• EXTENDED WARRANTY: Yes, With All Plans
  • MBI: Yes
  • DOWN PAYMENT: Minimal

Endurance Warranty Reviews in 2022 [Coverage, Exclusions]

  • EXTENDED WARRANTY: Yes, With All Plans
  • MBI: Yes
  • DOWN PAYMENT: Minimal

Best For

Those With High-Mileage Vehicles


  • Tailored coverage for high-mileage vehicles
  • Long repayment schedules and extended loans available
  • Accepted at nearly all licensed repair facilities or dealerships


  • Not accredited by BBB
  • Roadside assistance and other services are only provided via an additional Elite Membership

Endurance Warranty has been in the business of providing vehicle protection and extended warranty plans since 2007.

As a direct provider, Endurance Warranty’s customers have peace of mind knowing that they are in direct contact with the institution responsible for their vehicle claims. Along with upfront payments for repairs, they definitely come across as a convenient and consumer-friendly option. Comparing the services they offer and the feedback from numerous Endurance Warranty reviews, we’re about to see if their services are truly worth it.

They also offer a fairly unique high-mileage plan for vehicles with over 150,000 on the clock. Endurance Warranty provides quotations on a quote-by-quote basis, meaning you should go to their website and apply for a free quote to get an idea of what it would cost.

What is covered in this review:

  • A detailed review of services
  • Full list of benefits
  • How to sign up
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ

Endurance Warranty Vehicle Service Contract Features

  • Down Payment

Мinimal down payment is charged.

  • Monthly Payment

All plans are based on a personalized quote, depending on your vehicle and needs.

  • Cancellation Policy

Plans range from 36 months to extended loans. Endurance Warranty doesn’t charge any cancellation fee within the first 30 days in case you haven’t made a claim. If you cancel as a customer after having made a claim or after the initial 30-day period, you will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the remaining period or miles left (whichever is less).

  • Cancellation Fee

If you cancel the plan as a customer, you will be subject to an admin fee that’s no more than 7.5% of the contract purchase price.

  • Deductible

Yes, you will need to pay a small deductible whenever claiming for a repair job.

  • Repair Facilities

Endurance Warranty is nearly universally accepted across the U.S. As long as the repair shop employees are certified mechanics, you should be able to take your vehicle to almost any workshop, whether local or part of a national chain. This can be very convenient if you already have a service agreement with a repairs facility that you want to continue using for your car.

  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)

Endurance Warranty does offer mechanical breakdown insurance, ranging from simple powertrain to comprehensive exclusionary coverage. Exclusions for each plan are mentioned individually in the contract for full transparency.

  • 24-Hour Road Assistance

Yes, Endurance Warranty offers 24/7 roadside assistance which includes transporting spare parts, unlocking the car, jumpstarting, and more.

  • Trip Interruption Coverage

Yes, it covers food and lodging if your vehicle breaks down more than 100 miles from home.

  • Rental Car

Yes, all plans include rental car coverage.

  • Discounts Available

Endurance Warranty offers up to $250 in vouchers to spend with select partners as well as discounts at selected merchants. Plans are also regularly discounted by as much as $300.

  • Extended Warranty

All Endurance Warranty plans come with some level of extended warranty for your vehicle.

  • Towing

All Endurance Warranty plans include towing as part of their substitute transportation.

Auto Repair Plans & Pricing

So, what does the Endurance car warranty cover? Endurance Warranty provides a number of vehicle protection plans for differing budgets, coverage, and vehicle protection needs. While the first four plans in the table below build on each other, the Select Premier plan is aimed specifically at high-mileage vehicle owners with specifically chosen benefits:

Secure Secure Plus Superior Supreme Select Premier
Coverage Drive axle, engine, transfer case, transmission, and turbo/supercharger. Everything under Secure, plus air conditioning, brakes, electrical components, and steering. Everything under Secure Plus, plus cooling system, suspension, and fuel. Everything under Superior, plus gaskets. Everything under Secure, plus air conditioning, cooling system, electrical components, and fuel.
Exclusions Standard list of exclusions, including road collisions, weather, wear and tear. Same as in Secure Plan Same as in Secure Plan Same as in Secure Plan Same as in Secure Plan
Waiting Period 30 days or 1,000 miles 30 days or 1,000 miles 30 days or 1,000 miles 30 days or 1,000 miles 60 days or 1,000 miles
Maintenance Requirements Must follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. Receipts showing repairs, services, and parts may be required. Same as in Secure Plan Same as in Secure Plan Same as in Secure Plan Must follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. Receipts showing repairs, services, and parts may be required. Engine oil and oil filters must be replaced within 30 days of the contract purchase date.
Liability Limitations The average value of the vehicle based on NADA trade-in value or as per bill of sale. Same as in Secure Plan Same as in Secure Plan Same as in Secure Plan The lesser amount between $12,500 or the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of repair.
Pricing On a quote-by-quote basis On a quote-by-quote basis On a quote-by-quote basis On a quote-by-quote basis On a quote-by-quote basis

All plans also come with a 1-year Elite Membership plan at $2,000 in value. This plan includes:

  • key fob replacement
  • a personal concierge
  • ID theft recovery
  • up to $5,000 in repair finance
  • the Endurance Protect app

Most Endurance vehicle warranty reviews agree that it adds value to the available plans, and it is free for the first year, no matter what plan you sign up for.

