, and consumers do not have to navigate complicated call centers. It’s as easy as paying the registration fee and setting up an account.
  2. Once the data has been examined, consultants work with clients in order to devise a plan going forward to fix credit and increase scores. And after all the information has been gathered, national credit fixers file a credit dispute letter to creditors. To speed up the process, the agency will send numerous dispute letters not only to credit bureaus, but also to collection agencies, courthouses, and credit reporting agencies invested in the claim.
  3. Once credit renovation has been achieved, customers are provided with tools to build credit and acquire secured credit cards. Consultants guide and educate their patrons so that they understand how credit repair works. Due to the special treatment customers frequently receive, National Credit Fixers are seen as one of the highest quality credit repair companies in the industry.

Pros and Cons of Using National Credit Fixers

There are benefits and drawbacks to any service, so let’s take a closer look at the good and bad of National Credit Fixers.

The Good

  • Free credit consultation services are available
  • Money-back guarantee as per terms and conditions
  • A chance to win free credit repair services on a monthly basis
  • Trained FICO certified consultants handle all queries
  • Known as a reputable credit repair company with many online reviews

The Bad

  • At $149 to $199 per month, services are considered more expensive than comparable credit repair services
  • A $199 registration fee is mandatory
  • National Credit Fixers does not have in-house legal representation or counsel

National Credit Fixers Reviews and Ratings

Looking at reviews of National Credit Fixers clients, I’ve concluded that customers wishing to use the services of a fast credit repair service seem to prefer National Credit Fixers. Their clients enthuse about the competent, personalized services provided by skilled and empathetic consultants.

The rating of National Credit Fixers on BBB (Best Business Bureau) is A+, and it has been BBB accredited since 2016. Other ratings include a 4.3 star rating on Bestcompany.com and a 4.6 star rating on Google.

National Credit Fixers Alternatives

In addition to National Credit Fixers, debtors can contact CreditRepair.com, Lexington Law, or Credit Saints as alternative credit fixer services. How do these companies compare to each other?

See our table below to find out.

Criteria National Credit Fixers CreditRepair.com Lexington Law Credit Saint
BBB Accreditation Yes No – Currently under investigation No Yes
BBB Rating A+ D C A
Years In Business 25 9 27 17
Customer Reviews (Stars) 5 2 2 3
Money-Back Guarantee Yes No No Yes – 90 days
Free credit consultation Yes No No Yes

Looking at the comparison table, it’s fair to say that National Credit Fixers is the best credit repair agency out of the bunch. Customers are more satisfied and appreciate fast results provided by the FICO-certified service.

In Conclusion

Utilizing the services of National Credit Fixers will guarantee confidentiality, an improved credit score, and less debt stress. Consultants deliver consistent, top-quality results while keeping their clients informed throughout the process.

With a 100% money-back guarantee, customers have nothing to lose.


Are National Credit Fixers Legit?

National Credit Fixers is legitimate and can lawfully remove negative items from credit reports to boost credit scores. An A+ rating and BBB accreditation attest the company’s good reputation and commitment to providing customers with the best solutions for credit issues.

Are National Credit Fixers safe?

National Credit Fixers aims to provide made-to-order services for clients while keeping details private and confidential. Their 100% money back guarantee offers assurance of trustworthy and specialized consultations to meet customer needs; deletion programs take between six and twelve months to complete and promise to deliver a minimum 25% reduction in negative credit report content.

How Can You Tell If A Credit Repair Service is Bad?

When using the services of a reputable credit repair business, you should be informed of your rights as a client under state and federal law. Additionally, the best credit repair companies will issue a contract detailing costs, duration of service, and cancellation policy before beginning any work.
Also, keep in mind that a reliable company will not ask you to pay in advance for services not yet rendered.

Who Regulates Credit Repair Companies?

Credit repair establishments are directed by two federal laws.
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) limits who can view credit reports and restricts the content thereof. The FCRA also promises consumers access to their personal credit reports and gives them the means to prevent fraud in the event of identity theft.
The Credit Repair Organizations Act regulates the credit repair industry by prohibiting certain actions while providing acceptable business practices and guidelines.

Why Are Credit Repair Companies Considered High-Risk?

Actually, more often than not, the client exploits credit repair companies: customers who use companies to settle disputes with credit bureaus inherently have financial issues, and it’s assumed that they will fall into the same trouble in the future.

Because of how credit repair works, companies have inherited the high-risk label by association. However, National Credit Fixers reviews and customer feedback largely dispute this.


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