• Customizable landing page: 5/5
  • Smart CRM: 3/5
  • Smart Targeting: 2/5
  • Reach150: 4/5
  • Predictive analytics: 4/5
  • Outreach: 5/5
  • CheckIn: 5/5
  • Automated marketing: 5/5
  • Sphere: 5/5

In-Depth SmartZip Reviews [Services, Pricing]

  • Customizable landing page: 5/5
  • Smart CRM: 3/5
  • Smart Targeting: 2/5
  • Reach150: 4/5
  • Predictive analytics: 4/5
  • Outreach: 5/5
  • CheckIn: 5/5
  • Automated marketing: 5/5
  • Sphere: 5/5

Best For

Best for Real Estate Agents and Brokers Looking for an All-In-One Platform


  • SmartZip is an all-in-one platform that offers lead generation, marketing services, and customer follow-up
  • Its predictive analytics services rely on multiple sources of information and feed SmartZip’s algorithm different data for optimal results
  • SmartZip has one of the best marketing services both on- and offline


  • SmartZip leads are not exclusive, meaning others agents will get the same leads as you and might convert the clients you were hoping to get.
  • SmartZip cost is higher than others in the industry. That’s on top of having to commit to a 1-year contract.

The world of real estate is vigorously competitive. Between advertising, price wars, property management, and product improvement, real estate agents need all the help they can get.

Among the companies that have been making a buzz in the real estate PropTech world is SmartZip. In this article, I’ll look at SmartZip reviews, explain what SmartZip is. I’ll include what services it offers, how they work, how much they cost, and whether they’re the right tool for your business.

SmartZip Overview

SmartZip was founded in 2008 and is located in Pleasanton, California. The company has been in existence for more than a decade and has spent most of its time developing predictive analytics and marketing automation tools for the real estate industry.

Two years ago, some of its assets were acquired by Constellation Real Estate Group, along with one of SmartZip’s competitors, Offrs.com.

Real estate lead gen companies like SmartZip Analytics Inc. provide realtors with tech-enabled solutions in hopes of improving pain points in their profession.

What Does SmartZip Offer and How Does It Work?

SmartZip is a real estate marketing platform that uses predictive analytics to help real estate agents, brokers, and other professionals in the industry grow their businesses.

The company’s algorithms work to identify homeowners that are the most likely to sell their home in a certain area and will, therefore, need a realtor. SmartZip further offers marketing tools that real estate agents can use to reach out to potential sellers and improve their chances of expanding their listing, as well as tools to build their sphere of influence.

Let’s take a deeper look at the services that SmartZip offers:

  • Smart Analytics

This SmartZip real estate tool is the primary tool that the company offers. It predicts which homes are more likely to be sold in an area in near future as well as their value.

Let’s say that first-time buyers typically stay in a place for around 7 years. If a home is located in an area popular with first-time buyers and was purchased six-and-a-half years ago, then it’s likely, based on statistics, that its current owners might want to sell in the next 12 to 18 months.

This is the type of information that SmartZip relies on to accurately predict future market behavior. Its proprietary algorithm aggregates big data (or as the company likes to call it, Smart Data) from more than 25 sources, including property, behavior, consumer, and demographic data.

  • Smart Targeting

The SmartZip Smart Targeting program is the company’s marketing platform. It takes the Smart Data and uses it to build marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, helping real estate agents advertise their services and reach out to potential leads.

Smart Targeting campaign features:

  • Branded lead conversion web pages: SmartZip creates customizable landing pages to advertise your services.
  • Online and social ads: It launches ads across different social media platforms and search engines like Google.
  • Email and direct mail: SmartZip sends emails or direct mail, such as postcards and letters, to potential sellers or buyers on its clients’ behalf.

What I like about SmartZip Smart Targeting is that clients have the option to review marketing materials before they are sent out to potential sellers and buyers to make sure everything is top-notch.

This feature is also quite convenient as it takes all the guesswork out of the equation and theoretically, makes for an efficient marketing campaign.

  • Reach150

The Reach 150 tool allows SmartZip clients to improve their value on the market by boosting their online reputation and referrals. Online reputation and referrals are perhaps more important than ads because statistics show that 83% of people would spend their money on services with a good reputation and positive user reviews.

Reach 150 provides agents with templates they can send to past clients that haven’t given them a review and ask for one. It will also ask current clients for a review after their purchase or sale has closed. Real estate lead generation ideas state that this is an effective method to generate more leads. You can add these reviews to your website, share them on social media, or use them as part of a marketing campaign.

I find this to be an excellent feature for experienced and newer real estate agents as they get to highlight reviews they want potential clients to see. Coupled with Smart Targeting and SmartZip Analytics, Reach 150 is a great way to build ads and send traffic to your lead conversion landing pages.

