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2021 PrepScholar: Reviews, Plans & Pricing, Pros & Cons

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Language Fluency, ACT and SAT Practice and Preparation


  • Free consultation
  • Experienced teachers from leading universities
  • Individualized teaching plan
  • 1-hour money-back guarantee for online prep test courses


  • Limited practice tests
  • Virtual lessons only
  • High-end pricing

Traditional classes are quite time-consuming and that’s why online education platforms are getting more popular among students.


PrepScholar is a renowned online test preparation center. Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang, perfect SAT score holders, established the institute in 2013 using their own experience to provide guidance to students for various tests, including SAT, ACT, GMAT, PSAT, TOEFL, and GRE. After going through various PrepScholar reviews, we compiled a summary of the most important features of the company.

In our prepscholar.com review, we will focus on:

  • Key details
  • Pricing plans
  • Usability
  • Pros and cons
  • User reviews
  • Customer service

Platform Key Details

Students preparing for any entry test can greatly benefit from PrepScholar’s services. The virtual tutoring service prepares its students for a variety of entry tests through tutoring time, practice tests, videos, strategies, and progress tracking.

Below is a list of the courses offered and information about who can benefit from them.


The majority of PrepScholar SAT reviews validate the company’s claim of providing world-class tutoring services. The program is designed to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses and effectively customize the teaching plan to fit them. The program even promises a 160+ points improvement in test results. If, after obtaining their SAT prep, you don’t improve your score by 160 points, they even offer a money-back guarantee.


PrepScholar is popular for the ACT and SAT preparation, and PrepScholar ACT reviews are also mostly positive. The company offers customized ACT test preparation so that each individual can work on improving and overcoming their weaknesses for guaranteed results.


PrepScholar course students’ reviews show nothing but positive remarks about the PSAT course offered by the company. You also get a 150+ point money-back guarantee, ensuring you only pay for satisfactory service.


The GRE test prep offered by the company is one of the best as per PrepScholar reviews that rate their GRE course. The course is incredibly intensive and detailed, ensuring optimal graduate school entry test preparation.


PrepScholar has an extensive range of GMAT tutorials on their site that help students ace different lessons. The company also offers extensive teaching plans that you can make use of. They offer a 7 point money-back guarantee, which, according to PrepScholar GMAT reviews, is a one-of-a-kind offering as not many tutors offer money-back guarantees.


PrepScholar is more than just an entry test preparation center and can also help you ace language fluency tests like TOEFL and IELTS. There are various positive PrepScholar course reviews by language students that attest to the company’s expertise in this area.

Pricing & Plans

Pricing depends on which courses you choose. The company offers two basic tutoring plans.

  • Plan A offers more tutoring hours and fewer self-study hours.
  • Plan B includes fewer tutoring hours and more self-study time.

The company also offers three different price plans that you can choose from, making it possible to balance between tutoring and self-study hours as per your budget.

The basic Monitored Prep package costs $995 and includes:

  • $23 per hour charge
  • 4 hours of tutoring
  • Tutor feedback and reviews
  • 40 hours of automated tracking and training

As per various PrepScholar reviews, the $1,995 Tutor-Led Prep package is the most recommended one. It includes:

  • $38 per hour charge
  • 40+ hours of online training
  • 12 hours of tutoring
  • Guidance of an expert tutor

The Maximum Tutoring Prep package costs $6,995 and is the most expensive plan. It includes:

  • $78 per hour charge
  • Over 40 hours of online practice tests to help perfect skills
  • 50 hours of tutoring
  • Close guidance from expert tutors


PrepScholar definitely takes the crown when it comes to accessibility as per PrepScholar ratings. The fact that it is an online service allows it to cater to a wider consumer base from different geographical locations.

The user interface of the platform is also very easy to navigate and flexible. There are almost no PrepScholar complaints regarding usability and accessibility.

Help & Support

In terms of customer service and support, PrepScholar has a pretty decent network. They have a helpline that you can use to contact the service, or you can reach out to them via email.

