• TRACK ORDER OPTION: Yes (Via Email)
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Email, Phone
  • SHIPPING: Charged on Shipping

2022’s ThreadBeast Review of Plans, Cost, & Savings

  • TRACK ORDER OPTION: Yes (Via Email)
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Email, Phone
  • SHIPPING: Charged on Shipping

Best For

Young Men Who Like Trendy Streetwear


  • Subscribers get a free box if they refer a friend
  • Monthly cost is just a fraction of the retail value of the content
  • Easy and quick communication with informal support via Facebook Messenger


  • Charges a flat rate for the whole box
  • No returns for items that you don't like
  • The selection is limited to sporty and casual trends

For all the men that dread going to the mall to shop for clothes, ThreadBeast is your dream come true!

ThreadBeast is an online subscription box retail service for men that is based in Los Angeles. It started out in 2015 and aims to target young men with a liking for trendy streetwear. It’s quite a diverse and exclusive service that delivers streetwear items to your doorstep.

The service offers different types of package plans that you can choose according to your needs and budget. Check out our detailed ThreadBeast review below to learn all about it!

How Much ThreadBeast Costs

How much is a typical ThreadBeast box?

In terms of billing and costs, ThreadBeast offers a variety of different plans that you can choose according to your requirements.

  • Basic Plan ($55) – this plan comes with 2-3 items that mainly include tops and accessories.
  • Essential Plan ($85) – this plan comes with 4-5 items, including a variety of tops, bottoms, and accessories.
  • Premium Plan ($135) – this comes with 6-7 items, including a variety of tops, bottoms, accessories, and premium pieces such as premium denim and outerwear.
  • Baller Plan ($250) – the ThreadBeast baller package comes with 9-11 items, including a variety of shirts, outerwear, bottoms, accessories, premium pieces, and premium shoes. This is the only plan that has a pair of shoes in every package!

Since ThreadBeast is a recurring subscription service, it will continue to bill you and send packages once every month until you decide to cancel. This is a good way to up cashback rewards on your credit card with no annual fee.

Once you choose a subscription plan, you have to pay a recurring fee for each billing cycle. The recurring fee varies depending on the plan you select. The subscription fee is charged on each billing cycle, and your products are shipped to the registered shipping address with a tracking number. Every other ThreadBeast cost review will tell you that many customers aren’t really happy with their fee structure and requirements.

Saving Opportunities

ThreadBeast has a great referral program where you get a free package on referring a friend to subscribe to the service! It’s a limited time offer in which your friend needs to sign up using the referral link and bonus code. Once they become an essential or premium member, you get a bonus package!

If you search for ThreadBeast review 2022 online, you will find that many people love this saving opportunity and try to get as many friends as possible to subscribe to the service.

Other than this, you will find a ThreadBeast gift card option on its website. The gift cards are applicable to various different packages that you can avail of according to your preferences.

The service also has promotion codes that are only eligible for the $85 Essential and $135 Premium plans. At checkout, make sure to apply the code to receive a discount on your order!

Shipping and Packaging

Once your order is complete, your package will be shipped within 4-8 business days. However, during particular seasons, the delivery can take up to 10 days.

After leaving the warehouse, it normally takes 3-7 business days for your package to arrive at your doorstep.

The items are carefully packed in a nice, sturdy box, but some ThreadBeast reviews claim that sometimes the shipping causes the clothes to become wrinkled.

ThreadBeast is only available in the United States at the moment; however, the service hasn’t completely ruled out the idea of international shipping!

How ThreadBeast Works

ThreadBeast is quite a simple subscription service with steps that are easy to understand and follow. Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to the main website where you will see a questionnaire featuring a set of nine questions.
  2. Answer the questions that are mainly aimed at your dressing preferences and styling choices.
  3. Complete your style profile in order to help your personal stylist to get to know you.
  4. Select your desired budget plans from a list that you will see on the site.
  5. Your personal stylist will select the items from a variety of ThreadBeast brands that fit according to the value of your chosen plan. It is similar to a wedding registry, except that with this one, you’re entrusting another person to know your style.
  6. Once your plan is confirmed, and your shipping details in place, all you have to do is wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

Manage Your Subscription

In an attempt to keep their prices as low as possible, the service doesn’t offer refunds. They also do not accept returns of any kind. According to many honest ThreadBeast reviews, customers aren’t exactly happy with this.

