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Campus Book Rentals Review [Ratings, Prices, Alternatives]

  • CATEGORIES: Sell & Return Textbooks
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Email, Phone, Live Chat

Best For

Saving on Textbook


  • Online support
  • Refund within 21 days
  • Easy textbook online search service
  • Quick delivery service, within 5-8 business days
  • Extended college book renting periods of 15-30 days


  • Strict return date policies
  • Rental prices are subject to change
  • Keeping a credit card on record for penalty deductions

Campus Book Rentals (CBR) is an initiative that started in 2007, to help students save on textbook expenses. They have helped over 1 million students get the books they need without going bankrupt.

With an online inventory of over 2 million used and new textbooks, CBR can deliver to students all over the United States. The service seems to be all that college students dream of.

We decided to see for ourselves and share our discoveries in a Campus Book Rentals review.

We will be looking at:

  • Pros and Cons
  • Plans and Pricing
  • Key Features
  • Reviews from previous and current customers
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • And Many More

Let’s see if Campus Book Rentals is as good as reviews claim.

Platform Key Details and Products

The service owes its many excellent Campus Book Rentals service reviews on its flexible options and a huge library. Campus Book Rentals is great for students who can’t afford brand new physical books or who would like to save some money. Those who have finished their studies can make a few extra dollars by selling their old books.

Tip: for students on the lookout for cost-effective means to cover their book or other study expenses, there are student credit cards, no annual fee credit cards, and no interest credit cards. These are specifically designed to help students without posing a big burden on them. 


Campus Book Rentals’ interface gets a solid 5-star rating from us. It’s extremely easy to use and navigate. You’ll be able to log in and track your orders and arrange returns. Student reviews on Campus Book Rentals have stated that the site is uncomplicated and quick to checkout.

Plans & Pricing

Prices dependent on availability and the type of book. CBR provides all its clients with transparent pricing plans.

Rental periods differ from 55-, 85-, and 130-days. Additionally, you could choose your own due date and be charged accordingly. For example, the 6th edition Accounting Handbook can be rented at:

  • $24.80 for a 55-day rental period,
  • $25.94 for an 85- day rental period
  • $27.14 for a 130-day rental period

All rentals and returns have free shipping included. A 21-day unconditional refund guarantee policy is applied by CBR.

Generally, when researching for this Campus Book Rentals review, we calculated that students can save up to 80% when using the services instead of buying a new textbook. As an added bonus, you can see how many books are listed on the market, showing you exactly how much you are saving.

All rentals have a 15-day grace period. As long as textbooks arrive at the warehouse 15 days after the due date, there will be no extra fees.

There is an option to buy the book after renting it, by paying the difference. You’ll have to pay the buyer’s fee if the book is damaged or lost. Therefore, clients have to take good care of the books.

For special discounts and giveaways check out CBR’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Here’s how to do it:

Sell Your Textbook

Students who have used academic books can sell them on the CBR platform.

Step 1. Visit https://www.booksellback.com/ and enter the ISBN numbers in the space provided.

Step 2. Click on ‘Check prices’ and review the amount your book will be bought at. Accept and continue.

Step 3. Print out the prepaid free shipping label and send your package.

Step 4. Once your book is received, CBR will do a thorough inspection of the physical book to ensure it is in good condition.

Step 5. After the book has been accepted you’ll receive a payment within 3 weeks.

Rent or Buy a Textbook

Students have the option of renting or buying a new or used textbook. All textbooks have been inspected and are in usable condition. You can rent/buy a textbook on the CBR platform by following these steps:

Step 1. Visit Campus Book Rentals website and search for the book by name, ISBN number, or keyword

Step 2. View end results with pricing options for renting or buying.

Step 3. Choose your due date or buying option and click on ‘Add to cart’.

Step 4. Check out by paying and entering your address.

Step 5. You can track your order by logging in to your account, clicking ‘Current rentals’, and checking the ‘Track’ section.

You’re supposed to receive your textbook in 5 to 7 working days, delivered straight to your address for free.

The Campus Book Rental services are more convenient at this time when more and more students are transferring to online education. Just to illustrate it, 6,932,074 students in the US enrolled in distance education in 2018 and this number is bound to have risen by now. The reason being that this option is not only more comfortable but cheaper, too.  

Help and Support

CBR offers an online live chat through their website from Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 pm (Central time) for any queries. If chatting’s not your thing, you can call the support team by calling 888-643-1043 from Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm (Central time).

You can also email them at info@campusbookrentals.com.

All contact services are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Pros Cons
Easy textbook online search service Strict return date policies
Affordable education Rental prices are subject to change
Extremely user-friendly interface and online model Keeping a credit card on record for penalty deductions
Online support Not guaranteed CDs, DVDs, or access codes with textbooks
High quality used textbooks up for rental or sale
Refund within 21 days
Order tracking
BBB accredited since 12/11/2019
Books can be purchased after renting
Extended college book renting periods of 15-30 days
Quick delivery service, within 5-8 business days
Quick delivery service, within 5-8 business days

User Reviews and Testimonials

Campus Book Rentals have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 12/11/2019. With a B+ rating and only six Campus Book Rentals complaints from users, the company is growing its online BBB presence. All complaints deal with customers having to pay penalties because of late returns. Fortunately, they have been resolved.

Other Campus Book Rentals ratings include an 83% from The College Investor’s Robert Farrington, a 4-star Facebook rating, a 4.5-star rating from Influenster.com, and a 4.4-star rating on edureviewer.com.


It wouldn’t be a good Campus Book Rentals review if we don’t compare it with the most popular alternative.

CBR certainly holds its own against CampusBooks. CBR wins with its straightforward renting and selling process and easy-to-use service. Add the free shipping and low costs to the mix and you get a great offer.

To compare, CampusBooks’ forte lies in its prolific library and customer service. Customer reviews rave about the team behind the service and how wonderfully polite and helpful they are.

So all in all, both have quite the pros. Choose whichever suits your needs and offers the literature for your studies.

Campus Book Rentals vs Knetbooks

When comparing CBR and Knetbooks, we notice that both platforms share free shipping, rental duration periods of 60-130 days.

When it comes to prices, according to customers’ Knetbooks reviews higher prices are a real drawback while Campus Books Rentals’ prices start from $20. The other thing where Knetbooks stays behind CBR is their late customer response and refund of only a small part of the late charge.


In the past decade Campus Book Rentals have saved thousands of students nearly $117 million dollars, and counting. Buying or renting a pre-owned book is not only more affordable, but it is also eco-friendly.

With thousands of positive Campus Book Rentals reviews online, it is safe to say that this textbook renting and selling service is creating excellent educational opportunities for students all across America.


Is it better to buy or rent college textbooks?

Users are allowed to mark and write in rented textbooks. So, keeping this in mind, it’s completely up to you whether you’d like a new or used book.

How much is Campus Book Rentals?

Rental fee is dependent on the availability and type of book, usually ranging from $15-$150. There are no additional membership, shipping, or service fees.

How does Campus Book Rentals work?

Whether you want to rent, buy, or sell. It’s as easy as visiting https://www.campusbookrentals.com/ and following the prompts.

Is Campus Book Rentals legit?

During the research for our Campus Book Rentals review, we didn’t find anything suspicious about the service. So yes, it is legit.