• Help with compliance: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Online compliance across multiple countries and legislations: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • The help of an international legal team: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Regular updates: ★★★★★ 5/5

Iubenda Review [Features, Pros & Cons, Alternatives]

  • Help with compliance: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Online compliance across multiple countries and legislations: ★★★★☆ 4/5
  • The help of an international legal team: ★★★★★ 5/5
  • Regular updates: ★★★★★ 5/5

Best For

Best for large organizations


  • Effective and fast assistance offered by staff
  • Fast installation process
  • Webinars available
  • Good match for new users with no previous experience
  • Can handle businesses of any size


  • Complicated payment process
  • Some high prices
  • Does not offer a free trial

This Iubenda review will outline the most important aspects of the company’s work and the ways in which Iubenda’s customers can profit from its services. The services Iubenda offers are crucial in protecting websites from fines and liability, and also offer security for online businesses.

Iubenda Overview

Iubenda is a compliance platform that aims to make websites and apps compliant with the law and its online policies. The platform’s role is to generate and manage privacy policies, a service that enables website owners to generate privacy policy pages, even if they don’t have any prior legal knowledge.

The idea behind the company’s foundation was revolutionary – to allow internet users to generate and maintain legal, up-to-date content on the web. Since its launch in 2011, Iubenda’s privacy policy has steadily become one of the most sought-after and most reliable policies for website and app owners.

Following some customer service complaints, Iubenda has focused on providing clients with an improved customer service experience, installing several contact options, and making themselves more accessible to users.

What Does Iubenda Offer, and How Does It Work?

Iubenda offers attorney-level help for any problems that might appear on the Internet concerning laws and legislations across numerous countries. Iubenda reviews legal documents, and then edits and updates policies to be compliant with the newest standards. As a website owner, if you utilize Iubenda’s services, you don’t have to worry about legal problems or recurring fees – you can solely focus on advancing your site. Some of Iubenda’s most popular services include:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Cookies

Since the company requires a one-year subscription, you need an objective outlook on the Iubenda experience; all services must be considered in detail.

Privacy policies

The Iubenda privacy policy is customized for the part of the world you are based in or for anywhere you want your website to be active – Iubenda equips you with the greatest generator for a privacy policy.

Terms and conditions agreement

This agreement sets the rules for how you want your site to be used while protecting you and your business from potential liabilities.

EULA agreement, or End User License Agreement

Is a document generation process that results in a binding agreement between the creator and the end-user of a specific product, most commonly software. Contracts of this type are important for protecting the rights of the business owner and the expectations of the end-user.

Return and refund policy

If you are an online seller, a return and refund policy is a must-have. These policies should be easy to understand and locate on the website, as they help avoid accusations of being non-compliant with the legislation.

Cookies policy

Cookies are used in collecting and managing user content. This policy was established in order to put laws into place concerning email marketing and cookie usage.


“Iubenda hosts this page and collects some personal data about users” is the disclaimer that will appear on your website if you’re using Iubenda’s services.

Iubenda Legal Services

The legal services Iubenda offers are equal to those any legal practitioner can offer, but for a significantly smaller fee. The team at Iubenda ensures that your policies are up-to-date and compliant with the laws of the country where you’re conducting business.

Privacy policies

The privacy policy generators create policies suitable for both GDPR and CCPA, are customizable from 1500+ clauses, and are determined according to the current laws of the country or the region of the site’s operations. These are available in eight languages.

Terms and conditions agreement

Optimized for e-commerce, marketplace, SAAS, apps, and more, according to another Iubenda review. Capable of handling customization needs with the help of features such as plug-and-go integrators and legislation monitoring, you have access to the best terms and conditions generator.

EULA agreement

This specifies the rights and restrictions that apply to the software in question, and it is usually presented as a single document during the initial stage of the product set-up. The agreement is valid only if it has been previously agreed to by both parties.

Return and refund policy

The majority of countries require all stores, including digital ones, to have a customized policy for returns and refunds. Without such policies, there are no limitations of liability; sellers will be obliged to pay return shipping costs, and consumers will have one year or 14 days to return goods. Disclaimers of warranties can be embedded in the policy to further protect online sellers.

Cookies policy

The Iubenda Cookie Solution allows for the management of any aspect of the Cookie Law. The website can inform its users with a cookie banner or a dedicated cookie policy; it can obtain and save cookie settings and keep track and save consent settings for individual users for up to twelve months. Iubenda Cookie Solutions reviews place it at the top of the list, above other competitors.