However, you can definitely get your items exchanged if the size doesn’t fit. These items will be replaced with others that are similarly priced and will be included with your next month’s package or according to availability.

If you wish to pause your membership, all you have to do is email them within 7 days of receiving the last order, and the service will skip your next billing cycle.

Ever wondered, how to cancel ThreadBeast? If you wish to cancel your subscription altogether, send them an email from the email address that you initially signed up with in order to begin the cancellation process. Cancellation requests are only accepted via email, so make sure to email them within 7 days of receiving your last package.

Customer Service

ThreadBeast has a help/chat icon right at the bottom of the screen through which you can send a message to the customer service team.

They typically respond within 24 hours and sometimes even earlier than that, except during the weekends and holidays. Members can also email at assistant@ThreadBeast.com to get in touch with their style assistant.

This is where you might come across some ThreadBeast bad reviews because many customers seem to have grievances in terms of the customer service’s slow responses to requests and emails. While the service does take pride in its ‘chat’ feature and Messenger option, many ThreadBeast customer reviews suggest that sometimes people tend to have a bad experience with their customer service and have to wait to get a reply from the team.

Pros Cons
Easy and quick communication with informal support through Facebook Messenger No returns for items that you might not like from the box
Amazing referral program where subscribers get a free box if they refer a friend Charges a flat rate for the whole box
Good value for money – the monthly cost of the box is just a fraction of the retail value of the content inside The selection is limited to sporty and casual trends

ThreadBeast Reviews and Testimonials

If you like to make your judgment based on ThreadBeast outfits reviews or ThreadBeast prices reviews, you will come across quite a mix of varied opinions.

Almost every ThreadBeast review shows that people love the exactness in terms of their style preferences and the package delivered to their doorstep. Their team of stylist assistants is quite creative and skilled, and they know exactly what to pick for each customer.

Most customers also love the variety of urban selection that this subscription box has, as compared to other such services. On the other hand, most customer complaints have to do with the service’s zero refund/return policy.

A common question asked by many people is – are ThreadBeast clothes of good quality? According to online reviews, they sure are!

ThreadBeast Alternatives

There are many ThreadBeast competitors offering the same kind of subscription services, such as Trunk Club and Stitch Fix, to name a few. Each service is unique in its own way but also takes the lead over the other in different areas.

  • ThreadBeast vs Trunk Club

Trunk Club has quite an edge over ThreadBeast in terms of variety because the former also offers clothing services for women, while the latter is all about men’s clothing. However, ThreadBeast has been getting great reviews for its quality, so it’s a wonderful option for men who prefer online shopping.

  • ThreadBeast vs Stitch Fix

ThreadBeast definitely fares better than Stitch Fix when it comes to the package contents because the latter only allows 5 items per box while the former offers more items at a higher price.

Is ThreadBeast Worth It? The Verdict

Like any other subscription service, ThreadBeast has its fair share of pros and cons. Despite facing so much competition, ThreadBeast has managed to make a name for itself. However, it only offers curated streetwear for men, which limits its customers somewhat.

Also, the service doesn’t let customers choose their items – your style assistant does it for you based on the criteria mentioned in your style profile. Many customers love this, as suggested by almost every other ThreadBeast men streetwear reviews online.


How much does ThreadBeast cost?

Depending on which plan you choose, you’ll be paying between $55 and $250 a month.

Can I get a refund from ThreadBeast?

Unfortunately, ThreadBeast doesn’t offer refunds, nor does it accept any returns.

Is ThreadBeast good)

According to virtually every ThreadBeast review, it’s a good choice. Customers love the fact that style assistants choose items for them.