• STARTING FEE: $59/month
  • SHIPPING: Free
  • FREE TRIAL: 14-day Trial
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Live Chat, Email, Phone
  • TRACK ORDER: Yes (Via Email, Website)

Le Tote Reviews, Services, Saving Tips (2022’s Update)

  • STARTING FEE: $59/month
  • SHIPPING: Free
  • FREE TRIAL: 14-day Trial
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Live Chat, Email, Phone
  • TRACK ORDER: Yes (Via Email, Website)

Best For

Women Who Don't Have Time for Shopping


  • Choose which items are sent to you
  • Variety and style at an affordable price
  • Adequate quality items, several Le Tote brands
  • Insurance option to avoid fees for accidental damages to returned items


  • The clothes may not fit you perfectly
  • Inventory is not as large as it used to be

“Le Tote” – literally just a classy way of saying “the tote bag”, is a clothing rental subscription service for women. The service is aimed at women who don’t have time to go shopping every month but still want to rock a fresh look. The company was founded in 2012 by Brett Northart and Rakesh Tondon, currently acting as president and CEO.

There are two types of subscriptions: classic and maternity. According to most Le Tote reviews, the company’s services are great. They definitely seem to have more happy customers than dissatisfied ones.

How Much Does Le Tote Cost?

Some Le Tote prices reviews claim that the subscription costs less than or equal to most other subscription services. So, how much would you pay for the basic classic box, which is a typical Le Tote box?

The classic box starts at $59 per month, whereas the maternity boxes start at $79 per month.

The following prices are for the classic plan, without accessories:

  • Unlimited Boxes Per Month: $79/month (4 clothing items per bag)
  • One Box Per Month: $59/month (5 clothing items), $89/month (8 clothing items), $109 (10 clothing items)

Accessories add no extra costs to the unlimited boxes per month. But instead of 4 clothing items, you get 3 clothing items and 2 accessories.

For the one box per month option, the extra cost is $20 for the lowest-cost box and $10 for the other two. You can add 3 ($59/month and $89/month plans) and 5 accessories ( the $109 plan) in the one box per month plan.

The pricing is formed based on the number of items you want a month if you are opting for the one box per month option. What Le Tote brands you get doesn’t impact the pricing. The price is fixed for unlimited boxes. The cost of shipping is included.

There is no unlimited maternity plan. Instead, you get 2 boxes a month (4 items each, without accessories) for $99. There are no custom plan options. You can pay $5 extra for insurance, in case clothes get damaged or stained beyond cleaning.

For billing and shipping, you have to provide your contact details, shipping address, and credit card number.

Saving Opportunities

There is an option to buy gift cards on the website. If someone is trying to give you a “tote” from Le Tote as a gift, you can apply the gift code towards your payment before checking out. Similarly, your first free-tote offers and promo codes for 20% discount are readily available on premiere promo code sites like RetailMeNot or in some Le Tote reviews.

Shipping & Packaging

The items are shipped in a box, despite the “tote” in the service’s name. They are delivered to the shipping address that you provide at the checkout. Some bad Le Tote reviews claim that the clothing items get wrinkled during shipping, and they have to be ironed (sometimes dry cleaned).

You can choose between monthly or unlimited shipping. The monthly subscription is simple. You have one month to wear the clothing, then send it back so your next month’s clothing can be shipped to you. It’s crucial to send every item back because what’s missing will be considered bought, and they will charge your card.

The unlimited boxes are styled and then shipped as soon as you send the previous one back, and they have run the USPS return scan on it.

How Does Le Tote Work?

Le Tote is a relatively simple fashion subscription service, thanks mostly to its easy questionnaire and the option to choose what goes into your box. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get started by providing your email address.
  2. Provide details about your size (there is a maternity option for pregnant women).
  3. Choose the style of clothing you want to rent (professional, casual, etc.). You can choose more than one style. There is also a no-preference option.
  4. Choose your favorite brand from a modest selection of Le Tote brands.
  5. Enter your ZIP code, so the company knows what kind of weather you have where you live.
  6. You can choose between Unlimited Boxes per month or One box per month. The unlimited selection gets you a new “tote” in just a few days after your first one is received back.
  7. The one box per month option has multiple price variations. The contents are based on the price.
  8. Once you choose your plan, you are directed to the checkout, where you are required to fill in your shipping details and credit card number.
  9. Any gift and promo codes are applied then.

