• ANNUAL REVENUE: $50,000 Per Year
  • CREDIT SCORE: 560+
  • BORROWING: Up To $250,000
  • FUNDING TIME: 0-3 Days

Kabbage Reviews in 2022

  • MIN. TIME IN BUSINESS: 12 Months
  • ANNUAL REVENUE: $50,000 Per Year
  • CREDIT SCORE: 560+
  • BORROWING: Up To $250,000
  • FUNDING TIME: 0-3 Days

Best For

Business Owners With Low Credit Score


  • Have multiple loans running at one time
  • Smartbox calculator to determine estimated fees
  • Easy-to-use mobile app and online software
  • Link multiple accounts: Paypal, Quickbooks, Amazon
  • Additional services on offer: payment and invoice solutions


  • Short loan terms of 6-,12-, and 18-months only
  • Only available in the US
  • $250,000 loans limit

Co-founded in 2009 by Rob Frohwein, Marc Gorlin, and Kathryn Petralia, Kabbage is a well-thought-out and established small business loan company. The company applies modern technology tools to provide small business owners with cash flow solutions.

Even though Kabbage is a legitimate online business lender and a member of many safe lending organizations, Kabbage reviews can be confusing at times. We took it upon ourselves to look at the facts and statistics to come up with a comprehensive Kabbage business loans review that offers complete transparency.

In this review, we will look into the following factors:

  • Features of the loan provider
  • Loan application procedure and terms
  • Plans, pricing, and repayment
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQ

Kabbage Borrower Requirements & Terms

Here is a complete list of requirements and terms that all borrowers should be aware of:

Feature Data
Minimum time in business At least 12 months
Credit score required Minimum of 560
Annual revenue required Revenue of $50,000 per year or
$4,200 per month over the last 3 months
Borrowing amounts range Up to $250,000
Borrowing fee Between 1.25% and 10%
Origination fee None
Funding time 0-3 days
Location requirements United States
Bankruptcies No active bankruptcies allowed
Eligible industries Most industries with a few exclusions
Personal loan guarantee required Yes
Collateral None
APR Between 24%-99%

Different Plans

Kabbage has two main products that clients can choose from:

a line of credit
a short-term loan

According to the many Kabbage funding reviews we found online, customers are mostly pleased with the application process and the funding.

Kabbage Line of Credit

This program is perfect for small business owners who have a low credit score and need cash.

Fund amounts range between $2,000 and $250,000 and depend on your credit limit approval.

The line of credit approves a maximum amount that you can borrow at one time — this amount might increase or decrease upon request.

Many Kabbage reviews indicate that it’s easy to withdraw funds using the platform’s mobile app, the website, or the Kabbage bank card.

The funds are issued through Celtic Bank, Member FDIC, and Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank and can be taken in 6, 12, or 18-month term loans. You will only be charged for the amount you withdraw from your line of credit.

You need at least a 560 FICO score to qualify for this program (which is much less than what other business loan companies require), a $4,200 monthly income, and at least 12 months in business. Applications can be approved within seconds, and the funds will be available to you within 0-3 days.

Short-Term Loan

This loan is classified as revolving debt. Whenever you draw from your line of credit, the Celtic bank issues a separate loan. For example, if you are approved for $60,000 but only draw $10,000 each month or every other month, you are issued a separate loan agreement over six months each time you withdraw. You pay only for the amount you withdrew.

You can deposit the funds from a short-term business loan into your PayPal within minutes after the application is approved or within 0-3 days if you deposit it in your checking account.

2022 Kabbage reviews have stated that customers of the business loan company are extremely satisfied with short-term business loans since you can have more than one loan running at a time.

PPP (Paycheck Protection Program)

As part of the COVID-19 pandemic relief strategies, Kabbage has joined hands with SBA to help small businesses with emergency cash loans.

Pricing & Repayment

Kabbage uses the Smartbox tool on its website, which allows visitors to calculate their business loan upfront. This calculation considers

  • loan term
  • borrowing fee percentage
  • withdrawal amount
  • principal payment schedule

Clients should remember that this is only an estimated calculation and not a final and fixed amount.

