• CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Email, Phone
  • BBB RATING: Not Accredited
  • TYPES OF TEST PREPS: IELTS, TOEIC, Business English,

2022 Premier TEFL Review - Is It Legit or a Scam?

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Email, Phone
  • BBB RATING: Not Accredited
  • TYPES OF TEST PREPS: IELTS, TOEIC, Business English,

Best For

All Levels


  • Provides internships
  • Has a TEFL job hunter guide
  • An accredited service provider


  • Poor customer support
  • Doesn’t offer in-class training

Premier TEFL is an online learning platform that provides courses on how to teach English to foreigners. You’ll find courses and study materials on the platform that will help you earn an Ofqual-regulated level 5 certificate. Premier TEFL reviews show that it is a legitimate company that provides accredited training by language professionals so you can teach English abroad.

If you are a beginner you can opt for courses that train you in the fundamentals of teaching English. There are advanced TEFL courses for you to pick from, too.

Keep reading to find out more about Premier TEFL.

Premier TEFL Key Details

A TEFL course has many benefits for beginning teachers and for those who want to improve their teaching skills. These courses provide valuable strategies they can use when teaching students English.

Young, dynamic people who want to work abroad will benefit from earning a Premier TEFL certificate because it’s recognized in many countries such as China, Thailand, Japan, and Spain. It gives you the opportunity to travel to these countries AND earn a living. Attractive, no?

According to Premier TEFL reviews from 2022, many people found job opportunities abroad thanks to the courses provided by the platform. If you read Premier TEFL internship reviews, you’ll see most people found that the 120-hour course really helped them gain more knowledge on how to structure their study programs effectively.

After you finish your course and start working as an ESL teacher having a good grammar checker will be helpful, for example, while creating materials for your students.

Products Premier TEFL Provides

So what courses can Premier TEFL provide? The refreshing fact about this service provider is that there are training levels to suit everyone. If you’re starting out in the teaching industry you’ll want to opt for the Regulated TEFL course. Select between 168-hour or 290-hour learning courses.

Additionally, there are hybrid, advanced, and expert level courses to pick from which are suitable for entry-level positions. These courses offer you the following:

  • Virtual classes
  • Downloadable study materials
  • Grammar ebooks
  • Flexible study schedule
  • An ebook on lesson planning
  • Job hunting advice

If you want to start your own online learning program there are courses that you can take up on Premier TEFL that teach you how to do it. The recommended courses are:

Read up on reviews by Premier TEFL students to find out what experiences others have had with these courses.

Premier TEFL Pricing & Plans

There are six plans for you to pick from when signing up with Premier TEFL:

  • 120-hour accredited Advanced course – $149.50
  • 240-hour accredited Expert course – $229.50
  • 250-hour accredited Hybrid course – $319.70
  • 160-hour accredited level 5 course – $299.50
  • 290-hour accredited TEFL package – $399.50
  • 300-hour accredited Hybrid TEFL course – $489.70

The e-learning platform doesn’t offer custom plans but the 120-hour advanced course comes with a bonus 30-hour Teach English online course. High Premier TEFL ratings suggest that this course is the best choice for beginners that want to test the e-learning platform.

Premier TEFL has a 14-day money-back guarantee for anyone who may feel they’re not getting the most out of their courses. Luckily, for aspiring students, Premier TEFL positive reviews show that many people were happy with their courses and learning material.

If you decide to cancel your course, you can but you won’t be refunded after the 14-day refund deadline.

You’ll often find promotions on the Premier TEFL platform. Some sales offer discounts of up to 50% on all courses. Checking in regularly to see if a sale is on is the best way to get your course for a bargain price.


Premier TEFL user reviews show that the interface of the platform is incredibly user-friendly. You can find the courses you’re looking for directly under the menu tabs at the top of the page. When accessing your profile you can clearly see the courses you’ve signed up for as well as how much of the course you’ve completed.

