• CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Email, Phone
  • FREE TRIAL: 7 - Day
  • LANGUAGES: 294 incl English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic

Verbling Reviews in 2022: Languages, Tutors, Pros & Cons, Discounts

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Email, Phone
  • FREE TRIAL: 7 - Day
  • LANGUAGES: 294 incl English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic

Best For

Learning via Video Sessions


  • Great support offered
  • Pay for one lesson at a time
  • Classes taught by professionals
  • Pick your own tutor and communicate directly


  • Lessons are on the expensive side
  • Only works with Google Chrome browsers
  • Unpopular languages have limited tutors available

Verbling is an online language learning platform that has been helping people learn new languages via video sessions since 2011. There are numerous Verbling reviews available to you. What makes ours different?

Today, we’ll be taking a close look at:

  • how this platform works
  • how much it costs
  • its standout features
  • pros and cons

We’ll also be reviewing its support, filling you in on what other Verbling users have to say about the platform and checking out a few of its biggest competitors to see how it compares.

So for an in-depth look at this language-lover’s dream of a platform, keep reading.

Verbling Key Details

Who Benefits From Verbling and Who Is It Best For?

Verbling is the ideal platform for anyone looking to learn a new language. Our recommendation is to find a Verbling students review relating to the specific teacher of the language you wish to learn to determine whether they’ll tick all your boxes in terms of availability, budget, and skill.

For a more general approach, search your desired language. For example, if you’re looking to learn English then find a Verbling English language review to find the right teacher for your needs.

What Different Products Does the Platform Provide?

Those who use Verbling have over 10,000 teachers to choose from so you’re all but guaranteed to find a teacher that teaches your desired language, matches your schedule and fits in with your budget. 294 languages are available for learning on the platform.

According to the website and numerous Verbling reviews its most popular languages are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Arabic

Verbling offers a truly massive variety of available languages. You can choose among 200 available languages: from Afrikaans, to Welsh, to Zulu and even American Sign Language. To find out more, just browse through using the search bar and find your preferred language and teacher.

Plans & Pricing

By now you’re probably wondering “how much does Verbling cost?

There is no set Verbling cost but rather the courses are priced by their respective teachers. Based on our research, the average Verbling pricing for an hour-long lesson of its most popular languages is as follows:

  • English: $19 per lesson
  • Spanish: $18 per lesson
  • French: $24 per lesson
  • German: $31 per lesson
  • Italian: $22 per lesson
  • Portuguese: $15 per lesson
  • Mandarin: $20 per lesson
  • Japanese: $25 per lesson
  • Russian: $16 per lesson
  • Arabic: $14 per lesson

Classes cost between $5 to $50. It is worth noting that many tutors offer bundles to their students.

For example, you’ll often be given a choice between purchasing a lone lesson for $18, 5 lessons at $17 per hour or 10 lessons at $15 per hour. If you check out Verbling reviews tutor and student alike note that this arrangement suits everyone involved.

At the teachers discretion, free lessons are sometimes offered and Verbling sometimes runs promotional discounts or provides coupon codes to new users. All users are also eligible to take advantage of the 7-day Verbling free trial.

Should you ever find yourself wondering “how do I cancel Verbling?” you’ll be pleased to discover that the cancellation process is a breeze. Since you only pay for the lessons you take you don’t need to worry about hefty cancellation fees.

To reschedule a lesson you’ll need to do so with at least 12 hours of notice. If you cannot provide sufficient notice as stated above, your lesson will be cancelled and you will receive a 50% refund.


Verbling user reviews often praise the platform for its high level of usability. It has a fluid interface that is easy to navigate and understand. Their search functionality for finding teachers is wonderful – it’s almost like an online dating site in a sense (which, let’s be honest, in this day and age we ALL know how to navigate).

It also offers an app to iOS and Android users alike. This app can even be used by those who have speech disabilities which is a feature that we LOVE. Verbling app reviews state that the app is free, reliable and easy to use.

Help and Support

2022’s Verbling reviews reveal that you can expect a high level of customer support – but not necessarily from Verbling staff. A full FAQ page is available for both teachers and students that covers almost every topic imaginable. In addition, all users have access to the Community where other users ask and answer various questions.

Pros Cons
Classes taught by professionals Only works with Google Chrome browsers
Pick your own tutor and communicate directly Lessons are on the expensive side
Great support offered Unpopular languages have limited tutors available
Pay for one lesson at a time

Verbling User Reviews and Testimonials

When searching for honest Verbling reviews Reddit, social media and review sites are incredibly valuable. While the vast majority of verified Verbling reviews are positive there are a handful of negatives too. Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on both down below.

Verbling positive reviews often make mention of wonderful teachers, equally enthusiastic fellow students and how successful the platform was in their linguistic journey. These reviews are also quick to point out how user-friendly the platform is.

Verbling negative reviews, surprisingly, are mostly left by teachers. When looking at Verbling TrustPilot reviews a handful of teachers have complained about not being able to get enough students due to popular languages having multiple teachers to choose from. A few Verbling customer complaints mention that if your internet connection isn’t great, your learning experience won’t be either.


Generally speaking, a Verbling courses review will often compare the platform to others that they’ve tried out to highlight differences you may have missed. While Verbling ratings are high and the platform works for many people, it won’t work for everyone.

  • Verbling vs italki

Verbling and italki are remarkably similar in the sense that they’re both user-friendly platforms, they both have many languages available to learn and the booking process is almost identical. However, Verbling tends to be more expensive than italki but ANYONE can become a teacher on italki as long as they’re a native speaker of the language they wish to teach.

  • Verbling vs Cambly

Much like Verbling, Cambly users are able to try the platform out first before purchasing their first lesson. While Verbling is focused on teachers and students alike, Cambly is more geared towards teachers.


Overall, Verbling is a wonderful platform that puts linguistic success in the hands of anyone. There are lessons available in a staggering number of languages, an assortment of teachers to pick from, and a lesson to match every budget.

While its customer support is not earth-shattering, the sense of community that accompanies this fact makes up for it well. If you’re still not totally sure as to whether this is the platform for you, give its free trial a try and make your decision from there.


How Long Are Verbling Lessons?

Verbling lessons are one hour in length. However, Verbling user reviews point out that you can make arrangements for 30 minute to 45 minute lessons with your teacher should the hour long session not be convenient for you.

How Much Can Verbling Teachers Earn?

If you’re considering Verbling teaching, you can earn a pretty penny. A Verbling teacher review indicates that teachers typically earn between $15 to $25 per hour – although teachers set their own rates so it’s difficult to state a figure with certainty. Remember, Verbling takes 15% commission on all sales.

How Does Verbling Work?

Verbling reviews clearly show that using Verbling couldn’t be any easier. Simply find a teacher, pay for your lesson, take your lesson and track your linguistic progress. Does that sound good? Yes! Oui! Si! Ja!