The maximum funding rates are 10% for each month. Third-party partners can add 1.5% to the maximum rate. Clients who take a six-month loan period will have to pay back a sixth of the total loan amount. For a 12-month loan period, clients will have to pay back a twelfth of the total amount.

If you are approved for $12,000 over six months, the total fee can be an estimated $150 per month, making the payback amount $2,150 per month for six months.

Luckily, Kabbage has no prepayment penalties, which enables clients to pay off their loans earlier and save on monthly fees and origination fees.

Clients will be charged late payment penalty fees for six and 12-month term loans. You will receive a four-day grace period after the payment is due, otherwise, the following amounts will be charged:

  • Less than $100 outstanding — $10 late payment penalty fee
  • Between $100-$5,000 outstanding — $35 late payment penalty fee
  • Higher than $5,000 outstanding — $100 late payment penalty fee

How to Apply for a Business Loan With Kabbage?

According to Kabbage line of credit reviews, applying for a loan can take less than 10 minutes. Applications can be filled out online and are free. You can even try the Smartbox software before applying to get an estimate of the rates and fees.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the process:

Step 1: Go to the following address to create an account by providing your email address and a secure password.

Alternatively, you can phone 888-986-8263 or email support@kabbage.com.

Step 2: Enter basic information:

  • Personal details (Social security number, contact details, etc.)
  • Business details (tax ID, industry, etc.)
  • Bank statements from the last three months
  • Basic details on invoices

Step 3: Connect your bank information for Kabbage to assess your business without all the paperwork.

Step 4: Connect additional business services like PayPal, Xero, Amazon, Stripe, eBay, and Quickbooks, so Kabbage can have an in-depth view of your information.

Step 5: Provide additional information that Kabbage might request to increase your loan amount.

Step 6: The application amount is approved.

Step 7: Funds are sent to the account of your choice. You can request a Kabbage card for easier access to funds.
Kabbage does pull credit score reports to help assess you and your business fairly.

Pros Cons
Offers additional services: payment and invoice solutions Short loan terms of 6-,12-, and 18-months only
Offers financial advice and analysis of your cash flow Only available in the US
The process is quick and easy $250,000 loans limit
No origination fees
Fast funding
No prepayment penalty fees
Easy-to-use mobile app and online software
Smartbox calculator to determine estimated fees
You can have multiple loans running at one time
Link multiple accounts, including Paypal, Quickbooks, Amazon, and eBay
Kabbage account card is available for easier fund withdrawal

Kabbage Reviews

Kabbage online reviews are mainly good, with just a few unhappy clients. Since its accreditation in January 2014 with the BBB, it scored an A+ and a 4-star rating based on 404 reviews. Unfortunately, there are more than 600 complaints on the BBB site. Most of those are about the newly introduced PPP products during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, all complaints have been resolved by the helpful Kabbage customer service.

Out of a whopping 6,571 Kabbage user reviews on Trustpilot, the platform scored a 4.4-star rating.


Kabbage is perfect for small business owners who have bad credit and need a quick cash injection. Anyone who considers applying for a loan with Kabbage will be safeguarded with the SSL encryption on its website.

The multitude of Kabbage loan reviews that can be found online proves that borrowers have easy and fast access to funds. This company goes above and beyond in helping small business owners with emergency funds. Their innovation was acknowledged in 2018 by the Lend360 conference.


What industries are ineligible to get a business loan?

Kabbage doesn’t provide funding for businesses in the marijuana, firearms, gambling, N.G.O, CBD, financial institutions, or lending industries.

What is the customer service availability?

Office support hours are Monday to Friday 8 a.m.-12 a.m. (EST) and Saturdays to Sundays 10 a.m – 6 p.m. You can phone the customer support team on 888-986-8263, or email support@kabbage.com. Kabbage guarantees a response within 24 hours.

Who is the Kabbage business loan best for?

It is best for small business owners who have a low credit score and a low monthly income of $4,200.

What is Kabbage’s BBB rating? Is it accredited?

The Kabbage BBB reviews have been good and the rating is A+, and they’ve been accredited since 1/31/2014.

Is there a professional service fee?

Yes, as highlighted in Kabbage reviews, the service fee is at least $150 per month.