Le Tote promises that you can pick the clothes you want, cancel anytime, and change your plan whenever you want to. You get to pick your items after you’ve entered the shipping details.

Managing Your Subscription

It’s exceptionally easy to subscribe, and the company claims that it’s just as simple to pause and cancel the subscription.

According to Le Tote reviews, in order to pause the service, you have to log in to your account and go to your membership settings. You can choose to skip a month or simply take a break. You will be notified 3 days before resuming your subscription, but you can “hold” it if you want a longer pause.

Here’s how to cancel your Le Tote subscription: you either need to send an email or call them on 1-844-899-8683, between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. on working days.

Customer Service

This is where Le Tote customer reviews get a bit mixed. Some customers dislike that the service is slow to respond to cancellations and issues regarding refunds. But overall, relatively fewer people have specific complaints regarding customer service. And the prompt and thorough way that Le Tote responds to the complaints on various forums shows that they actually care about the quality of their customer service.

The company has a help center on its website (powered by Zendesk), and you can also use the chat function. The help center has detailed and clear answers to almost any query the customers might have (as long as it’s not regarding personal preferences). You can also send them an email, or give them a call on 1-844-899-8683, during business hours.

Pros Cons
You can choose which items are sent to you (rare for a subscription box) The clothing items are usually not the latest fashion
You add variety and style to your wardrobe at an affordable price The clothes may not fit you perfectly
It saves you a lot of time Some subscribers believe that the inventory is not as large as it used to be
It has an insurance option, so you don’t have to pay for accidental damages to the items you return
Items are of adequate quality, according to Le Tote clothing reviews, and you can choose from several Le Tote brands

Le Tote Service Reviews and Testimonials

Judging by Le Tote reviews, the company seems to be doing an average job taking care of its customers’ needs and responding to their queries. Here’s a summary of some of the Le Tote reviews:

  • Trustpilot: 3.7/5 (Based on 304 Le Tote Trustpilot reviews)
  • BBB Customer Rating: 1.3/5 (Based on 26 reviews)
  • Influenster: 4/5 (Based on 22 reviews)
  • Yelp: 2/5 (based on 179 reviews)

The business is not BBB accredited and has a D rating (which is terrible). the reason for many Le Tote bad reviews is that most subscribers think it an awesome idea, that’s executed poorly. Some customers believe that the service is declining and that the company might not be able to handle the subscription influx and increase its inventory accordingly.

How Does It Compare?

It’s difficult to compare Le Tote with its competitors because most of the other subscription services lean towards styling and selling rather than renting.

  • Le Tote vs. Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee has a better Trustpilot rating, and the subscription starts out cheaper ($49 per month) than Le Tote. But if you compare item by item, Le Tote is less expensive. Gwynnie Bee has a decent size advisor tool, but it doesn’t offer a maternity subscription-box as Le Tote does. Its customer service might be even less responsive than Le Tote’s. They have a more extensive variety of packages (based on items per box).

  • Le Tote vs. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix does even worse when it comes to ratings. It’s aimed at men, women, and kids, and it’s not a rental service. Once you’ve taken their style quiz, tell them your price range, and they will send the items to you. A $20 stylist fee is charged for clothing items you decide to keep. They have 1,000+ brands under their belt, and the articles they offer are new.

Is Le Tote Worth It? – The Verdict

Yes. If you are not too choosy about your clothes, don’t seek a perfect fit, and you want to keep your wardrobe fresh without wasting hours shopping, then Le Tote is totally worth trying. Some negative Le Tote reviews might turn you away from this company, but as one of the relatively few clothing rental services, especially one that boasts such a wide range, it’s an excellent option. That said, if you are not in the habit of wearing used clothes (no matter how “gently” worn), Le Tote might not be your cup of tea. It differs from services where you buy the clothing items since it doesn’t charge a styling fee, and you get to choose what comes in each box.