• STARTING FEE: $25 Per Month
  • TRACK ORDER OPTION: Yes (Via Email)
  • SHIPPING: Free in United States

2022's BoxyCharm Reviews – Details, Pricing, Pros & Cons

  • STARTING FEE: $25 Per Month
  • TRACK ORDER OPTION: Yes (Via Email)
  • SHIPPING: Free in United States

Best For

Make-up Lovers


  • Full-size cosmetic products from major brands
  • Offers add-ons and a customization option
  • You get high-end products for the fraction of their price
  • Offers deals, giveaways, and rewards throughout the year
  • Style profile allows you to pick products that are suited to your skin type, tastes, and preferences


  • You can select only one item in a box
  • They may send you very similar makeup products or color cosmetics

BoxyCharm is a beauty subscription service that sends full-sized makeup products and tools, and your choice of a gift to you on a monthly or quarterly basis. It was founded by Joe Martin in 2013 with headquarters in Florida and an office in Canada. The idea behind BoxyCharm is to make sure your makeup routine remains new, fresh, and creative by offering a unique selection of products in a convenient, affordable, and accessible way.

BoxyCharm reviews reveal that the company offers an extensive range of products from market-leading brands for great value. That’s why we decided to test the product and review it ourselves.

There are many women who want to experiment with makeup and learn about great products, but it can be overwhelming if you have to do it all on your own. Thanks to BoxyCharm, you no longer need to research which products to buy as they will always provide you with beauty products that make you look your best.

In this BoxyCharm review, we will examine the pros, cons, and key elements of the service so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s right for you.

BoxyCharm Options

BoxyCharm has four monthly options you can choose from: a monthly box, a three-monthly box, a six-monthly box, and a 12-monthly box. You can select any one of these options or multiple options which will be processed separately.

If you buy the yearly option, you will get the most discounted price for a box. And since they accept card payments, you can even use your student credit card or a no-interest credit card, to treat yourself once in a while. 

Aside from this, you can also upgrade to BoxyLuxe and BoxyCharm Premium. BoxyLuxe will be delivered to you on a quarterly basis and will contain 8+ items while BoxyCharm Premium reviews say the box contains 6 to 7 items and is sent monthly.

All of these options are priced differently and we will discuss them below.

BoxyCharm Customization

Personalized Products: BoxyCharm regular and BoxyCharm Premium allow you to choose one product to put in the box. BoxyCharm Luxe will allow you to select 1 or 2 products to put in the box.

Swatch: You will also get a complexion swatch pack in specific boxes and a complexion feedback form that you can fill out. This will allow BoxyCharm to send you foundations and concealers that better match your skin tone.

Review: You can also complete product reviews. This way, Boxy will know what kind of makeup products are to your taste so they can further customize your future boxes. You can also earn Charm points for free if you review the products.

BoxyCharm Add-Ons: What Does BoxyCharm Include?

BoxyCharm also offers additional features.

Swatches: As we mentioned before, the complexion swatches sent in the box can help the company better match products to your skin tone.

Add-Ons: Customers can also add more beauty products to their boxes for a special price during the special add-on period. Add-ons take place every month for about a week and the company will post the dates on your Boxy Calendar in your account so you don’t miss it.

Shipping and Packaging

Depending on the type of service you choose (BoxyCharm, BoxyCharm Premium, or BoxyLuxe), you may get boxes on a monthly basis or a quarterly basis.

Currently, BoxyCharm products are shipped in the United States and its territories like Puerto Rico and Guam. They are also shipped to Canada and military bases with the shipping address of APO, DPO, or FPO.

If you live in the contiguous U.S., your box will ship within 5-10 business days and the shipping will be free. If you live in the U.S. territories, it will take an additional 5-20 days to reach your home. People living in Canada can expect their box to be shipped within 5-10 days of ordering and delivered within 5-20 days.

BoxyCharm mainly functions as an online business with annual revenue of $169 million. This is not surprising knowing the fact that there are about 69% of online shoppers in the US. However, if BoxyCharm wants to attract more of these shoppers, it may be a good idea to consider expediting their shipping a bit because the average shipping time within the US is 3-5 business days.  

BoxyCharm Price

BoxyCharm: BoxyCharm costs $25 a month and the subscription is automatically renewed.

BoxyCharm 3-Month Option: The 3-month prepaid option costs $70 and allows you to save $5 on a 3-month basis.

BoxyCharm 6-Month Option: The 6-month prepaid option costs $138 and allows you to save $12 compared to the monthly subscription option.

BoxyCharm 12-Month Option: The 12-month prepaid option costs $275 for a full year, allowing you to save $25 – the price of a single BoxyCharm box.

BoxyLuxe: The BoxyLuxe costs $49.99 and is sent on a quarterly basis. It has up to 8 items valued at over $275.

