• Lightspeed Retail POS: 5/5
  • Lightspeed Inventory: 5/5
  • Lightspeed eCommerce: 5/5
  • Employee Management: 4/5
  • Work Order Management: 3/5
  • Reporting : 4/5

2022 Review of Lightspeed [Features, Price, Alternatives]

  • Lightspeed Retail POS: 5/5
  • Lightspeed Inventory: 5/5
  • Lightspeed eCommerce: 5/5
  • Employee Management: 4/5
  • Work Order Management: 3/5
  • Reporting : 4/5

Best For

Best for keeping tabs on all sales transactions


  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Powerful features and hardware integration.
  • Very practical mobile app.


  • Basic analytics is very minimal. You’ll have to pay extra to get something really useful.
  • Chat support is not 24/7.

If you have a retail business, having a good POS is a must. Many companies are offering POS programs out there; in this article, we will be focusing on Lightspeed.

We’ve compiled a consensus of various Lightspeed POS reviews so we can give you all the necessary information that you need if you’re considering subscribing to the popular product. Let’s get started!

What Is the Lightspeed POS Provider and How Does It Work?

Lightspeed POS is a cloud-based software solution that is designed specifically for businesses in the retail industry. It’s one of the top POS systems on the market that offers retailers various tools useful in day-to-day operations, specifically in keeping tabs on every sales transaction,

What is Lightspeed POS for? It offers business solutions for the following:

  • Accounting software integration
  • Integration with barcode scanners, receipt printers, and other POS hardware
  • Inventory management
  • Retail store management
  • Cash drawer control
  • Payment processing
  • Purchase order management
  • Customer profile access

For online businesses and brick & mortar shops with multiple locations, Lightspeed POS offers comprehensive management of in-store and online inventory which syncs across all locations, virtual and physical! Lightspeed updates every transaction instantly, giving store staff an accurate overview of performance and inventory count across the board.

Compatibility also enables employees to access Lightspeed and check inventory using mobile hardware such as iPads or iPhones. Since it can be connected to other store equipment like scanners and printers, any relevant activity from these devices is seamlessly integrated with the POS system.

Our research for this Lightspeed POS review found that Lightspeed can be integrated with compatible accounting software. This easily makes it a central hub for every business transaction that involves inventory movement from receiving to checkout. This increases the efficiency of store operations by eliminating mundane tasks that can otherwise be easily automated while also providing you with useful data for analysis and decision making.

Main Features

Lightspeed Retail POS

The Lightspeed Retail POS app lets merchandisers receive and transact payments. It accepts various kinds of payment methods which include cash, credit cards, debit cards, in-store credits, checks, and even gift cards! After transactions have been made, you can print receipts complete with notes and descriptions.

If there are discounts that need to be applied, the option is readily available right at the register. For gift cards and certificates, they have specific barcodes which can be assigned values and changed accordingly. The POS system also lets you hold and suspend sales, reverse transactions, and even transfer to other connected devices.

For items that will be picked up by customers at a later time, they can be placed on hold until they arrive. Balances and past-due accounts can also be tracked and payments can be applied to invoices.

If that’s not enough reason why to get a Lightspeed POS, there’s still more in store. You can also integrate the retail POS with any rewards program that you have where you’re able to add customers to any loyalty schemes, birthday promos, VIP celebrations, and other special incentives that you offer. If you’re using Mailchimp or Mailsync, you can easily use Lightspeed retail POS as a part of your email marketing management tools.

Lightspeed Inventory

Lightspeed also comes with an inventory management system that lets you easily take control and keep tabs on stocks and their movement from warehouse to sales. The system goes beyond simple counting though. It has robust features that make inventory management much easier even for enterprises with more complex operations.

If you have more than one store location, Lightspeed lets you transfer stocks from one shop to another while giving you full visibility of inventory across every location. If you’re planning to sell products in trade shows or go on special events using food trucks, you can still take the entire system with you by using the retail mobile app designed for iPad OS.

For keeping up with suppliers, the Lightspeed point of sale system is designed to have a tracking system for your purchase orders, which is one of its best features highlighted by many reviews of Lightspeed POS.

You can even track items returned using the return-to-vendor (RTV) feature for when you have to send back purchased products. If vendors are using a compatible system, you can connect your Lightspeed POS with their catalog to enable direct purchases and transactions within the app.

With so many item types and variations, keeping up with labels and names will naturally be a challenge. The Lightspeed inventory system helps you with its custom labels feature, where you can add customizable tags to any item. Furthermore, you can assign multiple attributes like size and color.

Lightspeed eCommerce

This Lightspeed POS system review will touch on Lightspeed for eCommerce, which is another great feature it offers. If you’re an online seller, this gives you all the necessary tools to conduct your business through the web. It has 60 themes to choose from where you can pick the most suitable to your business as it syncs with your POS system.

Is your business going global? You can configure your Lightspeed-powered website to up to 14 different languages, support multiple currencies, and set up international shipping rates! The system also allows customers to set appointments to your online store, which comes with email reminders and automatic confirmations.

In case customers want to save items for a later purchase, there’s a wishlist feature that allows them to do just that. As for returns and exchanges, customers can make requests supported with a system-generated ticket right from their profile.

