• Author selection: 5/5
  • Cheat sheets : 4/5
  • Audio and Video : 3/5
  • Ease of use/Customer support: 2.5/5

2022 Review of MentorBox‌ [Services, Pricing, Pros, Cons]

  • Author selection: 5/5
  • Cheat sheets : 4/5
  • Audio and Video : 3/5
  • Ease of use/Customer support: 2.5/5

Best For

Those who want continued learning made simple


  • 3-day trial for $1
  • Good selection of authors
  • Summarized content with cheat sheet


  • Hidden charges
  • Some videos are unengaging
  • Hidden charges

For those who like to continue learning and believe that investing in one’s self through education should be a lifelong goal, reading books is a great habit to pick up. The problem is that many people just don’t have that much time to diligently read through every chapter of a book, letter by letter.

That’s where MentorBox comes in. This MentorBox review will focus on:

  • the company, its services, and its pricing
  • how it can help you keep up with your reading list
  • how it can help you discover new books from various authors

At the end of this article, you should be able to decide whether MentorBox is what you need or whether you should just skip this service completely.

What Is MentorBox?

MentorBox was founded in 2016 by two well-known personalities and entrepreneurs, Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr. It’s a subscription service that lets busy individuals learn from a selection of influential books through book summaries. The company has partnered with various authors who themselves have created the summaries for their own books, especially for MentorBox subscribers.

These learning resources are available in various modes which include audio, video, text, a “cheat sheet”, and the actual books themselves – all accessible in digital format through their website. For those who want to learn the traditional way, you can opt to get a box with the physical copies of the materials. It will have the same content, with audio, video, and other digital materials loaded on a thumb drive.

The MentorBox booklist has been carefully curated to include only the best-selling authors and highly respected personalities who dominate in their field. It gives not only straightforward summaries but also easy-to-follow lessons to help foster faster learning.

On the homepage of their website, I’ve found Tai himself promoting their service through a 6-minute video showcasing the various authors they work with. He also demonstrates the learning features that should help anyone “read like a CEO”. From the introduction video, it does seem convincing how MentorBox can help readers grow personally and professionally from all the spoon-fed information handed out by industry giants.

What Does a Mentorbox Subscription Get You?

So is subscribing to a MentorBox membership worth it? Do they really deliver on their promise? Is the content of good quality?

The MentorBox cost of subscription is $7 a month. But if you get a one-year subscription, you only pay $59 which saves you $25. If you’re still unsure whether you want to commit, they also offer a 3-day trial for $1. If you like the service, you can choose whether to go for the monthly or annual mode of subscription later on. Subscription plans can be canceled anytime.

For your subscription, MentorBox promises to give you access to 300+ courses that are only offered exclusively through their platform. These include video lessons, audio study materials, cheat sheets, workbooks, and access to member discussions, which feature live sessions with top authors and select CEOs.

The Benefits

Practically speaking, the real selling point of MentorBox is that you don’t have to spend so much time reading books just to get the knowledge they can give you. This is an ideal scenario for those who work nine-to-five jobs and barely have enough energy to make dinner by the time they get home. Even for someone who really enjoys reading, stress due to a busy schedule certainly affects the mind’s efficiency in absorbing information. We’ve all had that experience when we’re trying to read but just end up mindlessly scrolling through the pages.

MentorBox reviews show that it does help with this problem. For one, the summaries will definitely spare you the trouble of having to read the entire book. That way you’ll only have to spend a fraction of the time on reading. This makes it possible to cover more books in a shorter time period. In case you want to study in detail, you can always read the actual book which comes with the package.

It is especially great for those whose style of learning doesn’t revolve around reading. The video and audio summaries presented by the authors will be much welcomed by auditory and visual learners. It’s actually like being in a seminar that you can rewind and play over and over again.

The included cheat sheet is also a useful feature as it gives you the main points of each chapter. This replaces the need to manually highlight certain book sections as it’s already been done for you.

The Downsides

MentorBox is really all about letting you learn more by letting you read less. Seems good? Like with many products out on the market, it’s always best to take a closer look and see what’s beyond all the marketing and sales talk to give a better MentorBox review.

