• Product Range: 4/5
  • Clean Ingredients: 5/5
  • Personalized Routine: 5/5
  • Ease of Signup: 5/5
  • Pricing : 4/5
  • Customer Satisfaction: 4/5
  • Customer Support: 4/5

2022's Tula Reviews of Products & Features

  • Product Range: 4/5
  • Clean Ingredients: 5/5
  • Personalized Routine: 5/5
  • Ease of Signup: 5/5
  • Pricing : 4/5
  • Customer Satisfaction: 4/5
  • Customer Support: 4/5

Best For

Those looking for products with no harsh chemicals and toxins


  • Cruelty-free, clean, and all-natural skincare products
  • You can build a complete skincare routine based solely on Tula cosmetics
  • Sustainable policy


  • Products are a bit pricey
  • Customer support can sometimes be unresponsive

If you’re like most people, you’re always on the lookout for new and better ways to take care of your skin. That’s why you may have heard about Tula Cosmetics—an up-and-coming brand that promises to deliver revolutionary skincare products. But is it worth it?

In this comprehensive Tula reviews summary, we’ll take a look at all of Tula’s main features and its pros and cons, and compare Tula with some of its top competitors to help you decide if this is the right skincare line for you.

What Is Tula and How Does It Work?

Tula is a skincare brand that offers a range of unique and innovative products. The company was founded by Dr. Roshini Raj, a board-certified dermatologist, and all of Tula’s products are based on her research into the skin’s microbiome layer. Essentially, Tula products are designed to work with your body’s natural biology to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

According to Tula skincare reviews, one of the things that set Tula apart from other skincare brands is its focus on probiotics, live bacteria that are good for your health commonly found in fermented foods like yogurt or kimchi. Tula uses probiotics in its skincare products because they can help improve the balance of good and bad bacteria on your skin, which in turn can lead to better skin health overall.

How Has Tula Improved Over Time?

Since its launch, Tula has made a number of improvements to its products and website. Perhaps the most notable change is the addition of travel-sized products, which you can also use to try Tula’s cosmetics before buying the full-sized product.

Tula skin care reviews mention the company has also expanded its product range over time. When it first launched, the brand only offered a few skincare products, whereas now there are around 80 products available on the Tula website, ranging from face wash and moisturizer choices to eye creams and serums. This means you can find a Tula product to suit every step of your skincare routine.

Main Features

After this brief introduction, let’s get into more detail regarding the key features that make Tula stand out from other skincare brands on the market:

Product Range

For those that are fans of natural skincare, a Tula skincare review said the company has a wide range of products to offer. From cleanser and serum options to targeted treatment and oral supplements, Tula can offer every product you need on each step of your everyday routine.

Below, you can find a short overview of some of Tula’s most popular products:

  • Cult Classic Purifying Cleanser

Tula Cult Classic Purifying Cleanser

Source: Tula

This gentle face wash is designed to be an ideal solution for removing your makeup, dirt, and oil without stripping away your skin’s natural oils. Not only it doesn’t leave your skin dry and irritated, but it’s also designed to feed the protective skin barrier and make the skin resilient to everyday stressors.

Tula cleanser reviews mention the formula for this product contains several powerful ingredients, including probiotic extracts, prebiotics, turmeric, and blueberries, which help the skin be nourished, brighter, and more radiant.

  • 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream

24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream

Source: Tula

The Hydrating Day & Night Cream is a versatile moisturizer that can be used both during the day and night. This lightweight cream deeply hydrates the skin, while also calming and nourishing it. This 24/7 cream contains calming probiotics and balancing prebiotics to improve your skin health, in addition to potent apple and watermelon extracts that help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Many Tula moisturizer reviews said that, aside from being Tula’s most popular product, this lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer is also Dr. Raj’s favorite, and she uses it in both her morning and evening skincare regimens.

  • Brightening Treatment Drops Triple Vitamin C Serum

Brightening Treatment Drops Triple Vitamin C Serum

Source: Tula

This serum contains a 10% triple vitamin C complex, which helps improve the appearance of dull skin, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. It’s also effective in protecting against environmental damage.

Many reviews claim that, unlike some other vitamin C serums, this one requires very little product to show results, and is safe for those with sensitive skin.

  • Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm

Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm

Source: Tula

Tula eye balm reviews mention this product is formulated with a cooling blend of hyaluronic acid, aloe water, caffeine, and blueberry extract to instantly hydrate and depuff the under-eye area. Thanks to the aloe water, apple, and watermelon extract this eye care product contains, it also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

What customers also frequently mention about this eye balm is that they feel a cooling, hydrating sensation every time they apply it.