So why get Lightspeed POS? Marketing is key to the success of any online business, and Lightspeed lets you easily connect any of your social media accounts to your e-shop. This already comes with built-in SEO tools and auto-syncing functionalities which will maximize your digital marketing campaigns.

When items have to be shipped, Lightspeed shipping tools let you monitor the movement of items complete with tracking codes, which are issued to customers automatically so every party is always in the know. This also integrates with other shipping APIs which include EasyPost and Shipstation.

Employee Management

Lightspeed can also monitor employee attendance as well as assign scheduled tasks to any employee, then track each task and close them upon completion.

Work Order Management

With Lightspeed POS’s work order management system, you can set work orders, track progress, and also print service labels. With the photo upload feature, you can upload up to 12 photos for any work order to customers to be able to see the progress of their requests.


As verified through other Lightspeed POS systems reviews, Lightspeed POS offers hundreds of presets that you can use to generate and print reports. Resorts can be filtered and customized to show only the data you want to see, and how you want to see them, either by day, week, month, or year.

You can further analyze your sales performance by checking your review against the margin. For an even more in-depth analysis, Lightspeed POS also shows you the results of your promos. To save these reports elsewhere, simply use the export feature and download the lists into an excel file.

Customer Service

With the Lightspeed POS subscription comes 24-hour technical support available seven days a week. If you want to get in touch via live chat, agents are available from 11 AM to 8 PM EST. For those who want to DIY solving their problems, resource pages with community forums, self-help answers, and training videos are available.

Ease of Use

Signing up to get a Lightspeed retail POS app is easy. While we’ve detailed all the info we can gather in this review, it’s still best for you to experience first hand their services without any financial commitment first.

Right on their homepage, click on Free Trial.

On the next page, they’ll ask for details about your business; click whatever applies.

After entering your contact information, click on ‘Get started’ to begin setting up your business with Lightspeed POS.

Plans, Pricing, and Contracts

If you’re thinking of subscribing to Lightspeed POS, here is the cost of Lightspeed POS and their respective packages.

Features Lean Standard Advanced Enterprise
$ 89/month $ 129/month $ 229/month Get Quote
Retail POS Yes Yes
Additional Registers 1 register 1 register 1 register
Integrated Payments Yes Yes Yes
Accounting Yes Yes
eCommerce Yes Yes
Omnichannel Loyalty Yes
Analytics Core Yes
Lightspeed Payments Card-present rate 2.6% + 10c 2.6% + 10c 2.6% + 10c
24/7 Customer Support Yes Yes Yes
One on One Onboarding Yes Yes Yes
Additional Free Training Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Manager Yes Yes Yes

Businesses that are a little more complex would benefit more from their customized Enterprise package, which is subject to quotes.

Customer Support

As mentioned previously, Lightspeed has 24/7 technical support which comes as part of the subscription. Actual feedback from several Lightspeed POS reviews praise the service with ratings that are positive. They do get a few complaints here and there, but in general, the consensus remains excellent.

Lightspeed POS Alternatives

Lightspeed POS vs Quickbooks POS
Win: Lightspeed wins for 24/7 customer service.
Lose: Quickbook has more robust features for larger enterprises
Best: Choose Quickbooks if you have a large business with more complex operations.
Lightspeed POS vs Clover
Win: Lightspeed wins for custom reorder points.
Lose: Clover has an easier-to-use interface.
Best: Choose Clover for those who have small restaurants or other similarly sized enterprises to save some cash.
Lightspeed POS vs Shopify POS
Win: Lightspeed wins for their contactless mobile payment.
Lose: Shopify is better for online businesses.
Best: Choose Shopify if your online business runs under the Shopify platform.
Lightspeed POS vs Shopkeep
Win: Lightspeed wins having more practical features.
Lose: Shopkeep’s reputation among customers is much more positive than Lightspeed’s.
Best: Choose Shopkeep if you need a one-system-for-all solution.

Is Lightspeed POS Worth It?

Lightspeed POS is a great solution for those looking for a POS system to handle the demands of brick & mortar and online stores. While there are competitors out there offering similar services, Lightspeed does a good job of keeping its edge sharp.

After looking at several Lightspeed POS reviews, along with reviews of other products, we highly recommend checking out Lightspeed.


How expensive is Lightspeed compared to other POSs?

For the number of features offered by Lightspeed POS compared to their competitors, we’d say that they price their packages just right to offer good value relative to other similar products. The cost of Lightspeed POS most expensive package tier is $229 per month which is very reasonable.

How much is Lightspeed POS?

The most basic package of Lightspeed POS, which is the Lean package, costs $89. This is followed by the Standard and Advanced packages, priced at $129 and $229 respectively. Customized packages are subject to quotes.

How to contact Lightspeed POS customer service?

When you visit Lightspeed’s website, there is a chatbot available in the lower right corner of the screen. If you prefer voice calls, you can dial 877-617-4925. You can also send them an email at info@lightspeedhq.com.

What does Lightspeed POS provide?

As mentioned in other Light POS reviews, Lightspeed POS is a software solution for merchandising businesses that want to simplify, automate, and integrate transactions involving sales and movement of inventory.