They also have a detailed FAQ section on their website, which answers a substantial amount of the queries customers may have. The website also features a blog that you can access for details about their services, or you can read verified PrepScholar course reviews.

Pros Cons
Free Consultation – Choosing a tutor is a major decision as it directly impacts your future, which is why PrepScholar offers a free consultation. The free consultation option also significantly improves PrepScholar ratings, as it gives the clients a chance to choose the exact service they need. High Prices – The majority of PrepScholar negative reviews revolve around the pricing plan of their courses, which can be a bit expensive.
Experienced Teachers from Leading Universities – All the tutors at PrepScholar go through a vigilant hiring process and come from world-renowned institutions, thus guaranteeing score improvement. Online Courses – Many potential customers also shy away from using the service since it is based online and provides virtual lessons only.
Individualized Teaching Plan – Every second PrepScholar online prep test review applauds the service for the customized teaching plans it offers catering to each student’s individual needs. Limited Practice Tests – Some customers complain about limited prep materials and tests.
Money-Back Guarantee – The company offers a 1-hour guarantee for its online prep test courses that allows you to try their service for an hour. If you aren’t satisfied, you can request a refund, and they will reimburse your money, including the hour you used.

User Reviews & Testimonials

Finding PrepScholar negative reviews can prove challenging. The company is known to offer exceptional tutoring services to its customers – they offer house tutors from renowned institutions that offer expert guidance for all students.

Look online, and you’re sure to find a positive PrepScholar online SAT review here and there; this represents just how well-managed and carefully curated the tutoring plan is. The company specializes in the ACT and SAT practice and preparation but is also ideal for other language fluency tests and entry test preparation.

However, some PrepScholar complaints bring to light minor delays in reimbursements as offered in the money-back guarantee. Some customers also complain that the prices charged by the company are a little on the higher side, which makes it tough for many to afford the tuition.  If you’re one of those students struggling with financial issues, think about getting credit cards tailored for students or no interest credit cards, so you can do your best when preparing for tests.


To read the reviews for PrepScholar, you can visit BBB as it has the most reviews for the company. You can also read reviews on BestCompany.com and EduReviewer.com for an in-depth perspective on the quality of service offered.


While it is quite hard to beat PrepScholar in terms of the quality of the tutoring service provided, there are others who take the lead in terms of pricing. Mentioned below are two main competitors of PrepScholar.

  • The Princeton Review – In a PrepScholar vs. Princeton comparison, the latter wins when it comes to pricing. Princeton is the company to choose from if you are looking for a more affordable option.
  • Testive – If you compare Testive to PrepScholar, the latter wins purely because of the diversity of courses it offers. Testive only provides tutoring for SAT and ACT, whereas PrepScholar provides courses for a wide range of entry tests.


PrepScholar is an incredible online entry and language test preparation center. If you want to learn from experienced individuals, this is the platform to use. The company offers incredibly flexible tutoring plans that are customized according to each student’s needs.

They also offer a money-back guarantee on a variety of the courses offered as well as a general 1-hour money-back guarantee that shows their confidence in their services.

The only drawback of the company as per PrepScholar reviews is its pricing. The company charges a lot more than its competitors, which serves as a disadvantage and a turn-off for people who may not be able to set aside so much money for tutoring services. However, the value it provides for the money makes it worth a shot. You can also try the free consultation they offer before making your decision.


Does PrepScholar ACT preparation work?

The number of positive reviews about the ACT course is a testament to how effective the program actually is. Given how it is also one of the two entry test preparation courses the company is famous for, it is safe to say that the program works and will bring guaranteed results.

Is PrepScholar good for GRE?

PrepScholar is ideal for all entry tests as the tutors all come from renowned institutions. The founders are both graduates from Harvard with perfect SAT scores and an exceptional academic record. The graduate entry test courses the company provides all live up to company standards, as attested by numerous PrepScholar reviews.

Is the PrepScholar SAT Prep Program worth the money?

The SAT prep program comes with a 160+ points money-back guarantee. Even though the program is incredibly effective and thorough, if you feel dissatisfied with it at any point, or do not improve your scores by 160 points, you can file for a reimbursement claim.