  • Lip SOS Lip Treatment Balm

Lip SOS Lip Treatment Balm

Source: Tula

Anyone who has problems with dry, chapped lips must try this lip balm, Tula product reviews say. Its hydrating components like hyaluronic acid and fruit extract work together to plump, smooth, and hydrate the lips with each application. The product also contains antioxidants including vitamin E to protect the lips against environmental damage.

Dr. Raj recommends always keeping this eye balm and the SOS lip treatment in your purse to easily achieve a ‘no makeup makeup’ look on the go. Thanks to its buildable formula and shade options, this lip balm can also be worn for special occasions!

  • Protect + Glow Sunscreen SPF 30

Protect + Glow Sunscreen SPF 30

Source: Tula

This broad-spectrum sunscreen not only makes your skin look pretty even without makeup, but also successfully protects your skin from sun and blue light, Tula skincare dermatologist reviews say. It’s lightweight and non-greasy, absorbs quickly into the skin, and won’t clog pores or leave any white cast. Plus, it’s packed with ingredients that improve skin tone, add hydration, and strengthen the skin barrier every time you apply it.

  • Beauty Sleep Overnight Repair Treatment

Beauty Sleep Overnight Repair Treatment

Source: Tula

This overnight repair treatment contains a blend of probiotics, AHA’s, and Vitamin C to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve uneven skin texture. It’s also formulated with watermelon and other fruit extracts that help hydrate and nourish the skin.

One thing reviews on Tula skincare seem to mention frequently is that although they were a bit hesitant when they saw Tula described this product as their “most potent treatment,” they were glad to find it didn’t cause any skin irritations (even to customers with sensitive skin).

Apart from the products we reviewed that are on Tula’s bestsellers list, the company also offers separate product lines designed to treat different skin conditions and imperfections. This means you can choose from a range of cleanser, moisturizer, primer, serum, and toner choices, lip and eye care, as well as products for acne treatment or those targeting the signs of aging.

Probiotic Content

More than one Tula review mentioned all Tula skincare products contain probiotic extract, which unlike probiotics themselves, isn’t live bacteria, so there’s no need to keep Tula products refrigerated.

Here are the two probiotics Tula products contain that have the greatest impact on the skin:

  • Lactococcus Ferment Lysate

This probiotic comes from the Gram-positive bacteria Lactococcus lactis, and is said to improve epidermal cell growth, increase cell turnover, support a healthy skin barrier, and balance the skin microbiota, all of which help acne-prone and oily skin types.
It’s also supposed to aid in the formation of a healthy and moisturized skin barrier.

  • Bifida Ferment Lysate

Bifida Ferment is supposed to prevent UV damage to the skin. Tula reviews mentioned they’ve come across some research results showing this probiotic can also help decrease skin sensitivity and repair skin barrier.

Despite probiotic extracts not being live microorganisms like probiotics themselves are, they have all the same characteristics and benefits as probiotics, meaning they help restore the balance of good and bad bacteria on your skin, leading to better skin health overall.

Clean Ingredients

Tula also uses a lot of other unique ingredients in its products, like niacinamide (a form of vitamin B) and AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids). These ingredients are all backed by scientific research and shown to be effective at improving the appearance of the skin.

As Tula skincare reviews claim, all Tula products are made with clean, non-toxic ingredients safe for all skin types. In fact, Tula’s products are free from a lot of questionable ingredients, including parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil & petrolatum, formaldehyde, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, triclosan, retinol, and gluten. This means you can feel good about using any of Tula’s products on your skin!

Personalized Routine (Skin Quiz)

Perhaps one of the greatest perks of using Tula cosmetics is the ability to purchase the products that best suit your skin’s needs. To help you find the best Tula products for your skin type and concerns, the brand has created a skin quiz. Reviews of Tula skincare say this quiz asks you a series of questions about your skin type, concerns, and goals. Based on your answers, the quiz provides tailored product recommendations.

Tula skincare routine

According to many Tula customer reviews, the quiz is quick and easy to complete, and it’s a great way to ensure you’re using the right products for your specific skincare needs.


Tula is also loved by its customers for being a green company. Here’s what Tula’s sustainable policy entails:

  • TULA® Skincare Recycling Program

Thanks to Tula’s partnership with TerraCycle®, you can recycle its products’ jars & tubes that can’t be curbside-recycled, all free of charge, as Tula skin care reviews report.

  • Carbon Neutral Shipping

Tula’s partnership with Cloverly® allows you to choose “carbon neutral shipping” at checkout to reduce the environmental impact of your delivery.

  • SFI®-certified

Tula’s mailer box is 100% curbside-recyclable, made of materials certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative standard, and contains pine-based resin ink.

  • Certified Cruelty-Free

Tula is a 100% cruelty-free cosmetics brand that doesn’t test on animals.

