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2020 Cambly Reviews Of Plans, Pricing, Reputation & More

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  • Certificates awarded after 10 hours of private lessons
  • Pick your own tutor and communicate directly
  • An assortment of classes to pick from
  • Great support offered


  • Lessons are on the expensive side
  • Teachers don’t have to be qualified

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7 Years

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Beginner & Intermediate Eng, Any Level Eng Exam Preparation



Since its inception in 2012, Cambly has been helping people all over the globe learn how to speak, read and write English.

In its short time on the block, this language learning platform has earned itself a large portfolio of happy students, satisfied tutors, a great reputation and countless Cambly reviews that sing of the platform’s praises. 

But is this praise truly deserved? Today’s Cambly English review will help you figure that out. You’ll learn about :

  • key features
  • pros and cons
  • usability
  • help and support
  • pricing
  • competitors

Cambly Key Details 

Who Benefits from Cambly and Who is it Best For?

The Cambly reviews 2020 has brought with it so far indicate that this is the right platform for anyone who is looking to obtain a better grasp of the English language in all its glory. It offers an assortment of plans to organizations, individuals and kids

In all honesty, everyone benefits on this platform. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of English or enhance your knowledge of Advanced Business English, Cambly can help you meet – or even exceed – your linguistic goals.    

What Different Products Does the Platform Provide?

Perhaps the reason for the high Cambly ratings is rooted in the fact that the platform strays from a one-size-fits-all approach and focuses on tailoring its content to individuals and their unique needs. Here’s what the platform has to offer:

  • Beginner English Courses: Basic Conversation Topics (10 lessons), English Conversation 101 (10 lessons) and a creative course on Movies and Television (10 lessons). 
  • Intermediate English Courses: Intermediate Conversation Topics (10 lessons), Business English (10 lessons), creative course on Caring for Our Planet (7 lessons), Life in the Internet Age (9 lessons) and Healthy Mind, Healthy Body (6 lessons) 
  • Advanced English Courses: Advanced Conversation Topics (10 lessons) and Advanced Business English (14 lessons). 
  • Any Level English Exam Preparation: Learn from past years’ IELTS speaking assessments with the IELTS Speaking Mock Tests (10 lessons), and IELTS Speaking parts 1, 2 and 3 (8 lessons each).
  • Cambly Kids: Aimed at teaching children aged 4 to 15 how to speak, read and write proper English.
  • Cambly Organizations: If you’d like to train all of your employees in proper English, this is the package to opt for.

Plans & Pricing 

Now it’s time to answer your pressing questions: How much does Cambly cost?

What plans do I have to pick from? Is Cambly pricing fair? Fret not, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. Reviews show that the pricing model can be a little confusing, so allow us to break down the Cambly cost for you:  

  • Set up your weekly agenda by stating how many minutes per day you wish to study for. You can choose between 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes per day. 
  • Next, select how many days per week you wish to study for. You can choose between 2 days, 3 days or 5 days per week. 
  • Finally, decide whether you wish to pay on a monthly, quarterly (10% discount) or annual basis (25% discount). Cambly refers to this section as “picking a commitment level” and – as you probably guessed – the more committed you are, the less you’ll pay. 

At the bare minimum – so 15 minutes per day, twice a week – your Cambly subscription will cost $52 per month on the monthly plan, $47 per month on the quarterly plan and $39 per month on the annual plan. On the most expensive side of the scale – so 60 minutes per day, five days per week – you can expect to pay $269 per month on the monthly plan, $242 per month on the quarterly plan and $202 on the annual plan.

The cost of Cambly for Organizations is determined on a quote basis and Cambly Kids starts at $10 per month. Although on the more expensive side, many Cambly students reviews state that the level of teaching justifies the cost of classes.  

Unfortunately, Cambly doesn’t offer any free classes or plans but they do offer a free trial although it’s not clear how long this free trial lasts for.   


Cambly user reviews are quick to praise the platform for its high level of usability. The platform is easy to navigate and everything you need to know can be accessed via the home page. The sign-up process is a breeze as you can do so via email, Google, Apple or even Facebook. 

There’s also a brilliant Cambly app that you can use from any device, from any place. Cambly app reviews are overwhelmingly positive with majority making mention of a seamless interface, stable connectivity and instant access to course content.   

Help and Support 

Cambly reviews show us that you can expect a high level of customer support when dealing with this platform. Firstly, an extensive support section can be found on the Cambly website that covers everything from setting up your OS X sound system to picking the right Cambly course for your needs and everything in between.

Unfortunately, you may struggle to reach an actual Cambly representative as the only listed support contact is help@cambly.com and verified Cambly reviews point out that there is no set amount of time in which you can expect to receive an answer. 

Pros & Cons

Great support offered

An assortment of classes to pick from

Pick your own tutor and communicate directly

Certificates awarded after 10 hours of private lessons

Lessons are on the expensive side

Teachers don’t have to be qualified

Difficult to find student reviews

Visit site

Cambly User Reviews and Testimonials 

If you’re looking for Cambly reviews, you’re in luck as they can be found in any corner of the internet.

The Cambly reviews tutor and student alike are full of valuable knowledge and insights that you should know before parting ways with your hard-earned cash. 

Positive Cambly reviews rave about the apps on offer, the different classes available and how user-friendly the platform is. Others also mention that the majority of tutors are friendly, courteous and professional.    

On the other hand Cambly negative reviews are often left by tutors who are struggling to make a full-time income on the platform. In terms of Cambly student complaints, they’re pretty hard to come by but the ones we managed to find were generally aimed at a specific experience with a specific tutor on the platform.  

If you want to do a deep dive and find Cambly reviews reddit is a great resource. Cambly TrustPilot reviews are also a good place to look although at the time of writing there are only five on the platform.   


While you’ll be hard-pressed to find a scathing Cambly courses review, should you want to explore other platforms there are many available to you. Let’s take a look at Cambly vs its biggest competitors: Verbling and italki. 

Cambly vs italki

Cambly only offers English lessons while italki has many languages available for learning. Much like Cambly, anyone can be a teacher on italki provided that they’re a native English speaker. Both platforms are easy to use.  

Cambly vs Verbling

Much like Cambly, Verbling users are able to try the platform out first before purchasing their first lesson. Both platforms are easy to use and have a fantastic app offering. However, Verbling teachers are professionally qualified to teach and the platform has almost 300 languages available for learning. 


Overall, if you’re looking to learn English we highly recommend using Cambly. There are many classes and tutors to choose from and the weekly and monthly payment options are packed with value for those serious about learning English. 

You also have the option to chat to an English tutor who is proficient in YOUR home language, which is a feature that attracts many. Our advice? Give its free trial a shot and use your firsthand experience to decide if this is the platform for you or not.

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Is Cambly Legit?

Yes, Cambly is totally legit and is used by many students all over the world. It has been operational since 2012 so it has almost a decade of experience under its belt.

How Much Can Cambly Teachers Earn?

Cambly is a platform that is very much geared towards teachers, you don’t need to have any degrees or qualifications, just a great grasp in English - your native tongue. You can earn up to US$10.25 per hour as Cambly takes a significant fee, but hey it’s better than nothing. Plus, if your student bails you’re guaranteed $2.55. For more info on the teaching side of Cambly we recommend finding a firsthand Cambly teaching review or Cambly English tutor review for the inside scoop on working for Cambly.

How Does Cambly Work?

Cambly reviews are quick to point out that the platform is easy to understand and even easier to use. Simply create a profile, pick your preferred tutor according to your home language and budgetary requirements, make your payment and start learning English. It’s really that simple.