You can easily access your profile details to make changes to your banking details and your credentials. What’s more, Premier TEFL offers users a mobile app so you can access your courses on the go. It allows people from all over the world to access the Premier TEFL platform.

Take a look at the Premier TEFL reviews from students or check out what people are saying about the mobile app in other countries to gauge if it’s worth downloading. Feedback on the app is generally positive but if you prefer a larger screen for studying, you can always use the online platform.

Help and Support

If you’re struggling to find your way around the platform there is a customer care chatbot that pops up on the side of the screen. Use it to find out more about the products and services offered by Premier TEFL. In order to find more information about the company’s reputation, you can check Premier TEFL Trustpilot reviews, and see what past learners had to say. 

There are also video guides about the courses and downloadable instruction manuals. If you want a quick response on the best TEFL programs you can request an immediate callback. Additionally, you will receive personal tutor support on all your courses.

Unfortunately, there have been a few Premier TEFL negative reviews on customer support but the platform has a lot of information regarding courses that you can find online. There are blogs and a FAQ section you can refer to as well. If you are struggling to find the information you can email the company but you may have to wait a few days for a response.

Pros Cons
An accredited service provider Doesn’t offer in-class training
Provides internships Poor customer support
Has a TEFL job hunter guide TEFL certification online doesn’t guarantee job placements
Trains you on how to teach students online

Premier TEFL Alternatives 

If reading our review on Premier TEFL wasn’t enough to convince you, read a Premier TEFL course review or two, and then make a decision. However, there are other places where you can find what you’re looking for: TEFL Academy and i-To-i.

TEFL Academy

Although Premier offers excellent courses, there are many other e-learning platforms where you can earn your TEFL certificate online. The TEFL Academy is one of them and they too offer a level 5 certificate with 6-month online campus access. There’s also a 10-hour teaching practice course and a 168-hour online course.


Another reputable TEFL e-learning platform is i-To-i where you can access up to 120 hours of study material online. The i-To-i platform is not as diverse as Premier TEFL but perfect for people with busy lifestyles because you can complete the course at your own pace.

International TEFL Academy

Not only that ITA offers online, but there are on-site courses as well. On their platform, you can obtain TEFL, TESOL, or TESL. The length of courses varies from less than 30 hours to 150 and more hours. Additionally, this platform offers online practicum, part-time study, and special courses such as teaching online, teaching young learners, or teaching business English.

Is Premier TEFL Worth It?

Unlike many other TEFL platforms, Premier TEFL offers a wide variety of courses to suit everyone’s needs. Premier trains you on how to teach formal and informal English so students can speak in a business setting as well as to friends and family.

Also, you can take a look at TEFL online courses reviews that people have left so you can learn more about the expectations of your future students. Be prepared and you’ll love the teaching experience!


What is a level 5 TEFL course?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign language. This course trains you on how to be an English teacher for foreigners. The level 5 certificate shows that you have completed the course and you have the knowledge and skills to teach non-English speakers how to read, write, and speak in English.

Is TEFL certification hard?

The TEFL certification is not difficult at all if you listen to instructions. Your tutor will assist you with everything you need for the course to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

Is Premier TEFL accredited?

If you were searching for Premier TEFL accreditation,  stop looking because yes, Premier TEFL is accredited. This company is a member of the Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL). Also, it is an approved training center with the Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) and Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation.

How long does it take to complete a 140-hour TEFL course?

It can take from 10 to 12 weeks depending on your pace based on more than one Premier review that we found from people who had took the course.

Is TEFL worth doing?

Yes, TEFL is definitely worth doing if you want to learn everything there is to know about teaching foreigners the English language. It will give you knowledge on how to plan your lessons so your students can understand the work and learn English quicker.

Is Premier TEFL legit?

Yes, Premier TEFL is a legit company. It has been in business for six years and based on plenty of positive reviews, with certainty, we can say that it will continue to help people who are willing to teach English abroad.

Which TEFL course should you choose?

Take a look at Premier TEFL reviews to see what courses people have done for their level. You should opt for a short 120-hour course, to begin with. 


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