• DEDUCTIBLES: Depending On Vendor
  • BBB RATING: Not Accredited
  • MBI: Yes
  • DOWN PAYMENT: Depending On Vendor

Platinum Auto Warranty Review [Features, Benefits & Limitations]

  • DEDUCTIBLES: Depending On Vendor
  • BBB RATING: Not Accredited
  • MBI: Yes
  • DOWN PAYMENT: Depending On Vendor

Best For

Basic Protection


  • Multiple service choice
  • Wide partner network
  • Highly customizable plans


  • Experience may vary from vendor to vendor
  • For detailed information, you need to contact vendor directly

Are you looking for extended warranty plans for your vehicle?

Florida-based Platinum Auto Warranty’s tagline promises up to 60% savings on car repairs, and according to Platinum Auto Warranty reviews, the main attraction of it lies in the sheer number of options it can bring to the table.

Let’s look into this! We reviewed offerings, pros and cons, and how it compares to the rest of the competition on the market.

In this review, we cover details on features and benefits, pros and cons, the company’s reputation, alternatives, FAQ.

Platinum Auto Warranty Features

It is important to understand that you are not getting your coverage directly from the company but rather from third-party providers partnered with it, so the exact list of benefits may differ depending on which provider you choose.

With that said, Platinum Auto Warranty does follow a standard for who they partner with, so a general outline of what to expect can be drawn up. Let’s begin with our Platinum Auto Warranty benefits review.

Payment & Cancellation

Down payment, monthly charges, cancellation terms, and the amount you pay as a renewal fee will vary significantly depending on the provider. All of these should be listed in their contract. If they fail to meet all your expectations, think about getting a credit card with some benefits.

Repair Facilities

Most providers on Platinum Auto Warranty partner with licensed repair facilities from all over the U.S. In general, no matter where you are in the country, you will still have your car repairs and servicing covered.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)

MBI is usually featured but whether the coverage is national or only offered in some states depends on your chosen provider. But, if you know that 13% of Americans don’t have any type of car insurance, you may want to try getting one.

24-Hour Road Assistance

Many plans listed on the marketplace do provide limited coverage for 24-hour road assistance.

Trip Interruption Coverage

Trip interruption coverage is provided by many vendors but may be limited to specific reasons and up to a certain point. You will have to check with the plan provider to get the exact details on the limits of the coverage.

Rental Car

Most of the coverage plans from listed providers offer bonus services such as car rentals.

Discounts Available

Generally, you can expect discounts with most plans extending to non-repair services such as hotel stay, renting a car, emergency fuel delivery, locksmith, tire fixture, and re-gassing. However, please note that only the premium plans might offer discounts for all of the above-mentioned services.


Emergency services like towing, flat tire, and jump-starting a battery are usually covered up to a certain point by most listed providers.

Getting Started

One of the most commonly cited positive aspects we’ve noticed in many Platinum auto warranty customer reviews is its accessibility.

Finding the best plans for your needs is absolutely straightforward.

  1. Simply head over to their website and enter your car information, such as year, model, and mileage, in their dynamic form.
  2. Afterward, input your contact details and the auto provider sends the information to its partners.
  3. They in turn reach out to you with quotes of the eligible maintenance agreement plans they have on offer.

How to Get a Quote With Platinum Auto Warranty Providers

To get a quote about pricing and coverage from Platinum Auto Warranty company, you’ll have to go on their website. This way, you are able to get quotes from more than one provider, but also, you’ll receive text messages, emails, and phone calls from the company’s partners.

Once you request a quote, providers might get in touch with you to ask about the coverage you seek, for how long you’ll need a car, and such. The majority of providers allow you to repair your car in ASE-certified shops, however, some might request that you repair your car in in-network car shops.

How to Manage Claims?

Platinum Auto Warranty doesn’t handle claims directly. Instead, you will need to get prior authorization from your warranty provider for any repairs on the car for it to be eligible for coverage. You can get in touch with them directly or provide a copy of your service contract or the contract number to the repair shop for them to contact them instead. Be sure to also have your maintenance receipts or MBI policy document handy while filing a claim, as some providers may ask for it for certain repair coverage.

How coverage is managed may differ from provider to provider. Some will pay the bills directly to the repair shop, while others may require you to pay it in full and then reimburse the amount later.

Platinum Auto Warranty Reviews & Online Reputation

Platinum Auto Warranty has a good reputation, and reviews generally agree that it is a highly trustworthy service.

It has been mentioned on such major platforms as Forbes, ESPN, ABC, and Cars.com.

While the company doesn’t currently have a business profile on customer review platforms such as BBB and Trustpilot, it did have a stellar rating of 4.2 out of 5 from the business review site, ConsumersAdvocate.org.

Platinum Auto Warranty Alternatives

In the event that you need time to think, take a look at great extended car warranty companies, or read the comparison to other auto warranty companies.

Platinum Auto Warranty vs. CARCHEX
Pricing Affordable price ranges

Extensive coverage with many additional perks

CARCHEX is a great option for an extended car warranty and it’s best for any phase of car ownership.

Platinum Auto Warranty vs. CarShield
Pricing Flexible month-to-month options
Coverage Not so many perks and benefits

CarShield is among the most popular car warranty companies and it is best for low deductibles and plans for uncommon vehicle types.

Platinum Auto Warranty vs. Endurance
Pricing The pricing works on a quote basis
Coverage Variety of plans and benefits

Endurance is best for people with high-mileage vehicles.

Is Platinum Auto Warranty Worth It?

The main appeal of finding a vehicle warranty plan through Platinum Auto Warranty reviews is the number of choices available, which includes the most competitive discounts offered. However, the downside of choosing them is that your information gets passed on to multiple vendors, and you can expect a lot of phone calls as a result. In case that you’re thinking of buying a car and you have bad credit, here is the list of auto financing companies that can help you.

Where Platinum Auto Warranty Dominates

Multiple service choices
A wide partnerships network

Where Platinum Auto Warranty Falls Short

You need to contact the vendor directly for specific details
Potential phone calls, emails, text messages from various vendors

Platinum Auto Warranty is best for people who look for basic protection.


What does Platinum Auto Warranty extended car warranty cover?

It’s a marketplace for vendors, so what the car warranty may cover will depend on which of the providers you choose. However, because of the number of choices on offer, you can expect to find warranty plans that cover precisely what you need.

How to reach Platinum Auto Warranty's customer support?

If you want to find out more about their offerings, agreements or their practices, you can send an email to info@platinumautowarranty.com

How much does Platinum Auto Warranty extended car warranty cost?

Prices will vary widely depending on the vendor and plan. But typically, they are on the lower end of what the average market rates are.

What is the difference between vehicle service contract vs. extended car warranty?

Extended warranties are limited to what they cover and are offered for newer vehicles, not so often for used, 10-year-old cars or older. Meanwhile, a vehicle service provides a range of coverages. It’s a service agreement that can be entered into at any time throughout the vehicle’s life, regardless of the miles or years involved. Also, the average repair period/coverage period is shorter than in an extended car warranty.