Feature Rating
Product Range 4/5
Probiotic Content 4/5
Clean Ingredients 5/5
Personalized Routine 5/5
Sustainability 5/5

Ease of Signup

Tula’s website interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, which makes creating an account a piece of cake. A Tula skincare review said all you have to do is:

1. Go to www.tula.com and click on My Account in the top right corner of the website.

Tula account

2. Then, you’ll be asked to provide your full name, email, and password.

Tula register

3. After completing this step, you can add your favorite products to your shopping cart and purchase them in a matter of minutes.

Although creating a Tula account is quick and free of charge, many Tula product reviews say you can also purchase the products without creating an account. However, you’ll still be asked to provide your full name and email address at the checkout.


Depending on what type of product you’re interested in, Tula offers a variety of pricing options. The brand’s skincare products range in price from $12 for a single product up to $178 for some of its targeted treatment kits.

Check out the table below to discover the price range of every Tula category:

Product Price Range Features
Cleansers  $12–$38 Gel, foam, milk, oil, and balm cleanser choices that can be used in your single-or couple-step cleansing routine
Moisturizers $26–$64 Day and night creams and body moisturizer options designed to hydrate and plump your skin
Eye care $30–$58 Cooling, hydrating, and revitalizing eye care to improve the quality of the skin around your eyes
Lip care $22–$56 This category consists of individual lip treatment balms, as well as a lip balm kit that contains 3 color shades
Body care $34–$72 Body care products designed to clean, nourish and exfoliate the skin on your body
Sunscreens $38–$40 Gel and fluid sunscreen that protects against UV and blue light, and skin tint that contains SPF 30
Masks $36–$48 Different masks designed to detox, brighten, exfoliate, or nourish the skin
Serums $38–$84 A variety of serums designed to target different skin concerns
Primers & Complexion $38–$60 Primer and serum tint that blurs, moisturizes and provides sheer coverage
Toners&Mists $16–$46 Face mists and gel- or pad-toners to purify, refresh, and balance the skin
Exfoliants $34–$72 Different products with exfoliating characteristics made to smooth the skin on your face and body
Targeted Treatment $22–$84 Products designed for treating acne outbreaks, wrinkles, or skin irritation
Supplements $30–$44 Capsules and gummies containing probiotics, fiber, ceramides, antioxidants, and vitamins to improve the condition and appearance of the skin, hair, and nails

A Tula primer review mentioned the company offers a free shipping option on purchases over $40, as well as the possibility of returning or exchanging a product free of charge.

Tula also has a referral program that gives you and your friend 20% off your next purchase. As part of the referral program, Tula will also send you $20 directly to your inbox!

Customer Support

You can get customer support by calling or texting Tula on the phone number provided, or by contacting the support through email:

Tula Customer Support

Although some reviews say the customer support team takes forever to respond, the majority of reviews on Tula skincare said they think the company’s customer service is okay.

Customer Reviews

All in all, customers seem to be quite satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of Tula’s skincare formulations. Although some mention Tula products are relatively pricey, they did feel like they got the value and results for the price they paid.


There are a few other skincare brands offering similar products to Tula. Take a look at the table below to see how they compare:

Company Win Lose Best for
Tula Contains probiotic extracts that improve the skin’s quality and appearance A bit pricey Those looking for products with no harsh chemicals and toxins

Read our full review here

Wide range of makeup and skincare products Not all products are completely vegan All skin types, especially sensitive and allergy-prone skin
Kora Organics All products contain organic, plant-based ingredients Some might experience skin irritations Those looking for all-natural, organic cosmetics
Clinique All products are paraben-free and contain no fragrances and phthalates Some users have experienced breakouts Men and women with different skin types

Compared to its competitors, Tula is the only company that offers products with probiotics as main ingredients, as Tula skincare dermatologist reviews claim. Although customers find Tula cosmetics a bit pricey, those who’ve tried the products often incorporate them into their permanent skincare routine.

Is Tula Worth It?

Overall, we think Tula is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a new skincare brand that contains no harsh chemicals and toxins. The brand offers a wide range of high-quality products formulated with probiotics and other beneficial ingredients. Additionally, Tula’s sustainable policies make it a great choice for eco-conscious consumers, a Tula review said.

All in all, the brand offers high-quality, effective skincare products anyone looking for all-natural cosmetics should try out.


Where to buy Tula skincare?

Tula skincare products are available for purchase on the Tula website and through many authorized retailers. You can also find Tula skincare products on Amazon, although we recommend you purchase from the Tula website or an authorized retailer to avoid counterfeit products.

Is Tula skincare good?

Tula offers an all-natural skincare line designed to improve the condition and appearance of the skin, Tula reviews say. One of the things that set Tula skincare apart from other lines is that all products are probiotic-based, and they don’t contain irritants or toxic ingredients.


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