How to File Your Claim Step-By-Step

First of all, take all necessary precautions to prevent further damage as this may affect the validity of your claim. Depending on the situation, that usually means not using your vehicle unnecessarily and getting it to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Luckily, there isn’t too much to prepare. Just ensure you have your contract or policy handy, as well as Endurance Warranty’s contact details, and that you approach a licensed and recognized repair facility.

So, how does the Endurance car warranty work? Well, it’s pretty simple:

  1. Take your vehicle to a licensed mechanic, repair store, or car dealership. Alternatively, call 1-866-330-0760 for road assistance.
  2. You can either do it yourself or instruct your service manager to contact an Endurance Warranty administrator at 877-414-0134 for pre-approval and to get the process started. If it’s out of office hours or no one is available, you can just continue with the next step.
  3. Authorize the repair facility for “tear down/inspection” of your vehicle to find the root cause of the problem.
  4. Review your Endurance Warranty contract with your service manager to determine what is and isn’t covered.
  5. You will then need to pay the deductible. Endurance Warranty will then reimburse the repair facility for the work, including taxes, parts, and labor.
  6. When the repair is completed, you have 30 days to file all the repair orders and documentation to Endurance Warranty to complete your payment.
Pros Cons
Long repayment schedules and extended loans are available Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Accepted at nearly all licensed repair facilities or dealerships Roadside assistance and other services are only provided via an additional Elite Membership
Tailored coverage for high-mileage vehicles

Endurance Warranty Reputation

Endurance Warranty is not BBB accredited and only has a rating of C+ on this consumer protection website. However, Endurance Warranty almost universally receives positive reviews and high scores from customers on other websites like Sitejabber, ConsumerAffairs, and ConsumersAdvocate. Ratings given by Endurance extended warranty reviews generally fall between 4.5 to 5 stars. In spite of the fact that BBB doesn’t give the company a high rating, even the Endurance Warranty reviews on BBB give it a consumer score of just under 4 stars, a rating based on over 1,000 Endurance customer reviews.

Endurance Alternatives

In case you are interested in finding an alternative to Endurance Warranty’s services, many reviews compare Endurance Warranty vs CARCHEX. CARCHEX is a similar provider that includes road assistance and is BBB accredited. CarShield is another option with low (or even no) deductibles. However, both of these don’t directly administrate claims but act as a middleman by sourcing multiple quotes. Although both are BBB accredited they have lower ratings than Endurance Warranty when it comes to customer reviews.

Wrap Up

One thing that sets Endurance Warranty apart is that they are a direct provider of warranty services, something praised in most user reviews. Unlike most competitors who only act as middlemen and collate quotes from different providers, this means your claims will likely be handled in a more direct manner and usually faster, according to most Endurance Warranty auto insurance reviews.

It also means you’ll be in contact with the people directly responsible for your claim, minimizing the chance that you’ll be “passed around” or struggle to get clear and accurate information. The fact that they offer upfront repair payments will also make filing a claim much less stressful than usual.

However, this also means that Endurance Warranty won’t always be the cheapest option. Roadside assistance, towing, and other services aren’t included without the additional Elite Membership. Sure, this is included for free with the first year, but you’ll need to pay for it afterward.

Depending on your situation, the fact that Endurance Warranty offers quote-based prices instead of universal plans may be either a pro or a con. Without BBB accreditation, but with mostly positive Endurance customer service reviews, it’s a bit harder to judge their overall reputability, although they do seem serious about addressing customer complaints.


Do auto warranties only cover new cars?

Endurance Warranty provides coverage mostly for used cars that have outlived their manufacturer or dealership warranties. So, vehicle owners with auto warranties that have either expired or are about to expire will want to look into this option.

How old is too old for a car warranty?

Even extended warranty providers usually have an age and mileage limit for vehicles they are willing to cover. In most cases, Endurance Warranty seems to limit coverage to models released within the last 20 years and up to 125,000 miles. However, they do provide a plan called Select Premier aimed specifically at high-mileage vehicles with over 150,000 miles.

Does my car insurance cover damage to my car?

Any insurance provider will have conditions and limitations on what is covered by their policies. Depending on how extensive your coverage is, your contract will either list inclusions (meaning only the mentioned items are covered) or exclusions (meaning everything but the mentioned items are covered). Like most providers, Endurance Warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage resulting from road hazards, rioting, extreme weather, etc. The exclusions for each plan are explicitly laid out in the accompanying contract, so you should carefully read this over before signing. For commonly covered vehicle components, Endurance Warranty provides different packages with different levels of coverage.

How can I reach customer service?

You can reach customer service by dialing 866.918.1438. On their website, you can also go through the quick process of requesting an initial quote after which you can talk to a representative to discuss the details. Also, remember to check out Endurance Warranty reviews beforehand so that you know what to expect.