SmartZip Features

When looking into SmartZip, the first thing that I immediately noticed is that the company gives its clients the whole package.SmartZip reviews highlight that in addition to helping agents gain an advantage in the industry by pointing them to potential leads, it also hooks them up with a marketing campaign and builds and improves their reputation.

Feature Description Rating
Customizable landing page Creating your page can be time-consuming. SmartZips takes over the technical part and gives you enough control to make sure it is in line with your branding and business model. 5
Smart CRM SmartZip’s CRM is relatively basic. You can still integrate other CRM’s that are available on the market. 3
Smart Targeting This feature offers a lot but it’s not exclusive. That means other agents who are vying for the same area and use Smart Targeting will get the same leads as you. 2
Reach 150 Reach 150 is a great way to build and improve your professional reputation online. One SmartZip review pointed out that it is less likely to be successful on its own and would ideally work alongside Smart Targeting. 4
Predictive analytics SmartZip feeds its algorithms with as much information as it can get its hands on to identify homeowners that might move soon. Theoretically, it should work, but there is no guarantee until you seal the deal. 4
Outreach I think this is one of the best features that SmartZip has to offer. There’s nothing better than being among the first to reach out to clients once they decide to buy or sell. 5
CheckIn An excellent option for agents that deal with more clients and want to stay on top of their schedule. 5
Automated marketing This feature saves agents a lot of time and effort when it comes to building their brand. 5
Sphere Sphere targeting allows agents to keep tabs on past and current clients and ensure they are there when the clients want to sell or buy property. 5

Ease of Use

The SmartZip software is fairly easy to use, according to SmartZip real estate reviews. For those who have trouble finding their way around the software, SmartZip has a page (https://www.smartzip.help) where clients can watch webinars, read articles, and view videos that explain in detail how to access and use all features.

  1. To sign up, visit the SmartZip website and click on the Login option in the top right corner.
  2. It will take you to a page where you need to insert your name, email address, and password. You can also sign up via a social media account on Facebook and LinkedIn, or via your Google or Outlook account.
  3. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to activate your account. It will include your account login information, Support Team contact information, a link to a webinar, and a link to an Application Call with your Client Support Team.

SmartZip Pricing

The SmartZip cost depends on the number of products you purchase, as well as the size of the market. The company also asks agents for a 12-month contract.

SmartZip does not reveal the pricing of any of its products on its website. Instead, agents have to call for a quote. The pricing in the following table is based on SmartZip reviews online.

Plan Price + Subscription Contract
Basic Around $500 (minimum monthly cost) A year
Smart Targeting Around $1000 a month A year
Extra features Call for a quote Unknown

The basic plan is best for agents who only want access to Smart Data and don’t have the budget or the business plan to commit to a long-term strategy. Agents can get Smart Targeting for around $1000 a month if they already have a customer base, want to build on it, and are prepared to work with leads.

SmartZip Ratings and Reviews

Reviews of SmartZip online are average at best, based on my research. Some claim they only received a few leads and that only a fraction of those (if any) converted.

It’s worth noting that SmartZip has, in most cases, responded to bad ratings and explained in detail why the consumer left a negative review.

Those who have left positive reviews, however, praised the company’s Smart Targeting tool and its customer support.


SmartZip main competitors used to include offrs.com, but the two are no longer rivals since they were bought by the same mother company. Still, there are plenty of businesses out there that offer similar services.

  • SmartZip vs BoldLeads

Win SmartZip has better marketing services and provides its clients with a full marketing campaign.
Lose Unlike SmartZip, BoldLeads leads are unique and exclusive; you won’t have to share them with other real estate agents in the same area.
Best for Real estate agents and brokers who want exclusive leads.

Read our full review of BoldLeads here.

  • SmartZip vs Zurple

Win SmartZip is meant to help real estate agents and brokers improve their business and advertise their services.
Lose Zurple is generally a more popular service and has a better overall rating.
Best for Those looking for more than leads only.

Read our full review of Zurple here. 

SmartZip is best for agents who want to expand their listings and launch a marketing campaign in a given area. It’s recommended for agents that are in for the long haul.

Is SmartZip Worth It?

SmartZip analytics reviews indicate that predictive analytics are likely to play a significant role in the world of real estate marketing. As everything moves online, agents and brokers are expected to seek software, such as the one offered by SmartZip, to take some of the load off their shoulders and better their business strategy.


Is SmartZip accurate?

Reviews suggest that SmartZip’s algorithm is accurate but it does not guarantee that leads will convert into listings. It only predicts the homeowners that are most likely to sell or buy, but the rest is up to the agents.

Is paying for real estate leads worth it?

It depends on a variety of factors, including the market, your budget, and your experience in the field. It is still one of the best ways to spot potential clients and most real estate businesses have some form of paid leads as part of their marketing strategy.

How much does SmartZip cost?

The pricing varies, depending on the services you choose and the market. SmartZip reviews suggest agents spend $1000 a month on average and the access to Smart Data, which predicts the leads, costs around $500, again, depending on the market.