BoxyCharm Premium: BoxyCharm Premium costs $35 and contains 6-7 products from different brands valued at over $175, verified BoxyCharm reviews say. It is sent on a monthly basis.

Saving Opportunities

BoxyPopUp: BoxyPopUp is the company’s biggest shopping event and features the best makeup products and tools at up to 80% off. This saving opportunity is only offered to Active members and occurs every three months.

Giveaways: Every month, BoxyCharm offers tons of giveaways on its website and social media pages. To take advantage of the giveaways:

  • Go to your BoxyCharm account.
  • Go to Your “Account Preferences” page and click on “Promotions” to see the drop-down menu.
  • You will find all the details on the Giveaways page.

Joining: Even simply joining the company will get you a BoxyCharm coupon code to use in the BoxyPopUp store. This is only valid for new subscribers.

Earn Charm Points: You can also earn Charm points by referring your friends and family to Boxy and by reviewing their products. These points can be redeemed for products. Charm point redemptions are shipped for free separately from your boxes.

How BoxyCharm Works

BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription service which means it sends a box to its members every month. Each regular BoxyCharm box contains five beauty items, which are retailed at just $25 and contain about $125 worth of products, according to BoxyCharm membership reviews. These items are full-sized high-end beauty products from brands like Tarte, Kylie, Too Faced, and more.

Ordering Process

All you need to do to bag these amazing deals is to:

  • Go to boxycharm.com
  • Click on one of the four BoxyCharm plans
  • Sign up by adding your email address and password
  • Add your shipping address and payment method
  • Add a BoxyCharm coupon code or referral code if you have one
  • Click on ‘Pay Now’ and order

Managing Your Subscription

If you have purchased a box or have subscribed to a 3-monthly, 6-monthly, or 12-monthly plan, but you do not want the products for some reason, BoxyCharm is not able to return, exchange, or refund your box, say BoxyCharm subscription reviews.

This is not a common characteristic for online businesses and although BoxyCharm’s reasons for it may be valid, it could affect customer satisfaction. That would be bad for BoxyCharm’s business since 64% of customers weigh customer experience over price. 

The subscriptions can easily be canceled through your account.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Visit the “Subscription” tab.
  • Click on “Edit” and choose the cancellation option.
  • Select “Cancel Subscription.”

Customer Service

To contact BoxyCharm, email them at atinfo@boxycharm.com. Unfortunately, customers cannot reach BoxyCharm through live chat or phone, and the average BoxyCharm customer service review gives it a poor rating.

You can also go to the BoxyCharm FAQ page to find answers to common customer questions.

Pros Cons
Full-size cosmetic products from major brands You can select only one item in a box
Offers add-ons and a customization option They may send you very similar makeup products or color cosmetics
You get high-end products for the fraction of their price
Style profile allows you to pick products that are suited to your skin type, tastes, and preferences
Offers deals, giveaways, and rewards throughout the year

BoxyCharm Reviews and Testimonials

BoxyCharm has only a 3.8 rating on Trustpilot but 4.7 stars on Influenster.

A lot of people feel that BoxyCharm allows them to experiment with newer brands in more creative ways. Customers also love the fact that the company offers full-sized products instead of samples.

The biggest downside is their poor customer service. BoxyCharm customer reviews say subscribers are unable to reach the support team, and some say they did not like the products the company sent them, due to an imbalance between the number of cosmetic products and skincare products.

How Does It Compare? – BoxyCharm Alternatives

  • BoxyCharm vs Ipsy

Ipsy offers 5 products for just $12 a month which means it costs less than half the price of BoxyCharm. However, unlike BoxyCharm, it does not offer full-sized products. Ipsy is very committed to bringing a personal touch to your beauty products. When you sign up, it will send you a questionnaire to help you select your skin tone.

Customer reviews also say that it has excellent customer service and the team is very cooperative and helpful.

  • Glossybox vs BoxyCharm

Glossybox offers full and deluxe-sized products in impressive packaging. A single Glossybox costs $21 and includes products valued at $60. It is also very dedicated when it comes to showcasing new trendy brands that might not be available with other companies.

However, Glossybox is not customizable. Some customers also think that the box has shrunk in size and the quality of the products has declined. A few also complained of their shipping experience and high fees.

Is BoxyCharm Worth It?

BoxyCharm subscriptions come with many options and upgrades so that you can choose the box that best meets your tastes. Another good thing about BoxyCharm is that it offers customization as well as a whole lot of saving opportunities. It is also an interesting gift to put on your wedding registry list.

It also offers tutorials for people who want to know how to use beauty products and evolve their techniques.

However, since it is a mystery box, BoxyCharm reviews by customers say people need to understand that they may or may not like all the products in the box. To try a BoxyCharm box, you need to enjoy surprises.


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