The disclaimer cannot be removed as it is required by law to appear in the privacy and cookies policies. Iubenda functions as a third-party service integrated into your website or app and must be mentioned!

Ease of Use

In order to use Iubenda’s services, the first step you have to go through is the registration; when you visit iubenda.com you have to sign up.

Iubenda’s website provides you with the possibility to sign up with a Facebook profile.

After you have completed this step, you can start generating policies for your website or app.

Iubenda reviews image 1

By clicking on the ‘Start generating’ button in the top right corner, the site opens a pop-up.

Start Generating

At this point, you can choose the type of platform you need policies for website, mobile, or Facebook app. You simply type your website’s domain, copy-and-paste the link, or use a WordPress plugin; Iubenda starts generating policies based on the applicable clause.

Iubenda Pricing

The Iubenda pricing system is straightforward. Depending on whether you want a ‘bundle’ or a ‘custom’ plan, you have several options to choose from.

If you opt for a bundle, you can choose from either the Personal or the Business plans.

Personal – $29/year

You get one Pro License and Cookie Solution. Best for one-person-operated websites.

Business – $9/month

You get five Licence Slots and Cookie Solutions. Best for micro-businesses.

Bundles are customizable and allow for add-ons!

If you turn to the custom plans, you will notice that Iubenda offers a free plan, in addition to two other options.

Basic – FREE

The privacy and cookie policies have certain limitations. Businesses with a new online presence can try it out.

Pro – $29/year

There are no policy limitations. Suitable for small and medium businesses.

Ultra – $129/year

The only plan includes generating terms and conditions. Best for large corporations.

Iubenda Ratings and Reviews

Iubenda reviews show that users are generally satisfied with their experience collaborating with the company. Website and app owners were pleasantly surprised with the scope of protection offered, keeping in check with the EU’s privacy laws, and staying on top of other ever-changing laws, legislations, and policies.

Users have also stated that there is no other company on the market that provides the wide variety of services Iubenda does; its services are necessary in a world that moves toward complete digitalization, and so far they have proven to be extremely cost-effective.

This Iubenda review summarizes the most relevant information from available reviews and rating platforms.


If you wish to find an Iubenda alternative, there are some options available on the market, like TermsFeed, Cookiebot, and Termageddon.

Iubenda vs. TermsFeed Iubenda vs. Cookiebot Termageddon vs. Iubenda
TermsFeed prides itself on the small fees they charge; however, their policies can be too simplistic. Cookiebot offers a free trial, while Iubenda does not. Termageddon welcomes start-ups and Iubenda prefers larger, more established corporations.
Iubenda charges higher fees for their services – but offers more comprehensive policies. Iubenda is suitable for beginners, unlike Cookiebot, which can be too complicated for new users. Termageddon doesn’t offer a free version, while Iubenda does.
Iubenda is best for large organizations – TermsFeed works better with small businesses. Iubenda is a good match for new users with no previous experience. If you have some policy experience, Cookiebot might be better for you. Termageddon is good for both small and medium businesses; Iubenda can handle businesses of any size.

After careful consideration of Iubenda reviews and those of its competitors, it is evident that Iubenda is a provider whose services are best suited for bigger businesses with large online presences in need of extensive legal help.

Is Iubenda Worth It?

If you have an online presence and are worried about legal documents you don’t understand, you can put your worries to rest with Iubenda. The security and legal protection it offers for a reasonable yearly fee are unmatched in the field of online policies.

Where Iubenda Dominates

  • Effective and fast assistance offered by staff
  • Fast installation process
  • Webinars available

Where Iubenda Falls Short

  • Complicated payment process
  • Some high prices

Note: Personal blogs and websites, as well as online businesses, can all greatly benefit from Iubenda.


Is Iubenda good?

Yes. Iubenda is the most comprehensive policy generator available on the market and is ideal for web-based operations that need attorney-level solutions. This Iubenda privacy policy review affirms that this company can offer solutions for all of your online legal problems.

Is TermsFeed legit?

TermsFeed is a legitimate company that offers various policies – privacy, return and affiliate policies, to name a few. However, it is not a substitute for high-end legal help for businesses that require a more advanced level of legal support. You can consider it an Iubenda alternative.

Iubenda Customer Support

This Iubenda review addresses complaints made against the customer support service and the subsequent improvement of the quality of experiences provided by Iubenda. Live chat and Contact support are two ways you can get in touch with Iubenda if you have any difficulties.