One of the issues that you might consider to be a downside is that you never get to choose what will be inside the box. The contents are at the sole discretion of MentorBox and you’ll simply have to rely on them to pick the really good ones. For some people, this may be ok, especially if you like to learn and discover books outside your usual sphere. But for those who aren’t fans of mystery content, this is definitely a minus you should consider.

Another downside is that some of the videos aren’t really as engaging as you’d expect. In Tai’s video where he showcases one of their partner authors, the author’s video snippets looked very engaging. But really, how many of them out there are really made that well? The obvious reason I can come up with this is that these authors’ forte is in writing and not necessarily video presentations. Also, some of these audio and video materials seem to have been done so hastily that it feels like they’re more intended to get you to buy other materials rather than to foster learning.

So far, these are the only qualms that I have that are tied to their business model. Another downside is that MentorBox has often been criticized for its hard-selling tactics, hidden charges not stated in the MentorBox price list, and poor customer service, which I’ve found to be recurring complaints gathered from MentorBox review forums.

Feature  Description Rating
Author selection Wide selection of best-selling authors 5/5
Cheatsheets Do help in breaking down essential information for easier retention 4/5
Audio and Video Many of them are unengaging and seem half-baked 3/5
Ease of use/Customer support Rampant reports of hidden charges and poor customer support 1/5

Pricing and Plans

Here’s a breakdown of MentorBox pricing and what you’ll get:

Price Plan
$1 3-day trial
$7 Monthly
$59 Annual

MentorBox’s plans are pretty straightforward. For those who would like to test the waters first, the $1 plan gives you three days to gauge whether MentorBox is for you. You can just continue to the $7 plan if you think you like it but don’t want to commit to a whole year. Or if you think you’ll really be enjoying getting a book summary for the next 12 months, then save $25 by getting the $59 annual plan instead.

MentorBox Alternatives

If you like the idea of MentorBox but feel like you want to avoid some of its downsides, here are some MentorBox alternative services you can look into.

MentorBox vs Blinkist

Blinkist wins for: 7-day free trial.

Blinkist loses for: Selection of authors.

Prefer Blinkist if: You like book summaries and want to avoid scams.

MentorBox vs Audible

Audible wins for Professional voice actors make listening a lot more engaging.

Audible loses for Limited to audiobooks only.

Prefer Audible if: You like to listen instead of reading.

MentorBox vs MasterClass

MasterClass wins for: Mentors are not limited to book authors, making the range of education very broad.

MasterClass loses for: More focus on edutainment rather than real education.

Prefer MasterClass if: You want highly entertaining and professionally made videos.

Why Choose MentorBox

  • If you want to be educated by top-selling authors.
  • If you like an in-depth summary of books given in various formats for easier learning.

Where MentorBox Dominates

Pros Good selection of authors
Summarized content with a cheat sheet
3-day trial for $1

Where MentorBox Falls Short

Cons Some videos are unengaging
Hidden charges
Poor customer service

If you like books but don’t have the time to dedicate to long reads, MentorBox is worth checking out.

Is MentorBox Worth It?

What MentorBox gives you in exchange for your money is the possibility to absorb the knowledge of more books in a shorter time. So, I’d say yes, it is worth it. Still, it’s important to be aware of some shady issues that MentorBox has, such as additional costs and the average quality of some of its videos.


Is MentorBox a scam?

MentorBox is a lawfully registered business in the US. They sell book summaries for a subscription fee. However, they do have a bad reputation due to their hidden charges which some might consider a scam.

Who owns MentorBox?

MentorBox is founded by Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez, both successful entrepreneurs. Tai is mostly known for being a YouTube personality and a master marketer. Alex has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and is a former scientist at NASA. He also owns several other businesses.

Can I really learn better using MentorBox?

As mentioned in this MentorBox review, MentorBox provides summaries of books written by best-selling authors. These summaries come with audio and video support materials and a cheat sheet that summarizes the most important points. If you’re an avid learner but have too little time due to a busy schedule, MentorBox is a good option to keep up with your reading.


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