• Secured card: 3.7
  • Type of collateral: 3.5
  • Minimum credit score: 4.1
  • Fixed APR: 5.0
  • Annual fee: 2.5
  • Loan amount: 4.1
  • Loan term: 4.8
  • Reports to the three major credit bureaus: 3.0
  • Mobile app : 2.8

2022 Primor Secured Credit Card Review [Features, Fees, APR]

  • Secured card: 3.7
  • Type of collateral: 3.5
  • Minimum credit score: 4.1
  • Fixed APR: 5.0
  • Annual fee: 2.5
  • Loan amount: 4.1
  • Loan term: 4.8
  • Reports to the three major credit bureaus: 3.0
  • Mobile app : 2.8

Best For

Best for Building Credit Score, Credit Repair, Savvy Savers


  • No need for a credit history check-up or previous credit history
  • It has the lowest fixed APR T 9.99%
  • Easy, free, and fast applying process


  • High annual fee of $49

The amount of credit cards to choose from in the United States is enormous. That being said, not every creditor gives out credit cards without first looking into your credit history. In this article, I will guide you through my Primor secured credit card review, where I will share pros, cons, and valuable information that can’t be found as easily on the internet.

Green Dot Primor® Visa Gold Secured Credit Card Overview

Green Dot was founded in 1999, and by 2006 had sold more than 2 million cards nationwide, as well as opened more retailers to issue cards internationally.

After reading through various Green Dot secured credit card reviews, I’ve come to the conclusion that the success of the company lies in their easy application methods, allowing opportunities to receive a loan even with a poor credit score. Their cards are also as easily available.

Primor Gold is a secured credit card that is easy to get, maintain, and apply for, and can also help raise your credit score if used responsibly. Many Primor secured credit card reviews claim that this new product improved their credit score dramatically.

What Is Primor® Gold and How Does It Work?

A Primor® Gold secured card by Green Dot is an option to consider if you need to rebuild bad credit because of negative items on your credit history. After thoroughly researching other Green Dot credit card reviews, I realized that this card is a big plus to have, even for people with good credit history. If used responsibly, the card helps strengthen your credit because it reports to three national bureaus. What struck me as the most interesting is that there is no processing or introductory fee. You will raise your score after just one payment!

Main Features

When I started to research this card, I was amazed that you can actually activate your Green Dot card without a SSN, although I was disappointed when I saw the $49 annual fee. You can easily find cards without an annual fee; for cards that charge one, the fee can be steep.

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Despite the annual fee, Primor Gold offers good qualities that are worth taking notice of. Payroll deposits are free; Primor credit card payments and depositing checks are also not complicated. With a Green Dot account, cardholders can update their account balance online, pay bills, and transfer money to others. However, if you often use cash, this may not be the card for you.

This no-frills secured card has one of the lowest fixed APRs ($9.99) on the market, along with a no penalty APR for late payments. The annual fee is $49, but without an application fee and easy approval, this is a low-cost option to build (or rebuild) your credit. You can increase your credit limit at any time by adding to your security deposit, which also earns interest.

Feature Description Rating (Out Of 5)
Security deposit The cardholder should put down between $200 and $5000. 5
Minimum credit score Your credit history doesn`t matter. The card provides a way to establish or even repair your credit. 5
Fixed APR It features the lowest interest rate among secured cards at 9.99%. 5
Annual fee It charges the highest annual fee at $49, but this includes application fees. 2
Late fee To get your account reinstated, you need to pay up to $29. 2.5
Additional user fee To add another user, you also have to pay $29. 2.3
Foreign transaction fees If you need to use your Primor Gold outside your residence, the transaction fee is 3%, although there are cards with a 0% foreign transaction fees. 2.1
Loan amount There are custom credit cards available from $200 to $5000, which is among the highest loan amounts available. 4.6
Loan term Minimum of 12 months, but up to several years depending on your credit score. 3.2
Reports to the three major credit bureaus? Yes. Reporting helps you build credit when used responsibly. 5
Mobile app The Green Dot credit card app provides many services, such as transactions, free ATM access, and depositing checks. 4.3
Cashback You can receive 2% cashback only through online and mobile purchases. 3.1
Credit card network Visa is used by over 10.7 million people, making it one of the major card networks.  5


The Primor Visa Gold secured card by Green Dot is an option for how to rebuild your credit score if you have negative items on your credit history.

The fact that this card is eligible for everyone makes it popular, whether you’re a credit builder or someone with an eye for money. Even though most Primor credit complaints are about their customer service, this card also falls short with its outstandingly high annual fee.

Applicants can offset disadvantages with low APR rates, which is better than the APR of personal loans.

Who Can Benefit From Having It?

If you’re looking to build credit, this is the best product for you.

Primor Visa is the best credit card for credit score improvement, helping people who don’t have the cash flow to pay off their balance in full each month. If you have a poor credit history (or none) and can`t avoid interest charges, the low APR can help keep your finance charges down while you establish yourself as a responsible payer.

Ratings and Reviews

Other Green Dot card reviews from consumers claim that generally, this secured card raised their score by 74 points after their first transaction. In addition, fraud monitoring systems show 0% fraudulent attempts, and it has a regular APR of 9.99%, which was 13.14% lower than any secured card during the last quarter of 2020. Foreign transaction fees are only 3%, too.

What Can Be Improved?

I searched through different trusted review platforms, and the average rating for this card is 3.7 out of 5. This is due to the annual fee of $49; there are only two secured cards that are more expensive than this one. Some Primor credit card complaints state that their customer service is difficult to access; customers suggest that the Green Dot company should include rewards and bonus cashback like others.


Product Win Lose Best for
Green Dot Primor Gold Secured Credit Card Fixed APR 9.99% Annual fee $49 and no rewards Building credit score,

credit repair,

savvy savers

Discover It Secured Credit Card 2% cashback and different types of gift cards Intro APR 10.99% for 6 months, then 22.99% Building credit score
Capital One Secured MasterCard $0 annual, transaction fees, and intro offer $40 late fee and no rewards Bad credit,

already established savings bank account

Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card Doesn’t require a traditional bank account Need to be a debit or savings cardholder People with damaged credit score

Read our full review of Capital One Secured MasterCard.

Is Primor® Gold Worth It?

If you are trying to decide between a secured vs unsecured card, this is one of the best credit cards with guaranteed approval, as it needs no credit check for applying.  The application process is fast, easy, and dependable. There are no additional fees, and many Primor secured card reviews claim that if you know how to use the card, you will definitely build your credit score. It is definitely worth trying!


What is Primor?

Primor is a secured card that functions like a regular debit card, which you can use to make a Primor secured credit card payment by paying off the balance entirely or by portion monthly. First, you need to put down direct deposits which function as your refundable security deposit. The credit limit will be equal to that deposit.

Is a Primor credit card legit?

Yes. By far, Green Dot credit card reviews show that Green Dot is a reliable company that has sold over 33 million cards over 22 years. Its terms are perfect for nearly everyone, and it can easily help you raise your FICO score.

Is Primor® a good credit card?

It depends. If you need to fix your credit score while keeping a low APR, this is your best choice. However, read my Primor secured credit card review to better understand your needs. Also, you need to know that other reviews fluctuate between giving negative points for this card’s annual fee and the customer service. Some reviews claim a score raise after the only first transaction, however.

How can you reach Green Dot Primor® Visa Gold Secured Credit Card customer support?

You can only directly contact customer support by phone at 1-866-795-7597, although as I researched, more than one Primor Secured Credit Card review claimed that it is hard to reach them. Additionally, they also offer an option to mail a compliment or complaint.


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